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Girl's Weekend in New York City

by DeepInYa©

The following is an adult story, based on actual events. It is ONLY to be read by individuals 18 years of age or older. Names and locations have been changed for the protection of the people involved.


Since his hair had obviously not been trimmed for a while, it tickled the tip of Ann's nose every time she slid her mouth down the length of his shaft. She kept her mouth very wet and messy. The buttery pre-cum was oozing onto the back of her tongue, coating the back of her throat and the walls of her mouth. She looked up at the man she was sucking, whoever he was. He had his eyes on the ceiling. He was sighing and breathing more and more shallowly with every bob of Ann's head. She slid her head all the way back, removing his cock from her mouth with a "pop" emanating from her lips. She squeezed his rubbery hairless sack between her thumb and forefinger, forcing his balls to the front of his scrotum. Ann French kissed his balls until they were slippery and glistening. Afterward, she dragged the tip of her tongue all the way up the underside of his shaft from base to tip, before enveloping his cock with her mouth again. She looked beyond his hips and saw the other three me, stroking their cocks and waiting their turn in line. She knew this one would cum soon. Having become aware of her surroundings, she heard the moans and yelps of her friend Trish emanating from behind the closed bedroom door. She knew that Trish was getting it good.

Ann has been married for ten years. Elijah, her husband, was her high school beau. Their families had been friends for a couple of generations and, after graduation from high school, their lives fit neatly together. Elijah got a job in a local factory and Ann went to Tioga County Community College. She received her Associate's degree and became a kindergarten teacher. Their sex life wasn't spectacular. Ann always complained to her friends that her husband was like a little child, always needing to be told what to do and when. Her favorite thing in the world is giving blowjobs, but she hated her husband's cum. He drank a lot of beer. His cum tasted nasty. Ann's favorite was to orgasm was the internal tidal wave she received from anal sex. Each and every time she did that with her husband, she made sure to let him know that she was letting him in her ass because his cock was very thin and short.

Ann and Elijah bought a computer in the late 1990's. Ann's two closest friends, Trish and Laura, made sure that she was hooked up to the Internet. By 2001, Trish had Ann signed on to a variety of messaging, bulletin board and conferencing systems, like Yahoo, Paltalk and Literotica. While Elijah was at work they would sit there for hours online watching guys stroke their cocks on cam, having IM sex and, in some cases, phone sex. They were all highly entertained, giggling like schoolgirls.

One day, Trish confided in Ann that she met a man from Schenectady through a website called Craig's List. She placed a personal ad, and they met purely for sex. It was the very first time that Trish had let a complete stranger cum in her ass, even if he did wear a condom. She told Ann every detail. It lit a fire in Ann, both between her ears and between her legs. Ann knew that she was going to cheat on her husband.

Every second weekend in October, Ann went away with her friends on a "girls' weekend." Her husband had no objection. Every time she went away, he had the opportunity to watch porn and be free of her constant criticisms. Usually, the girls went to Albany. They would stay in a hotel, treat themselves to a day in a spa and a few fine meals. This time would be different.

This weekend, Ann and Trish would take the train down to New York. Ann made reservations, using Elijah's credit card, at the Milford Plaza Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. They created several ads for Craig's List, announcing their intention to be "sluts for the weekend." They received over forty responses in one day. It required them to do some intensive screening on Trish's cell phone, but they eventually narrowed it down to ten guys. Ten guys they would meet and fuck.

Elijah was told that they'd be seeing a show at the Royal Theater that Friday night. In reality, they were hosting a "meet and greet." It was their opportunity to weed out any apparent psychopaths, or otherwise undesirable man. Friday morning, they boarded the train, and began their journey down the scenic Hudson Valley to New York City. Ann had butterflies in her stomach the entire way to Penn Station. New York City was the perfect place for two girls from Tioga County to be sluts for the weekend. There are ten million people in the city, and none of them knew Ann and Trish. That was the beauty of Trish's plan. They traveled light. The blunt truth is that they didn't really expect to wear clothes for most of the weekend. They did, however, bring an assortment of panties, bras, stockings, vibrators, perfumes and makeup. From Penn Station, they took the famous A Train to Times Square. They checked in to the Milford Plaza. It was becoming very real for Ann.

They spent the early part of the afternoon shopping for their big weekend in the local stores. They went to the drug store, and stocked up on Trojans, enemas and douches. Then they browsed the local adult stores, the last vestiges of the porn palaces that used to grace Times Square. The bought two big bottles of lube, and a couple of packets of "Herbal Viagra" that they found at the checkout counter. They were ready for the guys. Ann was determined to cheat on her husband.

