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Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 01

by altego©

I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the video in front of me. My wife was doing the nastiest things I've ever dreamed of and none of them were for me!

My wife, Lisa, is a true MILF. At 37 Years of age she stands 5'7" tall and weighs about 150 lbs. She's a full, beautiful woman, not fat or even plump, just built like a brick house. We have a wonderful sex life and love to fantasize with one another. Today, she came to me crying and gave me a video tape and told me that she was in trouble and that it would just be best if I knew the entire truth. I was very concerned, and I must admit, that my curiosity was piqued. She began a story:

Lisa works at a bank as an assistant branch manager, is exposed to a lot of different people during the day, and knows quite a few people in the community. She also sees and knows quite a few of our teenage daughter's friends and acquaintances that come through the bank on occasion. This instance involves some of them. My daughter has had a boyfriend off and on named Mike and he is 18 years old. His parents are very well off and due to circumstances he is alone a lot; therefore, he has his own vehicle and the run of the town. The main problem my daughter has had with him is that he is selfish, self-centered and is big into showing his horses on the horse show circuit and seems to care more about them than anybody else. He comes by the bank from time to time to get money and my wife is always friendly to him and thinks he is totally charming. She wishes that he and my daughter were still together. Me personally, I think he's a horn dog who only wants one thing from my daughter, but Lisa, being female I assume, is taken in by his charm as well and doesn't believe a word of it. Until now anyways...

This happened one day while she was out Christmas shopping. I was at work and the kids were away at the grandparents' house for a couple of nights. She had left home early to complete the shopping and get back to prepare for a very special evening we had planned. Like I said, we're very sexual people and when the kids are away we get very bad, it only involves the two of us, but we have some great, nasty fun. We had been messing around and teasing one another ever since dropping the kids off at their destination the night before, all in anticipation of the stuff we'd do to one another this night. She sent me to work that morning with a hard-on I barely kept covered up all day. To be fair, we were both walking time bombs ready for sex.

Anyway, she had completed her shopping and had stopped for lunch and happened to run into Mike and two of his friends, Bill and Clint, at the small Mexican restaurant in town that she enjoys. She was by herself, thought she knew them very well, and so invited them to join her. They were happy to join her and started heaping complements on her about how great she looked and how hot she was for a mom. Until recently, Lisa had been heavier and had worked very hard for the last year to trim down and get herself to the shape she is in now. Her confidence level has really been getting a healthy boost lately due to all the looks and stares that she receives and this just increased it even more.

Like I said, this young man is quite the charmer and according to my wife and daughter VERY good looking. Having the young men tell her how good she looked, and the horny condition she was in, encouraged her to play with them a little bit. She was wearing a lower cut sweater that showed just the right amount of cleavage and her ample breasts looked like they were bursting to get out. She noticed that they kept sneaking looks down her sweater front and nonchalantly encouraged them and provided them with peeks here and there. She's not sure when the talk got a little dirtier, but eventually the young men were looking openly at her breasts and were telling her how big her tits were and one of them, Clint, even told her how she was a MILF (Mom I'd Like to Fuck). At the time, she didn't know what the acronym meant, but could tell by his tone that it was less than clean.

Nevertheless, she played along and got herself and them pretty worked up hinting about how she was adventurous in bed and would try about anything. While telling me the story she stated that it kind of turned her on and her intentions were to come home and share the fun with me.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to happen. Snowstorms had been a possibility and it had started snowing when she went into the restaurant. While she was in there eating and flirting, it really came down as an unexpected ice storm and the entire parking lot and all the cars were covered in ice. Me, I ended up getting stuck at work 30 miles away, with all roads closed and was going to be stuck in a hotel within walking distance from work for the night. Lisa hates to drive on ice; it scares her very much and when she saw what had happened outside she did not want to tackle the storm. She called me, but as I stated previously I had to inform her that it was still coming down and that I was more than likely stuck there for the evening.

She saw it as a stroke of luck that she was with my daughter's friends, because like I said, Mike's parents were very well to do, so his little run around town vehicle is a Hummer H2. There wasn't much weather that could stop it; therefore, he offered to take Lisa home. She was relieved and gladly accepted. After the young men helped her load the Christmas shopping into the Hummer, she got in the front passenger seat and Mike's friends got in the back. Mike asked if it would be okay to drop by his family's stables and check the horses before taking her home and she was happy to oblige. Since the kids were out of town and I was stranded at work, she wasn't in a hurry to get home and be by herself all day and night. Besides, she liked horses, and Mike's family had some prize winners. Of course, she thought everything was fairly innocent, minus a little harmless flirting, up to this point.

