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My Sister, Kelly Ch. 07

by paulphenomenon©

When Mel pulled back the sheet to climb into bed with her, he gasped. Harriet had removed her nightgown while waiting for him, but what brought out the gasp was not her nakedness, but rather her naked cunt. All her pubic hair except for a small patch at the top of her cunt had been removed.

Kelly had been the barber, but Harriet had no intention of telling her husband about her afternoon in bed with her oldest daughter - not yet, anyway.


"I ate her," Kelly said. "She's delicious, John, and very orgasmic. She climaxed three times before she pushed my face away from her cunt."

John groaned and stopped thrusting, lying perfectly still to avoid the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm him.

"Are you all right now?" Kelly asked with a mischievous tone to her voice.

"Yeah, go ahead. The vision your words evoked - your pretty face covered with Mother's juices - nearly took me over the edge. Continue, please."

John sucked in air. He couldn't believe how excited he was. His heart beat wildly and he had difficulty breathing. He didn't know if he wanted to be included in Kelly's next get together with her mother, or not, or whether his mother wanted him included - or Kelly. The future was a mystery, but he decided whatever happened would probably be okay with him as long as his lover didn't hide anything and continued to love and want him for her mate.

"Well, by then I was in serious need, John, and Mom didn't hesitate. She has the most talented mouth and tongue, even better than Janice's, but don't you dare tell Janice about any of this. I promised Mother we'd keep this afternoon among the three of us. Okay?"

"Yes. Did she fuck you with her fist again?"

"No, she wasn't playing the part of a boy; she became a mother fucking a daughter. She licked and sucked my pussy through three orgasms, each more intense than the one before. Finally, I couldn't take anymore, and the two of us cuddled for a while. She's so cuddly, John. We rubbed our breasts and nipples together and squeezed each other's buns and kissed and... Remember I told you earlier she had let her pubic hair grow out of control?"


"She asked me if I would please help her trim it. She wanted to surprise Daddy with a neatly trimmed pussy tonight."

"Did you?"

Kelly chuckled. "Oh, yeah. That's why I was late for our meeting with Mary.

"Where - what room did you shave her in?"

"My bathroom. She sat on the sink counter and pulled up her sexy legs and splayed them wide while resting the heels of her feet on the counter. Her cunt looked like a dark jungle of matted vegetation with a similar earthy fragrance, except sweeter, much sweeter. I grabbed a chair from the kitchen, which put me at the perfect height. We used the shaving soap you used to shave with this morning, and your razor, John. So when you shave the next time you're at my house, you'll be shaving with the razor that scraped pubic hair off your mother's sweet cunt."

"How much did you take off?" John was so close to a climax, he knew he wouldn't last long whether he stroked into Kelly's pussy, or not. He wanted her to climax with him, so he busied his fingers on her clitoris.

Kelly gasped with pleasure. "Nice, John. I'm very hot! I'll come if you keep that up. Remember Janice's look?"

"Yes." He wanted Kelly to climax, so he didn't stop and thrust into her and jacked off her clit with his thumb and forefinger.

"Well, she wanted that look, but a little more. Damn, that feels so good," she panted. "Her cunt lips are completely bare now. I left only a tiny, closely trimmed patch at the top."

Kelly's hips were moving, grabbing at his cock as he thrust into her, releasing it as he pulled back but massaging it with the muscles lining the walls of her lively cunt.

"By the way, Lover, her pubic hair isn't gray like the hair on her head. It's still black and shiny and soft, not crinkly and coarse like mine. When I finished shaving her, her cunt looked so sexy, I couldn't resist, so I kissed it and licked it and sucked on her clit until she came all over my mouth. I tried, but my hand wouldn't fit in her little cunt."

John could no longer contain the massive urge to climax that had been building for nearly an hour. He groaned mightily and threw his hips at his sister's cunt and lashed her clit with his fingers. His back arched and his body stiffened as he screamed out when an orgasm washed over him. Semen shot from the end of his cock. He grabbed her hips and jerked her with force toward him as he buried his entire length into her cunt just as his second contraction jetted more semen deeply inside her. He released her slightly, reared back and thrust violently once again and shouted inarticulate sounds that expressed his pleasure. The force of his thrusts softened with each contraction until he collapsed.

Kelly was in the middle of her climax when John recovered enough to realize what was happening around him. She had replaced his fingers at her clitoris with hers, and her hips rushed up and down with her spastic cunt swallowing his dribbling cock with each downward slide of her hips.

"I know you want to fuck her!" Kelly shouted as her orgasm continued. "You want to fuck her, don't you?"

John nodded, but she didn't notice. It was a rhetorical question anyway. When Kelly's shudders and jerks slowed and became wider and wider apart, John slid up and took her into his arms and kissed her.

"Tell Mom the next time she needs a trim, I'd like to do the honors," he whispered in his sister's ear.


"Do you like my new look?" Harriet asked her husband, though she already knew the answer. His cock had jerked from completely limp to half-hard with only the one glance.