Friday's meet and greet went well. They all met at The Bull Moose, and the conversation between the nine of them seemed pleasant enough. A couple of men called Trish's cell to say that they couldn't make it that evening, but they arranged to meet them on Saturday. After Trish asked "who wanted to have some fun?", they all made their way over to the hotel, and up to the suite. The rule was that the guys were not allowed to keep their clothes on. They could only wear their socks. All of the clothes were piled in the closet for safekeeping. The men were mostly white, ranging in age from early twenties to mid forties. There was one Hispanic and one Asian, who couldn't have been more than twenty-one.

Trish got the crowd going by declaring that she and Ann needed to be "warmed up." They chose two guys from the seven that showed and led them to the sofa. Ann and Trish sat on the sofa next to each other, and each slumped back into the cushions and spread their legs. The selected gentlemen began to eat the girl's pussies. It was a little weird for Ann and Trish. Before this moment, neither of them had seen the other completely naked, nor had they ever seen or heard the other having sex. Trish occasionally glanced over to see Ann pinching and twisting her own nipples while the tip of a stranger's sometimes forceful tongue played skillfully with Ann's clit. Both ladies were clutching the edge of the sofa. Ann noticed that her friend's playmate had his index finger all the way inside Trish's asshole. Gooey white femme cum stuck in his goatee as he sucked Trish's clit.

As Ann's man tongued her clit, she felt the sudden urge to use the bathroom. She didn't want to stop. She worked through the urgency. It was the first time that she ever squirted. Trish came soon after.

Trish selected three men, and took them into the bedroom. She wanted to try her first triple penetration. Ann stayed in the living room. She sat on the couch and made the remaining four guys line up so that she could take them one at a time. She told them that she wanted to see how much semen she could eat. She would suck each one off, over and over again, until she had her fill. They were not allowed to cum anywhere but in her mouth.

Half an hour later, the first in line squirted his semen into Ann's mouth. She squeezed his balls to the front of his scrotum between her thumb and forefinger. He shot every drop in her mouth and his cock started to recede. Ann swallowed, and had the next in line step forward. The remaining guys in line were being kept hard by their own hands, expectation and the sound of Trish getting fucked behind the closed bedroom door. Ann gave them all magnificent blowjobs. Each of the four had been sucked at least three times. Each of the four had Ann's finger up his ass at least once. A couple had been sucked five times. They were completely spent. Ann's thought's drifted to how the Asian guy started saying "Oh my God" from the very first time she slid her lips and tongue on his cock. He came in under two minutes. All of Ann's blowjobs were hands-free. All of them had their cocks and balls bathed in Ann's saliva. All of them felt the tip of her tongue agitate the underside of their heads.

Ann didn't get to fuck that night. She didn't need to. The guy's balls were sore. Her jaw was clicking out of alignment. The door to the bedroom opened, and the three guys exited. The men got dressed, and left.

Trish flopped down on the sofa next to Ann. "I got my guts fucked out", Trish groaned, holding her stomach. She reeked of sex. Her once neatly trimmed pubic hair was matted. Her pussy and asshole were bright red, and leaking translucent flows of their cum, her juice and other bodily fluids. She had drying cum all over her face, body and hair. "Oh my God, I swallowed so much cum" Ann chuckled. She covered her eyes with her hand, unable to believe what she had just done. The girls slept well that night.

Saturday went well. They were awakened by a telephone call from the front desk. The last three guys had arrived. Trish wanted Ann to experience what she had experienced the night before. Saturday was devoted to Ann. Trish became Ann's fluffer.

The three guys used Ann hard. The fucked her for four straight hours. While Trish sucked one guy's dick, the other two ate Ann. One licked her pussy while the other licked her asshole. Ann couldn't contain herself.

It turned out that they wasted their money on condoms. Ann let them all fuck her bareback, as Trish had done the night before. Ann was spanked, her hair was pulled, her tits were bitten, her sides were bitten and her ass was bitten. She had three loads of cum in each her asshole, pussy and mouth. By the end of the day, her bruises started to show. Ann found out what it was like to French kiss a man's asshole while cumming on two warm cocks at the same time. Ann lost all sense of time and space. Trish licked their dicks clean, and got them hard again for another round with Ann.

The girls had champagne with dinner that night at Marseilles. They toasted each other. They slept well that night.

The next morning, they checked out of the Milford Plaza. Throughout the entirety of the train ride up the Hudson Valley, Ann wondered how she would explain the bruises that were all over her body to Elijah. She and Trish debated over whether to tell Laura about the details of their weekend.

Written by: DeepInYa

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