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Mechanical Bull Show

by Vetman©

As she gestured to the assistant to hand her the consent form, a loud cheer went up from several guys in the audience who realized she was actually going to ride. As she slipped her shoes off I held up a $10 bill to the grinning operator and said, "Have fun".

Smiling, she made her way unsteadily to the bull across the thick padding, and stopped at its side. For the first time she realized how high it was. With a laugh she turned and asked for help getting on. I dropped my shoes, but the operator's assistant had moved quickly to her side to help. He stooped down and cupped his hands for her to step into. As she jumped up and swung her leg over, her skirt lifted way up to show the already excited audience that her ass was bare in the thong. "Oh Yeah!" rang out.

With her legs spread on either side of the bull, her skirt had slid up in the front to display her shear panties, which the operator's assistant was openly staring at. She realized her exposure immediately and pushed her skirt down between her legs and tucked it under her, but there wasn't much material available. She reached back to tuck her skirt under her in the back before reaching between her legs to hold the strap with both hands. She looked at the operator who indicated that she should hold one of her arms over her head. Hesitantly, she raised one arm up and the bull started swinging around.

I noticed that several guys were holding up their cell phones and realized that they were anticipating her exposure and were going to take pictures. They didn't have long to wait.

Betty was laughing openly as the bull was slowly turning around, trying to strike a sexy pose. She dropped her arm to the bull's neck as it started pitching slowly forward and back. The pitching increased until it was just enough to lift Betty off the bull as she pitched forward and back down as the bull pitched backward. Her skirt popped out from under her immediately. A cheer erupted as her bare ass came into view every time she pitched forward. Slowly her skirt inched up in the back to display her cute cheeks continuously.

The bull resumed turning slowly and Betty managed to tug her skirt down quickly, but barely managed to tuck it under her. Looking at me, Betty struck a sexy pose by pulling her shoulders back, thrusting out her chest and raising one arm. This elicited a cheer, which I new would turn her on tremendously knowing her audience was responding to her.

As she continued posing, the bull started pitching slowly forward and back while still turning. Her dress easily broke free again and popped up, again exposing her beautiful cheeks to the cheering crowd.

Suddenly the operator started swinging the bull back & forth rapidly, as though the bull was shaking his head "no". This caused her breasts to swing wildly back and forth, threatening to escape her low top as she held on, laughing hard. As the motion continued, the tight dress material at her hips moved toward her waist for equilibrium, until exposing more than half of her bare ass. Realizing her exposure, she tried to reach back and tug the dress down again, but the operator quickly pitched the bull, making her grab for the strap and leaving her cute ass on display. From my vantage point, even with her hand holding the strap between her thighs, I could clearly see the exposed shear crotch of her panties. The little trimmed dark patch just above her lips was plainly visible behind her hand.

Suddenly, the bull started bouncing up & down rapidly. Betty placed her free hand behind her on the bull's rump to help steady her with the other hand still tightly gripping the strap. This motion bounced her breasts vertically up and down in the very low cut top that couldn't possibly contain them. A loud cheer erupted when her right breast easily popped out. At first just her very erect nipple appeared, but within a few more bounces her entire breast broke free and swung up & down. Camera phones were held up as Betty held on, unable to do anything about her breast being completely exposed to the cheering crowd.

When she finally moved her hand toward her exposed breast, the bull lurched sideways and Betty almost fell off, grabbing for the bulls head to maintain her balance. The operator slowed the bull and she managed to pull herself back up. When she was again centered she reached to her breast but immediately had to move it back when the operator quickly made the bulls head shake back and forth again rapidly. The strain must have popped some buttons, because suddenly both breasts were completely exposed, swinging back & forth from her now open top to very loud cheering.

The operator switched to slowly pitching the bull again while rotating it slowly around, so that everyone was getting a good view of her exposure. Betty reached to cover her breasts and struggled to pull the dress closed over them, but the open buttons would not let the material stay in place long and they just popped right back out when the shaking resumed and she had to drop her hand back to the bull.

With her breasts fully exposed, she was completely ignoring her skirt, which had ridden, all the way up to her waist, displaying almost her entire bare ass to the cheering audience and their camera phones. The sight of her bare ass and exposed breasts on display to the crowd was incredibly erotic and seemed to be getting well photographed.

The operator, probably trying to keep her from covering her breasts successfully, suddenly reversed direction, which caught Betty by surprise. She started to fall sideways and grabbed for the strap with her free hand, but was too far-gone to recover. She had slipped half way off of the bull, one leg hanging straight down, the other leg still over the bulls back, clutching the strap with both hands. She held on, laughing too hard to pull herself back up, with her skirt at her waist and her beautiful, bare ass completely exposed to the wildly cheering crowd. As the bull turned away I was shocked to see that her thong had pulled way over to one side, completely exposing her pussy to the already horny audience. Even worse, with the one leg over the bull spreading her legs so far apart, her swollen pussy was gapping open, obscenely displaying the most private part of her body to the leering crowd surrounding the pit and to their camera phones.

