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Meeting the Sister

by Archer2050©

My situation was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I had been invited over for dinner by my girlfriend of one week, Penny. The main purpose of the evening was to meet her older sister, Kendra, who was apparently just dying to meet me. I had arrived on time, but Kendra and I had to introduce ourselves, as Penny was not yet home from class. Minutes after my arrival, Penny had called me on my cell to apologize, explaining that her professor was not letting class out early like he usually did.

This may seem innocent enough. My only obvious problem was that I was stuck with someone I barely knew for as long as 45 more minutes. But Kendra was not just "someone". At 28, she was a full decade older than Penny and I, yet her personality was youthful and energetic. She seemed like that 'fun aunt' that almost everyone seems to have: talkative, experienced in life, and focused on having a good time.

I, however, was focused on other things. Like her incredible body. Standing six-feet, Kendra was tall, and, like her baby sister, carried a bit of extra padding here and there. But also like her sister, a pair of huge d-cup breasts made that padding seem to all but disappear. This, plus her shapely hips and ass gave Kendra the perfect hourglass figure.

The details were just as amazing. Her brunette hair was tied back in a long ponytail, and she had the brightest brown eyes I'd ever seen. She was very tan, and apparently liked showing that off, as she wore only a gray sports bra and black, very low-cut shorts. As if that weren't enough, her sports bra seemed to be a size or two too small. Her breasts were squeezed in tight, and she had enough cleavage for a guy to get lost in.

So here I was, marveling at this beauty while trying to keep a conversation going, and knowing that if my eyes drifted for too long, I would have a lot of explaining to do when Penny finally got home. Although, really--how do you explain to your girlfriend why you were staring at her sister's hot, sweaty, half-naked body?

"Sorry I'm not really dressed yet," Kendra said.

I swallowed hard. She must have caught me peering at her chest. Shit.

We were sitting in the living room of a nice, two bedroom apartment. I was on the couch holding a cold glass of beer. She was in the recliner opposite me. The window shades were drawn to keep the setting sun from shining in, making the room relatively dark. The TV wasn't on, so the only things keeping us from silence were the hum of the air conditioner and our own voices.

"No problem," I said. "I didn't expect anything formal, anyway." I gestured to my own attire of t-shirt and jeans.

"Well, I was expecting Penny to be here so I could change and shower without leaving you all alone."

"Oh, just go ahead," I told her with a wave of my hand. "I don't mind, really. I'll turn on SportsCenter or something." I reached for the coffee table, searching for the remote.

"Ok," she said, getting up. "Just make yourself at home."

I was flipping over magazines, still looking for the remote. Although I was glad she would be leaving the room and breaking the tension, I was a little disappointed, too, for obvious reasons.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kendra moving, but instead of going toward the hall leading to the bedrooms, she was heading my way. I tried to ignore this, and searched even more furiously for the remote, now looking under the coffee table, then on the floor...

But she kept coming toward me. She was so close I could smell her sweat, and then she was bending down. I had to look. I turned my head and my eyes were rewarded with an extra close-up view of Kendra's breasts pushing against that sports bra. Her huge, tanned mounds of flesh met with a deep, dark canyon of cleavage. I was so close, my nose was almost in it, and my eyes could look at nothing else.

I had to pull away, so I sat back, but she leaned in even closer, her breasts closing in once more. Then she was moving past me, reaching to my left side. I looked over and saw why: the remote was sitting right there beside me, on the arm of the couch. Kendra picked it up, her breasts still in my face, then paused for half a second or so, and finally stood up. I looked up at her, terrified, but she gave me a quick, innocent smile, and then gently set the remote in my lap--right on top of my growing erection.

"Here you go," she said, spinning around. "I'll try to be quick."

I gave a sigh of relief, then flicked on the TV, making a conscious effort to keep my eyes off of her ass as she walked away. That was unbelievable, I thought. It was as if she didn't know, or care, what she was doing. I tried to convince myself that that was just the way she was--forward and carefree--but something wouldn't let me believe it.

