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A Hot Summer With... Ch. 12

by danzinman©

Davey did not seem to object to my mom's request of having him and myself fuck her pussy at the same time. I wasn't too sure about it but had promised my mom and so was willing to go through with it. I remained on the floor recuperating from the hot fuck session we just had. Mom and aunt June were sprawled out on the couch and chair while Davey moved over to lean against the couch. Junior got up and went into the kitchen to fetch some cold drinks and when he returned, June who was on the couch had moved around so that she could rub Davey's shoulders with her feet. He was relaxed but when he looked in her direction, her pussy was but a couple feet from his nose.

She said, "Did you enjoy being with us naughty people?"

He nodded yes saying, "Oh yea, this has been great fun."

June continued rubbing Davey's shoulders and back with her feet getting a definite rise out of him as she continue her conversation, "What have you liked the best so far? Fucking our pussies or our asses?"

Davey's cock began to rise a little more as he looked toward June starring straight into her cunt. He said, "I guess pussy fucking is better."

"Oh, so you didn't care as much about fucking my tight ass?" responded June as she raised her leg and pulled her buns apart giving Davey and the rest of us a nice view of her asshole.

"Oh I liked it alright, I just prefered fucking your pussy."

"Well that's OK, just as long as you enjoy fucking one of my holes. Speaking of fuck holes, how do you like the view you have of my pussy?"

"I love this view, you have a hot juicy looking cunt."

"Good, I'm glad you like it. I like to show it off and if I'm not around, you can always see my pussy on the internet at a website that Junior created. Say Junior, why don't you get your camera and take some more photos, I'm in the mood to pose for some hot shots of my ass, tits and cunt." Junior left the room and returned with his cameras in hand. He looked over at June who had sprawled out even more on the couch waiting for Junior to photograph her. She posed in many positions each showing lots of ass, cunt and tits. She at one point had pulled her legs up high while reaching around her butt to pull her pussy lips apart giving Junior some great pussy shots. As she pulled on her pussy lips, a small amount of cum began to ooze out of her cunt.

Junior said, "Hold it, this will be a great shot showing cum running from your hole." Junior took a dozen or so shots of June in this position, we all got closer to watch Junior.

June looked at Davey who appeared to be totally fascinated with June's cum oozing pussy, she said, "Want to eat my pussy Davey? I know I taste good."

My mom said, "Go ahead Davey, just lick her snatch a few times." Davey leaned forward sticking out his tongue and licked June's crotch.

"Oh baby, that feels good. Lick me some more sweetie, I love having your tongue on my cunt." Davey licked her a few more times while June was holding her pussy lips apart.

June moaned a little saying, "Now stick your tongue in my hole and tongue fuck me." Davey did as she said and stuck his tongue inside her cunt, he worked over her clit giving June lots of pleasure as noted by her moans.

June looked at Junior who was standing next to me as we both were stroking our hard cocks, she said, "Take some pictures of this then get over here and let my suck your cock." Junior wasted no time and began getting some great shots of Davey's tongue deep in June's pussy and of him licking her crack from her asshole to her cunt. Junior finally had enough photos and moved up on the couch so June could suck his dick.

I looked over at my mom who was totally spread out on the chair with three of her fingers shoved deep inside her cunt. I walked over to her with my cock dangling in front of me, she removed her fingers as I slipped my cock into her cunt and began another fuck session with my hot mom. She wrapped her legs around me and was begging for more cock, to fuck her deeper and harder. I rammed my cock to the hilt in her and didn't let up, I pounded her pussy with all I had, until my balls boiled over and I shot my wad deep in her womb. She had also climaxed saying, "I hope our child in me likes this, he or she must have gotten another shower of their daddy's cum." When my mother talks like this I never know what to say.

On the couch, June was climaxing from Davey's tongue action on her twat and Junior was washing June's tonsils with his cum. Junior was straining to get every drop in her mouth, and June was helping him do it.

Davey continued eating June's pussy in a very aggressive way, it looked like he really liked doing it. When Junior was done fucking June's mouth, he got down off the couch, turned and took a few pictures of me and mom, we moved our bodies so that he could get a shot of my cock buried in her cunt. I actually moved in and out a few times letting him take a number of pictures.

