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One Big Happy Fucking Family Ch. 01

by Amsterdick©

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Mike's story

I wasn't supposed to be home that night. If everything had gone according to plan, I would be fucking my girlfriend that very moment. Pushing my 8 inch circumcised cock up her tight slit and fucking her like there was no tomorrow. But we had a fight earlier in the evening, so when I walked into our family mansion, I wasn't really sure if she and I were still together. But frankly, after what happened that night, I wasn't sure whether I cared we were together or not.

My parents were on their second honeymoon, and wouldn't be back until tomorrow. I guessed my sister Anouk was either at some party getting wasted or hanging out with her girlfriends, talking about whatever girls talk about. This would be a great opportunity to watch some porn in the living room, jerk off and maybe even press my vibrator against my little shit-hole, which I only like to do on special occasions. Breaking up with one's girlfriend sounded like the right occasion to me. I had bought some great bi-porn the other day, and was looking forward to seeing it.

I walked into the main hall. The night-lights were still on, so it was easy to find my way. But since I'd been living in the house ever since I was born twenty years ago, I wouldn't get lost even if I was blindfolded. Since it was passed twelve, Alfred our butler was already off duty. And that suited me fine: didn't want to get caught jerking my hard cock while watching porn.

I dropped my bag on the ground, threw my jacket on the coat rack and suddenly became aware of the indistinguishable sound of people fucking. Maybe some one had the same idea as I did, watching porn and spanking their monkey. But who could it be? I took off my shoes and tiptoed towards the living room. Every step made the noise become clearer and clearer. I heard a woman's voice moan, and the slapping sound of two bodies thrusting against each other. My cock started to get hard.

We had a big square shaped living room. Left from the entrance there was a bar, which was always used whenever my parent's gave a party. Which was about every fortnight or so. Further on there was a nice big white piano I liked to play on. I am a member of a small time rock band, playing piano and singin' some tunes in local bars and venues. We call ourselves the Raving Jolly's, but that's another story. Across from the piano, there's a big L-shaped couch, with a fireplace and a home cinema system. Which by the way was turned off, so there was no porn being played.

I peaked my head just around the corner of the living room wall and the scene that unfolded in front of my eyes, well, man, not only got me the biggest boner in my entire life, it made my heart skip a beat or two too. There she was, my sister, riding some guys hard cock. She sat on his pole, facing away from him. Thrusting her body up and down on his member. His hands on her tits, squeezing her fine nipples, and then moving back to hold her thighs.

I swiftly moved behind the bar and got down on my knees. From this point I had a great view of my sister's lovely body. Her C-size tits were swaying with every move she made, moving up and down while she held on to the edge of the couch. Judging from the sweat dripping from her nipples, I'd guessed they were at it for quite some time. The hands of her fuck buddy were holding her hips firmly, as if the guy had total control over her body, making sure how deep he got his fuck tool inside her wet slit. Her pussy was wet as hell, making sloppy noises. Her engorged labia were a reddish colour, which also indicated he had been fucking her for a long time. My sister had a lovely pussy with a trimmed bush above her slit. Her engorged clit was sticking out proudly. Her sweet bud was shine with cum. Anouk has a slender body, with cream white skin. Nice tits with big brown nipples; her face looks a lot like Sandra Bullock's, including the big brown puppy eyes and long brown hair. God, she was fucking gorgeous.

Anouk had her eyes closed and was enjoying every second of it. "Oooh, God...oooh, God... fuck me...fuck me harder... yeah that's it. Stretch my pussy...Ooh, man, I love your cock so much." The guy was panting loudly, not saying a word at this point.

From my point of view I couldn't see who was fucking her, but I could see his cock. And man, it was big. It must have been about ten inches, maybe more. But it was especially thick. I think it stretched my sister's slit up to the max and maybe then some. Speaking of cock, while I watched my sister getting thoroughly screwed, I felt my own member grow, almost ripping up my pants like a Hulk getting angry. I slipped my hand inside my underwear and whipped out my cock. I couldn't help myself. My sister was looking so damn sexy; I just had to beat my meat.

