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The Senator's Daughter

by britneyfan©

I wasn't quite through with him yet though, as he lay exhausted and humiliated on my stage, I bent over and whispered to him "Come to my dressing room afterwards and we can finish what we started." He didn't respond but I knew he would come, that was the power that Delilah had over men, and now he had tasted her cock he would be back for more.

Sure enough, I had barely had a chance to return to my dressing room and freshen up after the show when there was a knock at my door and there was my father, the senator, looking dishevelled and still a little sticky with his clothes back on now. I ushered him into the room.

"Now, what is it you want," I said in a sweet tone that had a sharp edge to it.

"I want you, Delilah" he replied innocently.

"It's mistress Delilah to you, slave" I said angrily, striking him with the whip and leaving a red mark on his cheek that he'd struggle to explain to mum if they were ever in the same place at the same time, "And you're going to have to be more specific with me."

"I want that," he pointed to my now flaccid cock, seeming unable to call it by name.

"You want what slave," I struck him again.

"I want your cock, Mistress Delilah," now he was catching on, "I want to suck it, I want to taste you cum in my throat."

"That's better slave," I smiled, pushing him down onto his knees as I began stroking my cock to harden it and it responded quickly to the touch of my gloved hands.

This time he didn't need any force or encouragement, and in a couple of seconds his lips were wrapped around my growing hardon and his hands were all over my pert arse. Soon his lips had got me hard again and I was moaning with pleasure, so was he although he still tried to suppress it.

"You know, slave," I said, pushing him away from my cock, he looked up with disappointment visible on his face, "A submissive little slave like you gets so much more than a cock in his mouth. Wouldn't you like that?"

He looked blank for a moment and then realised what I was talking about and backed off, ", Mistress Delilah, I...I can't, I've never done anything like this before," I laughed at this, it would be an even greater thrill to be the one to take my father's cherry, "I'm not sure that I should be here," he said, backing away towards the door.

I was too quick for him though and stepped between him and the door. I cracked the whip again.

"You know, I can get nasty if you want, bitch," I said, "Now strip off."

Once more, he stripped completely naked and I saw that his tiny cock reflected how excited he was by all this even if he pretended he wasn't. I pushed him down to his hands and knees and positioned myself behind him and ran my PVC gloved hand over his arse before landing a hard slap on it. He cried out in pain but his cock told me that he was loving it.

I spanked him again and said, "This is to remind you that next time I ask if you want to do something, that means you do it."

"Yes, Mistress Delilah," he said.

I spanked him again before running my index finger around his tight arse hole he quivered at the touch, the feel of rubber on skin. I stuck the finger up inside him and he almost blew his load right there and then. Even with just a finger I could feel how tight he was. I inserted a second finger and finger fucked him for a while as he moaned with pleasure. I could feel his arse loosen around my fingers but knew that it would still be a hell of a tight fit for my cock. As I withdrew my fingers his arse rose up and tried to meet them, he wanted to be filled, that was a good sign. I positioned the head of my cock so that it brushed teasingly against the entrance to his virgin arse.

"What do you want now, slave?" I asked him again.

"I want you to fuck me, Mistress Delilah," he groaned, "I want your cock deep inside me. Please fuck me, Mistress."

That was what I wanted to hear so I decided to give him what he wanted. I put my hands on his waist and pushed my hard cock up into his virgin arse. I couldn't believe how tight it was as I forced my way up through his sphincter. My father, who had been begging me to fuck him, was now crying out with the pain and begging me to stop. I stopped forcing my cock in for a second only to land a slap across his arse with my PVC gloved hand before thrusting ever deeper. With about half of me inside him, I withdrew and then thrust in deeper and harder than before in a way that made him give a cry of pain the whole club must have heard. I was loving this, the power and dominance over my father, taking his anal virginity, he'd never be the same again, plus the extreme tightness of his arse constricting around my cock was extremely stimulating for me. Soon, I had managed to force the whole length of my cock deep up inside him. He was obviously still in pain as I tore mercilessly into his virginity, but his moans contained a lot of pleasure with them and now every time I thrust towards his prostate or landed a slap across his arse his cock gave a twitch that showed me that it wouldn't be long before he blew his load all over my carpet, and without anyone even touching his cock. I was going to make sure that I came first though, and I picked up the pace, fucking his arse harder, faster until I could feel the cum rising from my balls.

"Fuck daddy, I'm cumming!" I yelled as I felt my creamy juices shoot from my cock and into his arse.

I pulled out of him and jerked off to shoot more of my cum all over his naked arse. He was now violently wanking his own little cock and soon he was even more cum covered as he shot his load across his chest. I smiled down at him, it had been quite an evening.

"Now, get out of here, slave," I said, pushing him, naked, out of the dressing room and then handing him his clothes.

And that's the story of how I came to be the one that took my father, the senator's anal virginity. The next day was Saturday and for once the whole family was there at home and I gave a secret little smile to see my dad limping a little, obviously still sore from the way I tore into his arse the night before, if only mum knew. The following Friday, I looked out into the audience and, sure enough, there he was again. Our little fuck sessions turned out to be a regular occurrence and he's still none the wiser about who I am. Still, I can't help but think what the scandal and humiliation would be like if the public knew what their senator likes to get up to. Last time I took a video, it could be useful for all sorts of blackmail purposes.

Written by: britneyfan

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