On the way there, the young men weren't going to let go of the conversation they were having with her earlier about her being a MILF and her nice big tits. After hearing MILF for the second time, she asked Clint (the one saying it) what he meant. He laughed and being very brave stated, "MILF stands for 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck'". Lisa was taken aback, and scolded him playfully, but was nevertheless flattered and a little turned on by the term and the language. This encouraged Clint and he started making little playful moves to touch her here and there, and she playfully fought them off and shooed him away, but finally Clint reached up and placed his hand on her nearest breast. This made her jump and angered her a little, but also heated her up in the crotch area and she admitted to me that she started getting wet.

At that time Mike told Clint to chill out and he put his hand on Lisa's knee and started rubbing it. Lisa thought he was being consoling and was getting hornier anyway, so let him rub. She sat back and relaxed a little bit and Mike kept rubbing her knee and telling her not to blame Clint, but she was very sexy, and they couldn't help but want to touch her breasts. He asked if he could touch them and she made the decision that would ultimately bring us to the point we're at now.

She said okay, but under 2 conditions: 1) only on the outside of her sweater, and 2) never to tell anyone about it. She was known in the community, and didn't want the embarrassment. They all readily agreed and while still driving Mike removed the hand from her knee and started kneading her left breast gently with his right hand. She gave him a playful smack and said "I said you could touch them, not fondle them", but they could see her nipples hardening underneath the sweater even as she said it. He just laughed and went back to it. She half-reluctantly relented and he rubbed her breasts the best he could through the sweater. By then Clint and Bill were saying "My turn, my turn, that's not fair". Lisa was very turned on by all the attention and told Clint and Bill that okay they could touch her breasts too. They reached up front the best they could and did a good job of rubbing her. She really enjoyed the attention of all the hands on her breasts and eventually Mike went back to rubbing her knee and actually started working his way up her leg. However, by this point she did not notice and unintentionally let him. When he got his hand up to her crotch and pressed hard on her pussy through the jean material, she first moaned a little and then jumped when she realized what had happened.

Everybody quit immediately and there was a lot of guilty looks going around. However, Lisa enjoyed what she was feeling and thought while this was more than a little "harmless" fun that she would humor them and herself. She had already got promises that they wouldn't tell anybody and so told the young men that they could continue. Mike suggested that it might be easier if she was on the back bench seat. She said okay, but that her clothes were staying on no matter what. The young men, predictably, all said "no problem". Lisa moved into the back while Mike was still driving and sat between Clint and Bill. They enthusiastically went back to work on her tits through the sweater and simultaneously each had a hand that took up residence on her left and right knees and started rubbing them working their way up to her hot, wet crotch.

Lisa told me that all she could do was lean her head back, get lost in the feeling and hope they didn't try to take it any further. All the attention eventually got to her and the second Clint's hand touched her pussy through the jeans, she had the most incredible climax. She moaned and squealed and came in her panties while these two 18 year-old young men rubbed on her. She moaned loudly and they continued to rub while she came down from the experience. At that time the Hummer arrived at the stables.

Up until this point, it had only been a blatantly honest and candid story. Lisa moved to the VCR and popped the tape in. It began to play automatically and the scene began with them all walking into the barn. The first thing I asked was "What the fuck!", they're all with you, where did the camera come from? Was this planned? Lisa simply said to watch and it would come around.

The stables are out in the country and Mike cares for the horses mostly so it is deserted around there the majority of the time. Lisa is a country girl at heart and loves the smell of a farm. When she walked into the barn with all the familiar smells, she also noticed that it was considerably warmer in there then it was outside. Mike immediately turned towards her and said that he didn't get to rub her as much as he had wanted, because he had to drive. Lisa was still flushed and hot from her orgasm that had only seemed to intensify her horniness instead of satisfying it. She told him to do all the rubbing he wanted.

There were several stacks of hay around and he walked her over to one that was seat level and sat her down. Of course, Clint and Bill weren't ready to stop either. Lisa lay on her back lengthwise on the bales of hay and the young men circled around her and started groping her tits and rubbing her legs and pussy through her clothes. Lisa conceded here that she didn't know what she was going to do to get out of it, because she was so far gone and could only imagine what those young teenage bodies, full of hormones, must be going through.

In her state, it was easy for her to rationalize that she should give them something back for making her feel so fucking good and reaching out started rubbing Mike and Clint's crotches through their jeans. They may only be 18, kids really, but she noticed that they were stacked! She took turns rubbing the three young men through their jeans and they would start humping her hands when she touched them. Soon Clint, always the brave one, lifted up Lisa's sweater exposing her bra. This was in direct violation of her first rule, yet she did not make a move to stop him. He asked her to sit up and she complied readily enough. He grabbed her sweater and pulled it over her head in one swift motion. When still no negative response came from her, he then immediately went to work on her bra. He unclasped it and was encouraged when Lisa just kept alternating between rubbing their young cocks through their jeans. He then finished removing her bra and they gasped when her beautiful, full, tits popped into view.

