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Janie's Summer at Camp

by divergirlxoxo©

This story is a sequel to the Janie Does College series.

Summer was approaching quickly and I was getting restless. I had just turned 21, and was looking forward to a break from college coursework. Summer school was definitely not on my list of "Things to Do This Summer". A few of my friends were applying for summer internships or work as lifeguards, or camp counselors.

Luckily, I found a job as a swim instructor for a camp across the Country. The position was offered to me by a prestigious all-girls camp located in the New England wilderness. Since they offered to pay room, board, airfare, and a small stipend, I jumped at the opportunity to travel.

I was about four weeks into the ten week program when I met Karen. She was hired as a sailing instructor and like many of the camp counselors, was from the UK. Karen arrived late to her position because of a conflict with her college courses. Everyone at the camp welcomed her, but employee cliques had already been established by that time. Since no one seemed interested in her, I started trying to get to know her.

Karen was about six years older than me, but she had a youthful face. Only her eyes showed that at a few years away from 30, she had experienced a lot in life. She was a similar height, maybe 5'6", with light brown hair that hung in loose curls to her shoulders. The first physical characteristic that I noticed about Karen was her eyes; they sparkled with an amazing blue hue. Her nose had a slight up-turn, and her skin was fair but without freckles.

Being from Scotland, she had an extremely thick accent which I later learned was more of the "country-talk." It sounded very rough and she used slang and profanity profusely. But her smile was sweet and she knew how to turn her accent down and cut the profanity around the kids.

Karen seemed quite interested in me. We loved to compare philosophies on society, morals/ethics, and pop-culture. We spent enough time together that when our day-off rolled around, it was assumed we would spend it together, as far away as possible from those screaming brats!

When our shifts ended that evening we called for a taxi to take us into town. There was only one bar in town, located next to the sole movie theater. For a Friday night, the town seemed dead, but then I remembered just how remote we were actually living.

"Aye guess this's as gooode a place ahs ainy ta git pissed," she said in her Scottish accent as we walked up to the entrance to Spud's Bar.

Despite the lack of cars in the parking lot, there were about twenty people in the bar, and most of them were male. Only a few women were inside, and all looked to be approaching 40 years old. All eyes turned away from their drinks, pool cues, or conversations to ogle the fresh female meat walking though the door. Two men in their early 30s glanced up from the pathetic-looking jukebox.

Karen smiled confidently; I on the other hand, was a little shyer. At that point in my life, I was dating my first real boy-friend, and had only had one lesbian experience with a woman named Kelly (see my other story).

I flipped my long dark hair over my shoulder as we walked into the bar. Naturally I am blonde so I have fair skin and Caucasian features. My college days saw me with dyed dark hair because it gave my youthful features some edge. It also made my green eyes really stand out.

Karen and I dressed fairly casual, our hair was down. Her hair was wavy and unruly as usual and she wore jeans with a baby-blue top. She had on her Doc Marten's of course. I also wore jeans, but my shirt was jet black and low-cut. I had put make-up on, but Karen rarely wore any. I did notice she had applied some peach eye shadow and sparkly lip gloss for the occasion.

"D'ye fancy a drink?" she asked as we approached the bar. Scottish people have a way of asking questions and not waiting for an answer. She handed me a drink before I told her yes. I was rather mesmerized by the bartender, a tall, dark, and handsome type.

"Let's go put on some real music," she said as we walked over to the two men at the jukebox. I still felt all the eyes in the room on us, but I started to loosen up. Karen flipped through the CD collection in the jukebox, complained about the lack of titles, and flirted with the two men.

"Ag, theey'r's no fuckin' Iggy Pop?" she declared in mock outrage. She started up a conversation with the men. Appaently Jeb and Matt, as there names turned out to be, were both contractors from the neighboring town. They were doing a project at the Williams' mansion.

Jeb was tall and built like a swimmer. He had smooth grey eyes, light brown hair, some blonde/grey stubble and long sideburns.

Matt was shorter and stockier than Jeb, built more like a rugby player. He had immense fore-arms covered by a few conspicuous tattoos, and lovely lashes surrounding hazel eyes.

"The Williams' put us up in the hotel upstairs during the week, but we go home on the weekends," Jeb explained.

"Well, it's Friday, so, why'r ye here den?" Karen quipped. She had this way of staring people directly in the eye, unwavering.

