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by Leftwriter©

Paul's big shirt enveloped me as I snuggled up against him in front of the campfire. He gave me his shirt to put on over my one-piece swimsuit. We lived in our swimsuits that weekend, except at night when I, at least, would need extra warmth. The men seemed to keep warm through beer. Through deep breaths I inhaled Paul's spicy aftershave along with an exotic wisp of the tropics from the sun tan lotion on my companions and the carefree scent of beach sand and sea salt. I whimpered with a sigh as Paul's arms squeezed me.

The whole weekend went wonderfully. Thanks to some dainty wives who preferred the spa to camping ,I had three men waiting on me for two days. Paul, my husband, loved to camp and play in the sea. Our two friends, Jeff (a dark haired stout 5"8" machinist with strapping arms and impressive pecks) and Frank (a tall lanky fellow with blond hair, a pretty-boy smile, and a sharp sense of humor that helped him sell art) hosted our little camping excursion.

So it was that I, being the only woman in a group of three men, got treated like royalty all weekend. Paul's attentiveness always felt good, but it was also nice to be the object of attention of three men and to flirt harmlessly with trusted male friends over scrambled eggs or hot dogs. This last night of the weekend proved magical as we slipped out of our swimsuits and skinny dipped together in the lake. Afterward, a slight overdose of beer and roasted marshmallows gave our campfire a sparkling, almost mystical, quality. We glowed in each other's company as the flames of the campfire flickered across our bodies.

My toes dug in the sand raking little lines, but utterly failing to create any sort of coherent design and getting sand trapped between my toes in the process. Jeff and Frank, both shirtless, well-tanned, and relaxed, enjoyed their beers while they poked the fire. Paul began to cup my breasts as he kissed my head.

Paul leaned in and asked, "Do you want to go to bed?" I purred my positive response and we clumsily arose. "See you guys in the morning. We all have tomorrow off from work, but we still have to be able to get out of here by eleven, so don't stay up too late drinking beer."

"Who us?" Frank asked.

"Beer, what beer? I don't see any beer" Jeff joked before gulping down the remainder of his mug.

"Goodnight guys, thanks for a great weekend" I said with a smile. We strolled to our campsite next door where Paul opened the tent door and turned on one of those chemical lights that come in a green tube that you bend in half. Then he backed out of the tent and let me enter first. I pulled off the shirt he gave me and slid my swimsuit off before rolling over to my spot on the blanket. Paul closed the tent door and moved some gear around until our sleeping area was clear. Then he reclined on the blanket and removed his swimming trunks.

Paul turned to face me so we could share a gentle kiss. His hand began to explore my body. My juices flowed faster as his hands found my nipples. His lips clamped down on my left nipple while I feathered his hair between my fingers. His hand began to play with me making me even wetter as my body prepared to take him. This otherwise glorious weekend had so far been sexless because of our guests. I wanted more than just a quickie. I wanted to feel my body parts pleased over and over.

I pushed him flat on his back and let my hand travel down his body to make certain he was properly positioned before I slung my leg over him and backed myself up to his face. Grabbing his cock with both hands, I began to stroke his length as it expanded. His tongue touched me and I jumped. Then his hands gripped my ass while his lips met the moisture between my legs. I began to kiss the head of his cock while his tongue penetrated me. His saliva and my personal lubrication mixed in his mouth and inside me making me very wet. I could feel my pubic hair getting wet from the combination. My hips could still move even with him holding me in place, so I started to rub myself in little circles all over his face. By now, I wanted to feel him inside me, so I slurped up his dick into my mouth. He moaned into me as he continued to suck my clit creating a slight buzz through me that almost brought me to orgasm. My head bounced up and down over his member until I started to taste the salty cum flowing from his penis. I backed my head away and finished him off by pumping him with my hand. His cum coated my wrist and shot up into my hair. I climbed off him and turned around. He remained flat on the blankets, smiling triumphantly and breathing heavily. "That was wonderful" he whispered. I began to pull my swimsuit back on.

"Thanks, but I've got cum all over me. I'm going to the bathroom to wash off." I answered.

"OK, be careful" he advised.

