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Mom is a Whore Ch. 2

by Tattletale©

Abandoned by my father, my beautiful mother Sylvia turned to prostitution to support herself. After returning from a hitch in the Army, I found her living in an expensive apartment on Park Avenue. She had built up a clientele of several hundred wealthy men who paid as much as one thousand dollars a night for her services.

After searching for a job without success, Mom recruited me to help her with her business. Her clients paid me to sit beside the bed and watch them fuck her. My first customer was a sixty year-old man who paid me one hundred dollars to watch him shove his cock into Mom's mouth and cunt. Their performance aroused me to the point that I accidentally creamed my jeans while I was toweling his jism from her statuesque body.

A few days later, another customer paid me even more to strip and jack off while I watched. I was so horny that I would have done it for nothing. After we came, Mom was paid to lick my spunk off of my chest and belly. Her tongue against my sensitive nipples and her big tits against my cock made me hard again. She earned another hundred by sucking me off. It was the best blow job I had ever had.

After Mom gave me that first blow job, I assumed that I would be getting it on a regular basis. That was not the case. When I went to her a few days later and asked for seconds, she said that she didn't think it would be proper. She had sucked me off for the money. It had been strictly business. "I really enjoyed it, but I think we should stay focused on what we are trying to accomplish," she said. "I also think you should save your energy for the orgy tomorrow night."

Mom called ten of her wealthiest customers and asked them if they would be interested in participating in a gang-bang that would begin with me fucking her for the first time. They were all interested and were willing to pay thousands of dollars to attend.

My nervousness increased as the big moment approached. I was afraid that I might not be able to get it up in front of so many people. There was also the possibility of a humiliating premature ejaculation. Would the psychological barrier of fucking my own mother be insurmountable? I tried to put all of the negative thoughts out of my mind.

Mom hired a maid, bartender and professional cameraman for the occasion. They arrived an hour early to set things up. Each of the participants in the orgy would receive a souvenir video and Mom wanted it to be top quality. Because so many people would be participating, we decided to hold the orgy in the spacious livingroom and had brought in a large bed just for the occasion.

The guests began to arrive. The maid handed them a number, served them a glass of champagne, and then ushered them into Mom's office to take care of business. I ducked into my room to wait until I was called to play my part.

I removed my clothes and stretched out on the bed. It was a struggle to keep my hands away from my slowly hardening cock. I was afraid that if I played with myself, I might get so hot that I would ejaculate prematurely. The sounds of music, laughter and the tinkle of ice in glasses filtered through the door. Suddenly it opened and a strange man was standing there. "All right, son, come on out here and fuck your mother."

I walked into the room to find that everyone, including the staff, was naked. The men took their hands off of their cocks to give me a round of applause. Mom was lying on the bed with her legs akimbo. Her only clothing was a frilly garter belt and full-length stockings. My cock was as hard as a railroad spike. Mom's bright eyes were glued to it.

"You've got to lick 'er before you stick 'er," someone said. My face was as red as a tomato as I lowered my mouth onto Mom's bush. The furry mound smelled like lilacs, one of my favorite scents. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and nibbled on the soft labia. "Work on her clit, son," someone said. I spotted the swollen nubbin at the top of her slit and swirled my tongue around it. Her thighs clamped on my head. I glanced around and saw the ten leering voyeurs slowly masturbating. The cameraman watched it all through the viewfinder of his camera. The maid, a cock in each hand, watched with a broad grin on her face.

"Suck on her tits now," someone demanded. I had given Mom's cunt enough attention for the time being. I slid up her body and wrapped my lips around one of her beautiful suckers. "It's been twenty-two years since he's done this to me," she said. Her remark brought another round of applause. Mom's nipples were soon pointing at the ceiling. I could have sucked on her beautiful jugs for hours.

"Give her a poke now," someone said. The others murmured their approval. I tried to imagine that Mom was just another whore as I slid up her body and lined my cock up with her honey-hole. The men jostled each other as they tried to get an unobstructed view of the penetration. "HE'S IN! THE MOTHERFUCKER IS IN!" Applause, cheers and whistles rattled the chandelier.

Mom groaned as I shoved my thick cock deep inside her. Her soft belly smacked against mine. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. Then I discovered one of the reasons Mom could charge so much for her services: she had an educated pussy. Each time I pulled out, it clamped down on my cock. None of the other whores I had fucked had been able to do that.

Mom went wild when I began to pump my cock into her at two strokes per second. "YES, THAT'S IT. FUCK ME DEEPER. FUCK ME HARDER. OH, I'M CUMMING!" Once again, applause rang out. "That's the real thing," someone said. "That bitch is cumming on her own son's cock." Getting Mom off so effortlessly gave my confidence a big boost. I wasn't prepared for what came next. With surprising strength, Mom flipped us over so that she was on top, then she rode me like a cowgirl rides a horse.

Mom fucked me for twenty minutes before we came. All the while, I was driving my cock up into her and sucking hard on her fruity tits. "OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING AGAIN! MY MOTHERFUCKING SON IS MAKING ME CUM AGAIN." Her cunt clamped down so hard on my cum-shooter that it restricted the flow and made the orgasm almost unbearably intense.

I left Mom lying there with her chest heaving and her body twitching. The maid came forward with a smile on her pretty face and a bowl in her hand. "Wow, that was really cool," she said. "Not many guys get to fuck their mothers." The bowl contained the names of the men. I pulled one of the slips out and called out the name. The grinning winner rushed forward to claim his prize - mother-son sloppy seconds. After lapping her slit a few times to get any juice that had trickled out, he mounted her and drove his rod into my leftovers. Mom's pussy made a squishy sound as the winner drove his cock into it over and over again.

The smiling maid went to her knees and took my slippery cock into her warm, soft mouth. Watching my mother being fucked while getting a blow job soon had me ready for action. I sat next to the bed and masturbated as I patiently waited for another turn. When one of the men took Mom doggy-style, he pointed out to me that her mouth was available. The men once again applauded as I casually stuffed my cock into her mouth. Before long, a second batch of my sap was spurting into my mother.

The orgy went on until the men were exhausted. Most of them were over forty and did not have my stamina. After they left, I fucked the maid while the cameraman and bartender fucked Mom next to us. The next day, I went out and bought a nice car with the money I had made. Every time I drive it, I get a hard-on thinking about that mother-fucking orgy.

Written by: Tattletale

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