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Lick My Pussy, Mom

by sexygirl21©

Hey guys this is my first story so comments are greatly appreciated.


It was a very stormy night and Allie and her mom Sarah were cleaning dishes. Allie was a very beautiful girl for her age of 18. She had awesome long blonde hair and big blue eyes. However, her most noticeable features were her butt and boobs. She had a very nice small round ass that all the guys drooled over and her boobs, a very nice size 34b, were a thing of amazement. Her mom only in her mid-forties was also very beautiful. Allie had clearly inherited her nice ass and tits from her mother. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey?" Sarah said while drying some dishes.

"Have you ever... well have you ever been with or thought being with um... another girl"

"Oh, baby!" Sarah had not seen that question coming!

"Well, in college um... I did have a roommate who um... I experimented with."

"Really? What was it like? Was it great? My friend has been with another girl and said it was the best thing ever!"

Sarah didn't know what to say. She had never thought she would have to talk about this with her daughter! She looked at Allie. She was gazing up at her with an incredible amount of anticipation. Sarah had only noticed a little in recent months that her daughter had grown so beautiful and voluptuous. Sarah was amazed by Allie's breast and wanted to just reach out and grab them. Then, she had an idea.

"Well honey why don't tomorrow you stay home and fake sick and when your father leaves for work ill show you?"

"Really Mom?"

"Really" Sarah said.

So, the next day all pretended that her head was killing her and she had a cough. Sarah told her father that she should stay home and get a little rest. Finally her dad gave up and let her stay home.

"Now listen Allie. I got to go run to the store and stuff real fast and then ill be back ok?"

"Ok Mom" Allie said with a big grin on her face.

Sarah ran out and left Allie home all alone. Allie was so excited! She reached down to her panties and was amazed how wet she was. She climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She waited till it heated up and then stripped down and went in. The water felt so good. Her hand moved over every inch of her body. She finally reached her pussy and slipped a finger in. Then she decided to wait and tease her self till her mom got home and got out of the shower and dried off. She heard her mom coming up the stairs and ran to her.

"Mom mom! Are you ready?"

"Yeah baby just let me put some stuff down. You go into my room and lay on the bed."

"Ok mommy!"

Allie went into her parent's room and laid down on the bed. Her mom came in the room and sat next to her.

"Ok baby are you sure you want to do this?"

"Heck yeah mom!"

"Ha ha ok baby. Now lay back."

Allie laid back on the bed and Sarah leaned in and started kissing her. Sarah's lips where very soft and Allie immediately became the horniest she had ever been. After a few moments of kissing Sarah got up and started to undress. So, Allie did the same. After both where completely nude Sarah made a comment on her daughters nice pussy.

"Honey! Your pussy is so nice!"

"Oh my God! Thanks Mom"

Sarah laughed and leaned in on Allie again. This time she started kissing her daughters neck. Allie through her head back in complete ecstasy.

"Oh Mom that feels so good!"

"Well if you like this then you'll love this." Sarah smiled.

Sarah went down in between Allie's legs and stuck two fingers in her pussy. Then she started sucking on her clit.

"Oh! Mom! Oh my God!"

Allie taste so good Sarah thought. She couldn't believe she was sucking on her daughter's clit! Allie arched her back and started grabbing her boobs and moaning loudly.

"Suck me Mom! Suck me!"

Allie was in heaven. She had never felt anything like this. Her mom's fingers felt so good in her wet hot pussy. But, her mom sucking on her clit felt even better. Soon Allie was getting very close to her climax.

" Mom! I'm going to cum! Mom! Mom! Fuck!"

Sarah started licking and finger fucking faster.

"I'm cumming! Oh my God! I'm cumming!"

Sarah felt Allies pussy juices burst into her mouth. She tasted so good. After Allie calmed down Sarah cleaned up her daughters juices from her pussy.

"Ok baby did you like that?"

"Oh my God Mom yes! That felt so good. Can we do that more often?"

"Of course baby! But for now I think you know what to do."

Allie understood exactly what her mom was talking about. Sarah laid back spread her legs and then spread her pussy lips. And Allie dove right in.

Written by: sexygirl21

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