"I will, sleep good" I responded as I exited the tent and zipped up the door. Luckily, the bathrooms weren't far and they were probably empty. I don't mind washing cum off of me, but it is a little embarrassing to do it in front of strangers.

Once in the bathroom, I could see the cum stuck in my hair. My ocean blue swimsuit held my curvy features in place with a remarkably sensual sense of what it was to be a woman. I'd never grace the cover of a magazine that thinks size 4 women who are straight as a beanpole from their ribs to their ankles are the perfect expression of femininity, but what did I care. Paul loved me and our two male companions obviously appreciated my proportions. I wondered how and why things had gotten so weird that people adored featureless models while I combed the cum from my sable hair in a sink full of water. I gave up after realizing that I'd never understand how skewed tastes have become and washed off my hands. I combed my hair out and admired the healthy rose color in my cheeks. "I guess sex, sun, and beer are good for your skin" I told myself before heading back to camp.

While passing by Jeff and Frank's campsite, "Hey Samantha, how's Paul?" Jeff called out to me. I walked over to the campfire and took up a seat on the log we used when roasting marshmallows.

"Tired, its been a long, but very good weekend, thanks guys for coming along" I replied. "Of course, I think the blowjob I just gave him might have taken a bit out of him too." Looking at their shocked expressions made me chuckle. I've always been very open about my sexuality and enjoyed shaking people out of their comfortably humdrum lives by being so graphically honest. "It didn't do much for me though, I had an Olympic size appetite and ended up with the short program when what I really wanted was the long program with a triple axle" I added, thinking myself clever for the figure skating reference, but then realizing that these two men know about as much about figure skating as they do about knitting.

"Well, let us know if we can help you out" Jeff laughed as he prodded the fire with a stick.

"Yeah right", I replied. "You two guys flip a coin over who gets to do me and who doesn't or who gets to do me first while the other guy gets sloppy seconds and I'm supposed be some kind of an assembly line or a fast food counter." I could tell they were surprised. They were joking, but I acted like it was a serious offer. My adrenaline started pumping as wetness returned to me. This was getting exciting and I wondered how far I could take it. Paul will either freak out or laugh his head off when I tell him how much I screwed with their heads. "Either I get to do both of you at the same time or forget it. I need to get something out of it and I've never had two men at the same time before" I continued. It was true, I never had two men at the same time before, but that was hardly the point.

"You want both of us? At the same time?" asked Frank.

"Are you serious?" asked Jeff nearly spitting his beer through his nose.

"Sure" I answered, "but you guys will never go for it because it would require you to be in close proximity to another man's hard-on which, as you know, violates rule number 12 in the Manliness Guide to being a Man, even though you saw each other naked when we went skinny-dipping, but that was different because it was an athletic activity." I concluded with a smirk.

They looked at each other incredulously. Jeff took a big swing of his beer and looked at Frank, "I can do it, can you?"

Uh-oh, I thought to my self. I hadn't counted on the male ego habit of challenging each other on a dare. What if they agreed to go ahead? Can I even back out now? The thought scared me, but also turned me on more than I was comfortable with. My breathing quickened as I waited for Frank's response. I was terrified that he would say yes, and yet I secretly yearned for it. Frank looked at me and flashed me his warm smile. His eyes roamed over me. I could feel his stare upon my breasts, my waist, my legs and other, more private places. He turned to face Jeff.

"Let's do it" he answered. My eyes opened wide as butterflies churned in my stomach. I stood up and went over to their tent, considering for a moment that I should just race back to my own tent. Opening the zipper door, I peered inside the darkness.

"Is there a light?" I asked.

"Nope" Jeff replied, "you just got to feel your way around." His answer made me imagine what was about to happen. I crawled inside and figured out that there were two sleeping bags on the floor which I proceeded to unzip and lay out one on top of the other to form a large blanketed floor. Frank and Jeff entered the tent and remained at the entrance that they proceeded to zip up. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and pulled down the top of my suit with very shaky hands. I turned around and rolled on my back to pull my suit the rest of the way off. Flinging my suit to one side of the tent, I hopped backward until I lay at the center of the sleeping bags. I could hear them removing their shorts, but I couldn't see a thing. Even now I wondered if I should just tell them it was a joke when I felt a hand on my calf. The hand started to make its way up my leg when another hand landed on the knee of my other leg. The combined actions of the two hands pulled my legs apart.

