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My Little Sister is Only Eighteen

by BigBoyBlue©

My little sister is only eighteen, and she is not what I would consider a pretty girl by any stretch of my imagination. Perhaps other men see her differently, but to me she's only my little sister. I'm three years older than her and so there were only a few times that we ever played together. I don't even see her as a female. She is another person in the family that happens to have long hair and sometimes wears dresses. That's to put my whole attitude regarding little Mona in perspective, and to explain my surprise when, on a fateful day last summer, that attitude changed 180 degrees.

I was returning home from college. Although the dorms were open during summer, I didn't feel like spending two months crammed in a small room with my roommate and his incessant TV watching. I took a cab at the airport that got me home around one o'clock in the morning.

When I got inside, everyone was asleep. I quietly tiptoed upstairs to my bedroom that was on the opposite side of the hallway from my parents' bedroom. The door to my parents' bedroom was closed as always. Daddy didn't want to have to get up and close the door every time he felt like rolling a leg over mom, and it was a rare night that he didn't feel like it. The door to my bedroom was open. I entered quietly only to realize that someone was sleeping on my bed. I looked into my sister's room. It was empty. I figured that my little sister for one reason or another, had decided to use my bed, and I decided to use her bed. To my surprise, her bed was not good for sleeping. I knew my sister slept on a waterbed. What I found out to my dismay was that the waterbed had been drained. I went downstairs and made myself comfortable on the narrow sofa. I quickly fell into a deep sleep, until I tried to turn. As I rolled over in my sleep, I fell out of the sofa and almost cracked my head on the coffee table.

"Oh, hell," I thought. "I'd rather be sleeping in my own bed even with the little snot next to me."

In the glow of the nightlight, I saw my sister's figure covered in a blanket from head to toe, sleeping quietly next to the edge of the bed. I went to the other side of the bed and crept under the light blanket. When we were both little, she slept in my bed many times during a storm. She was afraid of the thunder, and she would creep into my room, crawl under the covers and snuggle up to me, as though I could make the thunder go away. Although it was summer, my parents liked to keep the air conditioner low enough to use a blanket.

It made sleeping more comfortable, my father always insisted. I quickly fell asleep with the little snot quietly breathing on my side. It was just before dawn when I awoke with a strange feeling. I quickly realized that I had an erection, which wasn't so rare. A lot of times I woke up with a hard on, no big deal. I just as quickly realized that in my sleep I had crept close to my sister in a spooning position, and my hard on was trapped between her thighs. I tried slowly pulling it out, when she let out a sigh and shook her pelvis as though to better settle on the mattress. "Oh, shit!" I thought, "What if she wakes up and finds my dick between her legs! Jesus, what an embarrassment!" I froze in my position, breathing as quietly as I could with my heart pounding in my chest, hoping that my erection will soon dissipate, and solve my problem automatically.

No dice. As though it had a mind of its own – as I suspect it does, anyway – my dick refused to retreat. It just stayed there, as hard as ever. I even felt the artery in its shaft pounding with the rhythm of my heart. Oh, hell!

Mona shifted again, in a way that brought the head of my penis right at the lips of her little vagina. I realized to my horror that she wore no underpants. The warmth and moisture of her pussy did little to calm my hard on. Totally instinctively I pushed in just a little…maybe a quarter of an inch or so before I realized what I was doing and controlled myself. But the head had just penetrated her that one-quarter inch that I had pushed forward. Now what? I slowly, imperceptibly, began to pull back when she gave another sigh and pushed her pelvis back, following my retreating dick. I froze again, trying not to breath. We stood there for a couple of seconds, she, sound asleep and I, with my heart in my mouth, when she moved again. Very gradually, one inch at a time, with a lot of hesitations in between, she ended up bringing her hand up to her pussy.

She spread the lips of her pussy a bit, pushed back a little and somehow managed to get the entire head of my penis inside her. I realized that for all intents and purposes my little sister was fucking me! I tried pulling back again, when she, again, sighed and pushed back. The further back I crept, the farther toward me she moved. What the hell is going on, I wondered. Is she aware of what she is doing, or is she having some sexual dream with my dick in her little cunt? I didn't have to wonder long. Obviously, she was having a dream, because she began lethargically to bend her body at the hips, which brought her pussy in better alignment with my dick. I felt a warm liquid coming out of her pussy and douse my penis. Oh, God, she was lubricating herself! I fought hard the primitive urge to push in and bury my penis in her vagina, come what may. But I didn't have to fight for too long. Still breathing quietly as though fast asleep, she placed her free hand against the mattress and pushed her body back. Her vagina slipped down my dick and it was only my reluctance to press forward that stopped my shaft from burying itself in her hole to the root.

Now what!

I was quickly losing all power to resist. As much as I tried, the male animal in me wanted to fuck that little pussy and the animal was winning over my conscious, rational self. I tried a short, reciprocal movement. By just squeezing and releasing the muscles of my buttocks, I moved my dick slightly deeper into her pussy and pulled out again…just once and just for half an inch or so, as a test, a test for both me and her. I heard her breath quickening as she responded by moving her pelvis back and forth once. We laid quietly for a moment when she moved again back and forth once more. But this time, she tightened the muscles of her pussy a bit, which gave me a little tug in the heart. I responded once again until this became like a dialogue that continued for a few moments. I, pushing in and out, relaxing, she, pushing in and out in response and then waiting for my move. Every time I moved, she moved, too but every time she did, she would tighten her muscles a bit harder. This was becoming unbearable. I really wanted to fuck that tight little pussy that was wrapped around my dick. I decided that the little slut was wide awake and totally aware that she was fucking with someone in her bed. But did she know it was me?

