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by No Panty Girl©

"You are a good looking girl, lots of guys would pay to fuck you."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing; my own father was counseling me to become a hooker.

A little background; my father had started fucking me a while back while we were home alone, my mother worked nights office cleaning.

Dad fucked me almost every night and more often than not he would cum in me. It was only a matter of time before I got knocked up and perhaps he wanted someone else to blame.

Whatever the reason Dad offered to set me up with some guys who would pay to fuck me. Since I was getting fucked for nothing I agreed to be his little whore.

The ironic thing was I had a boyfriend. I had been dating Rob for almost three months but had not let him screw me yet. Sure we necked in his car, I had let him suck my tits and even give him a blowjob one night when we were parked by the river but he had never been in my pussy yet.

Joe Somosi was my first "date". Joe was a fifty-something welder whose wife had left his many years ago. Somosi had his own house, a nice brick bungalow in not a bad part of town. Somosi's house was about a twenty-minute walk from out place. Dad had fucked me just before I left on my first trick.

The place was a disaster; housekeeping was not high on Somosi's list of priorities. The kitchen sink was stacked high with dirty dishes and it looked like he hadn't took the garbage out for a week.

The house lacked the female touch, no knick-knacks, pictures or anything to make the place look like a home.

Somosi was dressed in his work clothes, a dark blue cotton shirt and matching trousers. Both were badly in need of washing and had seen better days.

The hundred dollars Somosi had offered my father to screw his daughter was the only good thing about the situation.

Somosi had invited me in and given me the once over. I knew he liked the looks of me as I had dressed to get his attention, a skimpy tank top with no bra and a very short mini-skirt.

The old guy showed me through to the living room and offered me a beer.

I sat in the chair opposite him and opened my legs so he could see I was wearing no panties. I allowed him to gaze at my bare pussy as he looked in his wallet for the cash.

"Where do you want to do it?" I asked him as he handed me five twenties.

"In my bed." He mumbled as I tucked the money into my small purse.

I followed him into his bedroom. The place was a mess like the rest of the house. Dirty clothes thrown all over and the rumbled unmade bed looked like it hadn't seen clean sheets for weeks. This was the cum stained bed I was going to be fucked in.

"Get undressed." Somosi ordered.

I was bought and paid for; obediently I slipped my top off over my head and stepped out of my short skirt. I stood naked before the old man.

Somosi quickly removed his own clothes. As he pulled off his shorts I saw his raging hard on. He was huge, much bigger than my Dad.

"Suck it you little slut!" he demanded, his cock in his hand pointed in my direction.

I sat on the edge of the bed as he approached me.

Taking the back of my head in one hand he forced his cock into my mouth. Submissively I took his member into my head.

His cock was foul; it tasted of stale urine and semen. My lips sealed around his shaft as my tongue caressed his dick.

"That's it you little cocksucker, make me cum in your mouth!" he moaned as I begin sucking his meat.

He shot quickly filling my mouth with his salty brine. "Swallow it bitch!" he demanded.

I did as he wanted, letting his foul jism slid down my throat into my belly.

"Now I will fuck with you." Somosi decreed.

Without recovery time the sex-crazed Hungarian pushed me back onto the bed and pushed himself between my open legs, I felt the head of his cock searching through my pubic hair for the entrance to my young pussy. Within moments he found his way into me.

His cock was bigger than I was accustom to and hurt as he callously rammed himself into me. In one impassionate thrust he buried his entire cock in my tight vagina.

"Oww, Please, not so hard!" I pleaded as he begin fucking me as if I were a rubber doll.

My pleas went disregarded as Somosi bounced in and out of me satisfying his pent-up lust. Instinctively my legs wrapped around his as I resolved myself to be ridden like a livery hose.

For his age Somosi was amazingly virile. Having just emptied his first load in my mouth he was able to fuck me much longer than I had hoped. He must have been in me ten minutes in a wild frenzy of pounding me into his squeaking bed mercifulness with his thick cock.

Finally I felt his body stiffen and he emitted a low guttural moan, as I felt more warm cum flooding my womb. Thankfully his weight was taken off me as he withdrew his dripping cock from my cunt.

Somosi lay exhausted beside me as he regained his strength. I started to get up to get dressed.

"Joe not finished with you yet!" he said reaching over and grabbing my arm.

I dreaded what he was going to want next. Daddy had only used my bum once and I didn't like it.

"On your stomach." Somosi ordered.

Begrudgingly I rolled over on the bed offering my bare bum to my tormenter.

Somosi was no more gentle fucking my ass than he had been entering my pussy. With nothing more than a coating of my pussy juice lubricating his cock he forced his way into my poop chute.

The pain was excruciating, he just forced my face further into the pillow as he complete his journey into my bowels. Finally I felt his ball on my ass cheeks, he was al the way in.

Somosi fucked my ass like a dog would chew an old boot, his cock ripping in and out of my anus without the slightest regard to my suffering. I was glad when he cum, his jism was actually soothing in my sore hole.

I could hardly walk when I left the mad Hungarian's house and headed home to Dad.

"How did it go?" my father asked as I stumbled in the door.

"I just want to have a bath." I answered.

"O.K. It will get easier." He assured me. "Can you lend me fifty bucks?"

Jesus Christ, my father was now my pimp.

Written by: No Panty Girl

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