When the hand on my left thigh nearly reached my bikini line, I felt a set of lips kiss my cheek. A moment later, another set of lips touched on my right breast. Soon I was kissing one mouth while another mouth sucked my nipple. Four hands massaged and stimulated my skin all over. Now I wanted more.

The kiss slowly cascaded down my chin freeing my own mouth to moan. The tongue at my breast trickled down to my bellybutton. A hand spread my pussy open and rubbed my lips. A finger plunged into me from another direction, another hand. Two different hands worked me over until the tongue from my navel replaced one of them. A second finger entered me while one of the men rhythmically lapped at my sensitive pink folds. The other mouth pulled and teased my left nipple. One hand held my head while another explored my right breast. A final hand slid itself under my ass. I called out, "oh, please, somebody get inside me!"

The mouth at my left nipple left and I was rolled on my side. A hand held my head in place until I felt a penis rub against my face, brushing up against my cheek and making its way to my willing mouth. The end was soft and narrow. I opened my mouth to welcome it as it edged toward me. I took it into me as far as it would go, but it was longer than my mouth was deep. I got on my knees as the second mouth left my pussy. I could consume more of the lengthy shaft now, but still not all. I began to move my head to the same tempo I had used on Paul when I heard encouragement from above. I think it was Frank, but I wasn't sure. As I waited to hear the whisper again, several fingers started to rub my slit from behind. First one, then a second finger found their way inside me. A set of hands from in front of me wrapped around my sides and began to fondle my swinging breasts. I started to roll my hips to meet the hand in my pussy and bob my head to please the cock in my mouth in a sort of secret sexual dance when the fingers were replaced by the thick head of Jeff's manhood, at least I think it was Jeff. It was short, but wondrously wide. He forced it into me, then grabbed my hips and hammered away. His pace was quick and powerful. I came almost instantly, but he continued to pound into me. I thought he might cum soon, but I didn't want it to be over, so I decided to change positions. I arched my back and raised my head so I could regain use of my mouth from Frank. I took a quick breath and gasped, "stop, I want to move and do something different." The man behind me dismounted without delay, leaving me free to arrange the two men as I pleased. Thousands of ideas seemed to rush into my head, but something primal took over and I knew exactly what to do.

With outstretched arms, I placed my hands on Frank's chest. He piled his hands over my right hand while I felt his heartbeat through his broad peck. Moving my palm from his chest to the floor, I made a quiet one-handed clapping noise against the blanket, which supplied him with the instructions he needed. Frank arranged himself on his back with his head near the door and his waist close to the middle of the tent. I pushed his legs together and straddled him with my ass facing his handsome chest. I carefully lowered myself as I guided his slender member into me. His penis drove deep into me until it reached my cervix. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down until his cock forced its way through my cervix and into my womb. A small sharp pain caught my breath and I shrieked as it did so, but as I waited, the sting left me with only the pleasure of his manhood filling me. Barely moving, I shifted my weight forward to raise myself from his lap. As he slid out toward my opening, I paused and returned to his lap. After several cycles, my muscles loosened so that fucking produced only positive sensations. Then, I asked for Jeff to approach me.

Jeff kissed me while I rode Frank. The fingers of my right hand encircled his shaft. "Let me taste you" I requested. He tried to comply by standing, but could only stand on his feet if he hunched over. By moving forward, he came close to me, but because he was hunched forward, he could not quite come close enough for me to take him in my mouth. He tried different ways of getting his cock to my mouth, but I was just too high while sitting atop Frank and the ceiling of the tent too low. Finally, he gave up and kissed me while on his knees. His hands held my ribs lightly as he guided me backward so that I was reclined over Frank. I kept Frank's cock in me so I could only go back so far.

Jeff started to rub my clit with the big fleshy end of his cock. He rubbed in circles, then up and down as Frank's hands kneaded my breasts and flicked my nipples. My position imprisoned Frank's long cock in me while Jeff worked his magic on my sensitive outer pieces. I came again squeezing Frank with it. He groaned and pinched the tips of my nipples, but didn't cum. Jeff's rigorous rubbing had me dripping my wetness down Franks balls and had nicely coated Jeff's head. I rocked my hips just a little and got a big reaction from Frank who seemed near the edge of an astonishing orgasm. Then something happened.

