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Mr. Dick

by LustyLee77©

Joe Dick was a 38yr. old black man who loved fucking the wives of his employees, especially the white ones. The heavyset 5'8" owner of the company was not all bad; he paid his workers well and did not want to hurt anyone, he tried to keep the layoffs to a minimum. If a pretty wife or girlfriend played ball with him, she could prevent a scheduled layoff. Joe stepped out of his office and surveyed his employees on the assembly line. Most of his workers were men because there was lots of heavy lifting.

Joe spotted Rob, a white man 22yrs. old and was reminded that Rob had a very beautiful wife. It seams that her car broke down and she was dropping Rob off at work in the morning and picking him up after work. Rob was a good looking slim man 5'9" tall and had black hair. When his wife greeted him with a kiss yesterday, Joe observed that the blue-eyed blond girl with firm 36c tits was about 5 in. shorter than her husband.

Joe approached Rob on the line and asked him to come to the office. Rob felt a pang of fear. He hoped that he would not be laid off. With out this job they would loose their house; good jobs were scarce in this area. "Have a seat Rob, regretfully I have to inform you that we will be having a few more layoffs this month. Your work is fine but you are low on the seniority list."

"Please Mr. Dick, I need this job, is there anything I can do to save my job?"

"As I stated, your work is excellent, there is one thing though, some of the employees have invited me to dinner at there home and when I get to know them as a family it is difficult for me to let them go."

"My wife Mary is an excellent cook and I will introduce you to her when she comes to pick me up. You are invited to our place for dinner tonight. She just turned 19 and I would match her cooking skills with anyone. You will leave our table satisfied."

"Fine Rob, bring her to the office when she gets here. I look forward to meeting her." Joe thought to himself how much he enjoyed being called Mr. Dick. Growing up he took much ribbing about his name; the other children would tease him unmercifully. Now he liked to hear it, particularly when a sweet young thing blushed saying Mr. Dick. He smiled when he thought of his latest conquest, a cute little redhead wife that when she saw his 11" thick black cock called him Mr. Mighty Dick.

Joe devised a plan immediately. He called Rick; Rick was a husband who willingly offered his wife for Joe to fuck, he even liked to watch Joe fuck her with his black cock. Joe told him to come to work two hours late tonight and say that he had car trouble.

Joe saw Rob and his lovely wife walking towards the office and set his cell phone to ring in five minutes. The couple entered the office and Joe and Mary were introduced. Joe smiled when Mary blushed saying Mr. Dick. The boss man answered the phone and after a phony conversation asked Rob if he would do him a big favor. "Anything Mr. Dick, just name it."

"Rick called and he is having car trouble and will be a little late, would you please work overtime until he gets here. When he does, I will take you and your lovely wife out to dinner. Mary can stay here in the office with me and we can become better acquainted. She does more to brighten up the office than any decorator could." They all laughed and Rob went to work and Mary told Joe that he was too kind.

"Did your husband tell you that he might be laid off? I am hopping that we can avoid it. Rob is a good man."

"Oh, please Mr. Dick, we are afraid of losing our home, Rob will do anything, he likes you and his job."

"What about you Mary? Will you be friendly with me?"

"Of course Mr. Dick, I will do anything that I can to help my husband." Mary still did not understand what her husband's boss wanted.

"Anything huh! You don't know how happy that makes me to hear you say that." The eager black boss held her hand and lifted the sweet young wife to her feet. He held her tight and planted his thick lips to her ruby red lips.

She gasped and protested, "What are you doing? I am a married woman, stop this."

"Did you ever study history? The men in charge always used the wives of their underlings, that's the way it is. Perhaps you would rather your husband was unemployed and you were living in a one room apartment. Only you have the power to help him now."

Mary sobbed on his chest, she was afraid and confused, she did not want to cheat on her husband but she was afraid that he would lose his job. Mr. Dick held the frightened wife tightly to his body and she could feel his mammoth manhood press against her quivering little body. Mary was thinking that there was no way that any man could be that large. He squeezed her shapely white buttocks with his massive black hands. He licked her neck and ear with his long tongue; he could feel her succumbing to his manipulations. He stuck a big black finger in her pink slit and could sense her will to resist fading away. He whispered in her ear, "You can save your husband's job and have the best sex of your young life. Your pussy is soaking wet, so don't tell me that you don't want my big black cock up your pink pussy." The boss stepped back and placed her hand on his throbbing hard-on. He moved her hand up and down the throbbing shaft. She gasped in disbelief at its enormity.

