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Double The Pleasure...

by Sstugatz©

My wife. What a bitch.

I trusted her for eight years until we went on vacation in St.-Martin. We traveled frequently, and she's always been very popular with the men, but particularly more this time it seemed. The resort we were staying in was quite crowed, and there were quite a few groups of youngsters hanging by the pool, with their eyes always on my wife. I could tell they were attracted – hell, who wouldn't – she's a stunning five foot nine beauty with long brown hair, a toned body and fantastic large breasts; and I knew that she was enjoying all of the attention – but I didn't know how much she was enjoying it.

After a few days in the resort we had started to meet other couples in vacation and were having a good time, wining and dining at the many restaurants, and going for some drinks well into the night, sometimes alone, sometimes with some people we met. That night – Emily (my wife) had invited John and Jane, a couple from the friendly northern country of Canada to hang out with us after dinner to my great disarray, as they were possibly the most boring people I was given to encounter. Anyway, I was mostly focused on the two guys sitting by the bar who seemed to interact with her every time she'd get up for drinks.

Every time she'd come back giggling with drinks for everyone. I could tell she was up to something as the whole time we sat with John and Jane, she would always volunteer to go get our drinks and they'd talk and obviously flirt with her. I have read in several pornographic magazines that the most popular fantasy amongst married men is to watch their wife get fucked by another man – it isn't mine. My wife and I have great sex – or at least I thought so up to now.

I was pretty sure Emily would always remain faithful to me but as I saw one of the men touch her stomach, my trust (and ego) took a hit. I had seen enough. While she was still at the bar, I proposed to John and Jane to go back to their room and play some cards out on the balcony. They were delighted by the idea and I walked up to Emily to let her know we were going to John and Jane's place, and we'd catch up with her later if she wanted to continue hanging out by the bar. She was a little surprised at first that I'd neglect her in my plans but didn't flinch as I left the bar.

We walked to John and Jane's room and just before we got it – I faked to feel a little ill from the drinks and today's sun and quickly excused myself. I knew they wouldn't go back out and I was now free to spy on my wife's activities.

I sat in the building across from the one where our room was and waited. Surely enough, after a few short minutes, Emily was on her way, holding the black man she was with by the hand, and the white man she was with by… the inside of his shorts. The trio was giggling loudly and obviously having a very good time together.

They arrived at the room's door and she quickly had a look around before letting them both in. The light inside opened and that was my cue to walk to the window and have a peek inside.

They had wasted no time in removing my wife's top, and while one was kissing and sucking her tits from the front, the other was behind her enjoying a good rubbing through his trousers. She had her head tilt back; her eyes closed and was moaning already while caressing roughly the black man's cock behind her.

The one caressing her tits casually slid her bikini bottom down, exposing her nicely trim twat. At that point I was burning in anger watching this show but couldn't help but to feel the massive erection growing in my pants. I couldn't believe what my wife was doing and I wondered where she would stop. Or if, she would stop.

The black man behind her wasted no time and placed his hand over my wife's hot pussy lips and she screamed in surprise. She titled back and kissed him. She then knelt down, and proceeded to pull both man's shorts down one after the other. Her facial expression revealed exactly what I was thinking. I had never seen such big dicks in my entire life, not even in the pornos her and I watched together. She took the white man's dick in her mouth while he removed his shirt, and fondled the black man's balls with her free hand. They were both smiling incredibly and calling my wife a "hot bitch". She was kissing, sucking and licking the whole length of the white man's shaft and the black man's throbbing fuckpole wanted some attention as well, so he took a step closer and placed it right in front of my wife's face. She let go of the white man's dick and wasted no time in taking the black man's cock in her mouth.

He was very aggressive, it was almost as if he was fucking her face and thrusting to get deeper into my wife's throat with each thrust. The man lifted her from behind, and placed her down on all fours on the bed, so she could still suck his friend's cock while he licked her from behind. I could tell she was terribly excited to be giving head while receiving it, from two strangers, none the less!

The white man licked and fingered her pussy from behind for a couple minutes and she kept sucking the black man's incredibly long cock. Before long, the white man stood on his knees behind her and started to invade my wife's poor little pussy with his stiff meat. I wanted her to stop, I wanted to go in there and tell him to stop fucking my wife; but I knew I couldn't. They were both stronger than me and if she had gone that far, she wouldn't want to stop.

She moaned loudly as he pushed the first inches of his cock inside her, but kept the black man's cock between her lips. He was spreading her ass checks wider he could, and keeping a steady pace invading my wife's tight pussy. He had by now shoved half his meat inside my wife that she was still screaming loudly and rocking back and forth on this stranger's tool. Both men exchanged a laugh and said something I couldn't hear.