I screamed when the thick head of Jeff's cock entered me. I couldn't believe the feeling of two men in me simultaneously. I didn't know how much I could take. Jeff began to push his cock deeper. There was pain as I stretched to cover them, but immense pleasure too. It felt intense and beautiful and yet I did not know if I should stop him or beg him to go all the way in. Frank held my hips and Jeff held my waist. Their four hands strapped me in place. With a final lunge, Jeff's cock slid completely into me. I screamed again as the full length of two men filled my pussy producing a massive orgasm. We held still for what seemed like minutes, before Jeff inched his way back out. When the thick knob of his cock reached my entrance, he pushed his full measure into me again causing yet another scream. Jeff kept still for a few seconds more before he repeated the procedure. With each thrust, the sensation became less painful and more addictive. After about a dozen times, Jeff pumped consistently, smoothly, and carefully. I came quietly, with a soothing naturalness that left me humming to myself. Jeff's pace picked up a little and Frank's irregular moans turned more frequent. I felt a new orgasm approaching just as Frank came. His cream spurt into me and almost immediately started to leak out my crowded hole and onto Jeff's motion-filled rod. Jeff kept sliding in and out after Frank's explosion, though his pace told me he was close to the final moment. I came again while waiting for Jeff and threw my head back onto Frank's chest, moaning with each thrust of Jeff's dick. I could tell that Frank couldn't handle much more motion on his numb cock. Just when I thought we'd have to stop for Frank's sake, Jeff pushed deep and unloaded into me. We sighed with a sense of relief, fully spent, and leaking our combined love juices on each other.

Jeff withdrew from me giving me the chance to pull myself off Frank. I turned toward Frank as Jeff supplied all of us with pillows. We grouped together, without blankets, in a triple spoon. Frank faced away, while I snuggled into Frank's back, and Jeff moved in facing my back. It was warm and safe. The three of us wrapped together as a team or an extended couple. I didn't know what it was, but it felt good. My body ached, but in a good way. A smile graced my face as I drifted off to sleep.

"Jeff, Frank, you've got to get up!" We awoke to the excited declaration of Paul as he unzipped the tent door. His head popped inside the tent when the door was only partially undone. His eyes fixed on mine when he saw me entwined with our two friends. He was on all fours, half in and half out of the tent, looking at me. All our heads were near the door, so Paul could look down my cleavage to see our bodies exposed to one another. "Oh, what a relief!" he sighed as he fell over just inside the door.

"A relief? Are you crazy?" I asked.

"You told me you were going to the bathroom, I woke up six hours later and you're still not in our tent or the bathroom and the car is still here. I was afraid somebody kidnapped you, I was coming over to get help." Paul explained.

"But what about this?" I asked as I shifted my eyes over my two lovers. Paul looked me in the eye with a seriousness rarely seen in his kind face.

"Do you want to leave me? he asked.

"No!" I replied with exasperation. I could not comprehend what he was getting at. As much as I enjoyed my night with Frank and Jeff, I loved Paul too much to consider leaving him. I would accept whatever conditions he put on me for my indiscretion.

"Are either of you planning on leaving your wives or otherwise pursuing Samantha?" he asked Jeff and Frank. They shook their heads negatively, too nervous to speak up, feeling too vulnerable in their nakedness to put on an act of machismo.

"Then" Paul continued, "in comparison to what I could be facing this morning; the death of, or divorce from, my wife, this is a relief. I think you should have talked to me about it beforehand though. Sex is sex, but I need to know that you're safe and that you love me."

His reaction left me speechless. Knowing that I should say something, I said, "Of course I love you and I'm sorry I didn't talk things over with you first. This just sort of happened, but I'll do what I can to make it up to you."

"I liked what you did to me last night." he answered coyly. He gave me a rascally grin and a mischievous wink. "I think you should do it again; right here, right now." He zipped closed the tent door behind him. He put his hands on his sides and asked, "unless you are too tired and just want to go home?"

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