I flipped to ESPN and was trying to clear my head when I caught another movement. I lost my breath when I saw what had distracted me. The television set was on a small stand against a wall. The hallway to the bedrooms was on this same wall, and from my position, I could see past the TV, down the hall, and into one of the bedrooms. I wasn't able to actually see the bedroom itself, but there was a mirror on the open door, and the reflection on it showed me all I needed to see. My eyes about bugged out of my head as I watched Kendra, her back to the mirror, pull off her gray sports bra.

All the progress my dick had made in softening back to normal was lost as I stared at Kendra's naked back and wondered what I'd see next. She should have shut the door, or moved to a more discreet part of the room. I knew this, because it was not just too good to be true, it was downright weird that any woman would be so frivolous while a guy she barely knew was sitting in the next room. Yes, something was off--no pun intended.

But that didn't keep me from watching. I sat frozen as she turned slightly, offering me a glimpse of the side of her large, naked breast. She bent over, and her breast pulled away from her body, hanging. She was taking off her shoes and socks. A moment later she was pulling down her shorts. Now only a pair of gray panties covered her delicious ass.

I marveled at her body, noticing how perfect her proportions were, and that she had no tan lines whatsoever. Her skin glistened with her sweat, and I imagined what it would feel like to run my hands over her slick curves. Kendra then straightened back up and moved out of view of the mirror, and, again both relieved and disappointed, I thought the show was over.

That illusion only lasted a moment, for seconds later Kendra's reflection was back in the mirror. I nearly jumped out of my seat, because this time she was facing the mirror. I managed a quick peek at her naked breasts, taking note of how big and dark her nipples were, before nervously looking back to the TV. I sipped my beer to appear unaware and casual if she were to spot me.

I kept track of her presence in the mirror with my peripheral vision. I was certain that she would look up and discover how exposed she was at any second. But she never moved. Risking it all, I glanced back at the mirror. She had removed the band that kept her hair in a ponytail, and now was leaning over, shaking her hair out. The long, brunette strands kept me from seeing her breasts, but I could still see those panties, and my dick ached for what was underneath them.

Kendra straightened up again, tossing her hair back and fully facing the mirror. Too captivated to turn away, I watched as she bent over and pulled down her panties. When she came up again, she was naked at last, and her pussy, with it's neatly trimmed strip of fuzz, was in full view. I could only see her like that for a split-second, as she began walking toward the mirror, grabbing a towel on the way. As difficult as it was to pry my eyes from her breasts or pussy, I made sure to watch Kendra's eyes, too. Her head, so far, had always been directed down, but now she was moving closer...

I looked away just as she exited the room and, with her back to me, moved a step further down the hall to the bathroom. When she was gone, I looked back down the hall. From my vantage point, I could see part of the right side of the bathroom entry, but not nearly enough to get a good peek inside. I would have to move to the other side of the couch, and was not about to get that bold.

But as I looked toward the bathroom, I noticed that the door still hadn't moved. Then I heard a shower curtain slide open, the water turn on, and the shower curtain close again.

' No way!' I thought. First she undresses with the door open, and now she's showering?

It was so unbelievable that I couldn't accept it. She must have at least closed the door somewhat, I thought, and I just can't see it because of where I'm sitting. It seemed much more reasonable, but my curiosity got the best of me.

I looked at the coffee table for a magazine. Most were the typical fashion rags, but then I saw the TV guide. As I reached for it, I made sure to move along the couch enough to see further into the bathroom. My first scoot wasn't enough, so I moved again, and-- Oops. Too far.

I didn't see just the bathroom, but the shower that was opposite the door, too. And I saw the clear shower curtain. And I saw Kendra's naked, blurred shape behind it. And I saw that she was looking right at me.

Panicked, I planted myself into the middle of the couch. I took a big gulp of beer, finishing it, and wished I had more. I glued my eyes to the TV, this time actually trying to become engrossed in the program. All my focus was shattered, however, when I heard the water suddenly turn off, and the shower curtain slide back open.

Kendra marched into the room, a rose colored towel wrapped around her dripping wet body. Her soaked locks of hair clung to her face, neck and shoulders. Amazingly, she didn't look pissed, but she was definitely serious.

"Were you watching me?" she demanded. "How long have you been looking?"

"I, no, I wasn't--I was just grabbing the..." I didn't know whether to look her in the eye, or look away.