Since I was standing near the lecherous operator, I was getting the best view of her exposure since he positioned her for his benefit. I could hear comments from several of the guys near me as they stared at her open crotch. "Oh yeah, yeah."

"Check out the cunt!" "Holy Shit, do you see that?" "That bitch is showing everything."

After staring at her helpless exposure for himself, the operator rotated the bull to make sure everyone else got a good look at her incredible exposure. and then slowed the bull to give Betty a chance to recover and pull herself back up. To everyone's disappointment though, she took the opportunity to slide her other leg over the bulls back, and dropped off. She immediately clutched her top together to cover her breasts and moved away from the bull. She lost her balance in the thick padding and went down, giving everyone another quick flash as she struggled to get up.

As she managed to walk unsteadily toward me, laughing, the crowd of guys around the bull pit started chanting "more, more, more"! She acknowledged them, laughing, and shaking her head no as she buttoned her top closed, but still standing inside the bull pit. "That wasn't too bad, except for this stupid top", she told me, grinning. I knew she was loose from the alcohol and tremendously turned on from having been exposed to so many horny men.

Two or three industrious guys held up money as they implored her and started yelling for donations from the others. Other guys started passing dollar bills to the guys near the pit entrance and joined the chorus "More, more"! Laughing, she again shook her head "no". The operator moved over near her and told her that she couldn't disappoint her audience. Surprisingly she looked at me for help and I said with a grin "More"!

Even though I knew from experience that she would be incredibly excited from the combination of the alcohol and the guy's reaction, I was surprised that she was actually hesitating and listening to the encouragement to get back on. She knew her breasts had been exposed, but I was sure she wasn't aware that her wide-open pussy had been completely exposed and on display to all these guys for so long. One of the guys near me held up the wad of money for her and dropped it into the pit. With her judgment impaired by the alcohol, the idea that the guys were tipping her was the final encouragement that did it.

Checking to make sure that all her buttons were secure, including the top button this time, she told the operator she would only do it if he kept the bull real slow. When he nodded she turned and walked back to the bull with the operator right behind her. A loud cheer erupted when they realized she was actually going to get back on the bull.

As I looked around I realized that the crowd had grown much larger than when she first started. People who had been watching through the glass from outside were now crowding around the bull pit five and six deep to get a better view. The smiling operator helped her back up on the bull, getting a good close up look at her trimmed pussy through the shear material as she swung her leg over its back.

After she carefully tucked her skirt firmly into place, smiling, she looked up at the operator back at his controls. Smiling, he was twirling his hand over his head telling her to turn around and ride backwards. Since she had seen a girl riding backwards earlier, she understood, but hesitated. He kept ordering her to turn, like she had no option, and suddenly, to my surprise, she started to comply.

As she moved her left leg over and then her right leg over, she couldn't help but expose her crotch to the horny audience. She again tucked her skirt under her in the back and tried raising her legs and resting them on the bulls back, but realized immediately that this gave everyone a clear view up her skirt. As she dropped her legs down on either side of the bull and reached for the strap behind her, I realized why he had wanted her to turn. Without the bulls head in the way and her hand between her legs holding the strap, her very transparent crotch was now completely exposed with her short skirt stretched across the top of her legs. I could very clearly see her little trimmed wisp of dark hair and open pussy lips through the shear material. As camera phones were raised, she was suddenly aware of her exposure and why this was a really bad position for her to be in with the short little skirt. With an annoyed look at the operator, she pushed her skirt down in the front trying to make it tuck under her, but it was stretched to tight and too short to tuck much in.

Just as she started to turn back around, the bull started moving in circles. At this point, her only choice was to hold her skirt down in the front with her free hand. She smiled, gaining confidence with the slowly moving bull, and tried to strike a sexy pose, still holding her skirt between her legs. With a grin, the operator started pitching her forward and backward, slowly at first but then increasing the rate until forcing her to stop protecting her crotch with her hand and move it to rest on the bull's rump for support. Still turning in slow circles, he increased the rate of pitch to bounce her up slightly up off of the bull's back. This freed her skirt, which started slipping up to her waist. With her legs spread wide apart on either side of the bull, the leering audience could clearly see her pussy through the very transparent material of her panties. The outburst of cheering as she turned told me that those lucky enough to be in the first rows were enjoying her exposure. She tried vainly a few times to reach for the skirt between her legs, but holding the strap behind her back with one hand was awkward, so she was forced abandon her skirt and keep her other hand resting firmly on the bull's rump for support.

Her hand behind her back was also pulling her dress tighter across her breasts and the motion was straining those little buttons. The operator started swinging the bull back and forth to make her breasts swing around which became too much for the already strained buttons. I noticed the second and third buttons down had popped open displaying a lot of flesh in the opening.

