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Wife's Black Cock Fantasy Massage

by richdick©

Recently I had to go to the USA on a business trip. I usually travel alone but on this trip I convinced the company to pay for my wife Jan to travel with me and to also extend the trip for another week for some well earned R&R.I was to be there 1 week before Jan arrived to do all the business stuff and the next week would be filled with tourist adventures.

On my arrival at the hotel I was informed that we had been booked into a 2 bedroom luxury penthouse suite overlooking the city and magnificent bay and harbour. The room was truly luxurious .In the middle of the room stood a spa which would easily accommodate 8 people and the bar was full of all sorts of exotic alcoholic drinks free for our pleasures.

In the master bedroom was a super king sized bed with two luxurious bath robes laying across the end and a chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses waiting alongside the bed. As I was by myself I decided to save this bottle for Jan's arrival.

So the next several days were taken up with business meetings mostly going all day and into the evenings. I was looking forward to Jan arriving so I could relax.

On the Friday we finished early so my clients suggested we go to the bar and celebrate the signing of our business contracts by having a few drinks and something to eat.

Somewhere around 9pm the clients left leaving me feeling very pleased with myself having signed a major contract worth several million dollars. I grabbed another drink and headed for the lounge area to relax and unwind. When I entered the area it was nearly empty except for a few people watching a baseball game, so I settled into a lounge and put my feet up and started to watch the game.

After some time a tall black guy came into the room and asked me if I minded him sitting next to me as it was the only seat left in the room. I said that would be fine and we soon started up a conversation.

He introduced himself as Paul and we started talking about ourselves and our businesses.

Paul told me that he was very successful in the services industry. He supplied masseurs to the more elite motels in the city and that his company only catered for the rich and famous. He then told me that he had started the business by himself, giving massages to these clients and that he soon found he could not keep up with the demand so he had to employee more people. Paul said he soon found that he had built a very lucrative business allowing him to only having to manage the business side.

I told him that I was over here on business and that my wife was arriving the next day for short holiday.

After about an hour Paul suggested a few places that he thought we should see and realising the time he stood up and handed me his business card and suggested that we should catch up with him and his wife for dinner before we left the country. I agreed and we both left the bar.

I was very impressed with Paul; we had quite a lot in common. He was a very polite, attractive and well dressed guy with a very muscular body, he obviously looked after himself.

On returning to my room I could not get him out of my mind. I could not sleep.

You see my wife Jan has always fantasised about being fucked by a big black guy, she gets so hot just looking at pictures of big black stud's while their cocks are limp and just hanging there. She fantasises about feeling the weight of them in her hand and teasing the foreskin and knob with her tongue.

Jan is fairly open minded, saying that she would love to suck on one of those huge black cocks but then she goes onto say that if or when the time came she would be too scared to do anything as we have never done anything like this before.

I stayed awake for hours thinking of how I could fill her dream.

The next morning I plucked up the courage and I rang Paul, told him my story and asked him if he would be up to filling Jan's fantasy. He said he would think about it and that he would call back soon with an answer.

After about fifteen minutes the phone rang and it was Paul telling me that he had rung his wife to tell her my story and that he agreed to fuck my wife but only if his wife could come with him. I agreed and we made arrangements for him to give my wife a massage that evening.

That afternoon I picked Jan up from the airport and headed back to our motel. When we got back to the room Jan got really excited by our penthouse suite and then she said that she was desperate for a hot bath and a relax after the long trip. So I told her that while she was in the bath I'd organise a nice relaxing massage for her then we would head out for dinner.

Jan said that she would like that; she kissed me, grabbed a glass and the bottle of champagne and headed for the bathroom closing the door behind her.

I quickly rang Paul and asked them to come up to our room. Soon there was a knock on the door Opening the door I was greeted by Paul and his very beautiful wife. He introduced me to Natalie and he then headed for the centre of the room with his masseur gear. Natalie was in her mid 30's about 5'9 petite and has a very athletic sexy black body and she had a great smile. She told me that they were both very nervous because this was the first time that they had ever done anything like this. She said that it was something Paul had always wanted to do.

Natalie said that she had also dreamt of watching Paul fuck a white girl so she could watch his big black cock fucking a tight white pussy stretching it to the limits. And that just talking about it made her pussy melt.

I told her that I wanted the same thing for Jan.

Only Jan didn't know what was about to happen!

I took Natalie by the hand and went into the second bedroom and opened the door to make sure that we would be able to watch the massage taking place.

Paul set up his table and said that he was ready to start.

I left Natalie hiding in the room and knocked on the bathroom door telling Jan that the masseur would arrive soon and that I would be leaving now to go downstairs and leave them in peace for the next hour or so.

