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Nude Beach Bride Ch. 03

by sirhugs©

My right hand ended up on Espy's left breast. My left hand cupped Gaby's right leg just above the knee. My face was buried deep between Jazzy's thighs. I felt skin rubbing against my cock through my shorts, gradually realizing that it was Jazzy's foot. I was less quick to figure out whether she was struggling to get out from under me, or intending to arouse me even more than I already was.

It seemed that Jazzy was on the bottom of the pile, though we were all twisted together. Gaby was the Queen of the castle, with more of her on top. Espy's body was sandwiched between Gaby and me, but where I was trapped face down, she was looking upwards, and her head was lower than mine. She murmured appreciatively as I massaged her flesh, not even thinking, merely obeying my reflexes. It seemed natural when she rolled over and kissed me, although this knocked my bride from my grasp, sending her sprawling off the top of the mound.

"What the fu....." Gaby was shocked back to reality. As I in turn shifted to a sitting position, I wondered briefly whether she was about to once again run screaming to our room, as she had when confronted by a similar situation in the bush.

And run off she did. Except this time, she ran in long graceful strides that spoke of joy. She was halfway down the beach, and turned back to yell at us, "Last one to our room mixes drinks."

Then I lost sight of her in the night, her pale skin fading in the shadows.

I had pulled myself up into a sitting position by then, allowing Espy and Jazzy to stand, shaking sand out of their clothes, and crevices. As Jazzy pulled her sarong casually away from her body, my cock again stirred in appreciation. I glanced down and confirmed it had not burst out of my shorts, though the zipper had been either forced open by the weight of my tumescence, or one of the blondes had acted quickly while I was distracted.

Neither of them gave any indication that they intended to take advantage of me out on the beach, however. First Espy, then Jaz, ran off in pursuit of my bride, giggling as they left me well behind. After a moment, I took off as well, but did not try to pass them, judging my pace so that I reached the room just a step or three behind. I figured that being bartender would both be a nice subservient gesture, and would allow me a few minutes as a voyeur, while events unfolded. Perhaps Jazzy's fantasy of she and I watching Espy seduce Gaby might yet come true.

By the time I got into the room, Gaby was already disrobing. I paused to watch, marveling over how my shy bride, in just a couple of days, had shed her inhibitions, not bothering to close the doors as she stripped totally and climbed into the shower.

"This is great to rinse the sand off. Who wants to join me?" she called.

I looked at the girls. They looked at me, as if wondering whether I was about to claim first dibs. Jazzy broke the standoff, shoving Espy onto the bed with one hand and pushing me towards Gaby. As my momentum carried me to the bathroom, I struggled quickly out of my clothes.

My wife greeted me under the pulsating steamy spray with handfuls of lather. She soaped up my chest, and then spun us around, the water running down my chest and shoulders as she backed me up against the wall. She rinsed her hands quickly and began stroking my hard cock with both hands, gripping it around the root and pulling hard, as if stretching me. My tip began teasing her labia, which opened gradually like petals responding to the morning visit of a friendly bee stinger. I sensed that in a moment I might lose our bet, but would she still abandon the resort rather than going nude on the mandatory day?

"Look at them," Gaby moaned, interrupting my thoughts. I followed her eyes over to the bed, where Jazzy was pleasuring Espy with practiced kisses all around her inner thighs.

"Do you think you'd like some of that?" I asked.

This caused Gaby to pause, as she considered the issue. She looked down at her own swollen tits, with her nipples so hard they stuck out like diamonds.

"Obviously, the idea excites me. But still, I don't feel ready yet. Maybe because this is my honeymoon, or, maybe..." she stopped without completing the thought.

I swung her out of the shower, like she was the loose end of a line in crack the whip. Water sprayed all around as she was flung all the way to the bed, falling on top of the exhausted blondes.

"I think we should eat something. You haven't eaten in almost a full day." I called room service for an express fruit platter.

While we waited, my attention was diverted still to the bed where Espy had rolled over into a doggy position. My cock pulsed harder in Gaby's hands. She grinned up at me. "Wishing you were over there yourself?" she asked.

"It is a great view," I replied, "but let's finished your thought. Why else aren't you ready to try girl sex?"

Gaby stepped back, releasing her grip on my shaft. The gap between us now made accidental violation of the limits of the game unlikely. My bride blushed, again displaying that shyness I liked, but at the same time longed to corrupt.

"Um, er ..." she stammered.

