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Always a Mommy's Boy Ch. 02

by Von Hauffen©

I cleaned up and was just heading out the door when I saw Mom coming down the stairs. I stopped to watch those black, high heeled, pointy-toed sling-backs making their way down the padded stairs. No stockings, just her dainty bare feet inside. I knew the outfit as soon as I saw her pants; or so I thought. It was the one with the tight form-fitting gray slacks that hugged her ass so well that you could tell that she wore thongs underneath. And she always only wore thongs underneath for just that reason. The white cashmere turtleneck sweater was a new addition though. Normally Mom was too hot to wear something like that, but it was unusually cold and rainy that day for the month of May.

That sweater took my breath away. It molded to her large breasts in a way that was almost scandalous. You could even make out her nipples poking right through her bra! Mom's hair and makeup looked stunning as well. You would have never believed that she was the same tired woman I had seen just a little while ago.

I have no idea how long I was standing there with my mouth open holding my bag for school. I do know that when I came to my senses she was smiling that grin again. She knew she was tormenting me just by being herself. God it made me want her so bad.

"You're going to be late for school, Baby," she said softly; hands still on the banister and looking at me. I was speechless.

Mom looked down and pulled at her sweater from beneath, causing it to tighten on her boobs even more. Without looking up she asked if she looked ok.

"You look awesome!" I blurted out.

Mom raised her eyes but barely lifted her head up. I could see that devilish smile again. "Then you keep thinking about what Mommy is wearing all day and see where that gets you."

She stepped down the last stair and crossed over to me, before leaning in to give me a kiss that made me weak in the knees. When she backed off she looked into my eyes and then glanced down at my lips. Laughing, Mom took her finger and thumb and wiped away the lipstick from my lips and the corner of my mouth. My how that brought back memories of her wiping my face when I was a kid.

"Now off to school, Darling. Know that Mommy will be thinking about YOU today too."

I don't even remember driving to school, and I seemed in a fog all day. One of my friends told me later that this girl I had a crush on talked to me when I was by my locker and I didn't even remember it! That is how much I was becoming obsessed with Mom. Sometimes I wonder had this been a teacher or one of Mom's friends or an older neighbor, would I have been that wrapped up in it, being that they were all just sexy older women? Maybe initially, but after so long with Mom now, I know it was something about her. Something about the fact that my own mother wanted me as a man. What guy wouldn't become obsessed with that?

I knew that evening when I went down to Mom's SUV in the garage, to help her bring in Vicki and her stuff from work, that it was going to be another difficult night. Mom looked incredible even after all day. Her perfume just seemed to hang there when I opened the back seat. As I bent in to undo my sister's car seat, I felt Mom's hand sliding between my legs from behind. I stood there for a few seconds as she stepped up behind me and slid her other hand inside my shirt from the front and ran her palm across my abs.

I straightened up and started to pull Vicki out of the car, still enjoying Mom's hand groping at my balls. When I turned around she took my face in her hands and kissed me long and hard, sliding her tongue between my teeth and then sucking on my lower lip as she pulled away.

"Only a few more hours," she grinned. "Only one more night until I have my boy's cock inside me again!" She backed away enough for me to catch my reaction, and actually giggled when she saw me smile slyly back at her. "God I can't wait!"

I avoided going all the way upstairs where Mom was giving my sister her nightly breastfeeding, knowing full well that I would never be able to last another night seeing her again like that. I went back down to the basement and worked out for close to 45 minutes before I called it quits. Kind of difficult to do all that with the constant throbbing between your legs.

By the time I was back upstairs, Dad was home, lying on the couch playing with Vicki, and Mom was just about to set the table. She gave me this incredibly hot stare, smiling again when I entered the kitchen. When I took the silverware and plates from her hands and then turned around, she pinched my butt and made me jump. I felt myself turn red, and she seemed pleased at that, before going back to finishing dinner.

At dinner, Mom cradled Vicki while she ate her own dinner. About halfway through, Mom started to play footsies with me and, as I was in shorts, she was able to get her foot all the way up to my thigh from where she sat across from Dad. My heart was pounding as I reached under that tablecloth and gently grabbed Mom's foot, placing it on my knee. If Dad only knew that I was rubbing Mom's foot on my lap just two feet away from him!

