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Public Toilet Slut Ch. 02

by dreamerboi©

I sat there in the stall, the stockings tight on my legs, trying to catch my breath. I ached for some release and slowly started stroking myself. My other hand played with my nipple, twisting it hard. The stall door was still locked. I peered out of the holes in the side of the stall but no-one else was around yet. My wife had caught me indulging in my nasty fantasies and had decided to make them real. She was outside this public toilet now, probably setting up my next encounter. So I sat here with dried cum on my face, black stockings on my legs like some nasty slut waiting for a customer, thinking back to how this all got started.

I had this old girlfriend, this hot black chick. Suzie was very kinky, a little too much almost. |She started off by making me put on stockings during sex. I loved it, feeling a little dirty and a little weird too. She broke my ass in for me, after I dropped a few hints about how I'd like to try anal with a girl, she opened me up hard. She loved to buttfuck me while I was wearing her stockings. We would have phone sex for hours whilst she gave me orders on how to abuse myself. She liked it back though and really got off when I would put her over my knee and beat her ass red with a hairbrush or sometimes a wire coat hanger. One time I tied her up and whipped her ass with her own bra. She came really hard then, her ass red and abused. I used to make her sit in the window of her first floor flat naked, with the curtains open and masturbate herself.

This would drive her nuts. Anyone looking up would see this slutty black chick playing with her pussy and occasionally spanking her own ass with her hairbrush. She had a really nasty streak this girl and loved to use herself as well as others.

I always said I wasn't gay, or bi, but after she fucked me , with me on my knees wearing her stockings, there wasn't much I could say. Suzie wanted to watch me take real cock, in the ass and mouth. She said she wanted me to put on a dress and stockings, look really slutty, and take me out to a public toilet to suck and be fucked. She wanted to make me walk down the street like that. I was too scared, that I would be raped or worse so wouldn't do it. She also wanted to take me to a gay club and let me be used by the guys there. I was always worried about what might happen though.

Suzie always did a lot more back to me and one time we did fuck in a public toilet. She made me go out with her underwear on, stockings, panties and a basque. She stripped me down to it in a men's public toilet in a park. It was pretty nasty. She left the door open, bent me over a toilet and buttfucked me. She wanked me off over myself, and made me kneel on the floor to lick her out. Thank god no one else came in.

Deep down I really wanted to do it. Some filthy nasty slut inside me wanted to be bent over a counter in a filthy toilet and fucked in the ass by a stranger while she played with her cunt. I wanted to look up at her while I sucked on a guys cock. I wanted to see these guys pay her to use me, for her to finish up by having me lick her pussy and ass, while she came over my face. In the end I pushed all this away as too sick and nasty to be good for me.

In the end we broke up because I thought it was getting too weird. I ended up married to Claire and indulging in normal vanilla sex for a while, until she had caught me out, surfing the net looking at twisted shit again. And here I was, finally giving in to my dark side.

The outer door creaked as someone else walked in. I heard the footsteps walking around the toilet and peered through the holes in the wall, seeing a person walking around. The there was a pause and I heard the main door being locked. I was locked in here now with a stranger, sent in by my wife to use me.

'Ok, we won't get disturbed now, will we?' the voice called. 'Why don't you open the door and come out. I'm in the mood for some fun and your woman says you'll give it up to me.'

'Oh shit!' I whispered, heart pounding but cock still hard. I slid back the bolt and pulled the stall door back. A large white guy stood there, well built and solid, with muscles bulging out of a t-shirt and tight jeans.

'Well,' he said, looking down at me, 'this is going to be fun. Come over here.'

I started to stand. 'No, on your knees slut.' I crawled, my stocking clad legs dragged over the smelly tile floor.

'Unzip me and warm it up. I hear you know how to suck already, so get at it. I'd rather be fucking your slutty wife but I won't turn down free ass' he said.

I froze, realizing I was going to be taking my first real cock in my ass. I was slow. His slap stunned me and made my eyes smart.

'I didn't tell you to stop, now come here and suck me hard, slut.'

I crawled across and unzipped his pants. A musky smell of cock hit me and I breathed it in, feeling dirty and cheap. I slid my hand into his boxers and felt his stiffening cock. Hurriedly I pulled it out to suck. It must have been about 8 inches and was quite thick. The thought of that ripping in to my ass made my knees tremble.

I wasted no time and inhaled his cock as deep as I could, squeezing his balls and milking his shaft. It didn't taste too bad and I got into a rhythm.

'Yeah, not bad. Get me nice and hard.' He said, looking down at his cock sliding into my face. I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing my face into his crotch. His cock grew in my mouth. The thought of where it was going next made me horny, especially thinking of Claire outside and what she might be lining up next.

'Good, now turn round' he said, pulling out. I turned around, the stockings feeling hot on my legs and presented my ass to him. He slapped it for good measure, then pried his thumb in between my cheeks, opening me up.

'You ever had a real cock before, slut?'

'No, you'll be my first.'

'Good, then I'd better make it memorable for you.' I heard the slither of his belt coming undone. He flipped a heavy leather belt around my neck and pulled it tight, the leather cold on my skin.

'I like to keep hold of my bitches as I screw their shitholes. You don't mind, do you?'

'No..' I gurgled, leashed like a dog.

He slid his cock forward, pushing it against my ring. I gasped. It was wet and slimy from my sucking but was still forcing me open. He held on to the belt and thrust forward. I tried to scream but he pulled the belt tight and pushed past my sphincter, burning its way in.

I squirmed but he fully penetrated my bowel. I must have loved it as my cock was like a rock and my nipples stood out so hard. I can't think what I must have looked like, on my knees in stockings with a belt round my neck, dried cum on my face and this stranger in my ass.

'Christ, you're tight, slut.'

I know. Despite all those sessions with Suzie, it never stretched me, thankfully.

He pushed in and started thrusting in me. The burning stopped and the feeling on my prostate was heaven. I reached under and started stroking my cock, determined to get some release this time.

After a few moments, I could feel him tensing up in me. He wasn't going to last long in my ass.

'I'm coming now' he said and hauled on the belt. I lost my grip on my cock as my breathing was cut off. Oh fuck! Was he going to choke me?

His cock twitched and I felt his come unloading in my ass, hot and wet. I was holding my breath, hoping I wouldn't pass out. He kept twitching in my ass and as I started to see stars I came myself, spurting hard, my cock burning.

He gasped and in a flash pulled out of me, letting loose the belt. I dropped on my face, ass high in the air, cum already dripping out of my ass crack. I felt the belt being pulled off my neck and could breathe properly again. I was just catching my breath when the first crack hit my ass. 'You were good, slut. I like your tight ass.' The belt cracked my ass a few more times.

'I'll tell you wife you did good.' He said, buckling it back up. 'She said to give you these and make sure you put them on.' He produced a pair of high heels, black with a spike, and a blindfold. I slipped the shoes on and sat on the toilet seat, cum still dripping out of me. I could barely thin straight. He passed me the blindfold.

'See you again slut.' The stall door slammed as I pulled the blindfold over my face and tried to ignoring the burning in my ass. I heard the main door open as he left. I stayed their, breathing hard still, in the dark, waiting...

Written by: dreamerboi

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