In the meantime June had Davey rotate so they could 69 it. June had all of Davey's cock in her mouth while Davey was sucking June's pussy lips into his mouth. They were going at it at a torrid pace, sucking, eating and licking like there was no tomorrow. Junior grabbed his video camera and started shooting the hot scene on the couch.

Suddenly Davey stiffened up and June grabbed his cock holding it half way out of her mouth as he began to shot his load. June did not swallow but retained all his cum in her mouth just sloshing it around in her mouth with her tongue. She definitely had a mouthful. Davey got up off the couch as we watched June play with her mouthful of cum, she let some of it ooze out and run down her chin and then she looked at my mom and pointed at her mouth. My mom had me pull my cock from her cunt and get up so she could go over to the couch. She bent over and pressed her lips against June's. They passionately kissed and we could see them swapping Davey's cum back and forth. At one point my mom unlocked her lips and pushed June back so she was laying flat on her back, my mom then moved her head so she was directly over June's tits, she opened her mouth letting the cum drool onto June's tits. She then leaned down and licked up all the cum while also sucking and licking June's nipples. My mom then crawled up June's body until they were again in a passionate lip lock. My mom began to gyrate her hips into June's working her pussy against June's without releasing their lips. Finally June wiggled around so she was on top and pulled her lips free from my mom. She then scooted down until her face was directly above my mom's pussy. June told my mom to spread her pussy lips which she did. June then drooled cum from her mouth directly into mom's open pussy. We all crawled up close to watch the cum from June's mouth drip into mom's cunt, there was a lot of saliva with the cum but it was hot to watch. I had grabbed the still camera and took a lot of photos of the drooling. June then bent down and began to eat my mom's cunt, again I got a lot of pictures. After a few minutes she slid up my mom's body taking liberties as she moved until they were again in a lip lock position. While they were kissing, they fondled each other, rubbing the other's tits and fingering pussy. Finally they broke the embrace each swallowing what cum they had in their mouths. Oh shit that was one fucking hot scene and we had it all on video and all three of us guys were harder that rocks.

My mom laying on the couch with her cunt all wet from June drooling cum in it and from eating her said, "Oh I think it's time for my double penetration, I want a double fuck up my hot cunt right now."

I said, "How do you want to do this?" I really didn't care as long as I was able to stick my hard cock in some soft wet hole and be able to cum.

My mom's response was, "Glenn, you lay down on your back and I'll mount you, then Davey can come from behind me like he was going to butt fuck me, but instead shove his cock along side yours in my pussy."

I immediately got down on the floor and stroked my hard cock a few times as my mom got into position. She placed her knees along side my legs and first bent down to kiss my cock, then she moved forward placing her cunt right above my cock. She lowered her ass taking me the full length on the first shot. She raised and lowered herself on my cock shaft a number of times uhhing and ahhing each time. She looked over at Junior saying, "Now get all of this on video sweetie, I want to see how much my cunt gets stretched and to be able to watch this action many times later on to have something to masturbate to."

She humped my cock a few more times then told Davey to mound her. Davey got his legs on each side of my mom's and rubbed his cock up and down her crack. It felt strange to feel another cock against mine but at this point I didn't really care. He took a hold of his dick and pressed the head against my cock and mom's cunt. There wasn't any room the best I could tell but he pressed some more. He finally said, "I can't get it in."

My mom said to June, "See if you can help him out, I know I can take two cocks in my cunt." June helped by sticking her finger in mom's cunt along side my cock, she worked it around then pressed two fingers into mom's cunt. She said, "OK Davey, I think you can squeeze your cock in now."

Davey again pressed his cock along side mine where June's finger had penetrated mom's cunt. I could actually feel his cock slide in an inch or so. My mom yelled, "Oh god I can feel you getting inside me Davey, oh shit this feels so good. Push harder!" Davey in deed pushed harder and suddenly his entire cock slipped inside mom's cunt right along side mine. It was a weird feeling.

My mom said, "Oh fuck this is hot, now fuck me guys, fuck this horny old slut, make me cum all over your cocks, fill me with your juices, fuck me, just fuck the shit out of me." Davey was doing his best, ramming his cock in and out of my mom's cunt while I worked my cock in and out a bit but wasn't able to get very much action because of the position I was in.