Jeb seemed lost in her eyes so the quieter one, Matt, spoke. "Why should we go home to nagging girl-friends when we can get drunk cheap out here?" he chuckled.

Jeb told us that they were close friends with the bartender, Evan, and offered to pick up our bar tab for the night. He knew our jobs at the camp paid close to nothing. Karen acted unimpressed but smiled anyway. All four of us walked over to the bar for refills.

I noticed Evan staring at me. He was about 32, very masculine, with a heavy angular jaw and a 5-o'clock shadow. His eyes were amazingly dark and piercing. He reminded me of George Clooney.

As the night wore on, we all got to know each other, but Matt and Jeb talked mostly to Karen. Of course they both glanced at my cleavage from time to time, but they were intrigued by Karen's blue eyes and thick accent. I couldn't blame them, she was HOT!

Evan, however, seemed to be burning holes through me with his eyes. It almost unnerved me, but whenever I would catch him staring, his face softened into a handsome smile. His grins made me feel bashful, juvenile, and virginal. The more drinks he poured me, the more I loosened up.

Karen's laughs were loud, but as I glanced around the bar, I noticed none of the other patrons seemed to mind. By that time in the night we almost had the place to ourselves. Karen and I were both tipsy, even though she had consumed twice as many drinks as I had.

Through my haze, I realized Jeb had placed a large hand on Karen's upper thigh. Matt sat behind her on a bar stool and she seemed to be leaning back against his chest. Matt reached up and began to play with Karen's curly mane, gently tugging on it. Karen looked me in the eye and grinned; she loved the attention. She seemed to be asking me a question with her eyes. We had not discussed a plan of getting home, nor had we made hotel reservations.

As the last group of patrons left, Evan walked over and locked the front door behind them.

"Shall we girls be off?" Karen asked, about to collect her things.

"Oh no, I just don't want anymore customers coming in this late, as I have to close out the register. You girls can stay and drink the whole night if you want to," Evan said. On his way back to the bar he dropped a coin in the jukebox slot. It started playing "Shook Me All Night" by AC/DC.

Karen and I lit up in unison.

"I love this song!" we both shrieked. The volume was high, and we started dancing next to the bar. Jeb and Matt helped us up onto the bar after a positive nod from Evan.

Karen and I were gyrating, giggling, and at one point Karen slapped my ass as we danced. When the lyrics pounded out, "Knockin' me out with those American thighs," Karen pulled me close and squeezed my legs hard. All the guys burst out laughing and cheered.

Before I knew what was happening, Karen had her arms around my neck and her face was right close to mine. My heart was pounding fast as I realized maybe Karen, like me, was bisexual. Then she confirmed my inkling by pulling her shirt over her head to expose a pale pink bra with white lace. The guys just went nuts, whistling and leering.

"Take it off!" Jeb chanted at us. I saw no harm in it; I mean my bra was a full-coverage black bra, no different from a bikini top. With that thought in mind, I unbuttoned the front of my shirt as I freaked on Karen. Evan just stared up at me and smirked as he finished rinsing pint glasses.

I found myself enjoying the feeling of being watched, especially by Evan. He came off as being dominant, confident, and sexy. I also noticed that when he looked up at the two of us dancing, he was really only looking at me.

Karen snaked her smooth arm out around my waist and brought her face to my ear.

"Shall we shag 'em?" I thought she was kidding but her eyes told me that she was dead serious. I just smiled at her, not knowing what to say. She was incredibly sexy and I loved dancing with her. I also got a big ego-boost from our handsome audience.

I looked down at Matt who had his palm on Karen's calf. Jeb was also mesmerized. When my gaze moved to Evan, his piercing eyes told me that he wanted me. It wasn't a pleading look, so much as one of hunger and determination. He was like a predator stalking prey that could not escape. His stare gave me goose bumps and I felt a rush of excitement go through me and end at my throbbing clit.

I love wearing tight jeans because I can rub my legs together and feel the crotch seam against my clit. I did this as Karen's hands moved all over my torso. Her arm grazed my nipple several times and caused it to harden under the thin fabric of my bra. Everyone could see that I was aroused: my nips were clearly visible, my face was flushed, and my eyelids were heavy.

Then Karen kissed me. She grabbed me rather abruptly and pulled me up against her body. She kissed me only once and then pulled back and looked deep into my eyes. I just sighed and closed me eyes, hoping she would kiss me again. She did and then I felt her hands wander up my back to my bra clasp. In one swift movement the clasp was undone, and my bra dangled from my shoulders. Karen moved the cups aside so she could feel my large breasts in her palms.

