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Always a Mommy's Boy

by Von Hauffen©

Mom made me forget all about anyone else though. I was so caught up in the moment that I couldn't stop from kissing her. Every time she would move her mouth away to catch a breath of air, I crushed my mouth against hers even harder. At some point she pulled me down on top of her as we kissed. Her shirt had come back down to cover her, but even then I could feel a slight warm, wetness on my chest.

I kissed Mom all over her face, her neck, her collarbone, returning to her tiny mouth every few seconds before she could catch her breath. Was I so excited because she was the most incredible kisser I had ever experienced, or was it because my mind kept coming back to the fact that this was my mother that was kissing me back like this?

By the time I started to move down to her chest, Mom was breathing heavily and writhing around on the bed beneath me. She sat up for the briefest of moments and yanked her shirt off. I did the same to mine, tossing it to the floor. The look on Mom's face when she took in my chest and abs was to die for! I felt so confident all of a sudden. I didn't give her a chance to touch me though, as I immediately attacked her breasts, settling down, halfway on her body and half between her legs, allowing me access to both of her mouth-watering "babies" as she called them.

She smelled better than anything I could have imagined and inhaled deeply on the inside and underneath each one before covering her left one with my mouth. Mom arched into me, and I could see her lifting her head and watching me as I started to suck, gently at first, but rapidly becoming overcome with my need for her. The milk was thin and a little bit salty. Oddly, it left a slightly dry aftertaste in my mouth that made me crave more and more to quench that thirst. I wondered if that was so the baby would want to nurse more? I knew one thing for sure; it made me want to suck on Mom's babies like I was starved!

The milk was flowing freely now; thin streams that when I pushed just right on her nipple with my tongue and sucked with just the right force, the milk would just shoot and spray all the way to the back of my mouth. I quickly found out though that she could give quite a mouthful and if I was not careful, I was forced to stop sucking in order to swallow. I changed my technique, maybe instinctively remembering how to nurse my Mommy. I started to suck and swallow, suck and swallow, not allowing the warm, silky milk to collect in the back of my mouth any more.

Mom was going crazy. She had her hands alternating from the back of my head to the gripping the blanket, to holding on to the headboard behind her.

"Harder, Baby... My Baby! Suck on Mommy!" she said in this husky voice. "You can use your teeth too!" she gasped.

Not so sure of myself at first, I carefully scraped my teeth along her nipple. Mom responded by pulling my head into her and forcing even more of her bumpy areola into my mouth. A little harder this time, my teeth pressed down around the base of her nipple, capturing it and tugging ever so gently. I was rewarded with a gigantic squirt of thick milk as I squeezed and pumped her breast with my hand and sucked and chewed with my teeth.

Mom's head was thrashing from side to side, stopping every few turns to look down at me, her son, sucking on her flesh with a passion. I moved to her right breast now, the one that my baby sister had just finished with not 30 minutes ago. No hesitation this time, I clamped my mouth down and sucked hard with my teeth, tickling the tip of her nipple with my tongue.

"Aaaaahhhh Jeeeeezzzzzz!!" she cried.

I watched the look on Mom's face as she lifted her chest upward and humped herself against my torso between her legs. Her milk pumped into my mouth repeatedly in thin rapid squirts. She continued her humping motions for the next couple of minutes, gripping my hair with her hands and looking down at me with a heavy-lidded expression. She finally calmed down and traced her fingers over my forehead and around my ears.

"I'm so sensitive, Baby. You are making Mommy feel so good!"

I couldn't help but smile. I felt the burning in my cheeks, but I was no longer embarrassed, simply excited that I could make my mom feel that good.

"You're Mommy's bad boy aren't you?" she said with a giggle.

I looked up at her confused. I am sure my face was asking the question going through my mind, why was I bad?

She laughed again and pulled my face up to kiss her. Her nails on the back of my cheeks, holding me in place as her lips approached mine was incredible.

"Mommy's Bad Boy! Cause you made me cum!"

I thought she had but I how could I have been certain? I had made girls come before, but never just from sucking on their nipples. My thoughts could not stay focused though as Mom had her tongue deep inside my mouth at the moment. We kissed like that for a minute before she lay back with a contented look on her face.

I watched, mesmerized, as her fingers slowly pushed her shorts and panties down. She lifted her legs and pulled them off, tossing them beside the bed. Mom was beautiful. I had always loved the sight of a woman down there, ever since the first time I had seen my first porn. It was so erotic to just look at a woman there.

Mom was not smiling anymore. She had this intense look on her face, head pushed back in the pillow, looking at me from half closed eyes. Her manicured nails were tracing slow circles around her big breasts, down her soft stomach, avoiding the well trimmed patch between her legs, but getting oh so close.

"There are other places that my Baby Boy can suck... if he wants," her voice trailed off. She bit her lower lip and breathed heavily as if she were actually afraid I would reject her offer!

