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Becky's New Job

by LustyLee77©

"How do I look mom, do you think anybody will hire me?"

"You look fantastic, with your brains and good looks, how can you miss? Better watch out for the men though; they might want to give you more than a job."

"Oh mother stop it, there are so many beautiful women out there. They won't even notice me that way; I just want to find a job and earn some money."

Carol guided her daughter Becky to a large mirror and told her to look and see how beautiful she was. They stood side-by-side and gazed in the mirror; both had shoulder length blond hair, slim 5'2" frames, big blue eyes and both were flat chested. "No wonder you think I'm so beautiful, we look like twins!" The 21 year old laughingly told her 41 year old mother.

"Where are you going to go for a job?"

"There doesn't seem to be much around here, so I am going to drive to Philadelphia, there are several secretarial positions advertised in the newspaper."

Her mother advised her to drive careful and Becky drove her small Honda to Philadelphia from her home in Mt. Holly N.J. The blond girl found a parking garage and walked across Market Street to a large office building and proceeded to the 12th floor, finding 1214 she entered a large office and asked for D. Thompson. Following directions, she went to the third door on the left and was greeted by a friendly black woman of about 30yrs. Old who escorted her to the office of D. Thompson.

The petite blond was shaking hands with Della Thompson, she was surprised that it was a woman; for some reason she had assumed that, it would be a man. Della Thompson was an imposing figure. The tall black woman of 34yrs. was a stunning beauty; she possessed the largest breast that Becky had ever seen. Her big green eyes sparkled, her smile would melt an iceberg, her 5'11" body curved in all the right places and her voice was low and alluring; when she spoke it was like music, a haunting melody that drew one to it.

The interview lasted over an hour; Becky was thrilled to learn that she was hired, she was informed that Betty would show her the ropes the rest of the week and then she would be on her own.

When Becky arrived home, the young girl excitedly informed her mom that Della Thompson Attorney at Law had hired her. They were both pleased that she got a job on her first interview.

The week flew by quickly; Becky was doing very well with her work, two weeks later Ms. Thompson summoned Becky to her office, asked her to be seated and told the young woman that she was exceedingly pleased with her work. "We won a major case in court today and our docket is clear the rest of the day, let me take you out for dinner and we will celebrate."

The young blond girl was thrilled to be invited to go out with this dynamic woman and eagerly accepted. They decided to take one car and drove off in Della's new Lincoln. They took the expressway and went to the Valley Forge Hilton.

Dinner was divine and Becky found herself captivated by this ebony dynamo. "Tell me Becky, do you have a lover?"

Surprised by the question she blushed and replied, "No, there is no one now."

"A sweet young lady such as your self should never be without a lover; tell me about the lovers that you have had."

"Not much to tell, there was this one boy in college, but we broke up."

"You mean to tell me that you have only been with one person. What a waste." Della told the young woman that she would like Becky to see her house before they went back to her car. The blond-haired beauty was informed that Della lived near by.

The two women entered the spacious home of Ms. Thompson and Becky was in awe. "This is so elegant, I've only seen homes like this in movies!" she exclaimed.

"Make yourself comfortable and I will get us some drinks."

Della returned with two glasses and a pitcher of whisky sours, she sat next to the cute little blond and poured them both drinks. Della hit the remote and sensual music filled the air. "This is awesome, I love it here, you have the most beautiful house that I have ever seen, I love it."

"This music is so sexy, dance with me!" The ebony goddess took her by the hand, led her to the center of the room, and held her tight in her strong arms as they danced to the music.

Becky was confused, she never danced like this with a female before, and she wondered if Ms. Thompson was trying to seduce her. Thinking back, memories of complements and exposed legs and low cut blouses came to mind but nothing that would indicate that she was a lesbian.

Della hugged her tighter and held her pretty face to the huge breast and her hands slid down to the shapely buttocks; giving her ass a squeeze, Della whispered in the young girl's ear. "You like my big tits, don't you? I have noticed you sneaking a peek at them when ever you thought I wasn't looking." Ms. Thompson took off her blouse and brassiere and tossed them on a chair.

Becky was frightened and shocked; she just stood there open-mouthed and stared at the big tits. The little blond girl marveled at the size of the tits, the silver dollar sized aureoles and the pointy nipples. She could not understand how tits that big didn't sag.