Just then room service arrived. The tiny but shapely serving girl was a welcome change from the portly waiter of the prior day.

"How old are you, little one?" Jazzy boldly inquired, encouraged no doubt by the way in which the ebony maid was staring at the blondes on the bed.

"Nineteen next week, Ma'am," she squeaked.

"Old enough to..." Espy giggled.

Despite the dark skin, I saw the girl blush. "I know what you are thinking, Ma'am. They fired Yanic Monday for sexing the guests. I need my job. I got three brothers to support at home."

"Well, they can't fire you if you just watch can they?" Gaby responded. I was once again shocked by my bride's boldness.

"I ...I ...guess not," the girl agreed.

"What's your name?" Gaby asked gently, steering the youth to the end of the bed.

"Cassie, Ma'am," she replied meekly, sitting next to my bride.

As Gaby and I grazed the fruit platter, Jazzy pulled a big tote bag, which I recognized as Espy's, out from under our bed.

"How did that get here," I thought, meaning not to say it out loud, so I was surprised when Gaby replied.

"Espy brought it over earlier. She said she wanted to show me some toys."

"Did that tempt you too?"

Gaby turned a darker shade of crimson as Jazzy's hand emerged from Espy's bag of tricks grasping a bundle of straps attached to a huge plastic cock. Though I had never seen a strap on except in movies, I knew that this was what Espy was about to enjoy. Jazzy began wrapping the straps around her hips like a practiced performer. My cock was so excited; it almost grew enough to bridge the gap to Gaby's cunt.

"I was excited by the toys, but I really discovered I wanted to share them with you."

"You wanted to fuck my ass with that dildo?"

"Nooo, silly. I wanted you to watch me play."

"And what girl would you think of as you played?" I asked to get back to the topic of a moment before, even as I edge closer so that my mushroom was rubbing against Gaby's belly, and her nipples were drilling into my chest.

I felt Cassie's breath warm my cockhead. She was sitting just a few inches away, unable to take her eyes off of my cock for long, but also fascinated by Jazzy's actions.

There was yet another pause as we watched Espy humping back against Jazzy's fierce thrust. Espy was already so wet, the plastic cock had smoothly entered her cunt in a single deep push, and now the twosome rocked violently. Jazzy had to grasp Espy's tits as handles to avoid being tossed off.

Espy began groaning, her tempo and volume increasing. I sensed that soon, the groans would merge into a single climactic scream.

Cassie fingers moved slowly, one hand teasing with the edge of her skirt, and the other fingers lightly caressing her erect nipples through her stiff grey uniform. I noticed that the dress had a zipper down the front. Taking Gaby's hand in mine, I used my wife to undo Cassie's top. A bounty of ripe young cleavage burst into display, supported by a lacy shelf bra. Gaby jumped back, as if afraid of getting struck in the eye by Cassie's rock hard nipples. I noticed that Gaby kept glancing at the other women, but then would close her eyes before touching herself.

Suddenly, a light bulb lit up bright in my brain. "It's Carla you want, isn't it," I said to Gaby, "you want to be eaten by your best friend, by your maid of honour."

"It isn't so much that I want her," Gaby mumbled, looking down, which meant she was staring at my cock, resurgent once again to greater heights than ever.

"It's more that I think I owe to her to be my first, she's wanted me for so long, and I've resisted her," Gaby admitted, now redder than ever. She looked up and away, but this brought her eyes over to the bed again, where Espy and Jazzy simultaneously collapsed with a roar. "Now I'm afraid that these girls are turning me on so much, I might not be able to wait. Maybe I should just fuck you to take the edge off."

"What about our bet?" I asked.

"Screw the bet," Gaby replied.

I laughed then, seeing a solution. "What about trying out the toys to take the edge off?"

"Perfect," laughed Gaby.

"What about you, Cassie, do you like toys?" Gaby asked.

"The only toys I know are my little brothers." Again she blushed. "Sometimes, I do special services for the men guests to get extra tips to buy them new ones."

"Do you ever earn tips from women guests?" Gaby inquired. As they talked, I eased Cassie's dress off, and pulled her to a standing position, letting it fall to the floor. Her brief panties matched her bra. All four of us paused and gasped at the girl's perfect body.

"Women tip better, at least for what they want from me," Cassie admitted, her voice growing in strength.

"And what is it that they want?" asked Gaby, her fingers caressing her own breast. Cassie copied the motion, brushing the bra cup away to bare her left nipple, and then tweaking it gently before replying. "They each want different things. Most that wants me in a three-way with their men. They get very disappointed when I tell them no fucking, only sucking. Then they usually change their minds and want to just watch."

