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The Redhead

by dreamingjeanne©

Thanks to Mark261256 for his encouragement!

It was a warm Friday night, and I was working the store by myself. It had been pretty slow all night, and I was thinking about closing up early. I'm the manager, so I can do that. But then she walked in. She had red hair that hung down past her shoulders, and was just the shape I liked. Small breasted, but not too small, with heavy butt and thighs. She was wearing a sheer blouse and a skirt. She saw me watching her, and flashed me a shy smile. I asked if I could help her find anything. She was looking for vibrators, so I directed her around the wall into the area where they're displayed. She was only there a few minutes, and came out with two. I could see they were different sizes, and I wondered, but didn't ask, what she was planning to use them for. She asked if we had batteries, and I told her yes. She bought and paid for the items, then asked me if I could open them for her. No problem, I have scissors on hand. I got the vibrators out, and we loaded up the batteries. Then she asked if we had a bathroom she could use. I pointed it out for her, and watched her as she walked over there. Nice sway to that skirt! Hm, hm, but I'd like to get my hands on her ass!

Now, we are a small retail establishment, and can't afford to lose inventory to shoplifters, so there are two security cameras in the bathroom. One happens to be directly over the sink, the other right in front of the toilet. I watched her on the monitor under the counter. I about lost it when she lifted her skirt and I saw she had nothing on under it! Then when I looked closer and saw that her pussy was shaved bare I nearly shot my load! Damn, but she had one fine pussy! I could see she was wet when she sat down. I watched her pee, and then wipe herself. I remember thinking that she must be meeting her lover when she brushed her hand over her pussy and gave her clit a few rubs before she adjusted her skirt. She washed her hands, and came out. She took her bag with the fully loaded vibrators and thanked me. As she turned, I told her (in my best retail store voice) to come back soon. Damn, but I hope she comes back! She did pay with a credit card, so I know her name, but I'm no stalker. Some days, though! Some days!

That woman was at the back of my mind every day that I've worked for the past month. I'd even watched the security tapes a few times. I spanked the monkey more than a few times thinking about her. I've almost given up hope that I'd ever see her again. But here she is. Her car pulling into a space caught my eye. I watch as she gets out of it. She's wearing another skirt. I watch her walk up to the door. She can see me watching her. She smiles, less shyly than the last time, when she comes through the door. She's wandering around the store, looking at the sex toys and games. Now she's on her way to the video area. I have to follow her!

"Is there is something I can help you find?"

She says she's just browsing. I notice that she seems to be looking at the section where the voyeur-cam movies are displayed. She's touching her throat as she looks at the titles, and her fingers stray down onto her chest. Now, they're moving a little lower down her chest. Shit, she just unbuttoned a button without me seeing it! She's looking at me sideways, with a strange smile on her face. Fuck! I just noticed that she's not wearing a bra! Damn, but I'd like to get my hands on her! She couldn't be flirting with me? Could she? Well, might as well flirt back and find out for sure!

"What kind of porn do you like to watch?"

She says she likes shocking things.

"What kind of shocking?"

Something you don't see every day is the answer.

"What would you like to do? Something that you've never done before," I suggest.


"Because what we secretly want to do is usually what we want to watch." Oh. She's says she's seen a little bit of BDSM, but doesn't think she'd like to give up ALL control like that. What she'd really like is to be watched. To been seen naked. To fuck in public where she could get caught. To watch people be aroused by watching her.

DAMN! That was one of the things I'd thought about when I was beating off to the video of her in the bathroom! A woman after my own heart! I watch most of the videos we get in the store so I can recommend them to customers. So I move up behind her, just close enough to feel her body heat, and point over her shoulder at one that I really like. She moves closer to the rack and takes it down. I follow her. I pretend to read the description of the action at the same time she does. But I'm really looking at her chest. Her blouse is a deep crimson color and just sheer enough that I can see the outline of her breasts. Her nipples look like they are as hard as rocks! I can see how much she wants to be seen, with that shirt on! She's looking up at the display again. I'm not sure if she's aware that she's touching herself, or if she's doing it for my benefit. Huh, there went another button! I reach past her to take a movie from the rack.