"You are so beautiful, Mom," I whispered, letting my eyes roam all over her body.

She shook her head and started to blush. "No I'm not," she whispered back.

"My God! Yes you are!" I shook my head in wonder at the beautiful female form spread out in front of me. This was my mother, the one woman that I was taught I should never see like this under any circumstance. Yet here she was; in all her glory.

I could smell Mom even from my sitting position between her legs. Unlike most of the guys at school, I loved going down a girl. As long as they were clean it was the most incredible experience imaginable, seeing her come like that.

I got down between Mom's legs and inhaled her scent. I could see how wet she was already, maybe from her orgasm. I kissed the insides of her legs, from her calves to her thighs. They were so smooth. I wanted to make my mom feel good again. The thought of it then and even now as I write this made me so hard.

Mom's eyes were glued to my progress, anticipating the first touch of her only son's tongue against her sensitive flesh. And sensitive it was. She arched her back high and cried out as I started kissing and licking between her legs.

I lifted her legs up and placed my hands behind her knees, holding them spread and completely exposed for me. She tasted like heaven. I couldn't believe that I was actually eating my own mother's pussy in my parents' bed. I felt more ravenous with every moan that escaped from her lips. I feasted on Mom's pussy; licking and sucking and nibbling on her clit; thrusting my tongue inside her as deep as I could. This went on for minutes, I can not say how long. I was too involved in eating her to pay attention.

I watched her. Mom was holding both fists in the air, grasping onto nothing and shaking slightly; her eyes were clenched shut, her lips parted, her nostrils were flaring as she worked herself toward another climax. All the while I could not take my eyes away from her face. I wanted my Mom to come inside my mouth, to cause her juices to flow as freely as her milk had just minutes ago.

How can anyone fully understand the feeling of being tongue deep inside their beautiful mother's pussy, unless they too had experienced it? All I know is that seeing Mom like that satisfied me almost more than coming myself. There is nothing better than seeing your mother, tasting your mother, as she reaches that point of no return.

Mom was almost crying as she came this time. The other girls simply moaned and giggled, or pushed me away until they recovered, but not Mom. She had experienced a full body orgasm she told me later.

Her hands went to the back of my head and she literally fucked my face as she flooded my mouth with her juices. I was literally able to drink what she gave me. It was amazing, it was incredible; it was beyond my wildest dreams. But from that point on, it only got better.

I let Mom's legs relax back down onto the bed and just stroked her thighs as she came down from her climax. She started to get this huge smile on her face, eyes still closed, her chest still heaving. She looked so hot!

"Mmmmm," she sighed.

She reached down and traced my jaw-line with her nails and looked into my eyes. She suddenly go this intense look on her face and lifted up on one elbow, grabbing the top of my hair with her other hand and pulling me up and away from between her legs.

"And just where did you learn to do that?" For a second I thought she was truly upset and I could hardly reply. Not that I could have brought myself to tell her about those girls anyway!

"It ... must have been instinctive," I blurted out.

"Hmm. Like hell it was." Mom released my hair and sat up, framing my face in her hands again. "We'll talk about who you've been practicing on LATER, young man. Right now, Mommy needs you to finish what you started."

She kissed me long and hard, taking MY breath away this time, before pushing me away from her. I watched as Mom got onto her hands and knees, facing the headboard, and tilted her ass in my direction.

"Show me how much you love your Momma ... SON."

I groaned audibly not only at her nasty words, but at the sight before me. I had never done a girl from behind, and was not even sure how to make it all work. I quickly got out of my jeans and shorts and nervously climbed back on the bed, right behind her. Mom spread her legs further to allow my own legs to get in between them, and she watched me over her shoulder.

My cock seemed huge, larger than even before. I was suddenly scared to death that my eight inches would not be enough to satisfy a woman like her. If Dad was much bigger, or she was expecting more than what I had, it would be a nightmare! I would never be able to face her again!

I moved closer and held my cock behind her, not knowing exactly where to find her pussy in this position. My heart was pounding in my ears, getting more nervous by the second, afraid that I would go soft even if I messed this up.

I inhaled sharply when I felt Mom's fingers reaching back between her legs and grabbing me. She pulled me that last fraction of inch until the tip of my cock was against her, and then just like that, she had my head inside.

"My God, Baby... I had no idea," she whispered.

Her head was facing forward and she started to rock backwards onto my cock. I watched with wide eyes as she took one inch, and then another, and then another until I was half way in. She stopped and pressed her face into the pillow.

After a few seconds of rocking against me slightly, Mom turned her face to the side, her eyes still closed.

"Been so long, Baby. You feel so good inside me. So big...." she whimpered.

She lifted back onto her elbows again and tilted her ass up, taking another inch. "Does it feel good, Sweetie? Does Mommy's pussy feel good to you too?"

"Jesus Christ, Mom," I gasped. I had my hands on her wide hips now, squeezing her ass and gripping her waist as I watched my own mother pushing back into me.