My mom was moaning and groaning with pleasure as Davey and I fucked her pussy together. She said, "Oh my god this is wonderful, I love it. Oh Junior I hope you are getting all this on tape, I want to see what it looks like, I know how good it feels. Oh fuck this is fantastic, June you have got to try it. Oh guys fuck this old nasty fucking slut as much as you want, fill me up with your nasty juices, slam bang me, stretch my hot cunt, oh my sweet baby is going to get a another cum bath tonight."

Davey was really going hot and heavy, he was pounding his cock into my mom's cunt as hard as he could, the sensations he was giving me were nice but I felt a little strange about it. He did not seem to care and just continued to fuck my mom like a mad man. She was going bananas and loving the sensations she was getting. It was not long before Davey climaxed and began shooting yet another load of cum into my mom, this time in her pussy already filled with my cock. As soon as he was done unloading his cum, he pulled his cock free of my mom's cunt much to her disapproval, she wanted him to keep his cock inside her but both he and I felt a little strange having our cocks touching each other. So with his cock gone, I began to thrust my cock up into her twat. I was not able to get as much action as I wanted so I had my mom and I roll over so I could be on top. Once I was on top, I began to pound he pussy really hard, there was a lot of squishing noise coming from her cunt due to it being full of cum, but I added to it and got off a nice climax about the same time my mother climaxed.

She immediately wrapped her legs around me saying don't pull out of her, she wanted me to stay inside her for awhile. I obeyed and laid down on top of my mom keeping my cock fully inserted inside her cum filled cunt. She just moaned with pleasure, but once my cock softened, I needed to get up and did. As I stood freeing myself from my mom's cunt, June was nearby starring at Jackie's well fucked cunt seeing cum oozing out of her enlarged fuck hole. I said to her, "Doesn't that look delicious?"

She smiled at me nodding yes and was preparing to get down on her knees to partake in dining on her sister's cunt. Junior stepped up stroking his hard cock saying, "I think Jackie needs a third load of cum." June agreed and so he got down between her legs, and very gently at first, slipped his hard cock inside my mom's cunt. Once he fully penetrated her pussy, which she enthusiastically accepted, he started to pound her pussy with long, hard deep thrusts, causing her to really moan.

June was standing right next to me as we watched Junior fuck my mom. June reached down and began to fondle my limp cock so I returned the favor and fondled her ass cheeks. I ran my finger down her crack and when I touched her asshole, she squirmed a little, I knew she wanted more than just touching. I then began to probe her butt hole and was able to get a finger deep up inside her ass. She squeezed my cock real hard and wiggled her ass saying, "Uh I like this, think you can get more fingers in me?" I immediately took two fingers and worked them up her ass to her delight. She then said, "Did you have any idea before you came home that you would be standing in your living room watching a friend of yours fuck your mother while you played with your aunt's bare ass while she encouraged you to get even more fingers up her ass?"

I said, "Not in a million years.", as I continued to play with June's asshole as Junior began releasing his load of cum in my mom's already well fucked cunt. Junior had sweat on his brow as he pounded away at her cunt. June said, "I can't wait to eat her pussy, it must be filled to the brim with you guy's cum, nice young tasty sperm. I love how all of you taste. Oh hurry Junior, I want to eat my sister's cunt."

Junior continued for sometime fucking my mom with June and I standing right behind them impatiently waiting for their fuck session to end. She maintained a tight grip on my cock and I was working three fingers as far up her ass as I could. When it looked like Junior was about done, June looked at me and said, "I hope you have another fuck in you, I would really like for you to fuck my tight asshole while I eat your mother's cunt sucking some of your cum out of her pussy."

I said, "I'll try."

Junior slowly got up from between my mother's legs with his semi-limp cock dangling in front of him, June took advantage and sucked his cock a few times before she knelt down between my mother's legs placing her face directly in her sister's pussy and began to eat her. June stuck her ass up in the air as I approached her from behind; and with me having had three fingers in her ass, she was loose enough where I was able to quite easily slip my cock up her ass and immediately begin to fuck her. June pulled her face away from my mother's cunt long enough to say, "Oh thanks sweetie, I so appreciate you and thoroughly enjoy having your cock stuffed up my tight ass. Now just fuck my ass off!" I did my best by ramming my cock as hard and as deep as I could up my aunt's ass, grunting and groaning all the way. I had a hold of her hips real tight and really banged her butt. By the time I blew my load in her ass, I was sweating like a pig, but it was worth it, I love fucking my aunt's tight asshole and fondle her big tits as I fuck her. I think the greatest thing is that she really loves to be fucked either in the ass or pussy, just like my mom does. What an absolute pleasure!