I was afraid to open my eyes; maybe this was all an incredibly erotic dream and I would wake up. I decided to take one peak though, and saw Evan staring up at me as he leaned against the bar. Jeb and Matt were pulling at Karen's pant hem. I moved my trembling fingers to her fly and slowly undid the snap and zipper. Her loose jeans were tugged down around her ankles by Jeb and Matt.

I let my gaze travel all over her sexy body. She had milky white thighs, muscular legs, and a delicious curve to her hips. Her cute navel was adorned with a metal ring and there was a small sunflower tattoo peaking out above her panty line. As she danced, her tattoo appeared fully, about the size of a silver dollar.

Karen kicked off her shoes, followed by her crumpled jeans, and moved me to my knees. We kissed a few more times and then I felt strong arms helping me onto my back. It was then that I realized Evan was helping me to lie on the bar.

Karen undid the fly of my jeans, and I wiggled out of them so I was naked except for my black thong underwear. My breathing was heavy as Karen moved between my legs to lie on top of me. She moved her hand to my crotch and stroked two fingers along the length of my slit, feeling how wet my panties had become.

"I think she fancies a shag, gentlemen," Karen purred. I just moaned as she played with the thin crotch of my panties.

Evan started stroking my hair. "Well, a Slut like that deserves a good fucking," he told her. Having him talk like that about me to Karen as if I wasn't even there turned me on so much. The buzzing in my clit spread out across my pubes. Evan continued to tug on my hair and then lowered his mouth over my right nipple. He sucked on it for a moment before pulling away and having it "pop" out of his mouth. His saliva shone on the nipple, making it look even more tantalizing. I just groaned urgently. Evan showed no signs of loosing control: his breath was steady, his demeanor was calm. He laid a heavy hand on my stomach.

Meanwhile, Jeb and Matt pawed at Karen's ass, rubbed their cocks through their jeans, and leered at us. Karen arched her back, scooted forward, and smiled at me.

When Evan took my right nipple back into his mouth, Karen sampled the left one. I had two people enjoying my 38D breasts at the same time! Karen broke away and moved between my legs again.

She pulled my panties down to expose my completely shaven cunt to the audience.

"What a pretty cunt," she whispered. I usually have a small patch of hair down there, but since my work uniform basically consisted of a swimsuit, I had reverted to shaving it bare. All of the men had their eyes on my pussy. I actually felt my pussy get wetter as Evan glared intensely at me and deftly tweaked on my nipples. He expertly rolled my buds between his fingers, making me gasp.

"What a Little Slut," Evan said flatly. "You like your nipples pulled, huh, Little Slut?" he continued. I just moaned in response.

"She must like it, her cunt is gushin'," Karen observed. I felt her fingers explore my womanhood, nudging my folds open and playing with the fluid that oozed out slowly. Then I felt her tongue rasp lightly against my clit. I cried out but Evan just covered my mouth with his own.

As he pulled away he said, "Shut up Slut, or I'll give you something to fill your mouth." He roughly shoved a thick finger into my mouth and all I could do was suck on it for all I was worth. My head spun with lust.

I glanced down my body and saw that Karen's ass was in the air, her panties were gone, and Jeb had moved behind her. He must have started to finger her because she began moaning encouragingly into my cunt.

"Oh yeah, finger my arse too," she instructed. Jeb complied, and I was rewarded for his behavior by having my clit sucked harder.

After a minute or so, Jeb hopped up on the bar behind her and loosened his belt. I couldn't see, but I was pretty sure he was feeding his massive boner into her pussy.

"Oh fuck," he gasped as he pumped in and out slowly, "you got a sweet snatch Scottish girl." He held her by the hips and worked up a steady rhythm. Karen just cursed into my pussy. Jeb pulled out and moved Karen's body closer to the bar surface. "You want me to drill your ass too?" he asked. She just gasped as Jeb struggled to fit his big dick into her backdoor. She howled when he entered her.

Matt was jerking off and watching the scene spread out in front of him, but he seemed impatient to get some action of his own. He moved close to Karen and offered his red-tipped cock to her to suck.

In the mean time, I was hypnotized by Evan. He was the only one still fully dressed; he didn't act like he was in a hurry to fuck. He just groped my body surely. One hand ran through my hair but when it got to the end, he closed his fist tightly and tugged back. My chin tilted back exposing my neck and my back arched. It was almost painful but it felt so good.

