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The Seduction of Trinity

by this_way_up_hun©

I am the owner of a very exclusive, very expensive health and beauty centre in a select part of town. My plush, private office looks directly out onto rows of running machines and all the other gym paraphernalia through wall-to-wall two-way mirrors, allowing me to see out, while restricting the members to nothing more than their own reflection.

The gym is very busy today and all the equipment is in use as I call Trinity, my gorgeous secretary into my office.

I had planned and fantasised about this scenario for weeks, and now I had decided it was time... 'Shit or bust', today I would find out...

I watched you enter... As usual you were immaculately dressed in a black two-piece business suit. The smart, tailored jacket struggled to hide the feminine beauty inside, and your skirt had an unsettling way of riding up your silken clad thigh as you sat and crossed your legs. Your tasteful white blouse highlighted your delicate neck, and lead my eye up to your strikingly pretty face with your innocent and deeply fathomless blue eyes.

My eyes returned and lingered on your stockinged legs for a moment longer as I took in the delicate shape of your ankle and the, oh so sexy high-heeled court shoes.

You had been working with me for over a month now, and from day one there had been a strong sexual attraction between us, something intangible, but also very real... From the instant our eyes first met we both knew it, and today was the day I decided to take my life in my hands and see just how far that attraction really went...?

I walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it just in front of you as you looked up at me expectantly.

Taking the notepad and pencil out of your hands and looking seriously into your eyes I spoke.

"Trinity. I want you to listen to me carefully, and I warn you... do not speak, not one single word, until I say so. Do you understand?"

With a look of curious apprehension you nodded your head slightly in response.

"Now as you know I expect TOTAL commitment and loyalty from my 'personal' secretary and for you to continue to work for me I feel I must fully test your resolve in this matter. Do you understand me Trinity? I must know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to follow my orders implicitly"

I could see the confusion in your eyes and I watched as you imperceptibly nodded again and squirmed slightly in your seat.

"I have to say Trinity that I think you are very intelligent and very beautiful. I also think that you find me attractive too, am I right?"

Another slight nod.

"Good. Then this test may be easier for you than you think."

I paused, and feasted my eyes on your beautiful body until our eyes locked in a steel trap once again.

"Okay my sweet Trinity, now show me how committed to me you really are... I want you to take out my cock..."

I watched you in utter fascination as first the shock, then the internal struggle of your emotions cascaded across your exquisite face. You sat there stunned, spellbound for a moment... lost in indecision and doubt, until finally with agonising trepidation your hands haltingly reached forward and you slowly unzipped my fly. I stood, making it easier for you as your hand disappeared into my trousers and I felt your cool, manicured fingers gently slip around my rapidly hardening manhood and pull it free just inches from your face.

I was almost stunned into immobility myself! I was amazed that I had got this far in truth, without getting a slap round the face or knee in the groin, or both! But before the spell was broken I took my courage in both hands and ploughed on.

"Now Trinity, take your boss's cock into your mouth and suck on it."

You turned your head you look up at the unsuspecting members sweating away on the running machines just metres away from us, then looking directly into my eyes you smiled impishly as your beautiful painted lips slowly closed over the head of my now very swollen member.

Your hot mouth felt wonderful on my cock and you took to your task with enthusiasm as you begin to enjoy yourself, your tongue caressing me teasingly at first, until your bright red lips tightened around my thick shaft and you started to pump your face into my groin, drawing me further and further in. I allowed you a few minutes to enjoy yourself and then placing my hands either side of your head I gently detached you from my erect penis and lifted you to stand before me. Your lips were glistening as my mouth closed on yours and we kissed for the very first time. You responded hungrily to my exploring tongue and our kiss became deep and passionate, our panting breath merging into one as you whimpered into my mouth.

I felt your body shaking as I took you in my strong arms and pulled you towards me, tenderly kissing your slender neck and caressing your back.

Softening my embrace I looked down into your shining eyes.

