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Kevin's Summer: The Teambulding

by dojo2©

Pam then said to us "From now you will save your ejaculate and only orgasm when we give you permission."

The next afternoon, it was again Showtime around 3pm. We boys were to put on a more formal show to impress the girls. The girls formed a semi circle with their chairs, put on some good dance music and sat back to enjoy. They shouted instructions. Joe and I gyrated to the music, moving our hips and making our cocks smack against our tight stomachs. We faced each other and let our cocks touch. "Hold it." Click! For a long minute, we had to let the pre-cum on the ends of our dicks mingle. Not easy, as each cock regularly twitched with excitement. This had the girls screaming. We had to do a sort of cockfight before turning our attention to the girls, presenting them a cock one-by-one to study. Each touched the shaft and massaged our balls. A couple actually licked the tip clean of the pre-cum and Anna actually put her lips around my glans.

"Now masturbate."

We obediently followed our instructions. This time we were to stroke only the shaft without touching the glans, keeping the foreskin fully retracted.

"Change hands!"

"Change penis!"

"What?" Joe and I asked together.

"Kevin stroke Joe. Joe stroke Kevin."

Joe reached over and grasped my cock. So I reciprocated. Click! Now change back. We were both close to the edge, but were told to stop and cool down.

For Part 2, the girls wanted to see how long they could keep us on the edge. It was an exercise in precision control. First Joe would be stroked for 1 minute by a girl from his team. Then the other team would be in action for 1 minute. This would be repeated until Candice blew a whistle. Only then was the boy allowed to ejaculate into his wine glass. The boy should be kept hard and excited but on the dry side of his orgasm. It started well for both teams. My 3rd partner was Jenny. Our eyes met as she touched my cock. I felt a lump in my throat. I was already so wound up. After just half a minute, I could feel a spasm followed by an irreversible wave of release. Oh shit! Candice saw what was happening and starting blowing hard on her whistle. Anna was pushed forward with my glass to catch my unexpected production. Candice was very angry.

You two have ruined this test with your selfishness and lack of control. You will both be punished. She produced a little whip, with probably nine thin tails, and drew it across Jenny's breasts, then handed it to me.

"Give her 5 lashes. Jenny turn around and drop your panties."

Everyone watched in silent horror as Jenny obeyed without hesitation.

I said "I can't do it"

"If you don't, I will. And that will be much more painful for her."

I did not want Jenny hurt. It was all my fault. I took the whip and waved it across her perfect posterior.

"Harder or I'll do it."

I hit Jenny harder. I saw the red marks.


"Ah! Oh!"

I went ahead counting 3-4-5.

Her backside now looked quite angry.

She stood up whimpering and biting her lip.

Candice then said that according to my contract, punishment could be corporal or financial? Which would I like?

How could I take financial after what I just did to the innocent Jenny?


"Kevin, do you want me to whip you?"


"Then present yourself for punishment."

I took 5 slow, deliberate, hard strokes.

Only when I turned around, I realised that my cock was super hard.

Candice then with a fast upward stroke lashed my balls and cock, and again on the downward stroke. It stung like hell, but my erection just throbbed harder.

"Now continue the test. This time with control!"

The girls were now extremely cautious as they continued to stroke us. The stinging in my cock had subsided with the gentle massaging with warm oil. I avoided looking at Jenny. The whistle blew and the glasses filled quickly. Joe clearly produced more this time, but my glass already contained a healthy shot.

By the next day we were getting into the routine. Joe and I worked nude while the girls wore a variety of sexy, short tight dresses, skirts, tops and bikinis. Joe and I were expected to serve them drinks and snacks, rub in sun oil and do some chores. The girls regularly slapped our bums, keeping our cocks semi-hard, always with the foreskin folded behind the corona. There was almost always one of the girls busy playing with the camcorder.

