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Round And Round

by mash625©

After a long stressful week at work, I decide to go out to a local bar with the intentions of finding a man to unwind with. I'm wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt (with crotchless panties and no pantyhose), a sheer black blouse over my favorite lacy black push-up bra, black stiletto heels, and a long black leather jacket.

Almost immediately after I enter the bar, our eyes lock from across the room. You walk over and buy me a drink. A few drinks later, we find ourselves out on the dance floor. We dance closer and closer until our bodies are touching. I try not to notice the bulge in your pants pressing against me as my perky tits rub against your chest. Your hands are groping my ass and I'm getting hotter and wetter by the minute.. I guide one of your hands to my thigh. You catch on quickly and are soon rubbing my clit. I wrap my arms around your neck and moan softly in your ear. mmmmmmm... You look pleasantly surprised to feel the easy access to my pussy. Your fingers work their way inside my wet hot box. I look around to see who might be watching us, but it's so loud, dark, and smoky in here that no one even notices us. Using my long jacket to hide us, I unbutton your jeans and let your hard cock pop free. I stroke it a few times with my small soft hands as my breath quickens. I lead you off the dance floor and into a dark corner of the bar. You sit and I straddle you. My hot wet pussy slides easily up and down your long hard cock. I kiss your neck and ears as I ride your manhood. in and out. up and down..mmmm it feels soo goood.. With one arm around my waist, your other hand finds its way up my shirt to pinch and pull my beaming nipple, making me moan with desire.. oohhhh yessss.. "I'm almost there, baby", I gasp in your ear. My pussy muscles tighten around your cock as wave after wave of orgasm come over me and my juices flow over your cock. I put my hands on your shoulders and continue bouncing up and down, harder and faster, on your hard cock until you groan in my ear, "I'm cumming for you, babe".. Then we head back to your place for Round 2..

We are barely in the door when we start shedding our clothes, our hands all over each other. I push you down on your back onto the couch and lay my naked body on top of yours. I kiss you slowly at first, then more passionately as my tongue darts in and out of your mouth. Your lips trace kisses down my neck, to my supple breasts, tasting and sucking one hard nipple, then the other, as my hand rubs your hard cock. I maneuver myself into a 69 position with you. With my pussy rubbing against your face, I proceed to take your cock into my warm, wet mouth. I deep throat your delicious cock.. mmmmmmm so yummmmmyyy.. What an incredible sensation.. your tongue flicking my clit, your fingers pumping away inside my pussy, as I suck your dick harder and faster. You taste sooo goooodd...My sucking becomes animalistic, as my mouth bobs up and down on your cock and I moan loudly. MMMmmmmmmmm. My pussy muscles tighten around you as my climax gets closer and closer...

You lift me up and have me bend over the arm of the couch. I feel your cock rubbing between the cheeks of my ass. I tremble with desire. Your hands hold my hips as you push your cock into my hot wet pussy. I put one of your hands on my hard nipple and the other on my clit. I am almost literally on fire with wanting you. Your cock feels sooo good inside of me. Your thrust harder, faster, in and out, in and out.. so hard I can feel your balls slapping against me. I'm getting closer and closer to my orgasm.. OOHhhhh, I"m cummminnnggg.. FUCK ME HARD, I scream.. Your hands return to my hips as you piston in and out of me, as your climax nears. Your whole body stiffens against me as you empty load after load of cum into my quivering pussy. mmmmmmmmm

As you lay sleeping, I sneak out, leaving my phone number written in lipstick on the bathroom mirrow with a single simple question written beneath it.. Ready for Round 3?

Written by: mash625

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