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Feet: A Mother's Discovery Ch. 02

by LindaLove©

After Elizabeth's little surprise, she headed to her room. She so badly needed to please her aching pussy. She could feel how wet her panties were. When she made it to her bed, she couldn't get the image of her daughter pleasuring her own bare feet and vagina out of her head. She was on fire and she wasn't even touching herself yet.

Elizabeth kicked off her shoes and placed her sock covered feet on the floor. She started rubbing them into the carpet. She loved the feeling. Those images of her daughter were still with her. Her breathing was increasing. The heels of her feet continued to glide across the floor. Her socks started to come off a bit, due to the constant rubbing. She watched as the bare heels of her feet slowly came into view. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. I mean, they were just feet, right? She never knew that female feet could be such a turn on.

Her hand slowly moved over her breasts. She could actually feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her shirt and bra. Her hands then traveled down, finding the button of her pants. Undoing them, she slide her hand inside. Her cotton panties felt so good on her fingers. She moved them aside while her feet played with the carpet. Her fingers danced around her slit, eventually making it's way into her hot, moist hole. She could smell her sex. It was intoxicating. She removed her finger and brought it to her mouth. She licked it like a little cock and then placed it inside. "Mmmmmmmm" she thought to herself. She's tasted her pussy plenty of times before, but this time, it seemed even more delicious.

Her socks were almost completely off her feet now. She looked down and saw that the only her toes were covered. She pulled her feet back and freed those little piggies. She admired them. The pink nail polish looked wonderful. She wiggled her toes a bit and then decided to take a page out of her daughter's book. She rested her left foot on her lap and leaned forward. Her tongue escaped her mouth and made contact with her big toe. She felt a shock go down her spine. She loved the way this all felt. She opened her mouth wide and took her toe inside. While inside, her tongue rolled up and down, side to side. Her saliva was soon dripping down the sides of her big toe, moving quickly down to her heel.

Elizabeth was soon startled when she heard a knock on her door.

"Mom? When did you get home?"

It was Kristen. Elizabeth was paranoid now. Did Kristen hear her? Nah, she couldn't. Her moans weren't loud enough... were they?

"Not too long ago. They let me out early. Do you need something?" She asked while she franticly buttoned her pants.

Kristen soon opened the door to her mother's room. She saw her shoe's and socks lying on the floor and couldn't help but stare at her mom's feet. She never realized it before, but her mom had perfect feet. She admired her toes, her arch, everything.

"Honey, something wrong?" Elizabeth noticed her daughter's stare.

"No, Ma. I'm fine. I was just wondering, can I borrow some money? I was planning on going to the mall with Jill later on and I'm broke. I'll pay you back as soon as I can, I promise."

Elizabeth was about to do as her daughter asked, but then got a wicked idea. She looked at her daughter and smiled.

"Tell you what, Kris. My feet are killing me and need a massage. I'm not very good at giving myself one. If you massage my feet for a little while, I'll give you some money. Sound good?"

Kristen couldn't believe what she had just heard. Her mom wants her to give her a foot massage? She's never asked for a request like this before.

"A foot massage?"

"Yes, Honey. Please?"

"Well, if it'll get me some money... sure, why not?"

"Mmm, good."

Elizabeth changed her position on her bed so her daughter could join her. Kristen, kneeing at her mother's feet, placed her hands on her ankles. Her fingers were working over mom's heels now. Moving them up her arches and digging into them. Her fingers worked their way up, stopping between her toes. She rubbed her finger between them.

"That feels so good, Honey. Mmmm. You're making mama's feet feel good."

Kristen could hear lust in her mother's voice. "Oh my God, I'm turning her on" she thought. Indeed she was. Elizabeth's breathing was intensifying with each gently stroke between her toes.

"Kristen, Honey, I saw what you were doing to yourself in your room."

"Oh my God, you did?"

"Yes and I loved it. I couldn't turn away. The way you pleasured your feet, mmm. I just had to watch you. I had to watch you pleasure yourself. You looked so fuckin' hot, baby."

