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A Husband's Fantasy Ch. 01

by Dan Andersom©

My wife Kate and I have been married for just over 10 years. We had a typical sex life up until about a year ago. I had always had a fantasy of watching Kate have sex with another man. Whenever I would mention this to Kate she would call me sick and say it was just an excuse for me to have sex with another woman also. I would tell her he that was not the case but she wouldn't give in.

One night while we were making love I brought up the subject again and much to my surprise she agreed, well kind of. She said I could pretend to be another man. Well it was a start anyway.

Sometimes I would pretend to be a door-to-door salesman and other times we would pretend to be strangers and meet in a bar. Although it wasn't what I wanted it seemed to work pretty well. One night I was delayed getting to the bar and when I arrived Kate was talking to another man. I slipped into a corner of the bar to watch. They talked for a while and I could tell he was hitting on her pretty hard. He put his hand on her leg a couple of times but she brushed it away.

I can tell you I was getting hard just watching her. I watched them for about 10 minutes and figured nothing was going to happen so I walked over to her. She smiled me and told the man I was the one she was waiting for. He excused himself and left.

After he left I told her I had been watching and was so hard I could barley walk. She placed her hand on my crotch and squeezed my hard cock. She leaned over and whispered into my ear that her pussy was soaked. We left the bar and went out to her mini van.

She just about ripped my shirt off. I don't think I had ever seen her so horny. Before I could do anything she had my throbbing cock deep in her mouth. Kate was like a starved animal the way she sucked my cock. I managed to slide her panties down. She was right her cunt was dripping pussy juices. I plunged my tongue into her wet pussy and nibbled on her swollen clit. It didn't take long for her to cum in my mouth; she flooded me with her juices . She was fondling my balls as I began to shoot a load of cum deep in her throat. I don't know where it came from but I filled her mouth with my cum. She continued to suck my cock until I was drained. As we lay there recovering I told her how much watching her talk to the other man excited me and she confessed to me it did the same for her.

The next couple of days were pretty much our same old routine. Friday night we were invited to a party at one of our friends. I usually don't like going to but I thought I might get to watch her be hit on again.

We mingled for a while when we first got there and danced a couple of dances. As we were sitting at the table she was asked to dance a couple of times, she declined both times. The next time she was asked I insisted she dance. She agreed and seemed to have a nice time dancing. When she returned she ask if I was ok with her dancing. I assured her I was and guided her hand to my hardening cock. She looked at me and said I see.

The next time she was asked she didn't hesitate. As she danced she would wink at me and I could see her hand slowly sliding down his back to his ass. When they turned around I could see his hand on her ass as well. When she returned to the table I had a fresh drink waiting for her. She asks if my cock was as hard as his was. I looked at her and assured her that it was. When I ask her how she knew his cock was hard she said he kept pushing it against her.

By now she had downed more than her usual number of drinks and was a bit tipsy. The man came back and asks for another dance and she quickly said yes. As the walked toward the other people dancing I saw her hand brush over his crotch. I thought tonight was the night my fantasy would come true. As they danced they worked their way to the door. I quickly followed them.

Once outside they walked toward my wife's mini van. Once the door was opened he started kissing her and rubbing her breasts. She seemed very turned on and unzipped his pants. She son had his cock out and was stroking it. His cock was a little bigger than mine but not much. I could tell he was very hard. Katie's dress was down to her waist and he was sucking her hard nipples.

He started to pull her panties off but she stopped him. I heard him say that he wanted to fuck her. She said no but that he was in for a fantastic blowjob. She was soon on her knees sucking his cock. She would suck his cock a while then lick his balls. He seemed to like having his balls licked more than her sucking his cock. Soon she was just licking his balls and giving him a hand job.

After about 10 minutes of a very hot hand job I saw his body tense up and his cock seemed to swell even more. His hips moved back and a long stream of cum shot from the tip of his cock. The cum landed on my wife's left tit. The second and third shot covered her right tit.

She took his cock and rubbed the cum all over her nipples. When he bent down to kiss her Katie met him with an open mouth. They deep kissed for a while when Kate said that they should get back before her husband missed her. She wiped the cum from her breast and pulled her dress back up.

