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The Bachelorette Party Video

by nickybats13©

Sabrina then pushed her finger even deeper into her mother's wet pussy and Sabrina's thumb went to her mother's throbbing clit and rolled it.

"Sabrina! What are you doing? Oh God! Sabrina! I'm your mother!" Sabrina's mom was screaming.

Sabrina leaned in and licks her mother's pussy with great verve; she pushed her mother's upper body back further so she could pull her mother's pussy closer. Sabrina ran her tongue from the top to the bottom of her mother's pussy. Sabrina's mom was trying to push Sabrina away physically with her hands, but verbally Sabrina's mom was begging for more.

"Jesus Sabrina! That feels so fucking good! Oh my fucking God! I'm gonna cum! Eat mommy's pussy baby!!" Sabrina's mom screamed.

Sabrina was becoming so turned on by the vulgar language her mother was spewing; she forced two more fingers into her mother's pussy. Sabrina now had four fingers in her mother's pussy; she was working them in and out. She must have decided to go for it as she slips her entire hand into her mother's pussy. Sabrina then look like she made a fist and was fist fucking her mom.

All the while the five guys standing around them were jerking there cocks.

"That's it Sabrina! Right there! Oh yes! Oh yes! Faster Sabrina! Faster! Harder!! Oh my god!!" Sabrina's mom was screaming.

Sabrina then place her other hand on her mother's tit to pull and tug on her mom's nipple.

"You nasty little slut," Sabrina's mom hissed. "You gonna make your mother cum?"

Sabrina continued to fist fuck her mom as she was licking her mother's clit and pulling on her nipple.

"Oh God Sabrina, I can't believe this is happening. What would your fiancée say?" her mother asked with a little giggle.

"You tell me," Sabrina replied while doubling her efforts to make her mother cum.

"He'd probably would want to fuck the hell out us both!" Sabrina's mom shouted.

All this was too much for Sabrina's mom to take, she started to shake and tremble. She had the most intense orgasm that I had ever seen. The five guys standing around the women started to yank there cocks even harder. They all started to cum at the same time; these guys coated both women from head to toe. They must have shot about ten gallons of cum out of their cocks.

The camera then returned back to my wife Sandra, She moved from the bar area back to a sofa.

Sandra's brother Robert was standing next Sandra; he stuck his hard cock in her face.

"Just give it a little suck," Robert said pushing his cock against her lips.

Instinctively Sandra opened her mouth and let him push his cock between her lips.

"Do you taste your girlfriend's mothers' pussy on my cock?" Robert asked as he watched her suck him more eagerly.

Sandra nodded her head that she could taste Sabrina's mother cum on his cock. Sandra was becoming more turn on thinking that she tasted Sabrina's mom on his cock.

Nick was getting Sandra onto her hands and knees on the sofa and squeezing her ass. But she didn't stop sucking Robert's cock, and then a look of surprise came across Sandra's face when she felt Nick's hot tongue lick her asshole. Nick then moved from licking Sandra's asshole to lapping her pussy, as he inserted a finger in her asshole. Sandra began to moan louder and take even more of her brother's cock down her throat.

Robert looks like he was tired of the blowjob his sister was giving him and decided that he wanted more. Robert removed his cock from her mouth and took a position behind her. At the same time Nick moved to a position in front of Sandra's face. She then took Nick's cock in her mouth, but just before she did that. She told her brother Robert who was behind her.

"Fuck me Robert!" Sandra demanded "Fuck your sister's tight little pussy!"

"Oh yes," Robert moaned as he began working his huge monster inside her extremely tight pussy.

Sandra went absolutely ballistic when that enormous cock stretched her cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the screen. I was watching my wife getting fuck by her brother's huge cock, while she had another huge cock down her throat. I figured all that fucking was going to stretch her pussy out, but I didn't care. It only turned me on more to think these studs were going to fuck her silly.

