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by Maggie Red Rose©


An acronym that is used on the word
above that is a part of Sapphic Love...

C is for your clit so fine
  on which my lips just love to dine
  and feel its hardness my mouth press
  while with it you give full access
  while I do flick tongue both back and forth
  until you cum for all your worth.

U is for your uterus
  I touch with my fist with lust
  when I am able to slide in
  your love canal where wrist begins,
  and circle round your well-formed hips
  to plant a kiss with my two lips.

N is for your nipples hard
  that get erect when they are sparred
  or flicked and flattened with my tongue
  to suck them in my mouth one by one
  and circle round your areolas
  with just the tips of my sweet lips.

N is for your nether lips
  that I do love to touch and kiss
  with my wet lips on either side
  until I hear you moan and sigh
  with your own passion for the tip
  of my soft tongue on your sweet lips.

I is for your inner self
  that can be touched with human stealth
  as slowly do my hands caress
  your face, your neck, your ears, your breasts
  along your thighs where I do hunt
  the "V" between your arse and cunt.

L is for your liquid juice
  that comes in many forms and use:
  Your pussy cream so slick and bright
  that really is my true delight,
  your warm ejaculate that squirts,
  and amber piss that warms the throat.

I is for your inside charms
  that is your vagina hot and warm
  that is so tempting to behold
  because I know just where it goes,
  past all the ridges on the top
  and also to your sensitive G-Spot.

N is for your naked form
  that drives me until I am warm
  with my own pussy juice for you
  that I'd let go if you would, too,
  so that we both would give and get
  the pleasure of our love that's wet.

G is for your good taste all
  that makes me drool and makes me crawl
  over to you with loving thoughts
  that I can give you good and hot
  and have you sit upon my face
  where I can lick from place to place.

U is for the use you make
  of both your breasts make no mistake
  and of your pussy, yes, that, too,
  whether with hair or shaved to view.
  It all comes down to just the same.

  A pussy's sweet by any name.

S is for your sensuousness
  with which you truely have been blessed.
  From head to toe you are so fine.
  I'm glad that I can call you mine.
  So I must say.  And this is true.
  I love performing cunnilingus on you.

Maggie Red Rose

Written by: Maggie Red Rose

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions