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A Day At The Salon Gets Wild

by Oasis690©

Dane's fantasies to see his girlfriend Emily have sex with another man, and even a woman, were finally getting to her.

The fantasies had started innocently when she asked him to talk dirty to her while they made love, but she noticed their sex went through the roof every time they talked dirty.

Her fantasies were always having sex in public places, or role playing, but Dane's fantasies involved coming home to see Emily fucking the mailman, or eating another woman's pussy while the girl sucked off Dane.

She always told him she wasn't interested in being with other people, but she couldn't help notice how wet her pussy got when Dane talked dirty, especially about watching her suck another man's cock, or having another girl lick her pussy. She had been thinking about that last part a lot lately.

Emily was thinking about another woman, her hairdresser Sue, as she walked into the salon for her regular appointment.

"Sue isn't here today, she's sick," said one of the other girls. "There is an hour wait for a styling, but maybe you would like a massage from Harrison while you wait," the girl said.

Emily didn't want to wait an hour, and would have left if Harrison hadn't walked up to her. "You look stressed, a good massage would do you wonders," Harrison said. She thought he was very good looking, and he had a strong, muscular body underneath a tight black t-shirt and black jeans.

Emily decided a massage wouldn't hurt, and after all, she could tell her boyfriend Dane about the guy at the salon she thought was hot...but that would be all, just a massage.

Harrison led Emily into a backroom that had an old barber shop style chair that reclined. "Here, he said, take off your clothes, put on this towel, and sit in the chair. I will be right back with a hot wrap for your pretty face." He gave her a lingering smile as he left.

Emily thought there would be a table to lay on, not a chair, but she got undressed and wrapped herself with the towel, then sat in the chair. Harrison soon returned with a hot towel and wrapped it over her eyes. "This will open your pores and relax you while I start your neck and shoulder massage," he said.

"I can't see!" Emily joked.

"Just relax," and he started massaging her tight shoulders. It went on for a few minutes, with her becoming more and more relaxed. "Would you like a free foot massage?" Harrison asked.

"Boy would I!" The thought of this stud being down on his knees between her legs was very hot. She noticed a familiar wetness in her pussy.

Just then she felt a second set of hands start massaging her feet, one at a time. Harrison was still massaging her shoulders.

"Who's that?" she asked.

"My assistant, I hope you don't mind."

"No...that's ok..." she said. She was a little uneasy about an unseen stranger massaging her, but there was something erotic about it.

She noticed a change in Harrison's rubbing, his hands were starting to get a little lower, moving toward her large breasts. She couldn't see anything, but she suddenly noticed the person in front of her had stopped massaging her feet and was working on her calves.

"You're breathing heavy, is everything alright?" Harrison asked. He had moved from behind her and was on her left side, rubbing at her shoulder and neck.

She meant to say something, but all she could get out was, "OOh, that feels so good!"

The hands at her calves were slowly moving up to behind her knees.

"We really should open this towel so I can give you the full massage..." she heard Harrison say, and she wanted to say no, but she felt the towel unwrap and she was sitting in the chair completely naked in front of two strangers. She was willing to do anything.

She felt his hands return to her shoulder, but then they moved down to her breasts. "You've got great tits." He started to massage the areola of her left breast, and he tweaked the nipple.

Suddenly her legs were spread apart by the person on the floor and the strange hands went to her thighs, rubbing them, teasing her. She wanted the hands on her pussy, in her pussy, she couldn't take any more.

When she was about to scream to be licked, she felt a large, warm rod brush up against her left breast. "Ohhh," She reached with her left hand, grabbed the hard cock and reached with her right hand to remove the towel covering her eyes.

"No, leave the towel on, it's hotter this way!" An excited Harrison said.

She left the towel on, jerking the stiff cock with one hand. She could tell it was bigger than her boyfriend's cock. It was thicker, and it was a good 9" or better. Dane's cock was a more average 7". She had never had this big of a dick and she wanted to suck it so bad. She had to taste him. Just as she lifted the big hot cock to her mouth another warm stiff rod brushed up against her right breast.

She reached with her right hand and grabbed it, stroking two hard cocks at once. Her pussy was overflowing with wetness, and just as she put her lips to Harrison's cock she felt a warm mouth on her pussy.

"Yes!" She yelled, removing her lips from the big cock long enough to moan out her feelings. "Lick my cunt, lick it! Eat that pussy, I want to cum so bad!" She went back to sucking on the hard cock to her left, while stroking the hard cock to her right. She was on fire. If Dane could only see her now!

She kept alternating between the two big cocks, sucking one, stroking the other. Back and forth, two dicks in her mouth. The expert tongue below was now ramming her wet pussy. The tongue went back and forth, licking her wet lips, sticking the tongue in, and now it settled on her swollen clit. The tongue started dancing over her clit, and she spread her legs as wide as they could go.

"Yes!" she muffled out through the bigger dick in her mouth. Her strokes on the two big cocks had picked up speed.

"Oh, baby, keep it up and I'm gonna cum!" She heard Harrison say.

"Cum for me, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your load baby, blow a big wad for me!"

She kept stroking, and felt the big dick to her left, Harrison's cock, tighten. She immediately put her mouth on it.

"I'm cumming!" he grunted.

"Mmmmfff," was all she could say. She felt him tighten up, his ass went tight, and his hot load hit her tongue and ran all over her mouth. She gulped down his first shot just in time for his second. Her mouth was full of cum. All the while she kept pumping the other cock, and suddenly she felt a blast of hot cum hit her face. "OOHH!" she muttered. The next shot hit her right breast, but ran onto her flat stomach. She swallowed Harrison's third shot, pulled her mouth off to taste the other cock, and the towel fell off her face. She looked up to her right and saw Dane, and as she took his cock in her mouth, feeling his next blast of cum, she looked down to see a beautiful brunette between her legs eating her pussy.

"SHIT!" she yelled, and she lifted her hips and wrapped her legs around the woman's head, just as she started to cum.

"FUCK! FUCK! OHH, I'm cumming!" She yelled, or sort of moaned. She was getting the last few drops of Dane's cum, and Harrison had finished, but she was rubbing his cum all over her tits with his still hard cock.

She arched her back, and lifted her hips high in the air, so the woman could get a good mouthful of her sopping pussy.

As her orgasm slowly faded away, she settled back into the chair. Her face, lips, breasts, and stomach were coated with cum, and she was still stroking both cocks, which were now starting to go soft.

"You're a tricky son of a bitch, Dane." She said.

"Yeah, but you loved it!" He smiled as she stroked his cock. "Come on, let go of the cocks baby, it's time to go."

"Do I have to?" She smiled.

Written by: Oasis690

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