"OH YES!" Robert barked. "You're a tight little bitch!"

"God that feels so good!" Sandra screamed while sucking Nick's cock. "FUCK ME HARDER ROBERT!"

Robert grunted. "I'm gonna destroy this pussy!"

Robert was pounding her little pussy making her ass slap against him with each thrust.

"Oh yes," Sandra grunted as he fucked her. "Make me cum now! NOW!"

Robert was now thrusting even harder into his sister's pussy.

"OH GOD!" Sandra screamed. "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!"

"GOD DAMN!" Robert shouted as his ass clench as he shot his load into his sister's pussy.

"OH YES!!!" Sandra screamed.

Sandra had been sucking Nick's cock for quite some time and knew he must be getting close to cumming. She wasn't going to let Nick cum in her mouth, she want that cock inside of her. Sandra quickly rolled over and lay on her back as Nick moved between her legs.

"Come on Nick," Sandra said. "Fuck me with that huge cock."

Nick's cock was inside of her in a flash and he began pumping away at her well lubricate cunt. While Robert moved to a position above her head and pushed his cock into his sister's mouth. Nick began ramming his cock into her pussy with as much force as possible which instantly sent her over the edge to another orgasm; I could see her starting to shake. Nick then had something else in mind as he pulled out of Sandra's pussy. He grabs her legs and pushes her knees to her chest. This now gave him full access to Sandra's ass.

"I'm gonna fuck you up the ass!" Nick exclaimed.

I could tell by the way the Sandra's face lit up that she really wanted it or was it the drug taking hold of her mind.

The only thing I wanted to know was the name of the drug that turned these conservative women into wanton whores and where I could get some.

I could see Nick's big black dick pushing into Sandra's tight little asshole.

"OH GOD!" Sandra moaned loudly as Nick worked his cock in and out pushing it further each time.

"I never thought I'd have a cock that big fucking me up the ass!" Sandra exclaimed.

"It's so tight it feels like your ripping my dick off!" Nick yelled.

"Just a few pumps baby," Sandra said.

Nick grabbed Sandra's hips and rotated her onto her hands and knees. His cock all the while stayed embedded in Sandra's ass. I admired the way he was able to rotate her without losing contact with her ass. He pushed his cock all the way up her ass and started fucking her faster.

"I love your hard cock in my ass!" Sandra shouted. "OH FUCK ME!"

"Oh shit," Nick said as he pulled his cock out of her and squirted thick cum right into her gaping asshole.

I could see his hot cum running down my wife's ass to her pussy. Sandra then looked between her legs to see it dripping off her bush.

"You did a great job," Sandra purred at Nick.

Nick then pick Sandra up off the sofa and gave her kiss. He carried her over to where Sabrina and Sabrina's mom were sitting. The girls all fell asleep on the sofa that was how the video ended. I finally shot the most incredible load onto the floor. I felt like my balls were completely empty.

I was now faced with a major problem. Do I tell my wife about the video or do I just make the video disappear. I thought about it for hours until Sandra got home. After Sandra and I had dinner I decided to pop in the DVD, I told her it was a bootleg copy of Chicken Little. When the movie started and the title appeared her face turned pale white.

She asks me "Have you seen the video?"

I told her "The entire video."

She started to cry and kept saying that she was sorry; she didn't know why she did what she did.

"Could you ever forgive me," she was wailing now.

I told her that I already have, but this could never happen again. She quickly agreed and promises me that it would never happen again. I then told her to tell all the girls at the party about the video, this way they know about it and can take precautions if needed. Sabrina called all the women that were at the party and told them about the video. The next day I started receiving calls from the women. They all ask me not to tell their husbands about the video: Most of them said they would pay back the favor if I ever asked. I figured I was going to get allot of favors from these women. I think the first favor I'm going to get is from my cousin Lori this Sunday, when her husband goes to play golf. But that is a story for another day.

The End?

Written by: nickybats13

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