The afternoon brought another terrace session. Joe and I were in suspense but strangely excited. The girls were all wearing very short white cotton dresses, almost transparent, obviously without any underwear. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The angels sat down on chairs in a semi-circle. Anna explained that this exercise was oral. We were to kneel between the legs of each girl and for exactly 2 minutes give as much pleasure as possible with only our mouths. We each were to satisfy our own teams. A timer sounded and off we went. Judging from the reactions, my technique steadily improved with experience. Candice was collecting points from the girls and putting her Canon 300D to good use. It took about 1 hour to get twice around the team, including recovery time. We then had a glass of wine to revive ourselves as my erection gradually subsided, leaving my naked glans shiny with copious amounts pre-cum. Then Candice instructed us to stand and face her team.

"You boys did very well. The scores are very good, but Kevin has won by just 1 point. Congratulations!"

Anna then described my prize. Joe was to give me pleasure using only his penis. His hands were tied around his back with a silk scarf. I stood in front of the team with my hands on my head and my legs apart, while Joe slowly approached me, led by his magic wand. Click! He started gently rubbing his penis alongside mine. One side then the other. It felt weirdly wonderful. Our cocks were both pointing upwards as he moved his body even closer. Our bodies were only two cock widths apart as he started rubbing his cock between my balls and then shaft on shaft. Then our two frenums rubbed together. Our single most sensitive spots were touching and pleasuring each other. We were both in pain with pleasure. We rubbed our cocks harder together; each constantly kept seeking the sweet point of our united frenums. As our bodies touched, I put my hands on Joe's shoulders for balance. As the rubbing got harder and faster, I felt my scrotum tighten. Balls touching balls, shaft against shaft, frenum rubbing frenum and glans to glans. My feelings had clearly transferred to Joe as we both almost simultaneously erupted creating one gooey white mess lubricating our stomachs and running down our self-massaging cocks onto our swinging hairless balls. Click! The ejected sperm was literally scraped our bodies into the waiting wine glasses. But they would never know what was from whom.

Candice then left as the girls enthusiastically laughed and joked with us, thanking us for the wonderful performance. I felt really proud of myself, exhausted, half erect with my foreskin pulled back, surrounded by eight naked and excited girls and Joe's now shrinking penis.

Joe and I hardly spoke when we went to bed. We were mentally and physically exhausted. We just needed sleep.

I asked "How do you feel about this?"

He just said, "Don't think about it. Good night Kevin."

On Friday the weather was still perfect and by now I found being naked day and night almost normal. I had a growing sense of freedom, both physical and mental. My timidity around the girls had almost turned to brazenness. Also my foreskin was learning to stay rolled back. I rolled it back carefully so that it folded neatly looking almost like it was circumcised. I tried to keep it rolled back while I was sleeping. My glans was now naturally drier and had changed its texture when not newly coated in sun oil. It was a bit swollen (maybe sunburn) and my corona seemed more prominent. Lightly stroking my bare glans was a really great new pleasure for me.

I felt the tension building as I returned to the terrace for our last exercise of the team-building week. I could tell from the stiffness of both of the cocks in attendance that the expectations were very high.

Pam and Anna lay down, next to each other, but head to foot, on the blanket covered terrace table. Both were wearing only their short tight tube dresses. Anna's pussy was already visible with glistening lips smiling at me with just a tuft of hair pointing to her clit. Oral stimulation was required. I bent over and started softly moving my tongue around her smooth outer labia. Gradually I worked around a wider area, as far back as her cute little anus, and back to her welcoming vaginal lips. I started probing my tongue deep into her searching for her most sensitive spots, before moving back upwards to her small hard clitoris. I tried to be very careful, holding myself back from what I really felt like doing. Click! The frequent light shudders in Anna's body started to get heavier then she absolutely exploded. I kept licking her snatch, lapping up the copious amounts of juice that were now flowing. Only now I realised that Pam, her head only centimetres away from mine, was now also in orgasmic ecstasy.

Candice said "Ok boys, let the girls recover. Let's all sit down and have a drink."

The other girls were very excited and chatted away about how good we did. Pam and Anna joined in telling everyone how great we were. We had become their heroes!