By the time she got back to the table I had gotten her another drink and acted as if nothing had happened. I ask her where they had gone and she said she felt a little lightheaded and stepped out on the patio for some fresh air. I ask if she was all right and if we need to go. She said she was fine and wanted to stay. I ask her if he was a good dancer and she said he was one of the best. We set and chatted for a while, as we chatted I slid closer to her. My hands started to explore under her dress. Her panties were soaked. She smiled at me and opened her legs a little. My finger found it's way between her pussy lips. She opened wider as I toyed with her clit. My other hand worked its way to her breast. I noticed she wasn't wearing her bra. I ash her about it and she said she got hot and went to the bathroom to remove it. I said her breasts were sticky and she said she must have been sweating a little. I slid a finger deeper in her cunt and she slid down in the booth a little.

I leaned over and ask her if she wanted to suck her dance partner's cock. She looked at me and said yes very much. With that I pinched her clit and she came like she had never cum before. My fingers were covered with her juices. She closed her eyes and fell back in the booth trembling.

Little did she know I had seen her give him a hand job and this made it all the more exciting. We were both startled when we heard someone speak. It was her dance partner asking her to dance again. He asks if she had recovered enough to dance again, she said she needed a little more rest. She then, with a wink in her eye, asks if he had recovered. He said yes and that he was up for another round. With that they both laughed.

I told him that she needed to rest a little and that he was welcome to join us. He readily accepted and said his name was David, with that he slid in the booth next to Kate. As we talked I could see him hove closer to Kate and she seemed to move closer to him. By the way Kate was moving I think he had his hand on her leg. After a few minutes I ask if anyone else needed a fresh drink and they she both said yes. As I slid out I whispered in Kate's ear that I bet he had a hard on now.

When I returned with the drinks Kate said, with a wink, I was right. Kate said it was a little stuffy inside and ask David if he would like to dance outside. He quickly said yes and asks if I would mind. I told Kate that it was getting late and I had to get up early. She said she would like to stay a little longer. I said if she could find a way home it was all right with me. Before I could finish the sentence David said he would be glad to bring her home.

I agreed and kissed Kate as I was leaving. I looked back as I made my way to the door and could see David's hand on her legs. Kate winked at me and licked her lips. I knew that David's cock would soon be between those lips.

Kate got home about an hour after I did. She seemed very satisfied. Kate went into the bathroom and said she would be in bed soon. I could hear the shower running as I lay in bed stroking my hard cock. When Kate climbed into bed fresh from the shower she snuggled close to me and placed her hand on my cock.

I ask her how it went and she crawled on top of me and deep kissed me. She said this was the most wonderful night of her life. I ask if she let him fuck her and she said no. But that she gave him a hand job and a blowjob. She said she let him eat her pussy. She seldom lets me eat her pussy and I was a little jealous.

She asks how I felt about what she had done and I said she should be able to tell by my hard cock. She took her hand off my cock and guided her wet cunt on to it. Her cunt was hotter than I had ever felt it. I didn't last long and emptied my balls deep in her pussy. She stayed on my cock until it withered away. She said David wanted to see her tomorrow. She wanted to know how I felt about her meeting him. She didn't need a verbal reply as my cock soon began to grow.

She slid down the bed and started licking my cock. She had never licked my cock after it had been in her pussy before. I was getting harder with each lick then I felt her finger on my ass hole. She never had touched my ass before even though I had ask. When I ask why she was touching my ass she said David told her to finger his ass while she sucked his cock. With that I emptied my balls down her throat. She slid her finger deep in my asshole.

I could tell David was going to be good for both of us. I ask when she was going to see him tomorrow and she said she needed to call him to find out. With that I handed her the phone. She pulled her finger from my asshole and brushed over my lips. As she dialed his number she told me to lick her finger clean.

As she made her date with David I sucked her finger clean. She told him I would be out of the house after 11am and he could come over any time.

