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Daddy's Prom Queen Ch. 03

by mtnman2003©

My daughter was to be ready by 5:30 p.m. that evening. Mom and Karen got to the hairdresser to make her appointment on time. I spent the afternoon relaxing, playing on the computer, and waiting for the ladies to return. About 4:00, they returned, Karen went straight to the shower, and the next hour was spent on shower, make-up, dressing, normal girl stuff. About 5:15 p.m., my daughter made a grand entrance down our circular staircase, absolutely dressed to kill. She was absolutely radiant, and stunningly beautiful. I'm a guy, but her dress was a royal blue, strapless that accentuated her boobs, showing a substantial amount of cleavage. Tight, form fitting, the dress clung to her body. Any boy would drool at her displayed shape.

"Daddy, put you tongue back in your mouth!" she quipped as she reached her hand to me on the bottom step of the stairs. "I'm yours, but later! Not now!" she continued. I leaned to kiss her cheek, making sure I did not mess any makeup. I had to chuckle at her. She was breathtaking! Mom and I swelled with pride. Grabbing the camera, I got some great pictures of her. Within minutes, the limo pulled up. Justin bounded out, came up to the house. Several more minutes were spent getting pictures of the two of them as well. I felt comfortable the kids would be safe with a professional driver. Off they went.

We spent the evening like normal, reading, catching some Rocky baseball on the tub, news, some Saturday Night Live, and grew tired. The kids were expected back around 2:00 a.m., after a short stay at the after prom party. Karen had not wanted to take a change of clothes, wanting to wear her dress and be formal as they visited other friends. About 1:50, I awoke to Karen calling me from downstairs. "Daddy, I need you to take a picture," she was calling. Her and Justin were hanging around waiting for me. I jumped into my sweats, and headed downstairs. The wife followed.

Not surprised, Karen had been selected Prom Queen. Her tiara was very nice, nestled in her hair. I positioned them for more pictures, got a couple of pictures of her alone again with her crown, and even got a couple of the crown by itself on the table. I now had two Prom Queens' in the household. Mother and daughter! Both beauties.

Leaving them alone, Karen escorted Justin to the door. After Justin left, she ducked into the hall bathroom. A minute later, she returned. "Daddy, Daddy, I feel so pretty," Karen chanted. Grabbing her dress at mid thigh, she lifted her arms, twirling, dancing around the kitchen. I switched the camera to cam mode, and got her on video to record the excitement of the evening. She twirled too long. Stopping, she had made herself dizzy. I stepped to her, grabbing her arm. She pulled herself to me, wrapping an arm around my neck, her mouth reaching for and finding my lips waiting for her. She kissed me softly. "Daddy, your Prom Queen needs your cock!" she whispered. "Take some more pictures of me," she continued. Mom stepped back, leaned against the stove, I moved to allow her room to twirl. Karen had other ideas. She moved to accent her cleavage, squeezing her arms under her boobs, lifting them to show more mounds to the camera. She moved to the counter, bent at the waist, leaning forward by the counter, spreading her feet apart under her dress. Arching her back, she peered around beside her leg, licking her lips. "I'm naked under my dress Daddy!" she quipped.

She reached to lift her dress to her waist. There before us, she bent over again, her perfect legs and ass framed by her beautiful prom dress. Her slit was outlined by the cheeks of her ass. Her engorged lips begged for attention. She rocked back and forth, giving us a view of her sex. My cock grew rigid. My wife was breathing deep, slow breaths, watching our daughter tease us. "Mom, come suck my cunt!" Karen requested. Mom raced across the floor, kneeling behind Karen. Her hands grabbed Karen's ass, her face immediately buried between her cheeks. I could hear her sucking, kissing, and sucking some more. Karen was breathing heavy, deep breaths as well. Mom's petite hand shoved two fingers into Karen's cunt, causing her to gasp as she shoved them in. Pumping once, twice, Mom forced the final two fingers together, and forced all four fingers into her cunt. Karen grunted loudly. And I still was snapping pictures. My cock and balls were about to explode. As Mom pounded Karen's pussy, her tongue danced over her rosebud. Karen squirmed on her face, her breathing now raspy. "God Mom, it's so good!" whispered Karen.

Karen exploded on her Mom's face, her orgasm washing through her body. She humped up and down against her face. Pulling away, Karen turned, stood lifting Mom up. She planted a wet kiss on her mouth, her tongue licking her juices from her lips. Continuing her kiss, she stripped her Mom of the robe she had thrown on to come down stairs. Now naked, Karen caressed her tits, pinching her nipples. She leaned to suck one in her mouth. Mom groaned loudly. "On the counter Mom," Karen commanded. "I am going to eat your pussy while Daddy fucks his baby girl," she stated. Mom scrambled to the counter, ignoring the coolness of the tile on her back side. Placing her where she wanted her, Karen again pulled her dress up, exposing her beautiful ass again. Turning Karen simply stated "Daddy!" I sat the camera down, moved behind her, and dropped my sweats.

My cock was throbbing, extremely rigid, and sufficiently engorged. I watched Mom spread her thighs, scooting forward just a little to allow Karen to get her clit into her mouth. She stared at me as I aimed my cock into our daughter. Getting the head coated with her wetness, I grabbed her hips, and thrust forward. Karen grunted deep, directly on Mom's clit. I thrust forward hard, slamming my cock into the depths of her wet cunt. I pulled back, thrust forward again, my hips slapping her ass hard, the sound exploding into our ears. My thrust forced Karen deep into her Mom's cunt. Biting Mom's clit firmly, Karen reached to jam two fingers into her pussy. With each thrust from me, Karen would cram her fingers deep into her mother. Mom went nuts, flexing, humping her twat into Karen's face. Her words became incoherent, but droned on. She watched as I slammed my big cock in her baby girl. Minutes passed, but Mom approached her orgasm. Pulling Karen's face tight against her clit, Mom came hard on her tongue. Karen lapped her juices, biting at her clit. Mom's grunts and screams got me. I slammed my cock deep, erupting, my balls forcing cum up my shaft and into her willing body. I slammed her repeatedly. Karen quivered, her body also racing through another orgasm. Our fucking began slowing, but continued as our bodies absorbed the feelings. My cock deflated, plopping out of Karen's cunt. Karen bit once more on Mom's clit, tugging as she pulled up and away.

Turning to me, I looked into her eyes. She looked radiant, satisfied, and sleepy. Now nearly 3:00 a.m., it was time for sleep.

"Baby, we both have had our Prom Queen! In full dress and tiara!" I said. "Bed time," I continued. We struggled somewhat, dragging our tired asses up to bed. Outside Karen's bedroom I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her softly. "Love you baby!" I whispered. "Now to bed," I continued. Mom stepped up, hugged Karen, and kissed her as well, reaching to caress her face. One more light kiss, Karen shuffled to bed.

Mom and I sauntered to our bedroom. We jumped naked into bed. I wrapped her in my arms, her tits mashed against my chest, kissed her passionately, and drifted off to sleep.

I looked forward to the future!

Written by: mtnman2003

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