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Watching Mum Ch. 04

by Mr Story Teller©

I sat forward and placed my hands around her waist pulling her closer to me, for the first time in my life I kissed my mum with passion and sexual desire and the feeling was such a high it overwhelmed me. I needed to fuck her and wanted her now, something inside me made me take the lead and I turned mum around and sat her down, bum on the edge of the seat and slouched back in the sofa.

Taking hold of her panties I tugged gently to remove them as mum assisted by lifting her hips. I disposed of them and placed a hand on each of her knees. Her legs were closed as I followed her lines up to her thighs, and then her pussy, its dark hair hiding the secrets of her own desires and the place I wanted to be most. Gently and without resistance I parted mums knees and slowly she revealed her soft inner thighs and then without hesitation she revealed herself to me!

"Oh my god," mums pussy was perfect, thick dark hair neatly trimmed and proud pink pussy lips, swollen and wet. As she lay there looking down her body at me she smiled.

"Take me son, take me, I've wanted you to have me for so long I can't tell you how much I need you now!"

Mum was mine now, she looked so dirty laying there, nipples proud and her entire crotch open for me to explore. I paused and captured that moment for my memory, a vision of wanton sexual desire, stronger than any ethical or moral understanding could resist. I had my chance so I took it.

I moved in and again kissed mums stomach, only this time I was free to lick her pussy, and that's just what I had intended to do. Feeling the soft flesh of her thighs I held her legs wide apart and flicked out my tongue, mum shuddered as it made its first contact. A moan followed and her breathing instantly became heavier. Again I probed with my tongue and this time it followed the line of her lips, she tasted wonderful and again my touch was reciprocated with a shudder and a moan. Finally I moved my hands in and felt the wetness of her lips as I parted them to expose her fully to me.

I had a mad desire to make her cum quickly because I knew this was becoming too much for me. I planted my tongue right on her button and she screamed, I'm telling you it was as though I'd set fire to her bush, mum was suddenly panting like a wild dog and begging me to "do it". I was so arouse my dick twitched and throbbed to a size it had never reached before. Again I licked and again mum yelled, within a few minutes mum was thrashing and wailing in response to my tongue, in those few minutes mum went from an aroused mature sexy woman to dirty fucking whore begging to be fucked.

Well who was I to let a woman down. Gail was hopefully still outside, wanking and watching, as I was about to fuck her mother. Mum was screaming like a woman possessed and I had a dick like a flag pole ready to explode. All of those dreams, fantasies and desire were about to be fulfilled. As I nudged forward and rubbed the tip of my cock between mums lips, looking at her was no longer like looking at mum, this was a fucking hot woman with a dripping wet pussy and I was about to nail her.

I was so close to shooting I had to play it cool, gently I massaged my dick between mums lips before slowly pushing myself inside, mum gasped as my dick stretched her muscles and again she moaned that now familiar sexy moan.

"Yes son, fuck me, go on fuck you dirty mother, give me that sweet cock of yours." She gasped again as I pushed deeper and deeper, it was slow but finally I was buried fully in mums wet hole.

"OH! that is so wonderful son, do it to me, come on, make me cum, fill me with spunk but just make me cum... now!"

I rocked back and forth causing mum to moan more, I knew that I was almost home. I knew that a few more strokes would get mum to a point where, when I fucked her hard, she'd cum first, allowing me to follow and give everyone what they wanted.

Mums moaning was getting louder and louder and her breathing turned to a heavy panting. My strokes increased and her pussy squelched tighter around my shaft, we were rhythmically reaching a climax and it was going to be a noisy one. I reach down to play with mums nipples as I fuck her and this only added to her enjoyment, they were so hard and the more I pinched the more she responded. The sight of mums tits pushed together and my cock buried deep in her pussy was too much for me and I was about to burst. I fucked her harder and faster and within a few strokes mum was clawing at the sofa and thrashing about like a woman possessed, her hips lifted from the sofa as I punished her pussy and she was about to cum.

"Oh, Yes, yes, big boy, give it to me, make mummy cum, make me cum now!"

I was holding on to my own orgasm with all the control I had, I could only smile to myself at the view before me, my mum was screaming with outright dirty passion, screaming for her son to fuck her hard and make her cum.

I pulled right out and held myself just nudging against mums pussy, the pause made mum beg me and this time I rammed it home, mum yelled out loud,


She clenched her hands into the material of the sofa as her hips and stomach began to respond to the orgasm that was overwhelming her. She groaned and moaned as she bucked violently, her head thrashing from side to side, mum was lost in her own ecstasy, her orgasm loud and violent seemed to wash over her as her pussy squeezed tight around my dick.

Moments later I too reached my climax.

"Oh mum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum now!"

"Yes baby, yes, fill me, fill mummies pussy, fill me now!"

Well that was it! I rammed it home so deep that it made mum yell out loud, I unloaded my orgasm deep into mums pussy as it tightened its grip around my shaft.

Well what a feeling, my dick pumped and pumped hot spunk deep into mum, she clawed at my chest as another orgasm washed over her and her panting was fast and furious. I held my position for a few moments and wondered what to do next, mum eased my feeling by pulling me down on top of her and kissing me passionately.

"Wow son, that was the best fuck ever," she looked like she meant it too. "Now go upstairs, shower and come to my room in 10 minutes, I have something special for you."

She seemed very precise in her instruction and as I always say, "Who am I to upset a lady?"


Part Five: You'd never believe my surprise!

Written by: Mr Story Teller

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