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The Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 01

by Cat_photobuff©

I'm currently in Huntsville training a class of 15 military flight jocks on some new prototype equipment. I actually enjoy teaching; I may pursue this a little more. I'm staying at a hotel nearby where there's apparently a computer geek convention. Okay, maybe they call themselves software salesmen or something.

Anyway, two of them have been hitting on me, Monday evening after class, then again today. After class, I usually sit by the pool soaking up some sunshine, typing away on the laptop, and they sit on either side of me just chatting away like good little salesmen. You know the type: married with kids, away from home. Actually they seem nice, and I guess I've been a little flirty back, but they're not really my type. I'm supposed to have dinner with them this evening (hey, I'm still Cat!).

I need to start getting ready for my big "date" with the geeks. I didn't bring any evening dresses with me, this has been a jeans and blouse sort of workshop. I bought a nice lacy camisole tank top in the clothing store across the street; it looks pretty good with my jeans actually. Sort of high class trailer trash. Hah, just kidding, it'll look okay. I only have 2 bras with me, and neither one looks right under the tank top, so its a no-bra night. The boys will like it I'm sure.

Just as I step into the shower, there's a knock at the door. I checked the clock just to make sure I wasn't running late. Nope, I still have at least a half hour to get ready, more than enough time. This Cat doesn't primp like most females I know. After wrapping a towel around myself, I went to the door and looked through the peep hole. You gotta be kidding! It's the geek twins! I don't even remember giving them my room number.

Debating whether or not I should tell them to wait for me downstairs, I decide to open the door and confront them. After a bit of foot shuffling and mostly unintelligible apologetic mumbling, I feel sorry for them and let them in. Besides, several other guests are coming down the hall and I don't want them to see me in a towel bringing guys into my room. Modesty now? That's not a typical Cat trait.

So I tell them to sit anywhere, turn on the TV, grab a soda or beer out of the mini fridge, and watch something until I'm ready. I have to admit, they're not pushy, and they don't seem to be perving on me. They're staring at everything but me: the floor, their shoes, the cheap paintings on the wall, etc.

So I go back into the bathroom, close the door, and take a nice quick shower. Just for the hell of it, I shave my legs and underarms, and start to trim my pubic hairs. I keep a short narrow landing strip there anyway, but I impulsively decide to shave everything off, smooth as a baby's ass. I like the hardwood floor look once in awhile, and so does my husband.

After toweling off, I suddenly realize I left the clothes I was going to wear tonight out in the bedroom . . . where the geeks are sitting watching TV. Okay Cat, how bold do you want to be? Shaving my pussy bare turned me on a little bit, so I decide its time to start teasing the boys. I open the bathroom door, and I walk out into the bedroom wearing the towel. The guys briefly glance my way, then whip their heads back to the television. It was almost comical, I'm surprised they didn't get whiplash. So I walk over to the chair where my clothes are laying, drop the towel to the floor, and proceed to pull my jeans on. My bare back and ass are pointing right at them.

It was so quiet in the room that, except for the TV, you could hear the grass growing outside. Next, I grabbed my camisole top and pulled it on over my head. As I sat down in the chair to put my socks and boots on, I glanced over at the geeks. They were staring at me slack-jawed, like in a trance or hypnotized or something. So I said, "What? You didn't grow up with sisters?" They just smiled, shook their heads no, and went back to watching the boob tube. (Is that a pun?) I finished getting dressed, then I and the boys went down to the lobby, and off we went to dinner.

My date with the geek twins went fine, they were perfect gentlemen. I'm a little disappointed actually; I think I may be losing my touch. They were like school boys with a crush on the teacher. They were nice, asked me a lot of questions about my life, my job, even my husband! I think they were a little shocked when they found out I was a NASA engineer.

But then they wanted to get back to the hotel early because they had a 7AM tee off time! They walked me to my door, took turns kissing me good night, and didn't even ask to come in for a nightcap!! I was all alone by 10PM! Sheesh, what's a girl gotta do to get laid in Huntsville? Golf is more important than spending time with Cat?

I actually enjoyed their company, and it was a good thing the night ended early because today's training was a real bitch, and it would have been worse if I was tired. The boys wanted me to join them and 5 other computer geek guys for golf on Saturday morning. I'm supposed to round out their foursome or something, but I don't think it's the foursome I'm thinking of!

If they are talking about playing golf instead of what I'm thinking, then they're in for a good laugh, because I'm not too good at golf. Mr. Wolf took me out a couple of times, so I have some basic knowledge of the game. Oh well, I'll wear my shorts and tube top and maybe if I distract them enough, I can cheat! What do you think?

I did not make any plans for dinner Thursday night, so after sunning by the pool, with my computer boyfriends of course, I headed back up to my room. I wanted to get cleaned up and have a nice quiet dinner in the hotel restaurant. The boys asked if they could join me, and I said sure. When the knock came on my door a half hour early again, I wasn't surprised to see my boys. I was still dressed in my bathing suit, so after letting them in, they plopped down in front of the TV, then I simply removed my suit right there in front of them, giving them the full monty, walked to the bathroom and took my shower.