"You didn't answer, Baby. Do you like fucking your Momma's pussy?" She almost hissed her last words, pushing back into me even harder.

"Yes, Mom! It feels incredible!"

"What does, Baby? Tell me what feels good."

"You do, Mom... you do! All over!"

"You like Mommy's pussy? You like seeing your mother in front of you like this?"

"Oh my God yes!"

"Say it! Say it for me!" She was moving faster now, looking sideways. I turned and saw what she was looking at. It was us in the dresser along the mirror. She was watching her son fucking her from behind and loving it. So was I. Mom's heavy, milk-laden breasts were hanging down beneath her, swinging from her short thrusts backward along my cock. I saw how my fingers were digging into her side as I pulled her onto me. I watched as she hooked her feet on top of my calves for leverage.

"Baby! Tell me!"

Looking into her eyes in the mirror I pulled my mother back and thrust forward. As she cried out I said, "I love your pussy, Mom! Love fucking my Mommy's pussy!"

She let out a long, deep groan and came right then, with the length of my cock hardly even all the way in for the first time. I was amazed and enthralled and so excited that I had made her come. I had satisfied a woman as incredible as my mother and we had just gotten started.

Mom was so tight the deeper I went inside. It amazed me that my little sister had ever been inside there, much less just a few months ago. Then of course the realization that I had once been there too hit me. I was once again stretching my mom's pussy, only this time it was pure pleasure she would remember instead.

I tried to take it slow, but Mom would have none of it. The harder she came the faster she pushed back into me, until I could feel my heavy sperm-laden balls actually slapping against her underneath. No more words were spoken, only the sounds of her perfect heart shaped ass slamming back against me; our moaning and gasping; and Mom's pussy making soft, wet, sloppy sounds.

I discovered something that day, while fucking Mom from behind. I take a long time to come in that position. Even as hot as she looked on all fours in front of me and seeing things that no son should ever see: my thick cock entering her over and over; her little wrinkled asshole tightening and relaxing; her glistening white cream coating my shaft; the feel of Mom's legs and feet pressing down hard on mine; and then the sight of us in the mirror. I was close to coming, but couldn't get that last bit unless I was prepared to fuck her hard and fast. And I was just not willing to do it. Besides the fact that I loved her coming over and over again and wanting it to last forever, I was afraid I would hurt her, as more than a few times she had cried out and pushed me away for a few seconds with her hand, before allowing me to continue.

I wanted to make love to her; show her that I was a better man than she could hope for. I wanted her to be proud of how she taught me to treat women, and have that experience for her self firsthand. She deserved better than any man could give her, even me.

Mom announced that she was cumming again and she grabbed the blanket once more with both fists and stuffed her face into Dad's pillow, muffling her loud cry. She came as much as before, and I could feel the wetness flowing out around my cock and against my thighs as I thrust consistently and deliberately into her.

"Oh, Baby.... Please.... Please come for Mommy! I can't take much more!"

I didn't want to come that way, so I pulled out, leaving Mom whimpering, and let her fall to her side. She looked up at me with an utterly confused expression, almost like she couldn't remember where she was. She saw me holding my cock as I rolled her onto her back and she wantonly spread her arms and legs, waiting for me once more.

I slid right in as I crushed the full length of my body down onto hers. Mom wrapped her legs and arms around me and started kissing me, her tongue matching my cock's thrusting inside her. I knew this was how I wanted it, how I always would want to finish it; my cock inside my mommy's pussy, feeling her coming all over me and kissing me and holding me safe in her arms.

Reaching back with both hands I felt the smoothness of her slender legs again, wrapped so tight around my waist. Mom's hands gripped my shoulders from around my back and her teeth sunk into my neck as she came again. She released me and I found her left breast inches from my mouth. I angled myself and started sucking and chewing again. Her sweet sweat just made the taste of her milk even more incredible.

I felt a flash of new sudden warmth and wetness, and she began thrashing beneath me. It made me come at last.

It was the longest most intense orgasm I had experienced in my young life. People always say they can feel a woman's pussy pump and grab them as they come. I couldn't feel that. I was so hard for my Mom and she was so wet and hot that I honestly felt like I had a steel rod and was dipping it into hot silk. My load of hot cum just intensified the effect.

The two of us ground our hips together for minutes afterward, just kissing and holding each other. Both of us continued to shudder ever little while as we recovered from our passion.

We could both feel the sloppy mess that was between our legs and forming a large puddle on the comforter. Mom looked into my eyes and grinned again, sliding her hands all over my sweaty back and down to my butt.

"You were saving it up for Mommy, weren't you?"

I bashfully averted her eyes and grinned, not knowing what to say.

"I thought so, you naughty boy!'" She kissed me again and ruffled my hair with here fingers. "Well you know what ... No matter what you do to me ... you are always going to be my Baby Boy!"

Written by: Von Hauffen

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