That was the first time I felt the rush of seeing her not just as my mother but also as another man's wife. It was beyond exciting to have a woman flirting with me so obviously yet discreetly right under her husband's nose. The fact that she was flirting with her own son made it mind boggling.

I loved the way Mom just kept talking to Dad the whole time, while my fingers gently massaged her arch and playfully pulled on each of her toes. For the most part we did not look at each other, except to pass the food or something, but when I did catch her glance it spoke of so many things to come.

I made myself scarce after dinner, playing with my sister for a few minutes and then handing her back to Mom for bedtime. She was snuggled into Dad on the couch when I came in; his hand on her bare tummy; a look of relative tolerance on her face. Mom for her part lowered her shirt to appear discreet in front of her grown son. Little did Dad know that I would be seeing a hell of a lot more than that as soon as he left tomorrow.

I stayed up studying rather late, since Mom had "encouraged" me to do so the night before. Dad had ragged on me about skipping my date to study. Told me better luck next week. I ignored him, knowing that I would be fucking the most gorgeous woman on the planet, which also happened to be his wife and my mother all weekend if I could manage it.

I was secretly pleased when I left the room and, as Dad was just trying to get back to making out with Mom, I heard her announce that she was tired and heading to bed.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, as well as coffee for Dad. He always took lots of it when he headed out on a camping trip. He said Mom's coffee could "hit a man where it mattered," whatever that meant.

After my shower I went downstairs and found Vicki in her little seat wide awake and drooling and kicking. I took care of that as Mom was busy with breakfast. She was singing to a silly commercial on TV and looking so cute and so sexy in her long pajamas this time; bare feet, painted toes. She winked at me when I caught her eye and I could only think about what I would be doing to that incredible body in not very long.

We were almost finished breakfast before I felt Mom's foot rubbing against mine under the table. She held her hot tea with both hands, sipping gently, and stroking my foot with hers as she pretended to watch the news on the small TV in the kitchen.

The phone rang and naturally Mom got up to answer it. It sounded like one of Dad's friends from her usual sarcastic remarks, then a fake laugh. I was right. She handed the phone to Dad and sat back down; her foot instantly returning to mine.

Mom's toes were playfully circling my ankle and the back of my leg when we heard Dad say, "Well I guess that shoots our plans to Hell, doesn't it?"

She jerked her foot away from mine and watched his face. I picked at the last of my food, listening carefully.

It was as both of us expected but were no doubt hoping we were wrong about for the past couple of minutes. The trip was cancelled. Dad's idiot friend that planned the whole thing forgot to make the reservation for the boat! Everything was booked for the next month, especially with the weather getting better. I wanted to kill the bastard!

Mom didn't say anything. She immediately got up and went upstairs with my sister, asking me to clean up. I did so, in complete silence. Dad was pissed, and rightly so, but not nearly as pissed as Mom and I were. Only we had to contain ourselves in front of him while he was free to curse and rant about his friend as much as he wanted.

The morning was fucking miserable. Dad sat around in the recliner for most of it, meaning Mom and I could not even talk about what had happened really. The weather was nasty out so there was no going outside to hang out with friends either. I went to my room and played on the computer, trying to take my mind off of my Mom and how frustrated I was getting.

About noon I heard a knock on my door. It was Mom asking me if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. Before I got my hopes up too much, she said that Dad was going to the hardware store and suggested we all get out of the house. I opened the door and looked at her. She was dressed in a pair of awesome jeans with black boots and a tight blouse with sleeves that came about ¾ lengths down. Big hoop earrings and dark eyelashes with the most delicious looking lipstick.

She was leaning against the door frame looking so hot I couldn't stand it.

"At least we get to be together," she whispered, tugging gently on my shirt. "Maybe even lose him for a few minutes. Never know."

I looked at my old jeans and crappy shirt and started to look for something else to wear.

"Don't change, Baby. You look so adorable in that." She was grinning from ear to ear staring at my ass when she said it. "Love you looking like my young son."

Mom winked and started back downstairs, with me following right behind. God I wanted to reach out and grab that ass; it was so close and so firm. I had to remember to stop looking when we got back downstairs to where Dad was waiting with the baby.