"Trinity, I have wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on you. You make my pulse race just thinking about you. You are truly gorgeous..."

A smile touched the corners of your mouth as you silently waited for me to continue.

"I have always treated you like the beautiful woman you desire to be Trinity, because to me, that's just what you are... Not just another tgirl, but a very beautiful woman! And I am going to make you MY beautiful woman...!"

At that point you almost spoke but I placed a restraining finger to your painted lips to stop you.

"Shhhhh darling... Remember you mustn't speak... If you want me to stop this just turn around and walk back to your office. Don't worry about your job, you are the best secretary I have ever had and if you really don't want me to continue I will never trouble you like this again. And if I disgust you, and I don't think I do, you are free to leave with a glowing reference and full pay"

Your expressive eyes glistened over slightly and you took a brief, fleeting glance towards the door, but you stood your ground with your arms hanging meekly by your side in acquiescence, your head lowered in supplication.

My heart was beating like a drum and a warm, genuine smile spread across my face as I accepted your submission to me.

Taking you in my arms once again we kissed even more passionately than before, knocking things off the desk now in our hunger for each other until I gently but firmly pushed you away and you stood in front of me breathing heavily.

Looking you up and down suggestively I reached for the buttons of your jacket and you held your breath as one by one I popped them open and slipped it off of your shoulders. Without pause I continued to slowly undo the buttons of your silky white blouse.

"Now, let me see what my sexy secretary wears underneath her businesslike exterior..."

I peeled the blouse from your slender body and dropped it onto the desk in silence, my eyes intense as I unzipped your skirt and slowly eased it down your shapely legs... Stepping out of it you stood before me, the sexiest, most arousing sight I have ever seen!

You were wearing a stunning black satin corset with lace trimming and very sexy high-shine lace top stockings. Your black high-heeled shoes made your legs look even longer than I imagined and I was almost shaking with desire as I feasted my eyes on you.

"Fucking hell Trinity...! You are breathtaking! I can't believe how ravishing you look... You are absolutely stunning!"

I wanted desperately to pull you towards me but I refused to take my eyes from your captivating and oh so alluring vision, and almost trance-like I pulled my black turtleneck jumper over my head and slipped out of my trousers. I was wearing nothing underneath and I stood there for you totally naked and hugely erect.

This time however I did pull you towards me and thrilled at the feel of your satin encased body. We caressed each other with our hands and as my hard cock pressed against you I could feel your own arousal pushing urgently at your panties.

My hand sought out your beautiful cock and releasing it I started to stroke you. Your own hand quickly found mine and we gently masturbated each other as we kissed.

"God you are so beautiful Trinity." I breathe heavily, "I am going to just love fucking you!"

Taking you by the waist I turned you around and leaned you against the edge of the desk, then dropping to my knees I removed your panties and with a smile of triumph I sucked your beautiful cock into my mouth.

You looked down at me, your boss, on his knees sucking on your intensely aroused member, and then up at all the unsuspecting people jogging along just a few metres away as though watching on indifferently. You smiled contentedly as the warm feeling of sexual stimulus spread from your groin and rushed through you giving you an exciting tingling feeling all over your now very awakened body.

Pulling you forward my hand caressed your balls while the other explored the rosebud of your tight little anus. I gently slipped in a finger and felt your response as you thrust your cock further into my mouth. I continued to finger your rear and eat greedily on your wonderful cock, tasting the pre-come that escaped in your excitement. But before you lost it totally and came in my mouth I stopped abruptly and stood up.

Taking your hand I walked you around to the other side of the desk and reaching into a drawer I produced a tube of gel.

"Trinity, I am going to fuck you now darling. I am going to impale you on my huge cock and fuck you until I fill you to the brim with my hot come."

I paused for impact and to admire this vision of loveliness, standing nervously eyeing my large and very erect penis.

Feeling powerful now I decided to make my presence felt and in a stern, commanding voice I ordered...

"Over the desk bitch... NOW! And stretch your fucking arms out in front of you!"