She paused, blushing all over her body, but also shrugged her bra completely off and gave her right nipple some attention. "Though some jump straight to asking whether I will eat them, or sometimes, they just want to taste me. None have just wanted to play with toys before."

"Well, that's all we want today," I said, turning back to check on Jazzy and Espy.

Only then did I realize that I had turned down a chance to consummate my marriage and still have my bride go nude on National Nude Day. I didn't hear Cassie's response when Gaby asked whether Cassie ever agreed to the pussy eating requests.

I shrugged, amused at my actions, and hurried over to watch the toy play. I flopped in the handy overstuffed armchair just as Jazzy dug into Espy's magic tote and handed Gaby a very realistic but large rubber purple phallus. It had to be ten inches long, and was too thick for Jazzy to get her fingers fully around.

"Oh my good, that's fat." I ejaculated the words out of my brain through my lips without editing.

"Been conducting a survey, Seth?" teased Jazzy.

"Well, Seth has nothing to be ashamed of in the size department anyhow," Espy added.

"And Espy HAS been conducting a survey, up close and personally," Jazzy continued.

We all doubled over in giddy laughter except for Gaby, who was still staring at the dildo in Jazzy's fist, a puzzled look on her face. "How do I start?" she asked in a little girl voice.

"I'll show you. Espy can be my demonstration aid."

As Jazzy searched the depths of the tote bag, Espy began licking her own juices off of the fake cock which was still strapped around Jazzy's hips. As she worked, she made eye contact with Gaby, as if daring her to join in. I found myself wishing that one of them would do that for me, not even caring which one. At that moment, the marriage, fidelity, the fact that this was my honeymoon, all were forgotten. Without even realizing what I was doing, I began stroking my cock.

Cassie and Gaby were snuggled closely together, Cassie licking my bride's neck as they both watched Jazzy. A shiver ran through Gaby's body as she flicked her eyes across from Espy, at the head of the bed, to me in the chair. She tentatively rubbed the head of the fake cock across her slit as she dreamily caressed her own breast. Her tongue darted across her lips. Her fingers roamed along Cassie's body, as if they had a life of their own, separate from Gaby's mind.

"I can't suck that," she told Espy, almost apologetically.

"Then suck Seth, I bet he'd like that."

Before Gaby could act, or respond, Jazzy exclaimed triumphantly, "I knew this was in there somewhere. Espy never travels without it."

Her hand emerged from the tote brandishing a shiny vibrator equipped with a smaller secondary finger sized tool branching out of the fat main cylinder.

"What's that for?" Gaby asked.

"The little one stimulates the clit directly while I fuck myself with the vibrating tube," Espy explained. "Watch how Jazzy uses it, and then sort of copy it."

"After a while, you can close your eyes and lay back, just do what comes naturally," Jazzy said reassuringly as Espy undid the straps holding the earlier weapon in place, making room for Jazzy to ease the new toy between her soaked thighs.

We all watched as Jazzy stabbed the vibrator between her labia several times, just as calmly as if she was in a dark bedroom alone, ignoring our presence even as she stared at Gaby, daring her to follow along. Then Jazzy buried the toy deep inside her cunt, holding it in place for at least two minutes.

Jazzy began moaning desperately as the buzzing tip massaged her clit. Maybe it was the excited look on Jazzy's face which gave Gaby the confidence to push the head of the purple cock through the gates of her pussy, and thrust it inside, going deeper with each stroke.

Cassie slid out of Gaby's embrace and slid across the bed, adding her tongue to the sex games, licking Jazzy's ass, first cleaning up the juices flowing out along her thighs, but shocking even Jazzy by then thrusting her pink tip deep into Jazzy's back hole. She started pumping it in, out and around as if it was a cock. This was the answer to the earlier question about how far she would go to earn tips.

My hand was now flying along my shaft, curling around the mushroom at the top of each stroke, my fingers teasing the sensitive flap under my cockhead. My pee slit was gasping open, as if trying to breathe. I could feel my balls tightening, my load getting ready to explode.

"Faster..." Jazzy instructed, closing her eyes as if to signal that her next climax was also building.

Espy grabbed the hard dildo from the strap on and frantically started fucking herself, her hips leaping off the bed as she tried to catch up.

My wife, despite her inexperience with the toy, had quickly figured out how to use her fingers to stretch her pussy lips wider, stretching them open for the dildo, to fuck herself more fully. Gaby now had her head tossed back, her eyes also closed, tongue hanging loose on her lips as the toy thrust deeper into her cunt, each stroke increasing the tempo. I could see moisture flooding out of her slit, coating her thighs.

"God, this feels so good, it's stretching me so much," she sighed. She drove the toy in and out faster as she got used to the feel of it. "I feel like such a nasty little slut, like I have a strange cock fucking my cunt, filling me fuller than I've ever been stuffed before."

She reddened again, her old self-consciousness returning. "Oh, gee, I'm sorry Seth...I don't mean that your cock is small or anything...."

Espy giggled at that, "No, I think we can all see that Seth has quite enough meat to fill any girl as much as she really needs."

This allowed Gaby to relax again, and she ran her free hand across her nipples, and then squeezed the tip between her fingers, drawing it away from her body and twisting. Espy and Jazzy suddenly were following Gaby's lead, playing with their tits as they fucked themselves. Cassie was locked between Jazzy's thighs, but also had a hand free, and was dramatically fisting her tight pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit. The sight of clear fluids shiny on her black skin made me shiver so hard I had to look away.

But then, I was hypnotized by the sight of Jazzy ramming the buzzing clit stimulator against her love button. Her whole body tensed as wave after wave of pleasure made her bounce up off the bed, but she never slowed down.

Jazzy glanced across at her pupil without missing a stroke. "Slide a couple of fingers above the dildo and caress your clit," she advised Gaby, who followed along. I noticed that Espy copied the action.

I suspected that Jazzy might already have climaxed, but that wasn't stopping her from wanting more. She did pause though to reach into Espy's tote again.

Cassie took that moment to slip off the bed. Glancing quickly at Gaby, Cassie began stroking my shaft. She bent over to lick it, but, unsure of where my bet stood, I whispered, "Let's just watch."

Jazzy dragged a short pointy rubber object out of the tote.

"Oh my god, the butt plug," Espy gasped. Cassie, Gaby and I froze. I was fascinated. My bride looked stunned again, as she had each time Jazzy had escalated the adventure. Yet I knew that each time tonight, she had ended up being an enthusiastic participant, just on her own terms.

"Have you ever ass fucked?" Jazzy asked Gaby.

"No," Gaby breathed in a tiny voice.

"Double penetration is especially intense," Espy explained, "let me show you."

She rolled over once again onto all fours. She continued fucking herself with the rigid cock in her fist. Jazzy took a moment to coat the butt plug, using some of Espy's own juices which were flowing freely between her thighs. Jazzy also took enough time to lick up some of the surplus, making Espy writhe in joy. She then rolled her tongue around Espy's anus, using Espy's own juices as lube to ready her for the next stage, and also teasing her rectum open with soft flicks of her tongue.

I glanced back and forth between them and Gaby, who, after brief hesitation, was once again twisting the purple cock deep inside her pussy. Both Gaby and I stared intently as Jazzy slowly worked the tip of the plug through the tight ring of muscle guarding Espy's anus, and then gently probed deeper. The tapered toy slid easily inside. Jazzy twisted it, and then edged it out again. Espy spread her legs wider, giving us a clear view of both toys pleasing her two holes.

Cassie continued fisting herself with one hand and my cock with the other.

I wondered briefly whether Jazzy would like me to fill her third hole with my pulsing cock, but then decided that Gaby really deserved my load instead.

Jazzy never paused in either fucking Espy or shifting the vibrator around the edges of her soaked cunt. Soon, she began thrusting the tip hard against her clit, without slowing her attack on Espy, who in turn began thumbing her clit as she stroked the dildo deep into her cunt, obviously timing it so that she achieved maximum fullness as both toys were buried at once.

"I never knew anal could look like so much fun," Gaby moaned, "maybe we should try it someday."

She had a pair of fingers on either side of the dildo, stretching her pussy open, and then she began copying Espy, flicking her thumb across her own clit.

"I'm soooooo close," sighed Jazzy, without letting up on any of her activities.

Espy mumbled something, maybe, "me too."

Gaby just groaned loudly, her eyes glazed over, unfocussed.

Precum was now seeping from my slit. I used it as lubricant, squeezing the fleshy bulb, wondering which pair of extraordinary tits I ought to anoint with my cream. Would Gaby be upset if it wasn't hers? Would she lick my sperm off another girl? Would she prefer that Cassie or Jazzy or Espy clean her?

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