I would love to say that we were able to ditch Dad and then Mom and I parked someplace and fucked our brains out. It didn't happen. There were just too many people out on a Saturday for us to even flirt, except for a touch on the hand or each other's hips now and then. And it was too strange for us to stay in the car while Dad went shopping. Mom couldn't even flirt at lunch because she had to sit in the seat across from me and Dad so she could take care of Vicki.

She looked so incredible though. I couldn't even look at those hotties walking around in their tight hostess uniforms. I had eyes only for Mom. She caught me looking at her more than once and gave me a fierce yet playful look for me to stop, but I could tell she enjoyed the attention by the way she kept looking back with wide eyes and pushing her hair behind her ears. Mom was easily the hottest thing in the place.

On the way home, Mom rode in the back with Vicki instead of me. I heard her breastfeeding my sister and it took every ounce of control I had to not turn around and stare. I could almost taste her warm breasts leaking that sweet milk onto my tongue; could practically smell her sweaty flesh in between those swollen orbs. God, I just wanted to bury face between those perfect legs of hers.

The rest of the afternoon was the same. The trip had been a wasted endeavor if you asked me and I was going bonkers. Mom and the baby went down for a nap and Dad watched TV and worked out in the garage over the next few hours. I just killed time by playing on the computer (which made me feel oddly immature all of a sudden) or looking at college catalogs again.

I eventually decided to work out in the basement to keep from getting too depressed. I had already been down there for an hour when Mom came down. She wore a pair of tight running shorts and a sports bra. She didn't say anything to me as she finished her stretches and then got on the treadmill for her daily walk. I tried to avoid looking at her, but I just couldn't. I mean, it wasn't her fault Dad had stayed home. And she looked so fucking hot!

I turned to watch my mother and found her already staring back at me. Her boobs were jiggling from her brisk walking, and I could already see beads of sweat forming on her forehead. She just watched me intently as I went over and picked up some weights and started lifting in front of her. I did one set, and then decided to tease her like she had been doing to me. I took off my shirt and continued with my lifting.

When I looked at Mom she was smiling and eyeing my chest up and down. She used the back of her hand to wipe her sweaty forehead and turned the treadmill up a notch. She was really getting a workout now, jogging and watching my arms and chest as I lifted. By this time I was about spent though, having already been down there for an hour. I couldn't keep up the teasing any longer, so I put the weights down and then sat on the bench directly in her line of sight.

As I watched Mom sweating more, hair matted to her face, I got increasingly excited. I just sat there, head pounding, and let myself get completely hard right in front of her. Mom smiled bigger now when she caught sight of me in that state. She cautiously turned to look in the direction of the stairs just in case.

I smiled at Mom and took a chance, pulling my cock out the top of my shorts. I just held my cock out in the open for her to see. This gave me the most incredible rush, exposing myself freely in front of my Mother while she just ate me up with her eyes.

"No fair," I heard her mumble. She stuck her lower lip out in a pretend pout.

I laughed. "Here I am. Come and get me," I responded.

"Swwweeettiee," she whined. "You know we can't!"

I raised my eyes and shrugged. "Your choice."

She changed her tactics and got that stern "Mother" look again. "Listen, Young Man.... You stop teasing me, and I mean it! Put that away!"

I started stroking myself, pulling my skin back and exposing my large head. Mom got this look like it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She sighed.

"Baby, stop...."

"You shouldn't have come down here until I was finished if you didn't want see me then." I closed my eyes and grinned, stroking myself faster.

"Don't you dare!" Mom said, slowing the treadmill and preparing to jump off.

"It's either this or I go call up my 'date' I skipped out on last night."

Mom was laughing now and trying to keep her voice down as she came over to me, glancing behind her one last time to make sure the coast was clear.

"You are so bad!" she said as she slapped my hands away and grabbed my cock.

I was thrilled that my gamble had worked and she was softly stroking me as she looked down into my eyes with that sly grin. You can not imagine my disappointment when she quickly stuffed me awkwardly back into my shorts and patted me one last time.

"We're saving him, remember?"

"Mom!" I groaned.