After I finished fucking my aunt's ass, we all took a break. I slumped down on the couch and dozed off. Junior, Davey and my mom laid down on the floor together under a blanket, each dozing off too. My aunt curled up next to me on the couch. Later in the night I woke up finding the couch to be real cramped with two of us on it so I woke my aunt and we headed for a bedroom.

I woke up in the morning lying next to my naked aunt; she was sound asleep lying on her back. I rolled over close to her, she smelled so good. Oh what a beautiful woman, her gorgeous huge tits were rising and falling as she breathed, I leaned over to kiss and lick one of her beautiful tits and then I moved over to her other tit. She stirred a little but did not wake up so I sucked one of her tits into my mouth using my tongue to play with her now erect nipple. I simultaneously slid my hand down her tummy till I reached her pussy and gently began massage her cunt lips, running my fingers back and forth across her pussy lips while inserting my middle finger inside her cunt. Her initial response was to spread her legs slightly while wiggling her ass.

As I continued to massage her clit, she started to moan real loud increasing the motion of her wiggling hips then said, "Oh that is sooooo nice. I love to wake up having my pussy played with and my tits molested. You may fuck me if you want to but I'm awfully tired and will most likely only just lay here enjoying the feeling of having your big juicy cock inside me. Oh how lucky I am to have such a sexy nephew." I took advantage of the situation and crawled on top of my aunt, kissed her before I lowered my head to suck her tits again as I raised my hips above her crotch and slowly lowered myself pushing my cock swiftly inside her cunt. She just moaned as I slid my man meat totally inside her cunt. I then slowly at first, started to fuck her with long deep stokes, ramming her to the hilt each time. She continued to moan rather loud as I fucked one of my favorite holes, my aunt's cunt.

"Oh yes baby, fuck me good, fuck my cunt with your big cock, load me up with your baby making sperm, the same sperm that got your mother pregnant. Uhhh yes! Ahhhh wonderful. Ohhh baby, this is so nice, I just love it. I wish you could move in with me and fuck me all the time." My aunt was awakening and began to really respond to me fucking her; she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tight into her cunt while also meeting my down trusts with the raising up of her hips, she was wanting deeper penetration, she wanted me to plant my seeds deep inside her.

"Oh baby, sometimes I'm so jealous of my sister. I want to be pregnant like she is, I want to know that a man's sperm has fertilized my eggs and that I have a baby growing inside my belly. Oh baby keep fucking me like you are doing. Ohhh yes, yes, your cock feels so good inside me. Uhhhh. If I decide to get pregnant, would you be willing to be the father?"

"Shit Aunt June, I don't know about that, I'm too young to be a father. My mom said that I will only need to treat our baby as my brother or sister and not to think of myself as their father. She also said that she will raise the child on her own."

My aunt responded, "If you get me pregnant, I will want you to do the same with our child, think of the baby as your cousin, not as your child. Ohhh yes sweetie, keep fucking me." I was into a very rhythmic motion thrusting of my cock deep into her hot cunt. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my dick as I plunged into her.

I said, "What will Uncle Harry think if you get pregnant? Does he want to raise a kid?"

"No, absolutely not. If I get pregnant, he will divorce me. Oh yes Glenn, deeper, get your cock deeper inside me, yea like that, ohhhh wonderful. I have asked him to get me pregnant and he has refused. I told him that I needed a child to fulfill my womanhood and he said I should have thought of that before marrying him. I agreed to not have any children with we married, but have since changed my mind. And as things are presently going, I may end up with a black child in my belly."

"Oh, so you have been diddling some black boys have yea?

"Yes, I spent the night with Craig a few days ago and he really loaded my up with his cum, god I love being fucked by big black men. Looking down between my legs seeing a huge black cock slip inside me is just awesome, I love it. I love to fondle his big black cock; it is awesome. While he was fucking me and filling my pussy up with his cum, I had the feelings of wanting him to get me pregnant, I'm just like your mom in that way. So I figure it will be just a matter of time before I let these feelings overwhelm me and I let myself get pregnant by some black dude."

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