"Here's another one I'd recommend." I can smell her. Some floral scent, but it isn't too heavy or too sweet. I like it! After I hand her the video, I brush my hand over her shoulder. I hear a little gasp from her. Fuck, I think she needs to be fucked! She wants to know if there is anything else I can show her. I press close against her, with one hand on a shoulder, the other reaching for a movie. "This one is good, too." She asks if it's really explicit. Lots of hard cocks sliding in and out of wet pussies? "Oh yeah!" Shit, is that her hand on my cock? Fuck, I am so hard! Am I imagining this? No, that is her hand! Shit, I just dropped the video! I can't stop myself from holding her against me! Damn, where'd her hand go? Oh, doesn't matter, since her ass is there instead! I wish I could take her right now! Bent over picking up that video, her ass right there!

DAMN! SHIT! FUCK! There went the bell on the door! "Stay here. Don't leave!" Oh, it's one of the regulars. "Hey man, what can I do for you tonight?" Turns out he's just getting videos for the weekend. Shit, she's still in there! I follow him in, making sure she's not scared. She has such a sweet smile! And those lips when she's not smiling are just luscious enough to be enticing! I really want to press my lips against hers! She's moved over to the anal section, now. Hum, something else she's interested in? I think she wants me to join her. She asks if there's anything here I can recommend, as long as it's not too forceful, if there is such a thing. I slide my hand up her back as I come in closer. "There is one that is done as an instructional video, but it's still pretty hot." So I get that down for her. Damn, she has her hand on my cock again. I really think she wants to get fucked!

All three of us go back out into the main room and I ring up his videos. She has a sad look on her face when he leaves. I take her hand and guide her behind the counter so I can kiss her. I knew those lips would be good to kiss! HMMM! Good, not a smoker! Oh yeah, this one likes to french! Her hair is like silk in my hands! What would that feel like on my skin? There goes her hand again! She must really like feeling cock! I wonder what she'll think when she sees it? Her moans are making me so hot! And I have barely touched her! I wonder, is her skin as soft as it looks? Yup! Is she undoing another button? Damn, she's hot to trot! Well, if she wants to show it off, I think I'll let her! Holding her at arms length, I can see her whole chest. The blouse is open all the way now. Oh man, her skin is so soft, and her breasts are so full! I just have to suck on one of them! MUUFFMM! So good! What's the other one like? Just as good! Man, I love skirts! It makes it so easy to get at the good parts! Just slide a hand up the leg, like so, and up over the ass. A good handful! Yeah, baby! Oh yeah! So easy to slip a finger into a pussy! And such a wet pussy. She is really getting off on this! There goes the bell again! I wonder how long they've been watching us? We're right in front of the door!

"Uh huh, don't you cover yourself! Don't move a muscle until I get through helping this customer." And here comes another one! "What, oh, yeah the edible panties are just down this row. You're looking for the porn magazines? Over in that corner." I get back behind the counter as the first man comes up. "Lift up your skirt, show the man your pussy. Spread it open for him. Let him have a good look at your wet pussy!" I give him his change and he walks backwards to the door until he can't see her any more. "This guy is a breast man, by the look of the magazines he's buying, so show him your tits. Squeeze those nipples for him." I can hear her heavy breathing. My cock is close to bursting! I've got to get it inside her soon! When the second man leaves, I pull the blouse off her, and then make her skirt drop to the floor! Buck naked for anyone to see! I can see it's making her hotter! I turn her around to face me, so I can get my mouth on every inch of her skin. She is so white! Not just fair, but white. Her nipples are a deep rosy pink and so tasty to suck on! Her moans are driving me wild!

"Sit up here on the counter and spread your legs for me!" Her pussy matches her nips! I have to taste her! I thought so! Sweet, with a little bit of tang! Whoa, she just leaned back over the counter! I can see down her body and out the door! Nothing to do for it but dig in! She's hanging upside down now! I can see our reflection in the door when I look up from her crotch. Her breasts are swaying as she bucks under my tongue. Here comes another customer! A woman this time. She hesitates at the door, but this is after all a sex shop, so she comes in. She wanders around the store a bit, but I can see she's trying to watch us. I pull the redhead up and off the counter, but have to hold her up until I can get her on the stool. Good, her face is getting less red by the second! Shit, the store closes in about five minutes. I think I'll lock the door behind this woman. "Have a good night," I say to the customer as I escort her out the door.

I can see my redhead has regained her senses a bit now that she's upright again. She looks up at me with such an avid look on her face that I have to kiss her again! No stopping now. She's undoing my jeans! Finally! Surprise, no shorts!