She just smiled, took my face in her hands and gave me one hellacious kiss that nearly knocked me off the bench. If Dad had come down right there he would have gotten quite a shock; seeing Mom bent over in those tight shorts, all sweaty, holding my face as she devoured my lips.

"I promise, Baby... Mommy will take such good care of you. Just be patient." She kissed me one last time and then started to leave.

"Easy for you to say," I said under my breath.

Mom stopped and turned around to consider me. I am sure I had one of the most dejected, pathetic looks imaginable. Something she was not used to seeing in me, especially since she had gotten pregnant and I had become "Mommy's little helper." I put my head in my hands and tried to cool down; my mind still reeling from that kiss.

I felt her standing next to me before I actually saw her. She knelt down in front of me and tried to look into my face. I jumped when she touched my arm, so turned on I was by her hand on me again.

"I shouldn't have teased you, Darling. Can you ever forgive your mean old mother?"

She knew that I would laugh. And I did.

"You're not old, Mom."

"Oh, but I am mean, huh?"

"That isn't what I meant," I protested. I looked into her eyes and saw her grinning again.

"Tell you what, Sweetheart," she stroked my forearm like it was my cock, not realizing how sensual that was to me. "I'll figure out something. Just promise me you'll wait. Do that for me, OK, Baby?"

Reluctantly I agreed. "OK. But please, Mom... no more teasing. You are so fucking hot!"

Mom's eyes widened at my cursing in front of her for the first time, and for a split second I thought she might get irritated. She stepped closer to me and put her palms on my bare chest.

"You're mother isn't the only one in this family that's 'so fucking hot'... Son." She stared into my eyes for a second before seeing where her hands were, and she slowly lifted them in the air as if she were giving up. "Oh, that's right ... you don't want Mommy teasing you anymore." She sighed loudly and rolled her eyes.

"I didn't mean it!"

She just pretended to ignore me, grinning, as she headed back upstairs.

That night as I lay in bed, I felt strange about what Mom had said. Looking back now, I know I was completely and totally infatuated with her. I couldn't stop smiling when I thought about her and I actually wanted to "save" myself just like she had made me promise. I wanted to do anything my Mom asked if it mean it would make her happy.

I was tossing and turning, thoughts of Mom on that treadmill and her foot against mine under the table running through my mind, when I heard Vicki crying from down the hall. I was tempted to get up so Mom wouldn't have to, when I heard their door open.

Was Mom just changing a diaper, or was she feeding her? Was it with a bottle or natural? I made the mistake of picturing her in the rocker, breasts exposed, with my little sister sucking hungrily. I was instantly hard with pre-cum oozing out all over. I rolled over and tried to go sleep. That was no use. I could almost hear Mom singing softly to Vicki, rocking her back to sleep. I rolled back over onto my back and instinctively went back to my erection, stroking and squeezing myself as I thought about her. I was now to that point where teasing myself was becoming so incredible that I almost didn't want to come anymore.

My eyes were closed when I actually sensed, more than heard my door open. I got onto my elbows and looked at Mom standing inside my room, closing the door gently behind her. She was wearing that old comfy robe she loved so much. My heart started racing and I sat up as Mom untied the sash and let it fall to the floor. It was like something right out of a movie. She was completely naked underneath. In the dim light coming through my blinds from outside, I could make out the dark circles around the tips of each large breast, and that tiny patch of dark-blonde fur between her legs.

Mom did not say a word as she took those few steps from the door to my bedside. When she got there she leaned down and kissed me hard, holding the back of my head with one hand and my chin with the other. I felt her push me back on the bed roughly and she threw the covers off of me, exposing my hard-on. Climbing onto the bed, she kneeled between my feet and bent her face forward, staring into my eyes. I expected her to take my cock into her mouth, so I was more than a little surprised when she touched my hard shaft only long enough to lift it away from balls. Her mouth was on my suddenly like a wet steel trap!

I could hardly watch as Mom sucked both balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around each one; mashing one and then the other against the roof of her mouth or her teeth. Her hands snaked around the backs of my thighs and dug her nails in to my butt as she sucked harder than I thought possible. I touched the top of her head to get her to release me, give me a mere second of relief, but she just kept sucking and licking and kissing.

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