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Dual Fucking In The Car

by The Freek©

It was late on a hot summer night in July. The dinner theatre was boring, really not for me. The only redeeming quality about it was the girl I had brought with me. The theatre was separated into various tables grouped around the stage. We choose a table in the middle and sat with friends. The theatre seated the girls on one side and my buddy and I on the other. It was kind of silly to me, but it falls in line with traditional formal dinning.

The food was decent and the drinks were at least cold. The performer seemed like it was his first time on stage. His routine was chalked full of mistakes and gaffes. My girlfriend must have shared my disinterest as she repeatedly ordered drinks. I stopped after about four or five but she easily worked over seven or eight. When the show finally ended the house lights stayed low but got bright enough that even my buddy noticed my girlfriends dress.

Her dress had been hiked up and the split was wide open exposing her red panties. He just nudged me and giggled as he walked away. He stepped around the table towards his date and into a better position. She was slow on the recovery as it took her a few seconds to realize he was looking straight at her panties. Maybe she planned it that way? I did not ask. She stared at me as she straightened her dress and rose to her feet. Her nipples were pressing hard against her shirt telling me and my buddy exactly what was going on. As he stared at her, his girlfriend turned to see what had caught his interest. She was not very pleased to say the least.

We headed to the car as my girlfriend slid her hand into my back pocket and her head onto my shoulder. I looked down into her eyes and could tell that she was totally drunk. What I did not know was that every time this girl drank she got extremely aroused.

She slid her free hand around my front to give me a hug as we walked. This became difficult for her as the alcohol was affecting her balance. She slid her hand off my waist and dragged it directly across my rising cock. She started squeezing my ass inside of my pocket pulling down my underwear as we walked. Luckily the car was parked down the street and it took a bit to get to it.

It felt uncomfortable to walk down the street with my ass hanging out of my shorts, but I survived. The older dress pants I was wearing had a small hole in the back pocket which was no match for her forcing fingers. I finger drilled into the hole and ripped it open enough for her index finger. She expertly reached for my asshole as we walked. It was just out of reach, but she could occasionally scrap a finger nail in the right spot. I was getting caught up in the moment and started to forget where I was.

I reached out for her and grabbed her breast. I made no attempt to pretend that I was trying to do anything else. I squeezed her little b cup nipples as it pressed hard against the bra. She dug her fingers into my ass and grabbed my cock with her other hand. She squeezed my balls as hard as she could to the point were I yelped out in pain. She giggled and released me. I slowly slid my hand back onto her ass and grabbed a handful.

He light weight dress did little to protect her from my groping hand. I returned the favour and headed towards her asshole. When she realized what I was doing she turned and walked slightly ahead of me to give me better access. At the moment of contact she paused and strode into a wide gate to grant me better entry. I grazed and groped and wasn't getting much out of it. I was getting a little frustrated. I wanted to give her some pleasure and keep her arousal level at a peak or at least headed in the right direction.

The street was dark except for the light standards so I made a big move. I pulled up the back of her dress and exposed her panties. I roughly rubbed her as my hand felt to soft skin of her ass. I ran my hand under the edge of her panties and forced her underwear up into a wedgie. I twirled my finger and the material and gave it a sharp yank up and she swooned with pleasure. I held it tight up into her ass and pussy as we walked, my arm exposing her ass to anyone who was walking behind us. She did not care. Her hand forced down sharply into my pocket as the material finally gave way.

I heard an audible rip as my pants were pulled downward as she continued to rip my pocket.

A thought popped into my mind, "She just ripped my pants!"

The though was quickly dashed as she massaged my ass. I felt kind of nice too. We stopped at a corner waiting for the traffic to clear. I heard a couple of guys coming up behind us, snorting and laughing as they waited. I thought, what the hell, let's give them a little show.

I released my grip on her panties; she seemed to shrink about four inches. I lowered my hand and pulled them to the side, fully exposing her ass to the eager crowd. I slid my hand up and down in rapid succession, diving for the crack of her ass. She switched her stance and stepped toward me, but only with one foot. Her ass and crack were readily available. I took the opportunity to reach down and see what I could grab.