I headed straight to the second bedroom where Natalie was hiding and we settled in for the show.

After about 15 minutes Jan walked out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe which was slightly open partly exposing her beautiful breasts. We could see that she was nervous as she walked out and that she was surprised to see a black guy standing there wearing only a tight white t shirt and loose cotton shorts which really accentuated his muscular black body not to mention the large organ hanging between is legs. Jan casually looked Paul up and down excitedly staring at the monster hanging between his legs.

Paul introduced himself and after some small talk he encouraged Jan to remove the robe and to get up on the table.

With some hesitation Jan dropped the robe to reveal her gorgeous breasts, her every erect nipples and a very sexy red g string. She laid face down on the table and Paul started to massage the sensual oil onto her back, all the while he was talking to her softly, helping her to relax.

As Paul was massaging her back we could see her watching his huge flaccid cock going back and forth before her face.

Paul applied more oil and started to work on her legs slowly caressing his way up to her butt.

Jan was in pure bliss as she was enjoying the sensual pleasure of his hands slowly moving over her body.

After 15 minutes Paul asked her to remove the g string so that he could better massage her butt.

To my surprise Jan quickly rolled over removing the g string and throwing them to the ground and then laying back on her stomach again.

Paul then started massaging her butt making sure that his cock was again moving in front of her face. By the look on Jan's face I could tell she was starting to get really turned on.

Paul then started to work on the inside of her legs massaging her thighs and moving his hands over her butt area. Slowly he let his fingers drift into her butt crack and all the while getting closer and closer to her shaved white pussy. Then he slowly moved his hands up her legs towards her pussy, meeting no resistance as she opened her legs slightly for him to feel her dripping slit. He then moved his fingers up against her shaved pussy lips and he started to rub her clit. As he rubbed her, he opened her lips with one hand and he started to play with her clit ring, pulling on it gently and rolling it between his fingers. He spoke softly to her asking if she enjoyed him playing with her clit ring.

She replied that it felt really good and that she was enjoying it so much that he should put his fingers in her at the same time and feel her hot pussy juices as they were running out of her pussy and down her thighs.

Jan then reached out to expose Paul's flaccid cock from under his shorts; it was huge just hanging there. He was hung like a horse! His knob was huge, how was he going to get that into her tight pussy?

She started to play with his cock rolling his foreskin, feeling it's silkiness between her fingers she then pulled it back to expose his knob. She then lifted his cock and started to tongue fuck his cock slit tasting his pre cum and then slowly rolling her tongue around his massive knob.

At this point Natalie removed her clothes exposing one of the sexiest black bodies I have ever seen. Her nipples were so hard that they looked like they were about to burst. She started to tug on them as she played with her clit, slipping her fingers into her now sopping pussy pulling them out and sucking on them in front of my face. Letting me lick her sweet honey from her fingers she then started to undo my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out playing with it and stroking herself while we continued to watch her husband fucking my wife.

Paul then slid two fingers into Jan's tight shaved pussy. I could tell she was extremely hot by the way his fingers just slid in with ease and came out all covered and dripping in her pussy juices. Jan let out a moan of delight and she started to suck on his cock, bringing his cock to life as she tried to put it into her mouth. She could only manage to fit his black knob in her mouth.

From where we were it looked like it was about 10-11 inches long .It looked huge.

How was he going to fit all of that huge monster into my wife's tight pussy?

Paul then turned Jan over so she was lying on her back; he then spread her legs to expose her dripping pussy to his eager cock. Straddling the table he asked her if she really wanted his big black cock in her white pussy.

Jan replied by saying yes but that she did not think it would fit in her and that he should be gentle with her trying not to hurt her too much as he forced his cock into her tiny white pussy.

She then raised herself up placing some pillows behind her so that she could watch his cock as it entered her pussy.

Paul then placed his black knob at her pussy entrance just rubbing it through her pussy lips and over her clit ring, covering his knob with her love juices. He then started to inch his knob past her lips and into her tight pussy just a little at a time so that she could feel it stretching and sliding up her pussy's tunnel. Jan watched his cock slowly enter her she moaned with both pain and delight, rolling her head and licking her lips. She regained herself and she reached down then pulled her pussy lips apart to allow the massive cock to slide further and further up and into her tight hole.

Paul started with some slight rocking movements both up and down then sideways as he inched his cock deeper and deeper into my wife's wet pussy. Before long he had worked nearly every inch up inside her. Jan kept watching as this huge black invader slowly disappeared inside her depths. His cock must have been so deep inside her that his knob would be reaching up to her navel.

Jan's pussy looked so good filled up with that black cock and the sight of her white pussy lips fully stretched around his massive pole was just too much. I wished I could take a photo to show her later.