The next morning I awoke to Kate sucking my cock and fucking my ass with her fingers. When she saw I was awake she quit sucking and started giving me a hand job. I saw Kate had her vibrator buried deep in her pussy as she stroked my hard cock. Her fingers filling my asshole felt so good and I was soon shooting cum all over my chest. Kate pulled her fingers from my ass and told me to suck them clean.

I looked at her like I didn't want to and she said if my fantasy was to come true so would hers. When I ask what that was she said it had something with my ass being filled and wouldn't say more. With that I sucked her fingers clean as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

It was getting close to 11 and she said I had better hurry and leave. I told her I needed a shower first. Kate said no tome for that and that I would have to wear my cum all day. I dressed and got ready to leave. Kate said she would call my cell phone when it was time for me to come home. With that she patted my cock and I left.

At 6pm my phone rang and Kate said to come home. I rushed home to find Kate sitting in the living room wearing her negligee. She was sipping on a drink and had a big grin on her face. All I could say was well. She jumped up and ran over to me telling me how good a time she had.

She said David was the best lover she had ever had. I was beginning to doubt my fantasy until she placed my hand on her pussy. She was dripping wet. She said see what David did to me as I fingered her cunt. I pulled open her negligee and kissed her hard nipples. Kate told me to get naked. As I was undressing she ran her fingers over my lips. The tastes like they did after she fingered my ass hole this morning. Pushing her fingers in my mouth she ask how I liked David's ass. I started to pull away but she pushed her fingers deeper in my mouth. She said that I had better get use to the taste of his ass.

With that she called out and David came walking in. He was naked and his cock was hard. Kate said we were both going to enjoy our fantasies. She told me to touch David's hard cock. I said no and she squeezed my balls. I refused again and she squeezed harder. I put my hand on his cock and felt how hard it was.

Kate told me to tell him how nice a cock he had. As I told him how much I liked his cock they both laughed. As I stroked his cock I was wondering what I had gotten myself into then I realized I might like this. Kate asks me if I liked licking her fingers after they fucked me and David and I said yes.

With that Kate told David to bend over the couch. She spread his ass wide and told me to lick his ass hole. I slowly bent over and touched his open hole with my tongue. David flinched as I tongued his ass hole. I was beginning to like his ass when I felt Kate finger my ass hole.

Kate told David I was ready and he stood up. They told me to lead over the couch and I felt something start to enter my ass. It hurt like hell and I told them to stop, David said to shut up and they shoved it deep in my ass. I yelled out and thought I was being split open. David let me go and I fell onto the floor.

Kate said to look at her wimpy little sissy boy now. My ass hole was burning and Kate said that was just to get me started. She held up a butt plug and said this is the next one for your ass wimp. I told her I could never take that but she said I would soon be taking bigger. She put her hand on Davis's cock and ask if I thought this was more my size. I shook my head yes.

Kate told me to lick her ass hole so David could fuck her. She had never let me fuck her in the ass before. She laid her ass over me and I started licking her. As I licked her hole David put his cock over her hole. She pushed back and his cock slid in easily. His balls slapped my face as he ass fucked her. Kate was getting excited as he pounded away in her butt. His strokes quickened as he neared his cum. Katie trembles as her orgasm erupted. David's cock swelled as he emptied his seed in my wife's ass hole. I could see his cum start to seep out around his cock. David pulled out and shot his last spurt on her ass cheeks.

David fell back and lays on his back, his cock shrinking. Kate asks me to look at his cock. As I watched it shrink she told me to clean his cock. I started to get up to get a washcloth but she said I should use my mouth. Slowly I opened my mouth and sucked his cock. I thought it would be bad but I liked it. His cock started to grow ass I sucked him clean. As I sucked his cock Kate put her ass hole over David's mouth. He eagerly sucked his cum from her gaping ass hole.

My cock was getting very hard and needed to fuck Kate. She said the only way I would get relief was to jack off. I pleaded but she said to jack off in front of David as I started to jack off Kate fucked my ass with the butt plug. It didn't take long for me to cum.

As Kate and David retired to the bedroom I was left alone to clean up. Kate turned to me and said not to get to comfortable I would be needed to cleanup in the bedroom after they finished. This was going to be the start of a wonderful fantasy.

More to come soon.

Written by: Dan Andersom

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