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Sinful Enjoys Displaying

by FloridaLee©


Somebody told me that cum running down your lovers leg is disgusting. I feel sorry for him. A well fucked cunt is one of God's greatest gifts to man. If you can look at a well fucked woman, and be disgusted, the disgust is in your heart, not hers (or mine).

Anyway, I am only the vehicle, although I was lucky enough to share some of the experiences about which I write. These stories are true. The experiences are as accurate as I can recall.

Cindy was full of spirit that evening. The smell of a good fucking was evident. You could look at her and see a satisfied, confident young woman. Her and I had never shared an experience like that before. Fucking her together with John was a new high.

We got into the car. I pulled her close to me as I put the key in the ignition and kissed her tenderly. I cupped her bare pussy in my hand and it was drenched with our combined cum immediately. I did not hesitate. I pushed two fingers inside her steaming cunt and fucked her slowly as I drove out of the parking lot.

She was moving her body into my hand. She was trying to get more inside her pussy. She slid down in the seat and pushed against my hand, trying to consume my fingers. I slipped a third digit inside. Her love tunnel was tight, and hot as hell. I could feel her cunt grabbing my three fingers as I pushed them as deep as I could.

She turned in her seat so that her back was to me, slipping down to maximize my access. She spread her legs, offering a view to anyone driving next to us as I continued to fuck her with my hand. I pulled out onto I95, concentrating on satisfying my woman as I drove.

It was only a moment later that a truck passed us on the left and settled back in front of us. Cindy was moaning now. I knew another orgasm was only moments away.

I pulled out to the left, overtook the truck until we were even with the cab, and held the car in place next to him. He had the full view of my fingers pushing into her wet pussy. I switched on the courtesy light.

"He is watching you," I said, although I couldn't really see him from where I was. "He sees your hot cunt taking my fingers."

She moaned and her lower body picked up speed. It was as if, from the waist down, she was a fucking machine. Above the waist, she was hardly moving. Her full concentration was on getting relief from the fingers slamming into her body. The trucker blew his air horn. She picked up speed even more and opened her legs further to his view.

"He has his cock out now, Cindy." I said, "He wants to put it in your pussy. He wants to give you his cum."

She froze. Time stopped for just a few seconds. It felt like an hour. I kept pumping my fingers inside her. Then her orgasm overcame her. She screamed and slammed into my hand. I barely stayed inside her and I felt her orgasm grabbing at my fingers in waves.

She slumped against me. Her pussy relaxed to where I probably could have put my whole hand inside, if I had thought of it. Well, maybe not, but she was well fucked, anyway.

I picked up speed, pulled ahead of the truck, and, realizing we had almost missed our turn, darted into the off ramp. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and offered a finger to her. She sucked it deeply into her mouth. . "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm," she said. "We need more of that, for sure."

"I think so too," I replied. I pulled my hand from the clutches of her mouth and sucked the other two wet fingers into my mouth. The mixed taste of fresh woman cum and our earlier encounter was indescribable. I knew I was hooked.

She sat up straight, arranged her skirt demurely, and snuggled against me, purring like a kitten. Her head was against me. I kissed the top of it as we drove the last mile to the apartment.

Days turned into weeks. Cindy was the happy hausfrau and I was the breadwinner. I was really putting in the time at work, and collapsed every evening, oblivious to the world. It was a very busy time for me and very satisfying.

Cindy, on the other hand, was going nuts. She wasn't a soap opera person. Underneath the happy housewife there was a fire burning. Hanging at the house was really wearing on her. We lived 2 blocks from the beach, so she took to spending most of her time sunning, splashing, and other tourist things.

She called me at work one afternoon. "Lee, I have a favor to ask, dear," she blurted in a rush. "I met these two guys from Vermont at the beach awhile ago, and.... well......... I want to take them home. They said they would love to have you join us, honey. Can I .........Please?"

My first reaction was anger. Who was invading my cave? Like it should be a shock that she would want to fool around. I thought for a minute. Then I laughed, "Sure, Tiger, go for it. If you haven't worn them out by quitting time, I'll be there."

"Thanks, Baby," she replied, "Hurry home".

Sinful was back.

Written by: FloridaLee

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