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A Letter to a New Lover

by silverace1©

First, let me describe myself so you can better visualize. I am 62 years old (as you know from our online chats), married but not satisfied with my sex life. I am six feet tall, 170 lbs (it varies since I don't exercise as much as I should), with white hair (slightly thinning) and a closely trimmed white beard.

I see us meeting for the first time in a little private, out of the way, inn or hotel where no one will know us. We will plan a time when we can spend at least two or three days together to experiment with everything we want to try as two consenting male adults. Since we are both fairly new at this, we want to take our time to make it right.

After meeting for a short time in the hotel bar to get acquainted over a drink – only one now, we don't want to go into this blind – since we know a great deal about each other through our several months of messaging and even a couple of phone calls, we adjourn to our quiet room on the top floor.

As we enter the elevator and the doors slide quietly closed behind us, I lean into you while pressing you against the wall and run my lips softly over yours. I whisper, "I have waited so long for this, babe" We have long since started to use endearments in our chats as we became more and more turned on at the thought of finally meeting. On line sex, of which we had shared many experiences, simply can't compare with the real thing. Both of us have been getting more and more excited as the time drew near and now; well, now it is here at last!

I close the door behind us and, locking it, turn you into my arms for a more passionate kiss until our tongues meet and duel hotly together. I draw you by the hand to the middle of the room and slowly begin to undress you. Your hands impatiently try to get at my buttons and zipper but I gently push them away. "Me first" I softly chide you.

As I undo each button of your cotton shirt exposing a little more of your bare skin (are you as clean shaven as I – no chest hair?), I run my tongue greedily down the ever widening gap where your buttons once were. I pull you shirt free from your waistband (after loosening your belt), and push it off your shoulders to fall to the carpet behind you. Leaning down, I take first one, then the other, nipple in my mouth – first licking around them, then sucking on them and finally lightly nipping on them as I feel them harden and hear your first moans.

As your hands entwine in my hair trying to push me lower to where your cock is straining against your slacks, I allow you to force me down to my knees as I run my tongue down your abs and dip into your belly button. My hands are at your zipper now, and I undo the pants as I blow cool air over the glistening precum-covered cock head that protrudes from your briefs. With one pull downwards, your pants and briefs are pooled around your feet and your wonderful cock (how long are you again?) springs free and hits my chin.

I grip your firm, tightly veined shaft in one hand as you step out of your clothes and kick them aside along with your loafers. I have to help you a little there but quickly grasp the thickness at the base of your cock while my tongue laps at the spreading precum. As it touches my hungry tongue, I pull away and, looking up into your eyes, pull the ribbon of sweet precum that reaches between your pee hole to my tongue into my mouth and swallow its nectar.

I then take the full throbbing head of your cock into my warm mouth, all the time laving the sensitive glans with my tongue. Slowly, as I stroke the base of your cock, I take you inch by inch into my mouth until I feel you tap the entry to my throat. Pulling off a bit to catch my breath and relax my throat muscles, I overcome the gag reflex and dive fully onto your length as you slide into my throat.

My God! This is the first time I have deep throated anyone and I love how it feels as you invade my gullet! I swallow and as I do, the muscles in my throat squeeze and milk the end of your cock as you moan over and over again and cry that you want to cum so badly.

I squeeze the base of your cock to pull you back; I want us to prolong this as long as possible. Your hands are pulling my head back and forth on your cock as I continue with my ministrations and alternate short sucks and deep throating you. For at least ten minutes we keep this up until my jaw is getting tired. I have swallowed what feels like pints of your precum and have held you back five or six times. I know you are getting frustrated.

With a final lick along your stiff shaft to clean you off, I stand with your help and quickly strip off my clothes. I stand before you with my 7" (and a little bit more) standing hard and proud and dripping with my own precum. You take my hand and lead me over to the king sized bed where we strip off all but the bottom sheet before we fall together onto the bed. I lay on top of you and, as our slick hard cocks rub together, we exchange kisses and dueling tongues until we are out of breath.

"Please fuck me" you ask. "But be gentle – I am still a virgin"

Now we have talked at great length about our sexual histories and both have gained a trust that neither of us has had multiple unprotected sex and we both married our wives as virgins. A level of trust exists that we want to make love unprotected to better enjoy the feeling of hot cum filling our asses. We have acknowledged the risks but are more than willing to face them. Both of us have been tested several times just as a matter of course for HIV and other STD's so we feel confident as grown men that we can do this.

"I too am a virgin; I have never made love to another man either"

I reach down and lift your legs high around my waist as I kneel between your legs. Your puckered hole is stretching open for me as you pull your firm ass cheeks apart. The precum from both of us has run down between your legs to cover your sphincter and the star that surrounds it. To be safe – and to give you more ease on my entry, I reach to the nightstand beside the bed for the tube of KY that I had thrown there on our entry and run some into your hole (worked in deep with two of my fingers as you thrust your ass towards me to drive the pleasurable invaders as deep as possible). "Oh yess! More please! Give me you cock"

I cover my cock with the lube and after closing it and dropping it to the bed beside us I position my cock against that star-shaped pucker and press gently against you. You are so ready! As I start to slowly increase the pressure, your yearning and excitement cause your body to rise to me and I slip inside you with a quiet pop. Oh my God! How hot and tight you feel as I easily slip inch by slow inch inside your silky moist passage until I can feel the sponginess of your prostrate.

As I touch you there, your cock shoots out a stream of precum to coat your stomach and I scoop much of it up to feed you after which I lick my fingers clean. I hold myself fully embedded in you as I lean in to kiss you. Your legs tighten around my waist as you start to move your body against mine and my cock slides in and out in a rhythms of such erotic warmth and almost love. We are finally making love together as we have only dreamed about for so many months. The reality is overwhelming as I start to quicken the pace.

As I draw my cock almost completely out of you, you tighten your anal ring to hold me a willing prisoner and then you relax the muscles as I plunge to the depths and strike your prostrate over and over. As I piston faster and faster with my balls slapping against your ass as I bottom out, we can both feel my cock thickening and growing harder as I near a massive orgasm. As I support myself above you for best angle of penetration, you hand has slipped between us and you are madly stroking your cock until you cry out "I'm going to cum! Please hurry and fill me with your hot jism!"

I am driven over the edge as you arch your back and your cock shoots its massive load over and over again covering not only your hand, abs and chest but you have directed flying bursts upwards to where my open mouth awaits. You have cum so hard that several dollops land on my tongue and that sends me over the edge as I thrust one last time and fill you with every drop of my issue!

I swallow the cum on my tongue and lean down as I continue to have mini ejaculations inside your hot ass to lick off some of your cum from your chest. I gratefully swallow as much as I can and then, taking another mouthful, fall onto you and with a deep kiss, share the taste of you.

We lie there with me on top of you as my cock finally stops moving inside you and your anal muscles guide me out until my softened cock lies between our legs.

We roll over to our sides and cuddle in the afterglow of our first man to man experience and as we fall into a spooning position with me holding you from behind, I reach around you to lightly grasp your almost soft cock and squeezing it gently, I kiss the back of your neck as we fall into a satisfied sleep. What exciting more adventures await us!

Written by: silverace1

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