Knowing her mother had watched her masturbate and suck her own toes didn't seem to bother Kristen at all. It was actually turning her on. Her nipples were soon erect and she's pretty sure her mother noticed. While Elizabeth went on about how her sweet little girl made her pussy so wet, Kristen took her mother's big toe in her mouth.

"Oh yes, baby! Oh that feels so good. Lick them, baby. Lick my toes."

Kristen did just that. She moved her tongue over all 10 of her toes. From left to right. Her mother's eyes were closed and she noticed that her hands was now over her breasts. Kristen loved the taste of her mother's sweet toes. Her tongue soon trailed down to her arches. She started rolling her tongue, continuing to do so until she reached her heels. She took each heel into her mouth and sucked them like they were testicles. God her mother's feet tasted so good.

"Mom, let me see your tits, please?"

"Ok, baby."

Elizabeth lifted her shirt off her body. Her tits looked wonderful in her lacy bra. She slide the straps down her shoulders, seductively. Her bra was now unhooked and she dropped it to the floor. Kristen stared and then licked her lips.

"You like mommy's tits, baby?"

"Yes mommy. They're beautiful."

Elizabeth was pulling on her nipples now while her daughter watched. Kristen started up her massaging again. Her mother was now using the palms of her hands to roll her nipples. Kristen was practically drooling over this sight. Her mother looked so amazing. She wanted those nipples in her mouth. She leaned forward, hoping to take one in, but her mother stopped her.

"Hold on, Honey. Is this what you want to do?" She lifted her right breast and took her own nipple in her mouth, then did the same with the left.

"Yes mommy. Please, can I?"

"Ok dear, here you go."

Elizabeth's nipple was in her daughter's mouth in no time. The pleasure she was receiving from her baby girl was so amazing. Her right foot was now rubbing between Kristen's legs. Kristen began rocking her hips back and forth. Her pussy was on fire. Her mother's foot felt so good down there, but knew it would feel even better if that foot was actually touching her bare pussy.

Kristen got off the bed and removed both her panties and her jeans. She looked at her mother. Elizabeth licked her lips when she saw her daughter's bare vagina.

"I want your toes in my pussy, mom."

Elizabeth said nothing, she just positioned herself on the edge of the bed and lifted her left foot up her daughter's leg, eventually reaching her pussy. Her big toe moved up and down her daughter's folds. Finding her hot hole, she pushed her big toe inside.

"Oh God. That feels so good, ma."

"You like that, baby? You like how good my toe feels in your pussy? Mmm, you're so wet. I think you'll have to taste yourself off my toe when I'm done."

Elizabeth began pumping her toe in and out. Kristen had cupped the heel of her mother's foot, forcing it deeper into her sex. Her juices were dripping down her thighs and wet spots began to appear on the carpet. Kristen had never been so wet before, but she didn't care. She loved it.

Elizabeth's foot was glistening and her hand was in her pants, playing with her own pussy. Kristen screamed that she was going to cum. Elizabeth encouraged her to cum on her toe. Kristen did just that. She erupted all over her mother's feet. Elizabeth released her toe and brought it to her daughter's mouth. Kristen sucked and licked that toe as if it were her last meal. She licked the cum off her mother's arch and heel.

Kristen moved between her mother's legs. She pulled her mother's pants down, taking her panties with them. Her mother opened her legs wide. Kristen used her fingers to spread the folds of her pussy open. She nibbled on her mother's clit with her teeth and then began to suck. Elizabeth was moaning like crazy. She held the back of her daughter's head, pushing her in even further. Kristen's tongue entered her mother's sweet hold. She was licking the walls of her mother's vagina. Elizabeth humped her daughter face, moaning in complete ecstasy.

Elizabeth placed her feet on her daughter's shoulders. She wanted so badly to cum in her daughter's mouth. Finally, after 10 minutes of tonguing Elizabeth's hole, she pushed Kristen back a bit, instructed her to keep her mouth open and shot her cum down her daughter's throat. She came in waves. Kristen tried to take it all in and almost succeeded. The rest found a spot on her face.

The two women got themselves together and Elizabeth handed her daughter a hundred.

"Thanks, baby. That was great. Anytime you need anything, just ask."

Written by: LindaLove

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