"Take it out little girl, see what a real cock looks like!" She shyly fumbled with his zipper; the poor little wife could not stop her hands from shaking. The black monster popped out, her eyes widened, and her sweet mouth was wide open. She slowly stroked the big cock and stared at the black monster as if she were in a trance.

She finally spoke, weakly saying, "It is so big, how could a girl ever take it inside her, its too big!"

"Bend over and kiss it baby, put your sweet lips on my big cock." Mary kissed the swollen purple head of his cock; she tasted the pre-cum and licked it up. She kissed down the long shaft lovingly. "Put it in your mouth bitch, suck on it."

Mary got to her knees and guided his thick cock into her little mouth. Her blond head bobbed up and down on the chocolate joystick. She moaned and choked as she tried to suck more of it into her mouth. Indentations could be seen on her cheeks as he fucked her pretty face. She gagged again as he tried to force it down her throat, saliva leaked out of her mouth and down her chin.

The heavyset black man grabbed her blond hair and pulled her face from his cock, and then he bent her over the desk, lifted her skirt, and pulled down her blue panties. From behind, he stuffed his weapon in her hot cunt. He pulled her head back by her blond hair and pumped his large cock into her tight little cunt, he turned her head to the side and commanded, "Look in the mirror and watch my big black cock fuck your white cunt; notice the contrast between black and white skin. Did you ever see anything so sexy? It's so fucking beautiful. Oh yeah, you're fucking back, yes, do it bitch! You like the feel of Mr. Dick fucking your cunt, don't you bitch? Talk to me!"

"Oh yes, I love the feeling of your big dick in my pussy, I've never felt so full, you are touching places that have never been touched before. It feels so good, keep fucking me, Please don't stop."

He pumped harder; his cock was going in and out like a black piston. She was fucking back like a woman possessed. His balls were slapping against her lovely ass, he yelled out, "Oh baby, your white pussy was made to take black cock, it feels so good, the sight of your little pussy stretching is so fucking hot. I love the way your cunt tightens around my cock, you are the best, here it comes, I'm going to shoot you full of red hot cum!Aaagggg!!!"

"Yes fill me with your cum, I'm going to cum again. I never knew that getting fucked could be this good. Keep fucking me baby, I want to be your fuck slut. I am yours to do with as you want. Shittt fuckkk meeee, ohhh yessss...!"

Mr. Dick smacked his big black hand on her ass and told her to lick his cock clean. The sweet little housewife gobbled his cock in her mouth, licked, and sucked him clean. "Oh Mr.Dick,that was wonderful, look at my pussy stretched wide open and leaking love juice. It looks so lewd but it feels so hot. I've never been fucked like that before. Now that you stretched my pussy so wide, it will need your big black cock to fill it up again."

"We had better get dressed darling, Rob will be here shortly, but don't worry your pretty little head; Mr. Dick will be coming back for more." Mary smiled and went to the bathroom to clean up and try to make herself more presentable.

When she came out Rob was there and greeted his wife with a hug and kiss. Mary wondered if he could smell Mr. Dick on her breath or notice the flushed look on her face.

They went to a nice restaurant, enjoyed a fine meal, and were drinking beer after dinner when Mary felt a big hand on her leg. Rob was sitting across from her and she knew that he would never do such a thing in public. The big hand moved slowly up her leg to her thigh and moved in circles giving her goosebumps. Rob excused himself to go to the restroom, the waitress brought another round of beers and gave them a knowing smile as she noticed the movement under the table and the look on the aroused girl's face.

"You have nice tits!" Joe said to the busty brunette as he squeezed one of her melons. "I bet you wish that it was you sitting her getting finger fucked, don't you?"

"Well I might!"

"Feel this!" He put her hand on his lap and she clutched his raging hard-on and smiled lustfully. "Leave your number and we can have a hot threesome; I know you want my big black cock."

She wrote her number on a pad and tore it off and placed it in front of him saying, "I can't wait to show your little girl slut how to handle that big thing, but you better be careful her husband doesn't catch you two."

"Why are you doing this? I don't want to share you with her. I want you all to my self. Fuck that bitch."