Mike grabbed a couple of saddle blankets lying close to hand, and had her stand up. He put the blankets on the bales of hay to keep her from getting scratched on her bare skin. Though not as cold as outside, it was still somewhat cooler in the barn; therefore, Lisa's nipples got even harder immediately. Lisa's nipples are extremely beautiful when they are erect and are particularly suck-able. Clint laid her back down on the bales of hay and went to work rubbing her now bare breasts.

Seeing that she was really enjoying it and was quite compliant, Bill kneeled down and took a nipple into his mouth. Lisa gasped and quit rubbing Mike's dick to hold Bill's head to her breast. Mike took this as a sign to see if he could remove her jeans. Lisa was lost at that point, but she did not care. Mike removed her boots, jeans, and panties and then the young men all stopped long enough to admire her taught body. She gave them encouragement by saying "It's cold, I need heated up".

The young men wasted no time. Clint and Bill were sucking on her tits and Mike started rubbing her neatly trimmed (almost bald) cunt. Lisa moaned, and encouraged Mike to rub her pussy. Soon, he got braver and slipped a finger into her wet pussy. Lisa said "finger fuck me baby, finger me good". That was all the encouragement he needed and began really slamming it into her with reckless abandon; it wasn't long before he had two fingers pounding in and out of her. When Lisa gets this turned on she loses her mind and will do about anything. She reached down and grabbed the hand that was giving her so much pleasure and pulling it to her mouth, sucked Mike's fingers clean. She then told them that she had to see their cocks right now. The young men did not even hesitate. Soon she had 3 young, hard cocks waiting for her pleasure.

Meanwhile, my cock was rock hard, and I was still wondering who the hell was running the camera. Whomever it was, they were good at their job. Even though you could tell from the angles and distance (thank goodness for good zoom) he was trying to stay hidden, it was evident that he was good at catching all the action.

She told them to get another blanket and put it on the stable floor. They complied and she got on her knees in front of them. She looked at Mike and said simply, "You first". Mike stepped up in front of her and the young men flanked her on either side. She took a good look at Mike's cock and really took notice of its length and girth. It was very impressive for a 18 year-old. It must have been 8 inches long and 2-3 inches around. She looked at him and asked him if he wanted her to suck his young cock.

He was more than ready for that and she started by grabbing the base and rubbing up and down his shaft. He was moaning immediately and the other young men were rubbing themselves while watching. She cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. Without warning, she then opened her mouth and went all the way down on his cock. Lisa is the best damned cocksucker in the world and she wanted this young man's cock very bad. She wasted no time in bobbing her head up and down on that cock and it wasn't long before he was near orgasm. Lisa wanted Mike's young cum badly and kept rubbing his balls with one hand while moving her hand in tandem with her hot mouth up and down his cock. She could feel the orgasm building in his balls and up his cock and soon he practically screamed when he let loose a huge load of cum in her mouth.

Lisa was a pro, but there was so much cum that she couldn't even handle it all. She kept his cock in her mouth and swallowed as fast as she could, but it still seeped out between his cock and her lips, dripping down her chin in what I consider being one of the sexiest things I've ever seen.

She removed his cock from her mouth and immediately went to work on Clint without even catching a breath. She grabbed his cock and had it in her mouth before he knew what was happening. Clint also had an impressive cock, at about 7inches in length and she showed it no mercy. Mike and Bill were encouraging her and she slurped his cock like a Popsicle. He grabbed two hands full of her hair and held on. Within 1 minute he was adding his spunk to the impressive amount that had already gone down her throat and was still dripping down her chin. She drained him dry and licked him clean and turned towards Bill. She could not believe her eyes or her good fortune.

This boy was truly built. His cock was a good 10 inches long and 3 inches in width. She didn't jump it immediately, but stared at it appreciatively for a few moments. She asked Bill to please sit on the bales of hay where she'd been lying earlier and to spread his legs. He did just that and she cozened up to that fuck stick like it was her best friend. She rubbed it with both hands, and then licked his balls. It was driving Bill crazy and he was begging her to suck him. She ran her mouth up and down each side of his cock and licked pre-cum off of the tip a couple of times, before she really started working that fucker into her mouth. It wasn't as easy or quick as the other two. She really had to relax her throat to get it all the way in. It probably took her a good 3 minutes of slow work to get that cock buried in to the point where her nose was in his fledgling pubic hair. When she got it there she just sucked in. She started by pulling back a little and then going back down. Soon she was moving up and down the entire length like she could a cock half its size.

Needless to say, Bill had never had an experience like this before and was not able to last longer then 30 seconds before blowing a huge load into her mouth. Lisa pulled out till only the tip was between her teeth and blocked the shots with her tongue. As much spilled out of her mouth as went down her throat and much more spilled down his cock and soaked his stomach and balls. Lisa was not satisfied until she had licked every bit of the wonderful jism up and cleaned him up properly. Lisa confessed that she was kind of sad at the moment, because she really needed to cum again, but thought the young men were spent. It was then that the 4th young man walked up holding the video camera.

More to come...

Written by: altego

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