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My Nighttime Sex Slaves!

by Uncle Pervey©

There's nothing I can enjoy more than choosing,
Some pretty females for my night's sex slaves.
I love to sneak them my special knock-out drops,
Then carry them off to my secret cave!

While they're still unconscious I remove their clothes,
And put some thin transparent clothes on them.
The panties are real special without a crotch,
And what they cover is worth more than gems!

I get naked and spread their legs wide apart,
And nuzzle their warm pussies with my face.
I inhale with ectstacy their woman's scent,
Then get down and slide my tongue in their place!

The girls mostly come around while I'm eating,
And mostly they are weak and feeling dazed.
I love to hear their first confused mumblings,
And feel their bodies stiffen as I graze!

Before their confusion's gone they feel horny,
They feel my lips and tongue exciting them.
Soon their hips begin moving with their pleasure,
And their tasty cum fills me to the brim!

I always finish slurping out their pussies,
And swallow their cum to the last drop.
I move up and give their clits another suck,
And find it so good I can hardly stop!

When I'm finished their pussy's holes are shiney,
Glistening white with their lubrication.
I move my cock to their pussies and shove in,
And plunge my cock deep with dedication!

I fuck their sweet pussies with wild abandon,
And I make them grow hotter as I fuck.
When my cock tingles with anticipation,
My hot cum spurts and sprays as my cock bucks!

While they're still relaxed I spread open their tops,
And explore and taste their heaving scrumptious breasts.
While their eyes are glazed I suck each sweet nipple,
And I suck each nipple's bud to its crest!

I lick and suck their warm skin down their bellies,
And pull their panties down below their knees.
Then I turn them over onto their stomachs,
And their scrumptious asses makes my heart seize!

I straddle their smooth legs and start massaging,
Rubbing and kneading their warm silky skin.
They all moan before I get to their asses,
And their sweet asses are where I begin!

I massage with lust each succulent half-moon,
And when they're all relax I start sucking.
I lick and suck each silky smooth warm ass cheek,
And pull them open and start tongue-fucking!

Every girl acts so shocked when I start eating,
But they soon start to squirm and moan out loud.
I know they're experiencing new pleasure,
This feeds my fevered brain and makes me proud!

When their assholes are pooched out, I get ready,
I lay down with my cock pressed 'tween their cheeks.
I shove it inside as far as I can go,
And I hear lots of squeals and lots of squeaks!

When my cock explodes and my cum starts spurting,
My fevered brain has found pure paradise.
And when their hot coils of bowels start squeezing,
It makes me feel like I've gained Heaven's prize!

There's nothing better than a girl's tight asshole,
And its heat and squeezing tightness is right.
I'll give every girl true pleasure and get mine,
And love every asshole I get all night!!

Written by: Uncle Pervey

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions