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Leaving the Nest


"Are you sure that is what you want?"

"Yes, Sir, i am. Please, will You do this for me?"

"If this is what you desperately want, I will begin the planning for it."

"Thank You, Master!"


Several weeks later, the day arrived. All day long, my sweet fiancée and slave was in the best mood I had seen from her in months. It is a good thing that she was not the result of mating between a human and an eagle, or else her high spirits would have caused her to sprout wings and fly.

About 3:30PM, the first of the guests arrived. Mistress Kara and two of her slaves entered the secluded house, both young slaves quickly disrobing as is the custom in "the group" when away from the public eye. Of E/everyone I know, Mistress Kara has the best taste in wines, and She had brought several bottles of a wine whose name I did not recognize. "You will absolutely adore it," She said softly to Me as I read a bottle's label, "and Your sweet slave will certainly appreciate it after her ordeal."

By 5:00PM, the barbeque grills were in full operation, the scents so enthralling that I am somewhat surprised that the animals of the surrounding forest did not converge on the large yard and attempt to steal the food. It was indeed an interesting scene: Dominants and submissives engaged in all kinds of talk, a few impromptu demonstrations, and even betting each other over who would win the upcoming Grand Prix of the United States. Always one to appreciate the female form, I allowed My eyes to discreetly admire the female slaves, almost all of them nude save perhaps for sandals and collars. I had not seen slave sandra in over a month, and she was particularly proud when I gently squeezed her "new" breasts, their smaller size now giving a nice, well-balanced proportion to her body given her short height.

My slave did not each much, as I had expected given the core reason for the gathering. After a while, she caught My attention and signaled to Me that she was going to prepare for the evening's main attraction, then disappeared into the house.

Some time later, I went inside to locate her, and nearly bumped into her just as she stepped out of the main bedroom, wearing only her thin, dainty leather collar beset with numerous fake diamonds. she smelled of strawberries, a scent matching the natural color of her lengthy hair. "Are you certain that this is what you want?" I asked her one more time.

When she nodded her agreement, I gave her a long bear hug, during which she thanked Me again for allowing her to experience this fantasy as reality. Then, it was time.

Hand-in-hand, W/we strolled into the guest bedroom, where she had already laid out the cuffs and chains and blindfold atop the dresser. It was quite clear that she was antsy, awaiting the start of the evening's core activity, quite in counterpoint to the concern I felt given that My role in the event was about to end.

Although a little daylight illuminated the guest bedroom despite the closed curtains, I turned on the black light, as it would be needed later. After one final kiss, I motioned My beautiful slave to the bed, where she assumed the proper position. It did not take long for Me to attached the chains to the bolts underneath the bed, place the thick leather cuffs around each ankle and wrist, and then attach the chains to the cuffs. The entire time, I could sense her anticipation growing... as well as My concern.

At last, I retrieved the blindfold and applied it to her face. Her proud breasts rose and fell mesmerizingly as her breath quickened slightly in anticipation of the events to come. she tested her bonds, causing the chains to rattle as she discovered how much slack I had given her; for someone in her situation, she could actually move her limbs quite some distance, but clearly would not be able to free herself without assistance.

At this point, as I sat on the edge of the large bed, she was no longer My "nameless" slave. Instead, I looked lovingly upon Fiorina, a longtime friend turned girlfriend turned fiancée, and I was filled with the instinct to protect her from any and all potential harms. I was worried that at some point in the evening, things would somehow get out of hand; it was bad enough that once I left the guest bedroom, I would lose control of the situation until it ended several hours later.

With her face held firmly between my hands, I kissed Fiorina fiercely, and she responded with equal vigor. The kiss only ended when we both needed to breathe again, and I left the guest bedroom, closing the door loud enough for her to hear that she had indeed been left alone, just as in her fantasy.

When I reappeared outside, the assembled Dominants and submissives quieted and turned to Me. After a deep breath to center Myself and reassume the Dominant guise, I laid out the rules once again:

Each P/participant would have a specified amount of time with My slave: each Master or Mistress would have twenty minutes, while each slave would have only ten minutes. Only sexual activity would be permitted; other than the fact that she was already blindfolded and chained to the bed, any BDSM-related activities were strictly off-limits. No speaking would be permitted, so that only her sounds – if any – would be heard.

I then began drawing names of interested P/participants from a hat. one of Mistress Kara's slaves would be the first, and I smiled knowing that Fiorina would definitely enjoy beginning these activities with a girl-girl encounter. In all, fifteen P/participants would be involved; Fiorina would be subjected to well over three hours of nearly-nonstop sex. "I want to still feel sore in the morning," she had confided earlier in the day, and it seemed that she would indeed get her wish.

As the banter and impromptu demonstrations continued outside, I went from one small group to another, offering more food and drink (especially the wine Mistress Kara had brought with Her), discussing this and that, and even watching the sunset with the assembled crowd. I did keep note of each time the P/participants entered or emerged from the house, and I kept wondering if everything was going well in the guest bedroom.

Finally, I could no longer remain outside; I simply had to go back inside, although I had no idea what I would do. Quietly, I mounted the stairs and stood in the hallway, just outside the door to the guest bedroom. Even with the door closed, the scent of sex was quite evident. I could hear the chains rattling and the bed protesting as her sweet, siren-like voice rang out as she approached a climax.

A slight movement nearly caught my attention, and I saw Mistress Kara standing at the top of the stairs, gesturing downstairs. With one last look at the door just as orgasm wracked the senses of the woman chained to the bed, I reluctantly returned downstairs, where Mistress Kara pulled me into the front entryway, away from any prying eyes should there be a change of P/participants.

"You are concerned for her, are you not?" She asked softly, gently. I could only nod. "That is very good. That means that You are a truly caring, loving Master and fiancé, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. If You were not such a caring and loving person, You would not have gone to all the trouble to arrange this evening, would You?"

"No, I guess not," I replied, somehow feeling like a small child being sternly admonished. Having such a discussion with a Mistress with nearly twenty more years worth of experience in this lifestyle certainly felt somewhat like an admonishment.

"Look," She said. "I know You do not have any children yet – that will come in time, I am sure. With children, there comes a time when they must 'leave the nest,' and that can take many different forms. This is one of those times, and this is one of those forms. You want to be upstairs with her right now, to make sure everything is okay. But the best thing You can do is let her do as she wants now. she will return to the 'nest;' she will return to You. But for now, she wants and perhaps needs to 'explore the world' for a while... for several hours or so. Let her explore, let her indulge her fantasy, and she will likely become a better person, a better fiancée, because of her experiences tonight."

The door to the guest room had closed as Mistress Kara spoke, and We Both turned to see Master Damien descending the stairs, although He could not see Us from Our vantage point. Mistress Kara then gave My hand a gentle squeeze. "I believe it is now time for Me to have some dessert..."

As She left and ascended the stairs, Her words began to truly sink into My mind and permeate My thoughts. When I reappeared outside a moment later, My heart felt lighter, although the concern was still at the back of My mind.


As W/we lay in bed, cuddling closely, I did not know what to say, what to ask. I simply held her, felt her soft breath against My neck.

"Master?" she finally queried, her voice seemingly thunderous after such a long silence in the dark.

"Yes, little one?" I responded.

"Thank You, Sir." she kissed My neck and nibbled briefly on My collarbone. "I know You were rather concerned for me tonight. Thank You. It means a lot to me that You would be willing to put this together, Sir, despite any second thoughts You might have about it."

At that moment, I knew that Mistress Kara had been right: Allowing her to 'leave the nest' and 'explore the world' had been the right thing to do.

Written by: WFEATHER

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