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Incest Is Best

by lilywhite31©

When Kimmy was satisfied with the hardness of his cock, she raised her body over her father's and straddling him, slowly lowered her cunt onto his cock. Her juices oozed, quickly coating his prick and thighs. Tom groaned, luxuriating in the feel of her cunt on his hard cock. Her inner thighs tight and firm, her ass rubbing slightly against his lap. "Yesss... This is what a I want Daddy!" Kimmy whimpered as she rode her father's cock.

Sounds of their fucking filled the church. Their skin slapping against each other, panting and moaning as the friction built in their bodies. Her father's hands pressed to her tits, fingers dug in so deeply she knew there would be marks left on her skin. Pushing her down onto to his cock harder and harder, she could feel his cock hitting her womb.

Kimmy tossed her head and bit her lip when she felt her orgasm hit, she squeezed his hips and bucked against her daddy. Her ass jiggled and bounced, liquid flooding her insides and drenching her father. Before she had time for her shudders to quiet, her father rolled her over onto her back. He grabbed her thighs, flipping them over his back where she instinctively crossed them, holding her father close. Tom continued to pummel her insides, rubbing his cock against her sensitive clit, making her squeal.

"Oh yesss.. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! Give it to me good!" she begged.

Tom fucked her like he'd never fucked anyone before. She was every divorcee that had ever cockteased him, every whore he'd ever wanted to screw, every fuck he'd never got from his selfish wife. She was every hooker he'd ever wanted to bone but had never had the guts, every slutty parishioner who'd ever confessed their sexual sins, every bitch that had ever said no to him in college, in High School. He fucked her hard, hunching his hips, sweat pouring from his body. He growled and panted like a man possessed and knew if there was a God he was truly damned and he could care less.

"You want Daddy's cock, here it is slut!" he growled, humping against her forcefully. "Daddy loves your pussy. Give it to Daddy. So soft, so smooth. Daddy loves your cunt, your ass, your tits, your nasty mouth. Yeah!" he roared feeling his daughter's hands grab his ass, squeezing her approval.

He leaned over, latching onto her neck like a vampire, drawing on the sensitive skin there. She in turn, grab his collar and ripped it from his neck. Kimmy rubbed it down her body into their juices that had blended. She knew his body was about to blow its load. She rammed her body against his, relishing the feel of the friction between their sweat and cum soaked bodies.

Reaching down, just as he convulsed against her, she inserted the tip of her index finger into the tiny bud of his asshole, feeling him cum against her body. "OH MY GOD!," he yelled. She squeezed her pussy muscles, feeling his cock quiver and his body shake spurting his pearly seed into her wet cunt. Her cunt gripped and trembled and milked his cock.

"Yes, yes, yes Daddy. So good," she whimpered and moaned as her own orgasm hit and she rubbed her clit against his wilting cock, clutching him to her body. Their cum leaking out of her body, staining the wood beneath them.

Smiling and rubbing her satiated body against her father, she kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. "Oh thank you Baby," Tom moaned.

"On no, thank you Daddy," Kimmy grinned, continuing her oral lovemaking. Incest really is the best!

Written by: lilywhite31

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