"So you were watching," she said, as if I had just confessed. "Was it good for you? How did it go? What else do you want to see, huh?"

"Look, no," I pleaded. "I wasn't watching. I thought the door was closed--"

I about went into shock when she dropped the towel. Here she was, just five feet away and completely naked. Kendra's wet body just radiated sex. Her hair clinging to her skin. Traces of water running between her full breasts. Her fat nipples hard and erect from the cool air. Water droplets trapped in her short, dark pubic hair. She was literally sparkling as the light reflected off her drenched skin.

And she was moving right toward me.

Slowly, seductively, Kendra climbed up beside me on the couch, and sat on her knees. I looked to the TV and didn't move as she leaned in until I could feel her hot breath on my ear. She reached up and gently pushed my chin to make me look her in the eyes. She still looked very serious, and very, very irresistible.

"I asked you a question." Her voice was soft, and throaty. "What else do you want to see?" She gave me a devious smile.

Ok. Now I knew what was going on here. She wasn't just ignorant, or teasing me for fun. Kendra wanted me. All this time I was worried that Penny would get mad at me for leering at her sister, but it was her sister who was hitting on me! As incredible as this offer was, there was no way I was going to cheat on Penny. Looking was one thing, but...

"Look," I said. I sat up in my spot, and talked firmly, but I couldn't look at her as I spoke. "We shouldn't do this. I'm with Penny. You know that. This isn't right, ok?"

"Yes it is," Kendra shot back. "You know you want this. I know you want these." She moved up, shoving her breasts in my face. I never touched them, but they came so close, I could feel the body heat radiating from them. "You haven't taken your eyes off them since you got here." Her tone was becoming less demanding, and more relaxed.

"That doesn't mean anything," I replied, trying to ignore the massive tits hanging just centimeters from my face. I've had $20 lap dances that weren't this intense. "I'm not cheating on Penny.

"Oh come on," she pleaded. "It wouldn't be cheating. Just once. She'll never find out. Come on. You think I'd tell her? She'd kill me."

"Yeah, me too," I said, folding my arms over my chest. "And rightly so. I'm not lying to her."

Kendra sighed, and I thought I sensed her pulling back, but when I looked out of the corner of my eye, her breasts were still very close.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Why do this to me? You could get any guy you wanted."

She leaned in closer, rubbing her wet cheek against my cheek. Her breasts pressed against my chest, wetting my t-shirt. Then her lips kissed my ear lightly, and Kendra whispered to me. "But I want you."

There was more than one voice in my head telling me to just give in. All of these irrational rationalizations were just pouring in. Go ahead, Gavin, everyone is allowed to cheat once. You've only been dating a week. She'll never find out. Maybe Kendra is the one you're really looking for. Just fuck her. That's all she wants: a good, hard, quick fuck. She'll probably swallow you, too. My God, just look at her! Just make your move, Gavin. It's ok.

But deep down, I knew I couldn't do it.

"I'm sorry," I said.

I grabbed her lightly by the shoulder and began gently pushing her away, but she sat up quickly and stopped me.

"Fine," she said, more sad than angry. "But just let me get off. If I can't have you, let me pretend. Hell, you've already seen this much. Let me pretend I have you. You don't have to touch me; I'll just touch myself. Think of it as a free lap dance. Can you go along with that?"

I didn't know what to say, and I told her so.

"I just want to look at you, and be near you, and make myself cum," she explained. "If you change your mind, you can have me. But I won't make you cheat. I just want to..."

And with that the words stopped. She was moving now, getting up off the couch. But she wasn't moving away. She stood up, got in front of me, and spread her legs. Her wet pussy was directly in front of me. Then Kendra bent over me and grabbed the backrest of the couch for support. She kneeled onto the couch, placing one leg on either side of me. Her tits swayed in front of me, and drops of water ran down them, dripping onto my shirt and arms.

Fighting every urge in my body, I spoke through clenched teeth.

"I'm not going to change my mind."

"All right," Kendra said. "Just please don't make me stop until I cum."

I hesitated, thinking this over for what felt like hours, though it was probably only a couple seconds. Finally I gave in.

"Ok. But let's be clear that this is for you only, not me." Yeah, right.