Della pressed the pretty face to her breast and said, "Kiss and suck them baby, I know you want to, come on darling make momma feel good, suck my big tits!" Becky took a nipple in her sweet little mouth and sucked it; soon she was sucking both breasts feverishly. The ebony goddess cupped the breast and hand fed them to the new employee who was now eagerly nursing the huge tits. Becky could not understand why she was doing this. She never thought of having sex with a woman but she could not say no to her new boss and she liked sucking the big brown breast. Della lifted the young blond, carried her upstairs like a baby in her strong arms and plopped her down on the king size bed.

Ms. Thompson lifted the young employee to her feet and told her to disrobe as she dropped her own skirt to the floor. Becky gazed down to the crotch of the exotic woman and gasped when she pulled down her panties reveling a hairy cunt for her inspection. "I can see in your eyes that you like what you see, you will soon learn to love this cunt! Now, take your fucking clothes off.

Della helped the frightened girl remove all of her clothes, instructed her to look in the large mirror. "Notice the contrast, I am tall, black and have huge tits, you are small, white and have tiny little tits." The Amazonian goddess pulled the trembling girl to her and kissed her passionately, her long tongue explored the mouth of the young girl; two long fingers were inserted in the slippery pussy, sparsely covered with blond hair.

Becky bent at the knees and moaned as the long black fingers fucked her pink pussy. "This isn't right. I don't think we should do this."

"Shut up bitch; your little pussy is telling me that you love it." While continuing to finger fuck her, the ebony beauty tweaked the nipples of the young girl and announced, "You may not know it yet but you soon will; you are definitely a submissive and I love to dominate so I am going to make you my little fuck slut and you will love every minute of it."

Della laid her on the bed and kissed the tiny tits, sucking on the nipples, the long tongue licked her belly traveling down to the aroused pussy. Della spread her thin white legs wide and plunged right in the waiting cunt. She sucked and licked, stuck her long tongue deep in the young cunt and brought Becky to a shaking orgasm.

Then she moved her ebony body to where she straddled the face of her new employee and lowered her smoldering cunt to the sweet face and demanded, "Eat my hot cunt, suck the pussy lips, lick my clit and fuck me with your tongue; oh yeah. That's it, do it, I'm going to cum all over you're pretty little white face. Lick it up baby, don't stop!"

Becky licked and sucked for all she was worth, she didn't understand why pleasing her boss aroused her so much. The aroma, the taste of the hot pussy and the feel of the long black pubic hair on her face as the sopping cunt pressed to her lips brought the young girl to another orgasm. The ebony lover kissed her lips and they could taste each other's pussy juice on their lips.

"Well little darling, how did you like your first taste of pussy? For your first time, you were fantastic; little white girl you were born to eat black pussy!"

"I think that I loved it so much because it was you, you are so beautiful and sexy. Some how pleasing you is all that matters to me. I just want to make you happy."

Della drove Becky to her car, kissed her goodnight, and said that she looked forward to seeing her at the office in the morning.

The next afternoon Ms. Thompson summoned Becky in her office and introduced her to Velvet, a tall slim 18yr.old girl in shorts that were so tight you could see pubic hair spill out of her crouch. Becky blushed as she gazed up the long shapely legs to the exposed pubic hair.

"Velvet is my client and I want you to drive her home and go in the house, meet her mother and make sure she reads this folder and answer any questions that she may have. It is getting late so you need not come back to the office today. Be ready for me tomorrow; I will need your services." The black goddess took the young white girl in her arms, kissed her full on the lips, and squeezed her tender ass. Becky felt so embarrassed when she noticed the young black girl staring at her.

They entered the row house and were seated on the sofa and Beverly read the paper work. Violet's mom got up to get herself another drink and offered to get Becky one. Becky declined but was given a glass of wine anyway. The naive girl had no way of knowing that her drink was spiked with vodka, and accepted it.

As she sipped the drink, Becky noticed the housecoat of the mother open to reveal a shaved pussy with thick dark pussy lips, her breasts were large but they sagged. When Beverly looked up from the paper work, she saw the white girl staring at her cunt and smiled. Becky looked away only to see Violet Pulling down her shorts saying, "These fucking things are too tight."

