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Mom's New Recipe

by WindUpSpace©

Mom looked up, "Just a second Nick."

"There's no time, she might stop soon."

Through the wall Alison's light voice sang dreamily, mom's hands were slipping on the Mag-Lite as she seemed determined to cum, there was only one thing to do, roll up my proverbial sleeves and help.

"God that was so hot Nick, you and your sister fuck so good."

I walked over to her, standing naked at the foot of the bed I grabbed the thick head of the flashlight and took over pumping it into my mom's cunt while she put one hand behind her head and began frigging her big clit with the other, her fingers wet with pussy juice, her tits rolled back and forth on her chest, one still slightly bigger and rounder than the other.

Alison kept singing to herself as my cock reached another strong erection watching my mom writhing on her bed like a bitch in heat, I began to calculate how much time we had since Alison did like to take long showers. I was pumping mom's cunt with the flashlight as I slowly bought my dick forward and began running the head of it up and down her sweaty asscrack, savouring the texture as it slid over my mom's asshole again and again with both her cheeks pressing against the sides.

Mom opened her eyes and stared into mine, though she seemed transfixed by all the stimulation she was getting. After a minute she closed her eyes and pushed her head back, her gorgeous stomach muscles flexed as did her shoulders, legs and arms. She convulsed several times while I pounded her with about 8 inches of thick Mag-Lite and succumbed to the temptation to press the head of my cock past her sphincter, which immediately squeezed down on it as she was cumming hard.

Alison was now singing to herself a hilarious off key version of "Black Tongue" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as mom's ass squeezed me out wetly and I immediately pushed the head back in. I then pulled the flashlight out in one motion and mom sat up with a shocked expression as her pussy shot me with a spray of clear liquid, I cupped my hand over her mouth and tried to press her back down, but she got her hands behind her and pushed her hips forward onto my cock, forcing more than half of it up her ass. Mom stared urgently into my eyes, her mouth still wide open underneath my hand, as I fucked her ass with the top half of my cock until she began to relax and sink back to the bed panting. After a moment she said "Oh fuck baby... We should have done this... a long time ago..."

I got down on top of her and kissed her lips, she put her tongue into my mouth and we carried on for maybe a minute, Alison's lilting voice now sang "Come Wander with Me," and I slowly sawed in and out of mom's ass. "Okay now you really have to get out of here." I said.

She looked blankly at the ceiling, seeming distracted, "okay."

Reluctantly, I withdrew my cock slowly from her asshole, stood up, and headed to my room. I looked around, then climbed into bed and passed out...

"...Nick! ...Nick!"

I rolled over, "What?"

The room was dark, it wasn't quite night. The light coming in through the blinds had turned my room into a black and white film set. Alison was peaking in the door, "Supper, we ordered Chinese."

At the mention of food I realized I was starving, and propped myself up on an elbow, "Okay," I said, squinting.

Alison hit the light switch and my room sprang into blinding colour around me, I sat up, Alison now gone, and realized I reeked of sex. I stood up and walked out toward the bathroom naked. I showered etc. and came downstairs where mom and Alison were sitting in the dimly lit living room watching a movie. "Hey sleepyhead," Mom said, "Come on sit down, I ordered you guys some Chinese."

"What movie is this?" I asked as I picked up the empty plate on the coffee table and sat next to Alison on the love seat.

"It's called High Fidelity, John Cusack's in it, do you want us to rewind?"

"No, that's okay." I said, dumping rice onto my plate

"You were out cold," Alison said, keeping her eyes on the screen and adding flatly, "you really must have worn yourself out today."

"Yeah, I was just really tired for some reason." I said

Alison leaned forward and held out her plate, I scooped some out for her and looked up to see her conspiratory grin, "Thanks brother."

I reached for another box and noticed a tall glass of milk on a coaster in front of me. I picked it up and took a long sip, looking over at mom as I drank deeply, tasting it was hers. She sat slouched on a nearby chair looking back at me with a subtle conspiratory smile on her lips.

With milk still on my lip I began scooping up soy sauce thinking, "Yup... Life is good."

Written by: WindUpSpace

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