I smiled as you responded quickly and lay across my desk meekly waiting for me to have my way with you. God I was so turned on now... There you were, my beautiful secretary, looking stunningly erotic in your corset, stockings and heels, submissively waiting for me to enter your body. My cock felt huge as it throbbed eagerly in anticipation, and answering its call I approached your prone body.

Instead of jumping on you right then and there however, I slid open a side drawer of my desk and produced a set of wrist and ankle restraints that I quickly fastened onto you and the four legs of the desk, effectively securing you down and sealing your fate.

I watched your body heaving with anticipation as you lay spread-eagled before me and the feeling of power that washed over me was intoxicating!

Taking a generous amount of gel I lubricated your delicate hole and my rock solid shaft, then looking down at you silent, and apprehensively waiting, I smiled again with the thrill of it all as I moved to enter you...

I rubbed the tip of my large cock against your resisting entrance and pressed forward, slightly forcing the head of my manhood into your rear. Your body stiffened and you gasped involuntarily as you felt the enormity of my cock pushing into you. I stopped and waited for you to relax a little, to adjust to my size, and as I felt your body yield to me I pushed my way home making you gasp out loud once again.

Oh God you felt so tight...! Your anal muscles spasmed on my cock and I felt your body shaking frantically as my hands gripped your hips tighter. A buzz of total ecstasy ran through me as the realisation hit me that I was finally inside my gorgeous secretary, and she was bound and helpless, strapped across the desk that I sit and work on every day! Unable to wait any longer I begin to thrust in to you, fucking you with an eagerness born of my long awaited lust and my spirit soared as I heard you disobey me and groan...

"Oh Mr Jones... Oh my God Mr Jones...Fuck me darling... Oh yessssss...! Oh GOD YES!!!!!!..................."

In the back of my mind I logged that down for the future as I decided I was not going to let such disobedience pass... but for today I would forgive you your little slip up and let it go at that.

Spurred on by your outburst though, I forced myself into you with abandon, ramming myself into you again and again. Your perfectly manicured nails dug into my desk as your sexual excitement increased and I felt the stirrings of my orgasm grow from deep within.

Looking up I saw the unsuspecting joggers exercising literally three meters in front of me and I imagined for a moment they could see us through the mirrors, watching me fucking this beautiful transvestite who was bound helplessly to my desk... Fucking her like a man possessed! That thought sent me tipping over the edge and unable to hold back any longer I erupted into you... I thrust my urgently throbbing cock into you as far as it would go and I come deep inside your heaving, shuddering body. I don't think I have ever come so much or so forcefully until that moment, I was so incredibly aroused by you and a never-ending stream of my manly seed filled your rear... then shaking with the sheer power of my orgasm I lay across your body and kissed your delicate shoulders while I struggled to recover.

After a few moments I withdrew from you and releasing you from the restraints I turned you over and lifted you to sit on the edge of the desk. Your glorious eyes were shining with your own arousal and I stopped to kiss your soft, pouting lips before I went down on you and took your beautiful cock into my mouth once again.

You were hugely erect and I sucked on you and teased you with my tongue as I caressed your balls. Again I slipped a finger into your rear and felt the hot, sticky come of my lust leaking out. I knew your own orgasm was not far off as your soft hands firmly guided my face up and down your shaft. Your cock began to throb madly and then with a desperate cry you exploded into my mouth. I did not let a drop of your hot seed escape as I drank it down greedily, revelling in the taste of you and of the thrill of your release. I sucked on your cock until the last vestiges of your orgasm passed and you finally begin to soften in my mouth.

Now we were both sated I stood and pulled you towards me, our semi-hard cocks pressing together as we kissed passionately.

Eventually breaking off our kiss I smiled warmly at you.

"I think you are going to enjoy working for me Trinity... Don't you...?"

The shining light in your eyes and your beaming smile answered my question.

"You really are my beautiful girl Trinity, and my, oh so 'Personal' secretary!"

Written by: this_way_up_hun

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