"Yeah, it's sexy, Baby. Very sexy!"

"Want to lick it?" Harriet tossed the sheet from her. "I need you to do a tongue test on my pussy lips. You shouldn't even feel any stubble." She spread her legs and pulled the lips of her cunt apart with her fingers. "I'm hot. I've been playing with myself while I waited for you."

He groaned and immediately dove between her splayed legs. He had eaten her cunt thousands of times during their marriage and knew what she liked, how and where she preferred to be licked and with the just right amount of pressure depending on her arousal.

"I love it," he stated after only a few long, sensuous licks. "You did a perfect job. I can detect no sign of stubble."

"What makes you think I shaved myself, Mel?"

His shocked look nearly made Harriet laugh. She pushed his head back to her cunt. "Would you be upset if I told you another woman shaved my pussy? You told me one of your favorite fantasies was watching me with another woman. Was that a lie?"

"No. God, did another woman really shave you? Jesus!"

"Guess who trims her pussy to look just like mine looks now, Mel?" Harriet asked without answering his question.

"Who?" he mumbled as he continued to lick and suck his wife's clitoris.

"Janice." She waited.

"My God, did Janice shave you? Jesus!"

"I wanted my pussy to look just like hers. I know you want to fuck her. I saw how you looked at her when she walked away after kissing you goodnight. You had a hard-on, too. Come up here and put your long cock in me, Mel."

He slid up and over her, and with her dainty hand she settled the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He slipped easily into her wet, lively interior heat and groaned.

"You still want to fuck Janice, don't you, Honey?" Harriet said, panting for breath. It surprised her she was as hot as her husband. Her goal had been to turn him on to the point he would do anything she suggested, but his excitement, coupled with her own, had taken her close to a climax.

"Yeah, but I won't. I promised you I wouldn't touch her again, and I've kept my promise."

"I know, but you want her still. I can see it in the way you look at her."

"Yeah. A man can dream, can't he?"

"The woman who shaved my cunt, Mel, I want to fuck her. I want her to fuck me."

"Oh, Jesus! I'm going to come, Baby. I can't stop it!"

She felt his long, thick cock swell even larger. Semen splashed deeply inside her as he bellowed with pleasure and jammed his cock as deeply into her cunt as possible. He reared back and violently thrust into her again and again. Harriet joined his orgasm with one of her own, and surprisingly it wasn't a vision of Kelly's pussy or Janice's or even an image of Mel fucking his daughter. What caused her climax was her lover's cock spurting his seed inside her. The realization that her love for her man still loomed larger than all other fantasies or experiences thrilled her, and she climaxed again with the thought.

When finally they held each other, calmed but still breathing heavily, Harriet said, "I love you, Mel. I love you more than the day we married."

"And I love you, Baby. We've had our ups and downs, but I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone but you."

"I know and with that knowledge, you have my permission to fuck Janice. She wants you, too, you know."

"Jesus! Really?"

"Yes, under one condition. I get to fuck the woman who shaved me."

"Yes! I want you to fuck her. I want to watch. My God, I'm hard again, Harriet."

Harriet chuckled. "Well, fuck me again then. I'm still hot, too."

"You get on top this time," he said.

She rolled over and straddled him. He'd been correct. He was hard again. Her cunt was slushy with his sperm and her juices, so she squeezed with her inner muscles and elicited another moan from her lover.

"Don't you want to know who shaved me, Mel?"

"It wasn't Janice?"

"No. Close but no points. Close only counts in horse shoes."

"Who, damn it? Tell me!"


"Jesus! You want to fuck our oldest daughter?"

"Uh-huh. Can I?" she said as she started to slide on and off his throbbing cock.

"Yes! You fuck Kelly! I'll fuck Janice!" He grabbed her hips and helped her move on and off his hard-on as she increased the tempo.

"Will you still love me afterwards?"

"More than ever. What about you?"

"I fell in love with you the moment your lovely cock separated the lips of my pussy, Mel. You want to fuck Janice. I want to fuck Kelly. I think we should do it." Her exertions were causing her to gasp; they were also increasing her arousal, taking it higher and higher with each slide of her hips. She reached down and mashed her clit with her fingers.

"Yes! God, I love you!" Mel gushed. "I love you so much at this moment it's difficult for me to express how deeply I feel."

"Your cock is doing a pretty good job telling me all about it, Honey."

"Ah, Harriet, that's just sex, just fucking. I love you! All of you! Your cunt, your lovely face and body, your strength and wisdom, your joyful approach to life. You are my love, Harriet. I love all of you."

She continued to fuck him and slipped into her favorite fantasy. She relaxed and let the fantasy flow. The quid pro quo she really wanted would now be possible. In the end, everyone involved would accept, even applaud her incestuous compulsion.

Her husband's cock became John's.

Mrs. Harriet Swain had wanted to fuck her son for years.


Written by: paulphenomenon

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