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Singapore Gigolo

by Tom Rock©

Hi! My name is Kathy and I am a bored and sex deprived rich wife of a very successful Singapore businessman. I have all the material needs pertaining to luxuries in life. The only problem is that my husband is too busy with his business that he did not have the time to make passionate love to me as he is seldom at home or come back late from business engagements. I suspected that he has a mistress somewhere and is fucking her. Since we are so wealthy and all my needs are taken care of, I did not want to approach him over our lack of sex.

If I feel horny, I will masturbate or take the initiative to fuck my husband when he came back and that was not very often as he is always on business travel. During our limited fucking, I always have to caress my clitoris to achieve those elusive orgasms. I love to have my clitoris and pussy lick and suck but my husband seldom accord me that luxury except on special occasions like my birthdays.

Let me tell you more about myself. I am a sexy and beautiful Chinese lady living in an affluent Asian city, Singapore, and I am 39 years old. Because of our wealth, I was able to pamper myself with the best health products and nutrients and hence I was able to maintain a very youthful look. My skin is still faultlessly smooth, white and subtle. I probably looked 10 years younger than my age.

I have 3 maids to do all the house works and one driver to drive me around as well as to carry out kids and hence I have a lot of free time to do whatever I want.

My body is still in great shape and I am very proud of my sexy frame of 36A-26-36. My breasts are still firm through the constant massage therapy that I went. My tummy is still flat as I spent most of my afternoons in spa pampering myself and also I watched my diet very carefully. I am 5ft 5 inches tall.

It was in the spa and health clinic that I met 2 other women; Barbara and Jennifer who like me are rich and bored wives pampering ourselves in spas and health clinics. We became very good friend and inevitably our conversations started to turn to our pathetic sex life.

It was Barbara who introduced me to the world of Singapore gigolos. I thought that this gigolo thing on exist in the western world and not Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised and I started asking more questions about it though not letting know that I want to try. They persuaded me to give it a try as they said that they had their best sex with the gigolos and there is one particular that Barbara kept to have regular sex that she claimed to be the best. His name is Rod.

Because we are such close friends, Barbara was willing to introduce Rod to me but I played cool as I am not ready to let them know that I want to fuck a gigolo. Anyway, she passed me Rod's telephone number and said that she leave it to me. I was tempted. This planted the seed in my mind and the thought of another man fucking me really got to me. The thought of another man fucking me left my pussy wet and tingling.

As my driver drove me home, I started to look at my driver sexually like I never did before and unavoidably stared at his groin! My pussy was so wet that the crotch of my panties was soaked.

However, I was still debating to myself whether I should call Rod or not. Three days later, after having my mind filled with all images of a different man fucking me, I decided to give Rod a call.

I was shaking with nervousness when I called Rod.

Rod, "Hello, this is Rod speaking. May I know who is on the line."

Kathy, "Hah..llo, is Kathy and you are introduce to me by one of my friends. I would like to meet you and get to know more about you."

Rod, "It is a pleasure and I also like meeting new friends to share common interests. When would you like us to meet?"

Kathy thought for a while and replied, "How about Thursday ...err....tomorrow at 8:30pm. Will it be okay with you?"

Rod, "That's fine with me and see you at my place at 8:30pm then." Rod continued to give Kathy the address to his condominium. and set up and appointment to be fucked by him.

My husband has been traveling the whole week and hence it was easy to fix the appointment with Rod. After fixing the appointment, my heart pumped as it if it is going to jump out. Then, I relaxed and I started to think what I should wear and etc. I know that Rod will like me as I am used to having men turning their heads to look at me when I went shopping at Orchard Road. I am confident that my pretty look and my sexy body will turn any men on.

I went to bed that night feeling excited nervous and horny about the fucking appointment. However, I managed to sleep decently and I woke up around 10am the next day. The day seemed so long as I waited impatiently or the evening to arrive. I look a bubbles bath and I relaxed in the bath tub, I felt my pussy tingling and yearning to be touched. I resisted and as I toweled down, I looked into the mirror and was pleased with the look of my body, my pert breasts, flat tummy, my hour glass body and my triangle of dense pussy hairs.