"Oh yeah, baby. Your hands are so hot on my cock! Yeah, just like that. Rub it just like that. Fuck! Your hot mouth feels so good sucking on the head of my cock! Damn, I wish you could take more of it in your mouth, but I can see I'm too big! I just hope I fit in your pussy! Suck it a little more! AH! Just like that! Oh yeah! No, you'd better stop. I don't want to cum too soon!" Is it hot in here, or is it just me? I have got to get this shirt off! Much better! Is that the door rattling? "Sorry, we're closed. All right, if it's just for something quick." I think it's shocked the guy, me coming out from behind the counter completely naked. What's he going to think when he sees her? He gets the movie he wants, and let's see, he's got four fillings! "Stand up honey, let the man see you. Twirl around now. That's right." I ring him up, and follow him to the door. "Stick around man, she really wants you to watch us fuck! I wish I could let you stay inside, but it's after closing time so I can't. But if you feel like tossing off, go ahead, she wants to know she's turned you on!"

"Come on out here, baby." Oh yeah, swing those hips for me! Let me taste those juicy lips of yours! HMMM, just right. "Let's give this guy a show he won't forget! Lie down here, right in the middle of the aisle. No wait, lay across the aisle. No, move a little to the right. There, that should give him a good show. Let him see us from the side. Can you see him? Good, very good. I told him to let you see how turned on he is. Do you think he will? Wait, suck me one more time! Oh yeah!" Such a smile on your face! "Do you like the taste of my pre-cum? Good. Lay back now, one last taste of your pussy before I fuck it!"

"You are so wet! Are you ready? Oh yeah. So tight! Yes!" Slowly now, a little at a time, don't go too fast! Wouldn't want to cause any pain. Oh man, she is so hot! Almost there! YES!!! It fits! All the way in! Right up to the hilt! Fuck, this feels so good! It even feels good sliding it back out! "Are you watching him? Is he hard? Does that make you hot? Are you ready to be thoroughly fucked!" Yeah! Oh yeah! "I want to hear you moan! I want him to hear you moan! Come on baby! Your tits feel so good rubbing against my chest!" I have got to hold out! Just a little longer! Make her cum! "Oh yeah, come on baby! Do you like that?" Hold her leg up just a little higher; give the man a good look! "What's he doing? Do you like seeing his cock? Is he big? As big as me? I didn't think so! Really, you've never been with someone as big as me? Do you like it? Feels good, huh? You feel good too, baby. I'm getting so close! Are you close? I want you to cum for me. Cum for him, too. Faster? Oh yeah, come on baby. You're cumming? Yeah, I can feel your sugar walls squeezing me! Damn, I can't hold on any more! I cumming too! UUUNNNGGGHHH! UUUNNNGGGHHH! Fuck! Damn that feels good! Did he cum, too? He did? Shit, now I'll have to clean the glass! Oh well, it was sure as hell worth it! Did you enjoy that? Good. I am spent! Can I just lay here a minute, inside you? You feel so good. I could live there. So warm and so wet. Kissing you is so sweet."

"Is he still there? He must want more. What do you think he'd like to see? Should I lie here next to you and play with your tits? Suck on them a bit. Do you think he likes that? I have to kiss you again. Oh, so good, baby. He's what? Oh, shit. He does want to see me eat you again! Would you like to taste us? Hang on; let me get a good amount of our love juices on my tongue. MMUUFFMM. Did you like that? Do you think he did? OOPS, his phone's ringing! That must be the wife! I sure hope he can get it up again so he doesn't get in trouble. I wonder if he'll tell her what he saw? Do you think it will turn her on as much as it did you?"

"You feel so good, here in my arms. You're right; the floor is a little cold and hard. Here, let me help you up. I like the way you fit right under my chin when I hold you like this. Let me help you dress. So sad to see that fine ass covered over. Elizabeth, will you come back again? I'd love to see you again. Here, here's a pen and paper. I will call you. Let me walk you to your car. Kiss you goodnight. Drive careful! Talk to you soon!"

Damn, what time is it now? 11:00? Only 11:00! That means I have to wait at least 9 hours to call her! I wouldn't want to wake her up. Well, the best way to make the time go by is to get some sleep. I'll just get dressed, turn off the lights, turn on the security system and lock up. Man, am I tired! But it feels so good! 11:15, damn! It's going to be a long night!

Written by: dreamingjeanne

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