The young black girl was standing inches from the crimson- faced secretary; Becky could smell the cunt and became lightheaded, she spotted moisture on the cunt and felt wetness form in her own pussy. Violet stretched and said "Don't you think that I have a beautiful body? I just love showing it off." The black girl removed her top and watched the white girl's face when she looked at the big beautiful black tits pointing at her.

"Go on and touch her, any fool could see that you are lusting after my little girl. She loves to have her pussy licked; don't be shy, taste some sweet young black cunt, we all know that you want it.

"I...I Feel funny, maybe I should go."

"Don't be silly, lick that cunt, my little girl is getting wet, I can see it from here, she wants your tongue in her hot little pussy."

Velvet moved her pussy to Becky's face, grabbed a chunk of blond hair, pressed the sweet face to her aroused cunt, and ordered. "Lick my cunt bitch, any fool could see that you are Ms. Thompson's little white fuck slut, show me how you eat her cunt, and you better do it good!"

The small blond woman eagerly lapped at the smoldering black cunt. Hungrily, the white girl licked and sucked the young black cunt to orgasm. Beverly replaced her daughter and Becky sucked and licked with fervor. "This little white girl sure does love chocolate, this is your lucky day bitch, you can eat as much as you like."

Violet sat on top of the sofa and told Becky to kneel on the cushion and eat her hairy cunt again. Becky did as asked and chewed on the swollen cunt lips, she could feel the mother's tongue enter her wet pussy and moaned with delight. The tongue was replaced with three fingers that fucked her willing cunt hard. Becky feasted on the young black hairy pussy; she just could not get enough. Her pretty little face was covered with pussy juice.

"Suddenly she felt pain as a 12" dildo was stuffed up her tight pussy. Beverly had strapped the big dildo on and was pumping the wet pussy furiously. Becky was moaning and screaming, her words could not be heard as her face was buried in a hot young cunt. The two women told her, "Yeah, eat that cunt bitch, suck it all up."

"Take that big black cock up your tight pussy; that's it fuck back, now you got it. Good slut." The dildo withdrew from her hungry cunt with a loud plop sound. The blond girl was forced to lick both cunts and ass holes clean and was pushed to the floor. The mother and daughter straddled her prone body and pissed all over her face and body; telling her that she was their little white fuck slut now and she would come over whenever she was summoned.

Velvet added, "You are a good little pussy licker and I am going to have a party next week for my all girl gang; you will be the entertainment for the night. The whole night will be spent on your knees licking and sucking black pussy and ass."

Becky got home and showered, she went to bed wondering what she had become. She could not understand how all of this happened or why she enjoyed it so much.

The next day at work, her boss smiled at her and asked how she liked yesterday. Becky was surprised that Della knew what happened yesterday and blushed when she answered, "They made me do all kind of vile things to them, it was horrible."

"Not what I heard, The word is that you loved every second of it, you loved being a submissive slut to black cunt, and most of all, you loved eating black pussy. I know from experience how much you love black pussy."

After a busy day at the office, Becky was ordered to come home with her demanding boss. Becky called her mom and told her that she would be spending the night at her boss's home. "You are twenty one years old, you act like a little girl calling her mother and telling her that you won't be home. I am expecting some company and I want you to go to the bedroom and change into the outfit that I bought for you."

Becky changed into the schoolgirl outfit and put her hair in a ponytail as instructed. She felt silly as she gazed in the mirror. Della called for her to come down stairs. "Turn around. Let me see you, very good, now you look just like a little schoolgirl, I love the socks."

"Why am I wearing this? I feel like a fool."

"Tonight you are going to role-play for my guest. It is just a game that the judge likes to play, just go along with it and have fun. It is extremely important that we make her happy."

The doorbell rang and Della let the important judge in. "Becky I would like you to meet Judge Jody."

"HI, pleased to meet you, your honor."

The three sat on the sofa and Jody explained the role-play game to Becky. The judge was a woman of 55yrs. Jody stood 5'7" her hair was braded, she could be described as stocky or somewhat overweight and her face was stern but attractive.

"Come sit on my lap little girl, I hear you have been very naughty, one of my teachers sent me a report saying that she found you licking other girls pussies in the locker room. I am the principal and it is my job to discipline bad girls. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"It was not my fault, they made me eat their pussies, I am a good girl. Please have mercy."