My thoughts wandered to which perfume should I applied as I walked to my walk-in closet and then I decided on Allure. I applied Allure to my armpits, neck and a little on the sides of my breasts. A feeling of naughtiness overcame me, I applied some perfume on my thighs near to my pussy. My body was overcome with 'electric current' as I thought of the sexual adventures ahead.

I had already decided to wear a new pair of matching sexy lace bra and thong panties so as to show the best of me. I slipped on my sexy white lace pushup bra and slipped on the matching thong panties. I looked into the mirror and definitely enjoyed my sexy self. My dense pussy hairs were showing through the lace thong and from what I heard from Barbara that Rod is a panties lover and hairs lover, he is going to love me!

I then slipped on low-cut white dress and after that applied simply make up to my already beautiful and smooth face. I am ready to experience my first fuck by another man other than my no time for me husband.

My driver drove me to Rod's condominium and I told him to go back. He asked if at what time should he come back for me and I lied to him that my friend's driver will sent me back as I do not know how long I will be there. I reached Rod's place on time and he opened the door before I can even rang the door bell. He invited me in. He is staying in a 2 bedroom condominium and the place was tastefully and romantically furnished. Rod is around 5ft 10inches tall; he tall by Chinese standard and he is handsome, well sun tanned as his skin was shinning. He looked very muscular and he is young. He later told me that he is 24 years old.

He extended his hand to me and shake my hand as he introduced himself. He kissed my cheeks and commented that I smell really good and I looked really beautiful and sexy; more beautiful and sexy that he had imagined. He showed me to the sofa and asked me if I wanted a drink.

He said that he has already chilled a bottle of champagne and if I would like to have a glass. I said that I love champagne and will love to have one to calm down my nervous. He opened the champagne and brought 2 glasses to the sofa. We toasted to our first meeting and to our success in this new sexual experience.

We took an immediate liking for each other and we had no difficulties sharing our interests as we spent the next half hour warming up to each other by chatting. The whole time I was admiring his muscular body and this made my pussy tingle and wet. I could feel my pussy juice seeping out and everything I moved a little, I felt my erected clitoris rubbed again my thong panties. I was anticipating and yearning for the fucking that I am going to get.

Soon, we were talking about sex and what turn us on. He told me that women wearing sexy bras, panties and negligee is always a turn on for him. I told him that sexy and muscular men body in skimpy underwear as well as an erect cock is always a turn on for me. He said that he will gladly model himself to turn me on.

He got up and slowly removed his T-shirt and posed several poises flexing his muscles. Rod has a muscular body, not like a body builder but just enough muscles to be sexually appealing. His six-pack showed through his tanned skin and this turned me on tremendously as I felt my pussy swelling.

He slowly unzipped his trouser and let it dropped down exposing his black thong underwear and his sizeable bulge that his semi-erected cock was making. He made actions of slowly moving his hands over his bulge as he let our soft moans to further excite me.

I got up and walked over to him and kissed him and he kissed me back. He kissed me gently using his tongue to lick around my lips and then slid it in my mouth. I opened my lips and took his long tongue gladly sucking on it!

I let my hand wandered to his hardening cock and caressed his cock through his thong underwear. I realized that his hardening cock is much thicker and longer than my husband's 4½ inches cock.

As I massaged his now erected and sticking out of his thong underwear, he clipped the button at the top of my dress and slowly unzipped the zip where my dress slowly peeled off my smooth skin leaving me in my sexy lace bra and matching thong panties.

I know Rod is interested to see how I looked as he stepped back to admire me.

Rod, 'Wah! You are really sexy and so are your and thong panties. I love hairy pussy and I see that you are blessed in this respect. You are my dream lady and I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to fuck you. I hope I can fully satisfy your sexual needs."

Rod, "Kathy, let's get to my bed so that we can be more comfortable."

With one swift movement, he lift me off my feet and carried me to his king size water bed and lay me down. He stripped off his thong underwear as he got onto the bed to continue to kiss me.

Then, he started to kiss and lick me at places like my neck, armpits, arms, hands and all over my body where I never knew to be erotic. I felt tingling feeling all over my body and they all move to my now very wet pussy. He continued to let his finger tips do more talking as he slowly move and massage the erotic areas of my body.

I felt the greatest sensual feeling when Rod licked and kissed my inner thighs near to my pussy and also my ass. Rod continued to kiss and lick then no-erotic areas as I was dying to experience the feeling of his wonderful tongue against my sensitive nipples and pussy.

