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Wife Gets Gangbanged

by Clansmansco©

My wife Sue and I have been married for 12 years and we have had a great sex life together. We have never been afraid to experiment with our fantasies but have never cheated on each other as far as I am aware of.

Sue is very attractive for 40 years old. She has long dark hair, brown eyes and stands 5' 10" tall with a trim body and 38d boobs. She gets stared at regularly when we are out together and when she is out on her own men always find a way to chat her up. I am not the jealous type. I actually enjoy seeing all the attention she gets and have often thought of her being with other men and talked one night about what she and other men she had been with had done before we had met.

As a part of my work I had arranged for a group of clients to take in a football match which included a hospitality box with plenty of drink and food. When one of the clients dropped out at late notice I asked my wife if she wanted to go. She is not a football fan but agreed to go and help out as a hostess.

Sue dresses very well and looks sexy without being slutty. On this day she dressed in her tight short black skirt, a button up white blouse and black sheer hold up stockings. She has stunning legs and it gave me the beginnings of a hard on but we didn't have time to do anything as we were running late.

During the match Sue made sure the drinks for the mostly male guests were kept topped up. Sue was the centre of attention with only a few of the men watching the match and the rest watching her. Cathy was the only other female and wife of a client there. She asked if this was meant to be a male only invite because there was mostly only beer and whiskey on the table although there was two bottles of wine for the ladies.

"Oh that's ok," I said with a smirk.

"Sue is driving so I am sure the guys will leave the wine for you" I joked.

The look I got from Sue was of a pissed off woman.

"If I have to endure a football match then I need some alcohol" she fired back at me.

We had a balcony from the hospitality box and another adjoined it with a group of guys on a similar corporate event. They where much rowdier than my clients and figured it was more to do with the amount of drink they were consuming.

"Have you got any wine or Gin over there?" Cathy called across to them.

"Yeah" came the answer back.

"We only have beer here, can you spare a glass or two of wine?" Cathy asked again.

"Come on over and take a bottle we have lots to spare, the lads are all drinking beer here to" came back what sounded like a chorus of male voices.

"I am not going round there alone, please come with me Sue?" Cathy pleaded

"OK, but seeing as I am driving I just want a refill of my glass not a bottle" said Sue

I never thought anymore about it even when I heard lots of laughter and the drunken voices from the adjoining room. The game was a poor one and only a few stood outside to watch it. None of the crowd next door came back out on to their balcony as the girls were obviously keeping their attention from the match.

"Fuck she's up for it, wish I could hang around a bit longer" said one of four guys.

They were leaving and didn't realise that I was the husband of one of the ladies as I approached the other room. The outer room door did not close behind them before I reached it, which meant I didn't have to knock and be let in. The inner door had a small glass panel making it an area that separated the main room where they hung all their coats.

Something made me stop before going through to get Sue. Curiosity! What would she say or do when she thought I was not around. One more move would have lost me this opportunity to find out. I hesitated and looked through the glass panel, I just had to find out what would happen.

In the room were eight guys mid thirties to mid forties I guessed. Mostly fit looking except for a couple that had added a lot of pounds from business lunches and many hours in an office chair. Sue was in a low sofa with a guy on each side of her with a glass in her hand and her legs uncharacteristically straight and not crossed. The others sat opposite her which gave them a pretty good look up Sue's short skirt. She either was passed caring or was unaware that they were getting off rubbing their cocks through their pants. There was two more buttons on her blouse open than I could recall before they left our party.

I was angry but also excited watching these men lust around her. She loved the attention and must have been aware of all the stiff cocks in the room. Clearly she was well pissed and teasing them. Then not realising, one guy came and opened the door and I moved to the side so I would not be seen. Reaching for his hanging coat he saw me.

"Hi, I've come to collect my wife" I blurted out.

A stupid thing to say, as he must have known that I had been looking through the glass panel at them.

"Sorry mate, those guys are getting carried away in there" he replied as he put on his coat to leave.

"I can tell, she's flirting like a tart and they are loving it!" I said.

"Well I'm leaving so you had better get her out of there quick, my mates often get hookers on business trips and love gangbangs" he said again.

"Fuck, nothing like being blunt" I retorted.

"I have never seen her acting like this before she's acting like a total slut!" I said again.

"Think I will watch some more before breaking up this little party" I said as I looked through the panel again.

The guy didn't leave, he stood behind me and we both watched for a while. I couldn't see Cathy anywhere in the room so she must have taken a bottle of wine and left my wife alone with all those guys.

Your wife is a real stunner and such a fucking tease!" he whispered.

"I know, being married to her for 12 years makes me forget sometimes how good she can be in the bedroom" I whispered back.

"Your mates are getting really turned on I wonder if she will realise when she has gone to far" I whispered back at him again.

"Do you mind if I watch a bit longer?" the guy asked.

"My name is Mark by the way" he said shaking my hand.

"I'm John and you must know my wife's name by now" I grinned.

I watched more of Sue and so did the others as her legs occasionally parted and she began to flash more of her inner thighs to the drooling guys opposite her. I was getting more turned on now than angry watching her acting like a slut.

"Mark how about going back in and telling your mates its ok to take it further" I said.

As the idea of how far she would take it popped into my head my cock got even harder.

"How far do you want them to go?" was the surprised response back from Mark.

"Well lets just say if I come in I will try to looked totally shocked and decide if it should stop or not" came the words from my mouth that I thought I would never speak.

To Be Continued?

Written by: Clansmansco

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