The woman threw Becky over her lap and lifted the plaid skirt revealing white cotton panties. "You have been a bad girl and I have to spank your rear end!" Whack, Whack!! The heavyset woman pulled down the pantries and spanked the crying girl on her bare butt; her big black hand covered the white ass. The white buttocks were turning red, Becky was sobbing. Jody started massaging the ass cheeks and inserted a finger in her moist pussy. "Ok baby, now I will make you feel all better. It looks like you feel better already, your little pussy is soaking wet! You like this don't you little girl?"

"Yes I do. It feels good, please don't stop."

"You are a nasty little girl, you want me to fuck you, don't you?" The dominating judge stuck two more fingers in the tight pussy, then another, then her whole hand, she was fist fucking the little bitch furiously. "How does that feel slut? That's it fuck my fist!"

""Oh, it hurts but feels good at the same time, oh, yes, fuck me."

Jody pulled out her hand with a swishing sound and forced Becky to lick her hand off. "Taste good little girl, do you like the taste of yourself? I have more treats for you." The heavyset woman pulled her dress off, she wore no under garments. Her big tits sagged down to her gut and her cunt was covered with black hair. She pulled Becky to her big tits and told her to suck them.

The twenty one year old woman did look like a schoolgirl as she sucked the big brown tits. "Get on your knees and lick my cunt, you like to eat pussy so much, show me how good you are. I have a big black hairy cunt just waiting for you to gobble up, suck it bitch."

Becky slowly moved forward and savored the aroma of the aroused cunt. "Lick it you stupid white bitch, don't smell it, eat it." She grabbed hold of the blond head and pulled the pretty fact to her sopping cunt shouting, yes, lick it all up and down, chew on my big fat pussy lips, that's it, nibble like a fucking hamster; good girl, eat it all up, put your tongue in that hole and suck the hot juice out, yesssss, lick up the cum, oh shittt. . You are fucking fabulous, yesssss....!!!"

Little Becky licked and sucked with fervor, her face was covered with pussy juice, and she truly loved it, she looked up at the judge with those big blue eyes and cooed, "Thank you for the reward, your juicy cunt taste like honey, you are the best principal in the world and please keep me after school anytime you want."

Jody got to her feet to put her clothes back on and stated, "This little white slut is the best cunt lapper I have ever seen. If she ever came to my court, I would find her guilty; but I would not sentence her to jail where all the dykes would have their way with her sweet ass. She would be confined to my bedroom, by the time I got through with the little slut her tongue would be in a sling!"

As the judge departed, she kissed Becky goodbye and told Della she knew she was indebted to her but that it was well worth it. Jody also expressed her desire to see Becky again.

Becky and Della went to bed early but did not get to sleep until later. Della had her little slut kiss and lick every inch of her sexy black body. The ebony goddess held the little blond girl in her arms and said, "You made quite an impression with the judge, and she really likes you. I better be careful I do not lose you. Sharing you is alright but I do not want to lose my little pussy licker."

"Oh, don't worry, you will not lose me; I love being here with you and I am not going anywhere. My mom asks me about you, I think she wants to meet you. Mom has noticed the sparkle in my eyes when I speak of you; if only she knew why my eyes sparkle."

"Go to sleep my pretty little pet and we will invite your mother over for dinner this weekend, you are the perfect girl, you are great at work, best pussy licker and not only that, it turns out that you can act as well, if you don't believe me, just ask the judge."

That Saturday Becky was nervous getting ready for her mom to visit, even though Della promised not to misbehave in front of mom. The three of them enjoyed a fine meal and everything was going good. "Oh my, what a beautiful painting!" exclaimed Carol. Becky agreed saying that it was breathtaking. Della informed them that a friend of hers owned a private art gallery and got her a good deal on this work of art. Carol observed the artist signature, Raven.

"You must introduce me to your friend; I would give anything to own such a work of art." Della made a phone call and told them that her friend was on the way over.

A boyish woman by the name of Nora joined the ladies and after a few drinks offered to show the gallery to Carol. They drove in Nora's car and the black woman of thirty-four unlocked the door and ushered Carol inside. Becky's mom was thrilled to see all of the beautiful artwork and her three favorites were by Raven. "Who is Raven? I have never seen such work, these are fantastic."

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