Rod slowly unclasped the front clit of my sexy bra to free my full cup A breasts. The sensual pleasure that rod has given me had my nipples erect and longing for his touch.

His hands went to my breasts as I felt them move over my nipples pulling and squeezing them. I had nice firm breasts despite my age. As he caressed my breasts, I could feel my nipples getting extremely hard like never before. I also felt the cool air in the room as his hands cupped both breasts and his mouth covered a nipple. As his tongue danced in my mouth, he rolled my nipples around between his index finger and thumb making them harder.

Rod whispered: "So tell me again, are you excited about you getting fuck by me, Kathy?"

I whimpered as he ran his hands over all of my breasts, providing a wonderful feeling of excitement in my body. I kissed his neck and he licked my ear and bit the lob. I felt his erect cock against my tummy and I reached out and squeezed his big cock.

I told him: "I am very horny and excited to be fucked by you and I want to see you big cock."

He sat up and let me see his big cock for the first time. It is a beautifully circumcised cock and I guessed that it is more than 7 inches long as I measured it against my fingers.

Rod, "7¼ inches long and the thickness is 1¼ inches diameter."

Kathy, "I am not sure if my pussy can take your cock as I have never been fucked by such a big cock before. My husband's cock is only 4½ inches!"

His cock appeared to grow even bigger as I said how big his cock was.

"Oh! Rod, your hands feel so good on my body!" moaned Kathy.

He smiled and kissed me and then licking down my neck to my shoulder and down over the top of my breast kissing and licking his way between the cleavage and then back over to my erect nipple. He kissed each nipple taking it into his mouth with his lips and pulling on it gently. Then, sucking on them as his tongue licked across them back and forth. He licked the very tip of the nipple as he held it in his mouth between his lips. I held his head to my chest as he moved from one breast to the other and then back again.

His lips were making me extremely wet between my legs as my wet pussy continued to tingle. My pussy lips were now fully swollen! There was a tingling directly in my clit too. I knew that that feeling would only grow as he continued to work on my breasts.

His cock was so hard now and as I rubbed the pre-cum over the large head, it jumped with excitement.

Rod started to again kiss his way down my stomach and over the waistband on my sexy white lacy thong panties. I could feel his warm breath on my thighs as he parted my legs and kiss around the leg bands of the thong panties.

My hands held his head down and tried to maneuver it to my pussy. He kissed the cloth covering my heat and his tongue licked around the leg band teasing me. Then I felt his fingers lifted the thong leg to the side. Immediately, I felt his long tongue lick over my slit! I arched into his face and moaned out: Mummmmmmm!! Oh God Rod! I love it when you do that! I love your tongue and touch! Lick me! Eat my pussy and make me cum Rod!"

He looked up into my eyes and slowly pulled my sexy tiny thong panties down my thighs until they were under his chin. He continued to slide them down my legs under my knees and off. His hand came up between my legs and put my foot on his shoulder. He rubbed up my inner thigh until his fingers touched my very warm and wet pussy! When he put my foot on his shoulder it opened me up for him and his magic fingers. He let them roam over my open cunt slowly. As they moved under me I felt them touching my ass. God I was dripping from his touch!!

He slided his other hand between my upper thighs and slowly inserted his middle finger into my pussy to rub my G-spot while continued to suck my erect clitoris. As he sucked my clitoris and his finger rubbed more and more of my G-spot, I began to moan and my hands held his head as I said: "Oh Rod!! I want you to fuck me! I want to feel you big cock inside my juicy pussy! Fuck me!"

He looked up and smiled as he continued to rub his finger against my G-spot. He moved up and kissed my neck saying: "What I want Kathy is for you to tell me exactly what you like best about our fucking. And then I want you to guide me as I make love to your body that way. You tell me what you like the best. What you like my hands, fingers, mouth, tongue and cock to do that makes you feel the best."

I moaned as he moved back to lick and suck my clitoris. OH!! He is driving me wild with desire! A desire to be so badly fucked! I was dripping cunt juices!