"That's exactly what I am going to do and you will watch with your fingers up that hot pussy of yours. You will do what ever I tell you to do or you won't get any more of my big black dick." He finger fucked her to an orgasm just as her husband returned to the table.

"What is the matter honey? Are you all right? You look flushed."

"I guess it's all the food and beer, I do feel a little funny'"

"I better get you home, thanks for everything Mr. Dick, next week you will come to our place for dinner."

"I look forward to it, very nice to get to know you Mary. I look forward to your home cooked meal."

Mary sat next to her husband on the way home and hated herself for being such a slut but eagerly anticipated her next encounter with Mr. Dick.

The next morning at work Joe told Rob that he had a lovely wife and that he is already reluctant to lay him off. Rob said that made his day.

Joe made arrangements with Rose, the waitress from last night, to meet him in front of Mary's house. Rose was already there when he parked his car. She got out of her car to meet him saying' "I can't wait for this to happen; that little married slut of yours thinks she is hot shit. I want to fuck your brains out in front of her and then sit on her pretty little face and make her suck my cunt clean."

"Wow, that sounds like fun to me. I knew that you were a hot one when I first saw you."

Mary let them in the door and frowned when she saw the 40yr. old woman in her mini skirt, tank top, stockings and high-heels. Mary was wearing a pink and blue sundress. The young wife served them coffee in the living room and Joe patted the cushion for her to sit next to him; he was sitting in the middle of these two very different but very sexy women, just where he wanted to be.

The busty brunet said, "Let's finish our coffee and go upstairs and get naked, I can't wait to get a hold of your big cock."

The little blond girl looked at Joe and wanted to know, "Why do we need her? I do not understand. Do you think that I need help?"

"Little girl, you need a real woman to show you how to handle that big dick; now shut the fuck up and do what your man tells you to do or I will slap the shit of you."

Do not talk to me like that in my own home. I was talking to Mr. Dick, not you."

"Now ladies, don't fight. First, Mary you are my girl, you are #1, but you are young and have quite a bit to learn. I am in charge and know what's best, just do as I say." Joe kissed Mary and told her that the three of them were going to go to the bedroom.

Joe took the hands of both women and led them to the stairs. Rose looked down at his crotch and declared, "My god, it looks like you have a live anaconda in your pants!"

Joe laughed, "It's that being with you two sexy white women; makes my pants want to jump up and dance!"

They got to the bedroom and took off their clothes; Joe was left in only his socks, Mary was naked and Joe told Rose to leave on her stockings and high-heels. "Oh man, it doesn't get any better than this, a sweet innocent looking young blond girl with just a trace of blond hair on her little pussy and a voluptuous older chick with a hairy cunt, I love it!"

Joe lay down on the bed and the girls went right to his cock, they kissed and licked it, and Mary sucked it but was not able to get the whole thing in her little mouth. Rose pushed her aside and said, "Let me show you how it is done." Her lips stretched over the thick cock, her mouth went to the base of his dick. Mary gasped in disbelief as she watched the huge cock disappear. Joe noticed the look on her face and told her that the secret was to use the throat.

Rose straddled him and lowered her wet cunt to the throbbing cock. They fucked like crazy and both moaned to a rousing climax. Rose lay on top of her black stud and kissed him passionately. Rose rolled over and noticed the pout on Mary's face and told her that if she wanted to fuck that big cock she would have to suck it until it got hard again.

The young blond wife wasted no time; she kissed and licked the semi- hard cock lovingly. The older woman told her to lick his balls. Mary willingly complied; she stroked his black cock as she licked his balls. The blond girl could feel the monster growing in her hand; she could not wrap her tiny white hand around his thick black cock. Mary licked up the long shaft and gazed at the huge black cock adoringly. While holding the lower part of the shaft in her hand, she kissed the purple head, covered it with her red lips, and commenced sucking.

"Suck his big cock you little slut, your wedding ring looks good against his black cock. Your husband should see his sweet wife now. He will benefit from your improved cock sucking skills. That's it girl, suck that big black dick. Can you taste my pussy juice on it? I bet you love the taste of my cunt. Be a good little girl and I just might let you taste my pussy first hand."

The older woman moved behind the cock sucking blond and inserted three fingers in her wet cunt. Her 42DD boobs pressed in to the little girl's back. Mary was sucking with fervor; she managed to get most of his cock in her mouth. Rose stuck her tongue in the hot little pussy and was now using her fingers and tongue to drive Mary crazy.