The sight of Paul's cock fucking my wife was just too much for Natalie. She was fucking herself with her hand now, pushing her whole hand into her pussy, pulling it in and out of her pussy while I sucked on her hard nipples. She asked me to fuck her so I turned her around and lubricated her arse with her juices which were now flowing down her legs. She had never been arse fucked before so I slipped my fingers into her arse to loosen her up then I slipped my eager cock hard and fast into her hole. I held her hips with one hand and played with her clit with other. She bit her lip and moaned and she soon started to have a wet orgasm, it was like she was pissing her juices all over my hand and onto the floor. Seeing Natalie blowing her load and never having seen a wet orgasm before it didn't take long for me to cum so I drove my cock deep as deep as I could inside her, blowing my massive load deep inside her anal passage.

We stayed linked like this for a long time and as we continued to watch she rocked back and forth on my cock letting it slide in and out of her arse with my cum dripping out of her and running down her legs. She reached down and started to collect the juices and suck them into her mouth, telling me how good they tasted.

Paul then started to push every inch back and forth into Jan, sliding in and out every slowly so that she could feel every inch of that black monster cock slide deep inside her.

Jan then started to build up to orgasm told Paul that she wanted him to blow his cum up inside her pussy and that he should drive his cock right up inside her wet cunt so she could feel his big cock expanding and flooding her pussy with his cum.

Jan saying she was close to orgasm and she soon started to cum, Paul feeling her tight spasming pussy around his cock was too much so he quickly drove his cock right up inside her letting out a moan as he emptied his balls of their contents, spilling his hot cum deep inside her cunt.

After a short while he started to play with her clit ring while looking at her pussy all engorged and full of his black cock. He asked her if she had enjoyed being fucked and stretched by his big black cock. Jan looked down to see how stretched she was, putting her hand around his big shaft she was surprised at how much cock she had taken inside her aching pussy.

She smiled and said that she had enjoyed her fuck session so much that she would be having several massages before heading home from her vacation.

Jan kissed him and asked Paul not say anything to me when I returned as she thought I may not understand her new found passion of black cocks and that I might stop her from having more massages.

He agreed and he slowly pulled his massive cock from her stretched wide open pussy. She reached over and got a champagne glass from the table, as she got down from the table she placed the glass between her legs, letting his cum fall from her open pussy she caught every drop of cum as it ran out of engorged hole. Jan then put her hand between her legs to feel how big and open she was after his cock had left her pussy.She could easily put her hand inside her dripping hole. Pulling her hand out she sucked their combined cum from her fingers.

She then kissed Paul and told him that he should clean up and that she would call him soon. She then raced to the bathroom to clean up as I was due back at any time.

Natalie and I cleaned up, got dressed and left the bedroom to help Paul pack up his things.

Paul said that he had really enjoyed fucking my wife and said he would like to do it again before we left the country.

Natalie then told Paul about our fucking each other and said that if Paul was going to fuck Jan's white pussy again than it would only be right that I got to taste some more of her chocolate slit.

As they were about to leave I kissed Natalie and I slipped my hand up her skirt, she spread her legs to reveal that she had no panties on, so I slipped several fingers inside her wet pussy finger fucking her one more time.Natalie's eyes rolled in delight. Paul just watched as I bought her to another shuddering orgasm

Paul just smiled.

Soon after they left Jan came from the bathroom wearing only the robe.

I asked her how her massage went.

She told me she had enjoyed it and she asked me if I had met the masseur.

I told her that the masseuse was gone when I had arrived and that I had paid for the services prior to their arrival.

She smiled and gave me a kiss.

I reached under her robe and down between her legs. She willingly spread her legs open for me to feel her pussy.I could feel that her pussy was quite loose, her pussy lips were engourged and hanging down and that her hole had been quite stretched.She was still really aroused and really loose. So I slipped my fingers into her sopping pussy. I told her that she felt quite loose and juicy and that she felt like she'd already been fucked because her pussy was wide open. I waited for her reply thinking that she might tell me about her massage.

But she pulled away, giggled and said that she was hot and excited after her nice relaxing massage, also because she had missed our sex sessions saying that we should wait till after dinner then she would give me a good fucking.

Thinking that I did not know what was in the glass, she went over to the table picked up the glass and drank the contents swirling it around inside her mouth swallowing Paul's cock juice.

I have never seen her do anything like it before, she must have really enjoyed being fucked by that black stud to have saved his cum and too drink it later. I was so hot that I could not wait till after dinner. We did have an awesome fuck session that night and Jan didn't tell me about her massage session for a few days. Only when she suggested having another massage and she started to get horny did she tell me about the massage part of the story.

The rest is for another day.

Written by: richdick

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