He continued to slowly rub his finger against my G-spot and sucked my clitoris at the same time. I could feel my pussy squeezing his finger! The feeling was sensational. My hip was off the bed and thrusting into his face and finger until I wasn't able to speak any longer. I closed my eyes and moaned as I let his hand, mouth and tongue pleased my body as my body had taken over and was moving me towards my first orgasm.

His finger and tongue made tender gently love to my hot pussy. He sent thrill after thrill over my entire body. It was like magic, like he could feel what I was feeling. He knew exactly when to rub or push or pull his finger around my throbbing pussy. My pussy was so swollen now and all I could think of was orgasm! I needed to cum bad! And, he knew it from the motion of my body and the wetness of my pussy!

Rod said: "Cum for me Kathy! Climax babe! It will feel so warm and so good!! Feel it babe? Yes, that's right. Cum for me babe! Orgasm and you'll please me!"

I lifted my ass up off the bed and rotated my hips as I pumped and pumped and pumped against his face and hand. I cried out in pure passion from his soft words and his touch. I began to orgasm! Oh my! Did I orgasm!! My hands grabbed his head and held it tight against my pussy as I squeezed it tight with my legs. My head was thrown back and my eyes were closed as I humped and humped my pussy up against his thick finger and tongue not caring about anything else in the world. All I wanted to do was to orgasm! I screamed out loud as I reached and achieved the peek of my orgasm! I yelled: "Oh! My! Yeah!! OH YES!! Rod!! Mummmm yes!! Oh yes!! Oh!! I'm cumming Rod!! So good!! Ahhhh So gggggggoooooddddddddd!! OHHHHHHH Rod!!"

"Oh it's was good! I never have such a gigantic orgasm and I have not even been fucked!" I moaned. "Ahhhh! That was so good!"

I almost passed out as I entered the dream world of post orgasm! When I finally began to come back to earth, I sighed and with a low and hissing voice moaned out his name.

He moved and kissed me gently. As he held me and slowly stroked my body, he said: "WOW! You had a good one that time Kathy!! How was it? Did I please you? Is that why you came over here, so I could get you off baby? Good!! I'm glad you wanted me to be the one to give your beautiful and sexy body pleasure! Was your orgasm good? Was it hard enough? Long enough for you? It sure looked like it! Are you satisfied babe?"

I opened my eyes and said: "Oh yes! Oh yes Rod!! It was so good! You do please me so much! I love your touch!! You please me so much! But you know I want you cock in my hot pussy to finish me off completely! I never had felt so good before."

I said: "Fuck me, Rod!! I want you to fuck me! I want to make sure you cum hard and long babe! Cum inside my pussy! That's what I want you to do!"

He smiled and kissed me saying: "Well it's easy Kathy, you are so sexy and beautiful. How should we start? Let's try you on top first, Kathy. I love to watch your sexy body as it moves on my cock. I also love to see the desire in your eyes and the passion on your face as you ride up and down on my cock and we both cum."

I smiled and told him: "OK! Let me move around and get me on top babe."

He rolled on his back with that big cock of his sticking straight up in the air. I watched as he stroked it up and down a little. I centered myself over him and straddled his hips with my knees. He reached up and cupped my breasts gently feeling my hard nipples in the palm of his hand. He smiled as he felt them! He told me: "Rub your nipples for me Kathy! Let me see you pull them and make them harder!"

I laughed and told him how fucking evil he makes me feel. I did! But it was a good evil so fucking good!"

I pulled them and rubbed them with my fingers and then took his hands and put them to my breasts and told him, "Now you do it babe!"

I moved my hands to his cock and began to push down on the base of it. As I pushed down, it pulled the skin below the big purple head tight and made it stick up high and hard. I smiled down and said, "You look ready for me. Are you babe?"

He moaned yes, as he continued to play with my nipples. I slowly lowered my body down until my wet pussy was touching and covering part of the big cock head. He moaned as I teased him by sliding my pussy down until maybe half of the fat head would go into me. Then, I would push a little more before moving my pussy back off until it was just touching his cock head again! I did this a few times and I had his hips elevating up, and his ass was coming off the bed trying it push more of his circumcised big cock into my dripping pussy.

He held my hip as I slowly worked on his big cock taking his head and a couple inches of the shaft. The feeling was exquisite. I know he could feel the juice dripping from my pussy as I felt it running down his long thick shaft making it shine.

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