She was shorter than me by about six inches which made it much harder to reach all the way around, but I did my best. I easily found her asshole, soft and relaxed. I danced over it and headed for a better destination. Her wetness was out of my reach and she knew it too. She bent slightly at the waist, pushing it back towards my hand. It was still too far out of my reach. Frustrated and horny I bent my knees and touched her wet pussy.

Gently rubbing her popped out clit was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to drop her right here on the corner and bury my cock deep inside her. I did not care who else was around, all I wanted was to pump her as fast as I could. I thought about, maybe spending a little time licking her ass and fingering her pussy as she sucked hard on my cock. I wanted to cum onto her asshole and push it inside as my cock softened. I did not want to be awoken to reality by my buddy yelling at me to cross the street or he will leave us here.

Ripping myself out of my heightened state of arousal, I pulled my hand away and let her dress fall back over her ass. With her hand still in my pocket she was dragged across the street with me as I crossed. I do not know how many lights we missed, but my buddy's girlfriend was already in the running car.

She stared out the window at us as we closed in on the vehicle. As my buddy was going around the car and his girlfriend had the only view, my girlfriend grabbed my cock and roughly jerked it up and down. I watched as his girlfriend stared at my hard cock as we approached. Her gaze remained unbroken while we paused at the side of the vehicle. I opened the door and ushered my girlfriend into the car.

My girlfriend slid roughly into the vehicle as if she was wearing pants. Her dress rode up and pulled apart at the seam. She slid across to be behind my buddy as he drove. It was going to be a longer drive than anyone had planned.

I jumped into the back and immediately moved into position next to my girlfriends long sexy legs. I ran my hands quickly up her thigh and over her panties. The car started moving; the street lights flickered as we drove. My girlfriend slowly separated her knees as my hand approached her hot spot. I took the invitation and once again went to work on her clit. I could feel through her underwear that she had shaved her little kitty. It made it easier to get right into the job. The wetness from her dripping pussy had left a noticeable stain on her panties. My full hand caressed her clit engrossing her in her pleasure. Using my index finger I pushed the material into her pussy. I pumped her a few times as my thumb circled on her clit.

It did not take long before she wanted more. She reached down and lifted my hand as her other one pulled her underwear to the side. She replaced my hand onto her pussy and pushed it to get it to resume its work. I grabbed a hand full of pussy lips and squeezed gently as the juice of her pleasure quenched my hand. Fingering and rubbing all over her clit forced her face into a contorted mess as she struggled to control her screams.

The front seat of the car was quiet, almost too quiet. I glanced up at my buddy who was looking sideways instead of looking at the road. He was grabbing glances of his girlfriend in the seat next to him. Her visor was down allowing me to see the middle of her body. Her shirt was undone and her hands were in her lap. With all that was going on in the back I never thought about the front seat. Curiosity was getting the better of me as I tried to figure out what she was up too.

I must have been neglecting my duties to the girlfriend as she grabbed my hand and forced me to rub her just like she wanted. I willingly resumed my fingering responsibilities. Then it struck me and I had a plan. I lowered my head towards my girlfriend's pussy. She quickly opened her legs with great expectation. My tongue darted out of my mouth and flicked her clit. For several minutes I gave her clit a good work out. She groaned out loud. I turned my head towards the front seat as I continued to lick.

I finally understood why the front seat was so quiet. There in the mirror were the eyes of my buddy's girlfriend. She had been watching us the entire time. Obviously she was getting hot herself. I smiled at her and sucked hard on my girl's clit, taunting her with the culmination of her desire. I winked at her and flicked rapidly at the clit in front of me.

Reaching over, I placed my finger at the entrance of my girlfriend's pussy. I circled and poked at her, but did not enter her. I was really having fun getting both girls hot as I could. I glanced up and caught the other girls eye again as she shifted in her seat. In this move I could see that her pants were being removed. My buddy swerved the car to regain the road. No one said a word. Her knee dropped out from behind the veil of the front seat. Her shirt fell to a pile around her waist. She searched the mirror for my eyes as she started working herself over.