While my hand was pumping my cock, my sister was screaming towards a climax. The guy's hands grabbing her big tits pushed her over the edge. My sister swayed her head left and right. As she climaxed, her pussy muscles constricted around his stiff member. "Oooh God, ooh God, I am cumming, I am cumming h-hard..!" she screamed.

The guy moved his right hand towards her pussy and pinched her clit, which made her moan even harder. "I am cumming too baby, hold on!" For a second it seemed like his cock got even bigger. Then he shot his big load of man-cream inside her wanton pussy. While his seed hit her cervix, my sister's toes curled up, sending her to even bigger heights. When their orgasms subsided, Anouk climbed off the guy. I almost shot my load out of surprise: the guy fucking her was none other then our nephew Reed! Holy shit! What the fuck was going on here?

Before I could find out though, I felt a presence behind my back. I stopped jerking off, but forgot to let go of my cock when I turned around and looked straight at the biggest monster cock I'd ever seen this close. It was hanging just above eye level. It was huge! I could make out all the veins, which made it look even bigger. The head was shiny with cum, only a couple of inches from my mouth. I could smell a mixture of sperm, cunt juice and urine coming from this fine man meat. "Look what we have here," a voice said. I looked further up and recognized Reed's long-time buddy Joshua. Joshua was every gay man's dream I'd gather: muscle bound, hairless body, and eyes to die for. A tall guy, whose cock was definitely proportionately sized. It must have been even bigger than Reed's.

"Well, stand up, Mike," he said to me. I felt really busted, but what could I do. So I got up, my trousers still around my ankles and my cock sticking out my underwear. I must have looked totally ridiculous. But my main concern was with my sister: she would have my balls for breakfast now she found out I caught her fucking with Reed. Shamefully I moved towards the couch, where Anouk and Reed were looking straight at me. I noticed cum slipping from Anouk's pussy lips, messing up the couch. God, her pussy looked even hotter with Reed's cum dripping out.

"So what's the meaning of this, little brother?" Anouk wanted to know. I noticed she made no effort covering herself up, so in a way it was strange to see her so pissed off while her glorious naked body covered in sweat and sex juices was on display for everyone to see. Reed got up with her and looked at my now flaccid cock. "I guess he was watching some good ol' fashioned real life porn, niece of mine," he said laughing.

Anouk and Joshua cracked up and started laughing. I couldn't help myself and started laughing too.

"Tell me, little brother, did you enjoy it?" Anouk asked while she sat down on the couch, spreading her legs a bit. My cock got hard again. I noticed Joshua sitting next to her. He started to play with her tits. Reed walked passed me and crossed the room to the bar, where he poured all of us some Jack Daniels. "I need a drink."

"Yeah, you must be thirsty after all that hard fucking," I said with a mild sarcastic tone. "When did all of this get started anyway?" I asked while I discarded my jeans and underwear.

Anouk started to stroke Joshua's big fuck pole while she looked at me. "Reed and I have been fucking for a couple of months. Ever since the party at their house...remember?" I remembered that party well. Got a blowjob from my then girlfriend at the pool. Reed put the drinks on the table behind me, while we both watched my sister and Joshua getting into it. Josh was sucking her left breast while his hand was playing with Anouk's clit. Anouk moaned: "I would tell you all about it...but...aaah I can't think straight at the moment, broh...oh yeah Josh, just like that...hmmmm....!" Reed got behind me and pressed his sticky cock against my ass-crack. His hand grabbed my cock, and while he slowly jerked me off he panted in my ear: "Doesn't your sister have one hell of a killer body...?"

"Oooh, yeah," I moaned while I felt his hand massaging my member. I pressed my ass against his cock, enjoying its thickness parting my buttocks a little bit. I could feel his hot meat press against my brown pucker. I have been bi-sexual ever since I can remember getting horny, that's why I get off greatly on bi-sex porn, or just two guys playing with each other. And like I said, Reed's cock was enormous.

Meanwhile Anouk was lying down on her back, while Joshua pressed his monster cock against her pussy. Since she was still full of Reed's cum, the monster cock slid in with great ease. Joshua started thrusting hard in and out my sister's cunt. He grabbed her feet and threw her legs onto his broad shoulders. Joshua had the biggest muscle bound body of the three of us. Reed was about my height and we were both averagely build. My sister started panting while Joshua's large cock fucked her hard. While her sluttish pussy made slurping sounds she looked straight at me, a horny look in her eyes and a broad smile on her lips.