Mr. Dick pulled her head from his cock, shoved the little wife on her back, and said, "Time to give you what you want. My big cock is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before." Rose grabbed hold of his shaft and guided it to the waiting pussy. She stuffed it into the horny hole.

Mary wrapped her legs around the humping buttocks and screamed, "Yes fuck me please, my pussy loves your big black cock. God, it feels so good, yes fuck me."

Rose laughed and said, "This fucking slut makes too much noise, and I know how to keep her quiet." The seductive woman straddled the blond head and lowered her sopping cunt to the pretty face. She furiously fucked Mary's face, moving her sopping cunt all over it. Then she pressed it to her lips and demanded that she suck out all of his cum and all of her pussy juice. Mary made a lot of muffled sounds, she reached orgasm on his cock, and Rose reached orgasm in her sucking mouth.

Mr. Dick removed his cock with a swish-plop sound and ordered Mary to get on her knees and take his big cock up her ass. "No, No it's to big. I have never done that and it would hurt too much!"

Rose got on her knees, gazed at Mary's stretched cunt, and told Joe to check out the slut. "Look at her gaping hole, see how big you made her cunt. Now shove that big black cock up my ass and let me show her how it is done!"

Joe got behind the sensual woman and approved of her big ass. He entered her hole with a thrust, pumped hard and spanked her butt as he fucked her ass. He told Mary to come over and watch him fuck her ass and whenever she felt that she wanted to be a woman instead of a little girl, she could get on her knees next to Rose and he would fuck her ass too.

"Forget about the little girl and fuck my ass hole. Yeah baby, do it to it. Oh yeah, fill my ass with your fat cock, it feels so fucking good, I love your black prick up my ass, fuck me."

Mary knelt next to Rose and looked back to Joe and pleaded, "Fuck my ass too, I want to feel you up my ass; I have never done this before but I want you to be the first. Please baby, fuck me, I want to prove how much I love you."

Joe looked over at her heart shaped little ass and was filled with desire, he wanted to defile this young white wife and make her a total fuck slut for his big fat black cock.

He withdrew his cock from the protesting older woman's sloppy ass and stuffed it into the tight little brown hole of his new fuck slut. He grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pumped her furiously. Joe pulled her head back and said, "From now on your ass is mine; I'm going to tear you a new ass hole that can only be satisfied by big black dick. Fuck me slut, move that hot little ass. Yes that's it; a tight white virgin ass hole, it doesn't get any better than that."

Rose moved over, tweaked the little blond wife's tits, and asked, "How does that big black cock feel stuffed up your tight little ass? You like it don't you slut?"

"Yes I love it, his big cock hurts so good, fuck me Mr. Dick! My mouth, pussy and ass are yours to fuck with your black cock. I am your little white wife slut. Yes fuck meeee!!!"

After Joe shot a load of hot sperm up her ass, the young girl licked and sucked his cock clean. She worshiped his cock and looked up at him with those big blue eyes and cum soaked face. Then she cooed, "I love this big hunk of meat." Mary rubbed the semi hard cock on her cheek and then kissed the swollen head of his black cock, gazing at the big cock in loving adoration.

"Well girls, thanks for everything, but I must go to the plant and check it out."

"I sure hope you call me again, what a great way to spend an afternoon, a big black cock to fuck and a pretty face to sit on. You liked eating my cunt, didn't you baby?"

"NO I didn't, the only good thing about it was Joe's cum." Rose and Joe laughed and went out the door. Mary got a nice hot bath and couldn't help touching herself as visions of the day's events filled her mind.

Joe did not contact Mary the rest of the week. Mary was worried; she missed his big dick so much. That is exactly what Mr. Dick wanted. The blond housewife was excited, Rob gave her a rare call from work. He had big news; Mr. Dick was coming to dinner tonight. Mary was told to prepare the best meal of her life and to be friendly with Mr. Dick. Mary felt shame and excitement when she thought about just how friendly she was with Mr. Dick.

The dinner was fantastic and Joe was told that he would not be on the list for layoffs this month. Mary was thrilled to see Mr. Dick but was nervous around her husband, especially when she was fingered during dinner. When Rob went to the bathroom, Joe told her that he would be over to pick her up at noon tomorrow and they would go for a little ride.

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