It was soon time for the next exercise. We had to lie down on the table just like Pam and Anna did. The only difference was that we were completely naked. Our cocks were both half hard. The girls gathered round with the ever-present camcorder. We were to fondle each other's genitals. I could feel Joe's cock growing stiffer as I steadily stroked his shaft and very gently squeezed his balls. This encouraged me as I felt a swelling deep in my stomach.

"Now touch the tip of the other's penis with your tongue."

"Wow! What a sight" said one of the girls.

We had moved more onto our sides for better access and could see the faces of the girls only centimetres away, studying every move. Click! They were actually very supportive, as I hesitated, one would say "lovely" or "beautiful." I could not resist.

Candice continued to give instructions, which I followed almost in a trance.

"Lick his glans....put your lips around it ..... suck it your tongue down his shaft....lick his frenum..... follow that ridge down between his legs..... lick his anus.... touch his anus with your finger."

At this moment another hand (Pam's) squirted some oil onto Joe's anus.

"Rub his anus gently."

I could see it reacting. I could feel mine reacting!

"Keep sucking his cock ... very slowly"

"Push in the tip of your finger."

"Gently in and out!"

I was starting to loose my breath with the mixture of new physical feelings and mental emotions running thorough me.

We obeyed every command. It felt absolutely fantastic if more than a little naughty. I was giving and getting exactly the same pleasures, simultaneously.

"Keep going ... follow your feelings ... let your bodies become one complete circle."

Pam then told us that would ejaculate in a few moments. As a very special treat we were to drink up every drop that the other was going to produce.

"You will like it."

"Keep going. It is beautiful."

I closed my eyes and emptied my mind. Click!

As I felt a tidal wave building up in me, I felt Joe's cock tighten and his body shudder. We both erupted at the same time. I struggled to keep my mouth over this cock as he spurted his hot milk into my mouth. I gulped quickly as my mouth filled. I felt my own balls emptying as the juice was literally sucked out of them. In a few seconds it was over. I slowly let Joe's softening cock out of my mouth.

Pam said "Oh there is a drop of semen" I immediately licked it up. Click!

We were given a glass of water to assist our recovery.

After half an hour, we thought that we were finished but there was to be one last exercise.

I thought "Now what? Oh no!"

Anna, reading my mind, said "Don't worry, dear boys. This is a simple scientific test."

We had to lie down again, side by side, both in the same direction.

"We need to know which of you can last longest under very controlled conditions."

Anna and Pam held small vibrators. The volume of the stereo was cranked up to eliminate interfering noises. We were then blindfolded. I felt my foreskin being completely stretched back and my frenum being played with. I could just hear a countdown 3-2-1. I knew immediately that the vibrator has been switched on and was now directly stimulating my stretched frenum. I had to try to win this last trial. I desperately searched my mind for unsexy, unexciting, disgusting thoughts. Anything that would reduce the excitement. It seemed to be working for a while. However no matter what my mind said my body was reacting regardless. I felt my stomach muscles tighten. I tried to resist. My scrotum tightened. I fought hard against it. My cock felt like it had doubled in size. I could feel it pulsating and twitching finally out of my control as I felt the stream of juice releasing from my balls and rushing up my shaft. Immediately every muscle in my body shuddered and then relaxed, then shuddered again.

I just lay there feeling the last weak spurt of juice flowing onto my stomach.

My blindfold was removed and I saw 8 girls faces staring at me with wide smiles.. I had won! Click! I saw that Joe was lying next to me, spent. He also had a couple of smallish milky white pools on this stomach and chest.

Jenny and Maria then started carefully spooning the warm liquid into the waiting wine glasses, marked J and K. Not a drop was to be missed.

The next day we were to fly back to Brussels. Our clothes had finally returned from the laundry! Well, except our underwear and socks! Mistakes happen.

It had been quite a week. I started to wonder what the rest of my Summer in Brussels would bring! I'll tell you about that next.

Written by: dojo2

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