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by EvaBlue©

As the hazy colors of dew
  stream down my window pane,
The sun breaks through
  the night and once again
I begin to think anew
  of how it all changed
That day, out of the blue;
  and know I'm the one to blame.
The picture I keep
  locked within my mind
Is of the final week
  we shared the light,
In love so deep,
  our hearts our sight;
Before it was bleak
  and I was bound by night.
And as I lay my head
  on the empty pillow
In the empty bed, I
  stare at the willow
Where we were wed,
  and how I could show-
Before I was dead-
  how much I love you so.

Written by: EvaBlue

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Category: Non-Erotic Poetry Submissions