Her back was to me when the top button finally let go, but I knew immediately that her breast had been exposed from the loud cheer that went up. As the bull finally turned toward me, both of her wonderful, full breasts were visible and swinging around. More buttons let go from the strain until her top was open almost to her waist. She was laughing hard, and completely helpless to do anything about her exposure as one shoulder strap slipped down to her elbow. Her awesome breasts with their incredibly hard nipples were now completely free and on display to the staring audience.

In her awkward position, the bull's motion was causing her shear thong panties to pull up into her swollen lips, exposing her pussy on either side of the narrow material. As the motion continued, the tiny panties were disappearing up into her and more and more of her bare pussy was being exposed.

As she looked like she might be loosing her balance, the operator slowed the bull to let her recover. Not trusting him by now, she kept her free hand on the bull's rump for support. With both shoulder straps down to her elbows she looked almost naked except for the band of material around her waist and the thin strip of shear material barely covering her pussy. Many camera phones were raised trying to capture the sight.

Now that the operator had so successfully exposed her, his challenge was to keep her on display for as long as he could. He turned her slowly as he rocked her back and forth for all to see, giving her an extra jolt now and then whenever she moved a hand to cover herself. The cheering had drawn more people passing by and the area around the bull pit was packed.

Watching any girl so helplessly exposed in front of such a large crowd of guys in such a public setting would be very exciting. Seeing someone's innocent wife exposed in this way would make it even more exciting. Watching my wife helplessly exposed to so many guys was such a tremendous turn-on that I had a major hard-on.

She yelled to the operator and signaled him to stop, which he surprisingly respected. She was still smiling but looked truly embarrassed as she pulled her straps back up and clutched her dress closed in the front as the crowd continued cheering. She swung her leg over the side of the bull and slid off, again losing her balance and falling to the padding onto her back, still clutching her top. I moved quickly to help her up and assist her out of the bull pit, a little worried that she might be upset at how much she had been exposed. The operator's assistant gathered up the money and handed it to her.

As she buttoned her top closed she smiled and said, "That was bad. This was definitely the wrong dress for that". I thought, no it was the perfect dress for that. She moved close like she wanted to say something in my ear and surprised me when her hand went to my crotch and gave my hard cock a quick squeeze, not really caring at this point who might see. "Glad you enjoyed it, I wonder how many more are like that".

"Plenty", I assured her.

She wanted to head for the ladies room to put get herself together and put her shoes on. As we moved out of the roped off area, the operator called over that drinks were on the house. Betty yelled back thanks but that we had more than enough.

I led the way squeezing through the crowd, with Betty right behind me. Halfway thru I heard her say, "Whoop" and turned. She said its ok, keep going.

When she came out of the ladies room, she said to hold out my hand and gave me her wadded up thong. "If you don't fuck me soon I'm going to go back up on the bull again like this".

"Go ahead", I dared.

As we neared the mall parking lot, she suddenly pulled away a few steps and laughed, "Watch this". She lifted one side of her skirt and twirled around to flash me, and a few very lucky men nearby. "More" I shouted. She laughed, turned around, bent over and flipped her skirt up over her back. A few guys had stopped to gawk by the time she slipped her arm around me and continued toward the parking lot. For their benefit I dropped my hand down her back and back up under her skirt to grab her bare cheek and kept it there as we walked to the car.

After making sure that no one had followed us, I pushed her onto her back in the rear seat and buried my face in her pussy, sucking and licking her clit like a man possessed until she came with a lot of yelling and shaking. Then I pushed her legs up and entered her. After fucking hard and deep we finally moved into the front seat for the drive home.

I pulled out the pocket rocket as we drove. With her legs spread wide open and the pocket rocket vibrating her soaking clit, I started describing the incredible sight of her exposure on the bull. After I described how completely her wide-open, exposed pussy had been on display, she was getting real close to yet another orgasm. She started stroking me at the same time, and started describing the groping that had occurred as we pushed our way to the ladies room. She had felt several hands grab her ass and a couple had reached under her dress to grope her bare ass as she pushed through the crowd. One hand had copped a quick squeeze of her breast as she passed. Her yell had been in response to the one anonymous hand that had slipped between her legs from the front and groped her pussy quickly.

"Next time I'll leave my panties off and really.....give...... them....... a" she mumbled as she went over the edge of another intense orgasm.

The experience was incredibly exciting and still is often the subject of our foreplay conversation. My one regret is that I couldn't get any pictures of her on the bull for myself. She had another chance to ride a bull again at a country and western dance bar we found when we visited the Midwest on business. While her panties were on display quite a bit, and her nipple made an appearance, she wasn't exposed nearly as much as the first time.

If any one out there captured any pictures of girls being exposed on the mechanical bull, send them to me and I'll show my appreciation by sending some sexy and nude pictures of my Betty in return. If I'm really lucky, it might even be Betty in your pictures.

Written by: Vetman

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