Kendra gave a big, sexy smile, then pushed her chest into my face. Her tits were firm and warm and slippery. Her nipples were rock hard, and my spine tingled as they poked into my forehead, my eyes, and my cheek. I had to clench my jaw as a nipple brushed right over my lips, and I thought, if I just let her finish and I don't give in, I may miss out on the sex, but, like she said, I'll still get one hell of a lap dance.

And then Kendra grabbed my shoulders. She walked on her knees to rebalance herself, bringing her glistening cunt even closer to my chest. Her breasts were lightly banging against my forehead, and the water that was running from her hair and through her cleavage was dripping all over my face. Kendra sat back, dragging her wet tits down my face again. A nipple hit my bottom lip, forcing it to curl down and open, and yet somehow I managed to keep myself from sucking her gorgeous tit into my mouth. She leaned further back, finally resting her wet, plump, naked ass on my legs. My pants stretched tight, putting even more pressure on my aching erection.

Next, she stood up off of me, then turned around, grabbed the coffee table for support, and crawled up onto the couch backwards. She had a foot on either side of me, with her gorgeous, plump ass pointing in the air above. I admired how smooth and uniformly tanned her skin was. My cock was absolutely throbbing.

Slowly Kendra lowered her ass down toward me, and at one point her cheeks were no more than a couple inches away. She finally came to rest her knees on the couch, and she lowered her hands to the floor, increasing her body's angle so as to give me a better view of her cunt. Kendra kept looking back at me, seeing how close her cunt was to my face, and then making little adjustments to her position to make herself closer.

When she finally stopped moving, her pink, wet cunt was so close that I could see nothing else. I was trying like hell not to move my head, but occasionally the tip of my nose would even graze the little hairs above, well, below, her clit. I could smell her, almost taste her, I was so close. Those soft, beautiful folds of wet skin were right there. I caught myself licking my lips, and wondering how many times I had done that without even realizing.

"You can have me anytime you want," Kendra said desperately.

Somehow, I held strong. But I didn't dare shake my head or open my mouth to talk. My willpower was running on fumes at this point.

"Can you look up a little?" she asked.

It seemed an odd request, as she wasn't telling me what it was I should be looking for. Moving only my eyes, I looked up and saw nothing but the flesh of her ass above me.


This time I moved my head, and finally could see the ceiling. But that was it.

"Oh, no. Down a little."

I moved down just a bit, then--

"There!" she said, and she giggled lightly. "I can feel your breath on my clit."

I didn't move again, and concentrated on my breathing, trying to keep it as normal as possible. But by now I could see Kendra's body trembling, and I knew she couldn't hold that position forever. I waited for her next move.

It came soon, when she carefully moved away from me and righted herself. Then she sat back on my lap and slid her hands down my chest and stomach to my waist. She fumbled at my belt buckle, undid it, and then unsnapped the button of my jeans.

"Wait a minute--" I began. I must say, I really didn't want her to stop, but I had to say something.

"I won't touch you there," she said. "I just want to see how excited you are. I promise I won't touch you like that unless you ask me to."

If I was going to protest, it was already too late. My pants were open and my red-hot cock had already made its way out of my boxers. Kendra's naked cunt was sitting just a couple of inches away. My dick was sticking straight up, and I saw a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip.

Kendra kept her word and did not touch my erection. She just looked at it for a while, with an expression of pure lust on her face. She licked her lips, then slid slowly down and backward, moving off my lap and toward the floor. Soon she was kneeling on the floor in front of me, her hands at my sides and her face right in line with my dick. Kendra licked her lips again, then opened her mouth slightly and moved forward.

"Just say the word," she whispered.

I threw my head back and gasped, desperately trying to force the word "no" out of my mouth, but not finding the coherence to do so. I wanted her so badly, and I knew it was wrong, which only made me hotter. I reached for her head, knowing I must put an end to this before she took me in her, but to my surprise Kendra stopped before I could touch her.

Keeping her promise, Kendra did not go down on me. Well, not fully, anyway. I felt her steaming breath enveloping my shaft with long, heavy exhalations. I knew I'd have to stop her if she touched me. Yes. I'd have to. But for now she was just breathing on me. I looked down and about came when I saw how close she really was.

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