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Nymphomania Clinic

by Rassendyll©

There was no sign of life at the door of the imposing building, so he pushed open the door and walked in with his suitcases. The taxi drove off. Standing in the hall, he heard a faint sound of sobbing punctuated by occasional cracks and yells. A door opened and a nurse walked out, clad in a dress that reached just below her pussy and showed a foot of creamy thigh above her knee length fishnets and fuck-me high heeled shoes. Her cap perched jauntily on the stream of blonde hair.

'You must be the new help' she sniffed. 'Miss Colferne is dealing with a patient at the moment. As you can probably hear. I am her deputy. Staff Nurse Flinyard. And she told me to look after you. Come with me.' She led the way to an office on the right and stood there . 'We are very busy at the moment, so she might take you on. It would save a lot of time if you took your clothes off now. '

'Take my clothes off?'

'Yes of course. Didn't the job description tell you that you have to spend most of your time naked? At the clinic, we work mainly on aversion therapy, so apart from monitoring sexual response, stimulating it, preventing any form of sexual activity, and administering appropriate punishment, your main job is to display your naked body so that the women under treatment are exposed to maximum sexual temptation.'

She sat down, her skirt riding up so that a few stray pussy hairs appeared under the hem.

'Hurry up. I haven't got all day. H'mmm. Not too bad. We will have to assess it but at least it is properly hard. Turn round. Not a bad bottom either, we might have some fun with that. If any of us nurses catches you failing in your duties, you will be punished. Ah, Miss Colferne, this is the new help.'

Miss Colferne strode in, a dark haired beauty in her mid thirties, a small whip trailing from her left hand, two buttons of her nurse's uniform undone so that the cleavage of her massive breasts was exposed, and a grin on a mouth from which a little saliva was running.

'Did Mrs. Saye respond to treatment, Miss Colferne?'

The grin widened. 'Yes very nicely. Most satisfactory. Pleading for mercy after only ten minutes and promising never to touch her pussy again. You. Miss Flinyard has explained the job? Good. Your cock looks satisfactory, but we will need to know your stamina. Miss Flinyard ... oh no, I see you have the red star. You, women and nurses here undergoing their periods wear a red star. And I have been so thoroughly sucked by Mrs. Saye after her treatment...'

'If I might make a suggestion, Miss Colferne, Miss Bennett is due for discharge, and as one of our most promising patients, a fuck might not be a bad reward for her so-operation. I'll fetch her then shall I?'

Within a couple of minutes the nurse returned with a dark-skinned young lady who kept her eyes on the painted toenails visible through the straps of her high-heeled sandals. Long brown hair streamed over her shoulders . Her breasts stood out jauntily and her pussy was neatly trimmed.

'Miss Bennett. You have responded well. We have a new male member of staff and we need to test his sexual stamina. You will start by sucking his cock, then bend over the desk so that he can fuck you.'

The gorgeous young woman lifted her eyes. 'Oh Miss, do I really get a fuck? Can I show that I want one within being beaten? Really?' OOOH that cock looks so lovely...'

'Just this once. Now, we have a new admission in half an hour so we need to get on with it. Over the desk on your elbows, ass nicely elevated, just like for punishment. Legs well apart. You, for goodness' sake get on with it, push it well in and fuck her really hard or I will send you back to the employment agency. Good. Deep into her. Faster. Harder. Keep going. I need to see how long you last. Nurse Flinyard, provide some encouragement. Good that must really have burnt his ass, and I liked the yell. Again. Good. He is fucking a lot faster now. Ignore her yells, it is the first orgasm she has had since she came here, you, Miss Bennett, keep those cunt muscles clenching.'

'Nurse Flinyard can you answer the door? It may be the new admission. You, keep fucking until I tell you that you can stop. And keep up the pace or I'll use my own whip on you.'

Click of the impossibly high heels on the parquetted hall and Nurse Flinyard returned with ... as he continued to thrust with frantic speed into the moaning young woman, he saw a blonde teenager, maybe 18, maybe a year or so older, with a small pageboy cut and huge terrified eyes as she watched him ram between the crack in the delicious young ass before him.

Miss Colferne however was all business. 'Miss Carfax ... ah here is the file. Your father found you touching your pussy and inserting fingers into your cunt and you were convicted of indecent behaviour and sent her for rehabilitation. The rules here are simple. You will be monitored by staff at all times and if found either touching either your own your private parts, or those of any other patient, or in a state of sexual arousal, you will suffer aversion therapy. The therapy increases in intensity for each offence. '

'We place a high value on patient morale, so you will at all times be properly made up with your fingernails and toenails painted, and in high heeled shoes. A hairdresser attends daily. However all patients remain naked at all times. Remove your clothes now.'

The girl's eyes were like saucers and she seemed unable to tear them away from the steady pounding of the woman spread over the desk, writhing in pleasure as the cock ploughed her starved, aching, desperate cunt.

'But Ma'am ...' her voice was barely a whisper, 'if I take my clothes off, he will see my .... Breasts ... and ... my ...' she gulped 'pussy. Please no ma'am.'

Nurse Flinyard's whip landed with a vicious crack on the girl's backside, bringing a startled yell. 'That's your first lesson. Obedience to nurses at all times. Now get on with it.'

Slowly and reluctantly the girl obeyed, stripping off her dress to show panties and bra both a size too small. Her generous breasts spilled creamily from the top of the overworked bra, and her pussy mound strained against the tight fabric of the black panties. The sight made him step up the rhythm and pace as tears began to roll down the girl's cheeks. Another crack landed on her backside, bringing another yell and a quite delicious wriggle of her hips. Even more slowly she reached behind her, unclipped the bra and let it fall. The tits were firm, full, and gorgeous.

Gulping, resigned to her fate, and not meeting his eyes as he continued to thrust, the girl rolled down the black panties and stepped out of them. 'Legs apart, now!' snapped Miss Colferne and she obediently spread, to show a very hairy pussy. By now he was very close to his climax. The cunt muscles were convulsively spasming around his red hot cock and each hand was mauling a breast furiously. Nurse Flinyard grabbed his shoulder.

'You come on her face. When we allow patients to be fucked, they wear the cum for the rest of the day as a badge of honour and to show other patients that good behaviour can be rewarded. Pull out. You, turn over.'

With a practised hand she seized the desperate cock, pointed it at Miss Bennett's face., and began to milk it with her fist. A groan escaped him as the soft hand grasped him firmly. Slowly at first, then in torrents, the white juice began to flow over the eagerly waiting face beneath it, dripping into the hair, coating the forehead and cheeks, flowing down to the neck. Finally he had no more. His half-erect cock wobbled uncertainly before the horrified gaze of Miss Carfax. Miss Bennett, still reeling from the ecstasy of her first fuck for months, stumbled uncertainly out, his cum glistening on her.

Miss Colferne nodded in approval. 'Now Flinyard take this young lady to the dormitory and this man to the testing area. I want two nurses to record his recovery times and provide measurements.

Written by: Rassendyll

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