He pushed another few inches inside of her and she grab a hold of the hard black cock in front of her and sucked it loudly. She had her eyes closed and was totally enjoying being used as a fuck toy by these two men. The man behind her let out a groan of his own and pushed his full stick deep inside her. I wondered if he wasn't going to break her in half. She stayed still in a silent scream for a moment; but it wasn't going to be long as the man pulled out and slid himself fully back into her slutty cunt in one powerful thrust. He slowly began a rocking motion and before I knew it, he was power fucking my helpless wife, who even had to give up sucking her other mate as she couldn't sustain the rhythm. He was fucking her incredibly hard and I wondered if he wasn't going to throw her off the bed with every thrust. She was moaning and screaming incredibly loud for the whole neighborhood to hear.

"Oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH, OH, OH, OH' FUCK ME, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEEEEE!" I heard her scream. My stiff cock was about to breakthrough my shorts.

He then slowed down a little and he and his black friend switched position. The white man placed his soaking cock in front of my slut wife's face and she licked it with all her might as the black man was placing himself at the entrance of my wife's swollen and dripping wet cunt.

He pushed half his monstrous prick inside her in one thrust and she gasped. His eyes rolled up to the sky as he pushed the other half of his ebony dick inside of my wife. The white man was fondling her big boobs with both hands as she sucked his dick and her black lover was fucking her slowly from behind. Emily's body was covered in sweat and was constantly shaking in pleasure.

The black man continued fucking my wife harder and harder and placed his thumb over my wife's ass hole. Emily and I had never explored with anal activities although I knew she had in her relationships before me. He didn't insert it inside her ass, he simply moved it gently at the knob, and after a few seconds of discomfort she seemed to be enjoying it. With every orifice of her body behind stimulated, she went into a ground-shaking orgasm and literally flooded the black man's cock with her pussy juices.

Both man exchanged a few words again and laughed. They both pulled out and the black man sat on the bed. My wife wanted so more and she followed by immediately sitting on his lap, taking his hard cock deep inside her pussy again. He licked and fondled her breasts as she rode him and she was moaning in ecstasy. The white man was stroking his cock behind and climbed onto the bed with them. I couldn't believe neither had cum yet – she was giving them the fucking of a lifetime and was no debutante at what she did.

She kept riding his huge black dick as the white man caressed her ass checks and finally inserted a finger inside. She was surprised and turned around to take a look at her lover. He rammed his finger aggressively inside her ass and Emily knew she'd be his slave no matter what she said. She was screamed at this double-treatment she was given, but I did see fear in her eyes for a second as the white man pulled his finger out of her juicy ass and placed the tip of his rock-hard shaft at the entrance of my wife's tight ass. He began sliding in her ass slowly and Emily stopped fucking the black cock in her pussy. She was hurting, nothing had been in her ass in years, and certainly nothing of that size had ever been in it. He didn't bother and simply continued plunging his selfish cock inside my wife's butt and sooner than I thought possible, he had buried his whole pole inside her. They paused for a second – and the black man in her pussy started moving a little. Emily screamed. She placed her hands on the black man's torso and they all started moving a little more.

I couldn't believe I was watching my wife with a cock in each hole through the window. I was so pissed.

The trio was now in full-blown fuck fest and Emily was screaming like an animal at the slaughter house again. She had two incredibly huge dicks fucking her at the same time and after the original discomfort of the cock up her ass, she was now enjoying it wildly. I was certain both of these men were getting the fucking of a lifetime. And by the look on both their face seemed to agree with me.

They increased the pace and all Emily could do was let them do their thing. She was a victim to their thrust as her pussy and ass were being raped by these men's huge pricks. Emily was holding and squeezing her dicks and I heard her pray they would never end. She was having orgasm after orgasm, squeezing these men's huge pricks with each of her orifices.

The black man's body convulsed and I knew he was shooting his jism into my wife's cunt. He was fucking her recklessly and didn't slow down as she shot deep inside her. She screamed for him to give her his love cream and the black man collapsed in exhaustion with his dick still inside her. The man fucking her ass was also nearing ecstacy and increased the pace of his fucking. Without notice, he started grunting and stopped, changing his position to shoot his load into my wife's ass. She was completely out of breath and he gave her a few more thrusts before pulling out.

They all laid together for a minute before she advised them that I might be back anytime soon and they should leave. I took this as a signal that my peeping tom role was over and I should head out not to be caught by these two guys who had just fucked my wife senseless.

Later when I entered the room, she was in the shower…

Written by: Sstugatz

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