"You like some pain with that pleasure, Slut?" Evan whispered. It didn't sound like a question so much as an order. I nodded slightly and stared up at him with my big green eyes. "You never had a Master dominate you, huh Slut?" Evan murmured. I shook my head and pleaded at him with my eyes. I wanted him to dominate me so badly but I didn't know how to ask for it.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Karen was in the finger-cuff scenario and my pussy was splayed before her. Karen was now distracted from eating my cunt by Matt. Also, Jeb pounding her ass made it hard for her to concentrate on eating my pussy. Jeb was sweating and grunting behind her, Matt was watching intently as her pink tongue moved over his cockhead.

Just then, Jeb started groaning loudly and convulsing. He held her tighter.

"Yes, fill my arse with cum," Karen yelped. Jeb humped her hard and slapped her ass cheeks a few times before collapsing over her back.

Karen's eyes were glazed over and her body suddenly tensed. She bit her lower lip and frantically stroked Matt's cock. She was climaxing; I couldn't pull my eyes away. Jeb still had his quickly-softening cock in her ass. He slipped it from her body and backed away. In an instant, Matt was behind her, inching his swollen prick into her snatch.

"Hold up, Mate, I need to switch positions. Me knees're killin' me," she said. Karen gave my clit a final kiss before climbing off the bar.

I was so close to orgasm, so it was disappointing to lose her attention. Luckily, Evan was there to slide two very thick fingers into my waiting hole. I was so wet, my cunt oozed. Evan calmly gathered some of my honey onto his fingers before licking them clean. This only aroused me further.

"A good Little Slut has such sweet cunt juice, she'll want to taste it herself," he said and offered me some newly wetted digits. I couldn't refuse so I opened my mouth to accept his fingers. I wondered if he would have forced me to taste them if I had refused. He was right though, I did taste sweet. Musky. Tangy. Salty.

When he put his fingers back into my cunt a third time, he hooked them right up against my G-spot. I shrieked and tried to squirm away but Evan's strong arms held me still.

"You'll take my fingers and like it Little Slut," he groaned. My struggling caused him to become aroused, I could see it in his eyes.

His fingers felt very intense as he pressed them against the front of my vagina. He continued to tug on my hair with one hand as he finger-fucked me with the other. His eyes burned into me.

"Let's see how wet you can get, my Little Slut," he murmured. Just then he torqued his longest finger against my cervix and held it there firmly. Deep inside my cunt my orgasm began to rise. Evan's relentless ministrations had me seeing stars and I actually felt tingling in my extremities. Waves of pleasure washed over me.

"Cum for me, my Slut. I want to feel your juices shoot," he demanded. I whimpered in defeat as girlie-cum gushed out and soaked his hand. "Good, Slut, gooood," he praised as I rode out my climax. God, his fingers were deep!

As my orgasm subsided, Evan released my hair and I realized he must have been pulling rather hard because my scalp was slightly sore. But it felt good and I smiled up at him submissively.

I looked up to see Karen straddling Matt on top of the billiard table. His huge cock stood straight up. She grabbed it with one hand and smoothly lowered her cunt over it in cowgirl position.

"Oh fuck!" Matt exclaimed, "I'm gonna fuck you hard Scottish girl!" Without warning, he started bucking upwards like a bronco. Karen squealed and wailed but humped down just as hard as he humped up. Matt grabbed her fleshy hips and held her in place while he rammed in and out of her in double-time.

"Ahh, ahh, ahhh," Karen groaned in time to his short thrusts.

Matt pulled her sexy white ass cheeks apart for all to see her pink sphincter. Karen's whole crack was wet from Jeb's cum.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from where the two were connected in the act of sex. Karen's pussy was so wet and pink; the lips were stretched wide around his thick tool. Matt had a beautiful cock with large veins over the shaft and not very much pubic hair. Karen also shaved so the moisture at their union made a bright shine.

Jeb just watched them fuck and coaxed his cock back to life.

I was pulled out of my trance by Evan. He moved me down from the bar and bent me over a stool. The stool cushion was plush, so I could press my body to it comfortably and have my tits spill over the edge. Evan rubbed my ass and gave each cheek a squeeze. He began to slap my ass. He increased his spanking force until he made my buttocks jiggle.

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