I smiled broadly as I licked my lips at her. I put my finger to my mouth and licked it like an ice cream cone, then moving it slowly toward my girlfriend's wetness. I ran my finger around her pussy lips while partially entering her. She moaned loudly as I teased her for several minutes. Suddenly I pushed at her pussy and slid easily up to my palm. Her greasy cavern was opening all on its own. Her juice dripped out the bottom and ran off her ass. Pulling out I looked for encouragement from the front seat. I was given quite rapidly.

I circled her pussy again and mouthed the words, "You say when."

She nodded gently as her seat rocked back and forth. I started on my fingers journey again around and around. Her eyes disappeared as she turned around to watch the face of my girlfriend. She spun back around and nodded to me. I drove my fingers deep into my girlfriend, bringing out a loud moan that coincided with a rocking of the seat in front of me. I pulled out again and started circling again. After several times of this she shook me off. Confused I waited for instructions.

My hand was wet and eager to please both the front and back seat. I got my sign form the front and it was to go lower. Kind of confused I thought she meant push it in farther which I did. My hand sunk in past my knuckles. I wiggled my fingers as I paused inside. The look from the front seat told me I had done it wrong. She repeated her command to go lower. Suddenly it hit me. Boy was I dumb.

Slowly removing my hand from the dripping pussy I flicked her clit a few times with my tongue. Running my hand in her drippings I circled her asshole. I knew I got it right from the big smile in the front seat. She nodded at me as her breath became audible. My buddy's door flew open and he jumped out and ran around the car. I firmly thrust my index finger up my girlfriend's ass. She jumped and groaned and moved back into place for a repeat. The front passenger door flew open and her eyes disappeared.

I could see my buddy was standing out side the car with his pants down, his hard on standing at attention. I knew he was the better man. Next thing I knew his girlfriend's legs were kneeling on the seat and her head was looking around the seat only a few inches from mine. She breathed deeply and nodded to me, so I pushed two fingers up my girlfriend's ass. She groaned and gasped for air, but did not move. I pulled them back and immediately got another nod from the now jostling face. I pumped in again and removed. Another nod, I pumped and removed. Again, I pumped and removed, pumped and removed. I continued until a scream escaped her as my buddy fucked her good.

Not wanting to be the only one not fucking I pulled at my girlfriend's clothes and removed them. Looking at me with hunger I her eyes she moved towards me. I opened the door and stood next to my buddy. I too dropped my pants and motioned to my girl to get into position. She quickly jumped out of her clothes and spun around sticking her ass and wet pussy out at me. I backed up a minute to let me buddy get an eyeful as I did the same.

"Fucking horny bitches," he said.

"God love them," I said as I pushed my cock into the waiting pussy.

My girlfriend pulled away and reached between her legs and guided y cock to her asshole. How could I resist. I pushed my cock into her asshole and groaned loudly myself. Seeing this, my buddy decided to try the same.

There we stood side by side ass fucking our girls. Now that's friendship. It didn't take much before I was shooting my load. I fucked her like I never fucked before or again. When I was finished I pulled out and started licking her pussy as cum dripped out into her pussy. I fingered her at the same time to bring her to an orgasm as well. Very happy and satisfied she fell into the car. I watched as my buddy's naked girl kneeled in front of him and sucked his cock clean.

When she finished he grabbed his clothes and headed for the drivers side. I started to dress when I felt a tug at my cock. My buddy's girlfriend grabbed it and quickly sucked it clean too. I started to get hard again, but she stopped before I did. Everyone stood outside their door and got dressed. My girlfriend asked my buddy for help finding her panties, I just laughed as he did.

Pilling back into the car, we headed for home, my girlfriend cuddling me the entire way. Two hours had passed since we got in the car and it was only a twenty minute drive. This couple soon became our best friends with little question as to why. As I exited the car at my house, I paused at the window sticking my cock area in the window. I got a nice squeeze good night as I departed. My final question had been answered. The only detail was when I would get the chance to fuck her.

Written by: The Freek

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