Reed was jerking my cock at the same rhythm as Josh was fucking my sister. "Do you like that?" Reed panted. "Do you like watching your sister getting fucked by big cock?" "Do you like watching her creamy pussy getting filled up with cum, do you?" I could only moan loudly. I felt my orgasm rising. It wouldn't take long before I spurted my cum all over the carpet.

"Man, I love it all!" I said. "I love her body, I love Josh fucking her senseless. And I especially love your hand on my cock and your hard dick against my asshole!"

"Yeah, Mike," Anouk screamed, "Let him jerk you off, little brother. Enjoy it! OOOOOH, aaahhh....I love having Josh's cock inside my pussy! And I love the fact that you are watching meeeee!!!! Argh!" My sister came again. Who knows how many orgasms she had had that night. It wouldn't be the last one.

Josh turned Anouk around, so she was on her hands and knees. He reinserted his cock inside her slit, and held on to her buttocks as if he would fall off the couch. He turned up the pace, fucking Anouk's tight cunt harder and harder. "Yeah, take my cock, fuckin' bitch! Do you want my load filling you up? I will come so hard, you'll be dripping cum till the middle of next week!"

"Yes, yes Josh! Fill me up with your juicy cum. Fill up my slutty bitch cunt right now!" Anouk screamed out of breath.

"Man, Reed, am I glad you brought me with you tonight. Anouk has got the greatest pussy I've ever fucked. This is one hell of a fucked up family, but fucked up in a nice way!" he joked. "Shit, I am cumming!!!!"

He held Anouk tight, pressed his groin against her ass and held still, while he unloaded his fertile seed inside my sister's pussy. With every spurt of cum his body shook violently until both him and Anouk collapsed on the couch, Josh's sweaty body on top of her, his cock still buried deep inside her juicy pussy.

It didn't take long for me to cum. I moved towards Anouk, Reed was still jerking my cock so violently it seemed like he wanted to tear my boner off of my body. I loved every second of it. "Yeah, brother, cum on me. Cum on my back and ass..." Anouk sighed. Josh withdrew his cock from her so I had some room, creating a popping sound. His cock was covered with a thick layer of his white cum. Anouk's pussy was so thoroughly fucked, her lips wouldn't close. Between her labia a river of Reed's, Josh's and her juices was flowing. It would leave a stain that was going to be hard to clean. Thank God we had great personnel working the house.

I hovered over Anouk while I felt cum being pushed to my dickhead. "Yeah, sis, I am going to blow my wad ...r-right...n-n-now!". Big globs of cum spewed from my piss-hole covering Anouk's back and ass. Reed pointed my dick straight at her ass, until I stopped cumming. He let go of my cock, and took a sip of the J.D. I felt exhausted and sat next to Anouk, my flaccid cock only inches away from her face. She had the satisfied look on her face of a woman who was well fucked ten times over. "My, you got a lovely cock, little brother, why didn't I know this before..." she said. She took my cock in her hand and examined it closely. She gave my head a small kiss and then let go. I could tell she was exhausted too, so I guessed she wouldn't be up to any more fucking that night.

Josh slid his finger inside her pussy. "Jees, babe, your insides feel as raw as sandpaper."

"Well, what the hell did you expect? We've been fucking for hours, dude," Anouk replied. "And you guys have the biggest cocks I've ever had the pleasure to have in me. I couldn't fuck even if I had any strength left in me." Damn, I thought. If only I had gotten home earlier I would have witnessed a lot more sex that night. Oh well, maybe next time. Looking at Anouk's tight and sexy body I realised one thing: I was going to fuck my big sister, there was no way around it. I had to know how her pussy felt, I wanted to suck her tits, suck her cunt lips and stick my hard cock up her tight and beautiful ass. Yessir, I was going to fuck her brains out pretty soon. Maybe not tonight, but I knew I couldn't wait long.

To be continued?

Written by: Amsterdick

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