I was too far into the game to stop now and contemplate. I brought my free hand to her pelvis and rested it there, waiting for her response. Still pretending to be acting in her sleep, she took my hand and brought it up under her nightie to her breast. My hand was filled with the supple young flesh and I felt the stiff nipple between my fingers. As rubbed her nipple, the little slut had the audacity to pretend she was snoring! Well, I had enough! I figured that if she were really that fast asleep, she'll never wake up, and if she were awake…well…she was asking for it! I began to fuck her for good – in and out, in and out – and she just took it, her little body shaking on the bed, never seeming to wake up. I knew she reached an orgasm as her whole body tightened, her breathing stopped, and a torrent of pussy juice drenched my penis and balls. I pulled out quickly enough to come into my hand. I just didn't want to get my little sister pregnant.

I rolled over and fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, it was late in the morning. Everyone was already downstairs, finishing breakfast. I came to the kitchen to see my father, my mother, my little sister – the slut – and Linda, another eighteen year old schoolmate of my sister's sitting around the table. They were surprised to see me there, as they were expecting me the following day but they were happy to see me, just the same. I assumed that Linda had come to use our swimming pool and didn't give it another thought. Mona looked at me like the cat who ate the canary, and I didn't dare look back at her on the fear that I may do something that would spill the beans that she and I fucked our brains out last night. Soon, Mona and Linda excused themselves and went directly to the swimming pool. My father went off to work. My mother cleared the breakfast table and announced that she was spending the day with her friend, Alana, who was divorcing her husband and needed all the moral support she could get.

As I was shaving in the small bathroom off my bedroom, my sister came up to grab a towel or some sunscreen or something. She gave me that look again, the look that says, I know what you did last night. She wore a minute bikini and her hair was tied back to a pony tail that made her look still younger than she was. I had a flashback from last night and I saw myself fucking that little tush that protruded from the back of the bikini. I said, "Where is Lisa?" My sister said, "Lisa? Um, she is sleeping on the float. She won't bother you." I said, "I was just wondering." I put my arm around my sister's shoulders and said, "Well, is there anything you want to discuss with your big brother?" hoping that she may say something that will open the door for us to have sex again. She gave me a strange look. "Like what?" she said. "Oh, I don't know…like last night, for example." She gave me the most scrutinizing look I have ever gotten from any living person. "You want to talk with me about last night?" she said, not believing her own ears.

"Yes," I said, "and for openers, how about a nice big kiss for your loving brother?" "A kiss?" She pondered for a moment. "Oh, all right. Here!" She pecked me on the lips and was about to break away when I put my arm around her waist, my other hand on the back of her head and pressed my lips on hers. "Whoa!" she cried when we parted. "What was that again?" "I always wanted to do that," I said. "And here's another one for last night," I continued. I kissed her again, but this time it was not a lip kiss, it was an all-out, French, tongue-in-mouth, slurpy. I felt her nipples harden beneath her bikini top. When we parted for breath, she felt dizzy and almost collapsed in my arms. "Manny," she said, "I don't think that's right." "Oh, cut it out!" I said. I looked deep into her eyes. "Are you telling me you never woke up last night?" I asked. She laughed. "How do you know?" she said, and laughed some more. I drowned her laughter with another kiss. My hand reached under her bra and freed her breast. I brought my lips to it and sucked it like it was going to give me honey. She just stood there, not knowing what to do next. I kept kissing her breast and brought my lips lower, to her belly. I was on my knees now, kissing her body. I rolled the bottom of her bikini down around her ankles, and she stood there, naked, almost trembling, fumbling with her bikini top when my tongue reached her pussy. She instinctively pushed her pelvis forward but I had to force her to spread her legs. I buried my tongue into her pussy, sucking the sweet honey from her clit. She seemed to stagger for a moment. I stood up and picked her off the floor. I laid her down on my bed and spread her legs. I began licking her clit again until I brought her to an orgasm. My penis was throbbing under my pants. I ripped off my pants and slid my dick into her pussy. I began fucking her with wild abandon, making up for all the restrain of the night before. She moaned as she was mounting to a second orgasm. She whispered hoarsely, "Oh, God, I'm fucking my brother!" That turned me on to no end and I lost all control. I suddenly came to a climax and ejaculated inside her. I jumped up and said, "Sorry, honey! Are you safe?" She said, "Safe from what?" I said, "From getting pregnant. Are you on the pill?" She said, surprised, "No, you jerk! I'm a virgin." I suggested that she would douche everything away, the sooner the better. And then I said, "I am sorry, again. I guess I was more careful last night not to come inside you."

"Come inside me? Last night?" She laughed. "You, jerk! Do you think you fucked me last night?"

I was confused. "Well, who did I fuck, then if not you?" "Linda, you moron! Linda slept on your bed and I slept on the couch in the den. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw you and Linda humping on the bed. I just watched for a while, but neither of you paid any attention to me. I went back to the couch and masturbated until I fell asleep." "So, that's why you gave me those looks at breakfast!" I said. Then it occurred to me, and cried out loud: "Oh, my God, I fucked my sister twice. Once when I thought it was her, and once when it was really her."

"What is done is done," she said plainly. She went into the bathroom and I heard her using the douche. A few moments later she came out, still naked, drying her crotch with a towel. She came up to me, wrapped the towel around my neck to bring me closer to her face and sucked my tongue with all her might. When we came up for breath, she said, "I think I'll be all right. I had my period two days ago. But next time you want to fuck me use a condom, will ya?"

THE END (Don't I wish...)

Written by: BigBoyBlue

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