After toweling off, I came out bare-assed naked, got dressed in jeans and a half tee, and announced I was ready to eat. The only difference this time, the boys gave me their full attention, no averting their eyes, etc. They watched me dress from top to bottom, and it turned me on!

After dinner, I told the guys I needed to do some paperwork, but if they could watch TV quietly and leave me alone, they were welcome to join me in my room. Needless to say, there was no hesitant decision-making process. The three of us went up to my room and the boys got comfy in their now familiar chairs. I wanted to be comfy too, so I picked up a pair of girly boxer briefs, removed my jeans and panties, slipped on the boxers, and sat at my desk wearing just those and my half tee. It was getting easier dressing and undressing in front of these guys, just like having my brothers around again. They watched appreciatively and smiled a lot.

When I started getting tired, I closed up my books, crawled into bed, and watched TV with the boys. After awhile, I guess I dozed off, because when I opened my eyes again, the TV was off, and the boys were gone. I'm beginning to wonder if they're gay.

The pilots in my class have been surprisingly well behaved. It's almost as if someone warned them about me, or threatened them to behave. A couple of them asked if the whole class could go out for beers Friday afternoon. My flight doesn't leave until Saturday evening, so what the heck right? There are three female pilots in the class, so I won't be the only girl, thank god! Now guess where the class wants to go for dinner? Hint: restaurant famous for chicken wings and boobs. Well of course I'm going, the class is paying!

Friday afternoon finally arrived, we finished everything we had to do, then the class took me out to Hooters and we partied! The manager of the restaurant made me an honorary Hooter's girl, gave me a tee shirt too. They all insisted I put it on, I was a little reluctant at first, this was a no-bra night for me, but after my 4th beer, I did anyway. I think it was 2 sizes too small!! So there I was, partying in a Hooter's tank top and jeans, with 15 astronaut wannabes, drunk as a skunk. If you ever go to the Hooters in Huntsville, look for my picture hanging there. They took a bunch of pictures and said they would put one of me up on the wall with the other "celebrities". I may have flashed my bare boobies a couple of times, but I can't remember for sure.

Anyway we had fun. A couple of the guys wanted to go back to the hotel and swim in the pool (does this sound familiar or what?) but it was a bit chilly here last night, for swimming anyway. Plus I had an 8AM tee off time with the geeks, so a few of the boys, and one girl, took me back to the hotel and said goodnight. No hanky panky again. I was in bed alone by 2AM.

Saturday morning my two boys knock on the door at 6:30. Before I can drag myself out of bed, the guys are standing in the bedroom doorway, clearing throats, and trying to look like this is all perfectly natural. I forgot I had given one of them my extra key card so they could come in and wake me without me having to get up. I don't know why I trust them so much, but they haven't let me down yet. They have been perfect gentlemen.

I don't really want to play golf, but I promised, and they apparently want to eat breakfast first. So I slide my tired, hung-over, naked ass out of bed (I slept in the nude last night), shuffle slowly past the guys, and jump in the shower. These guys follow me in, sort of, and they are just chatting away about their dinner last night. And of course they want to know all about my outing with the class.

After filling them in on my night, I get dressed (in front of them of course), and as we are about to leave, I notice the bulges in their pants. So I say, "Hey, what's with the boners?"

The guys, whose names are Joe and Steve, look at each other guiltily, then Steve says, "Well, between your story about last night, waking you up and seeing you naked, and watching you shower and get dressed, I guess we're a little turned on."

A little turned on? It looks like they stuffed polish sausages down their pants. More than one each actually. I'm debating whether or not to finally break the ice with these guys. Oh, what the heck, it's our last day together. So I say, "That looks like an awfully painful swelling you got there. Besides, I don't see how you're going to go down to the restaurant like that." I instructed them to sit side-by-side on the bed, take their pants off, and nurse Cat will fix them right up.

So Joe and Steve walk to the bed, pull their pants and underwear off over their shoes (that was hilarious), and sit down. Two nice size penises are staring at me, winking I think. I kneel on the floor between them and start stroking both dicks in unison. They are rock hard and I'm pretty sure this won't take very long. The tips of both cocks already have some pre-cum liquid, and before I know it, Joe is shooting his load all over my hand and arm. He groans a little, then flops back on the bed. I'm still playing with his now softening penis, but I'm giving Steve's cock a good hard jerking. He doesn't last more than a few more seconds and then starts pumping cum on my other hand.

With both cum slick dicks slowly softening, I decide they can't put their pants back on with a mess like this. I lower my mouth to Joe's cock first, and lick him up and down and all around. I make sure I clean up everything real good, including his balls. I love the taste of semen. Next, I do Steve the same way. After I make sure both boys are sweaky clean, I lick all the cum off my fingers and hands, making sure I don't miss a drop. The guys put their pants back on, I washed up, and off we go to breakfast and golf.

~ to be continued ~

Written by: Cat_photobuff

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