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Mother Catches Son Masturbating...

by RubberbandMan©

Mother Catches Son Masturbating With Her Panties

Years ago I was home from college for spring break. I did not have enough cash to go to Cancun, Mexico like my friends so I figured I would just chill out at my moms. My mom lives alone but had plans to visit her sister during part of my visit. My mom is 40 but looks fantastic. She looks a lot like Erica Kane on All My Children except she has curly hair. She is small and petite with a great ass.

As a kid I use to masturbate smelling her panties, she had worn the day before. Two days into my visit I still had those feelings toward her. I could not wait for her to leave that morning on her trip so I could have the whole house to myself to masturbate and get high. We said our good-byes and I carried her suitcase to her car and watched her drive off. I had three days to get naked and have fun.

I went back into the house stripped naked and pulled out my stack of Hustler magazines. I also fished out my mother's last pair of panties and held them to my nose. Ah, the smell of pussy. I had recently gotten into cock bondage. I'd wrap elastic tape around the shaft of my hardon from above my balls to just under my big mushroom cock head... then I'd strap on a couple of rubberbands to make it feel tighter. I would put a band at the very base of my stick and one right under the cockhead. It made my cock look huge and felt great. Every now and then, I would gently thump my cock's head with my finger and the sensation felt great. My dick would stand at attention forever throbbing as long as I had it in bondage this way.

I stood looking in the mirror at my handiwork very pleased with the size and shape of my dick. It stood straight up at attention just twitching. I raised my mom's panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. I turned sideways to get a better view of my cock and that is when I saw my mom leaning in the doorway. I thought I was going to die.

There was no way I could cover up. "Mom," I mumbled. "You're back."

"Yes I am," she answered. "And just in time I can see."

I tried to speak but I couldn't. She walked over to me and snatched her panties out of my hand.

"Mom, I can explain,"

"Explain," she smiled, "there's no excuse for this" she went on. "It was okay when you were a little kid and wanted to jerk-off smelling my day old panties but you're a man now Chad. You can't do that." As she said that she unzipped the back of her dress and allowed it to drop to the floor. She was wearing a beige pair of panties and a black bra. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and shoved them to the floor as she continued lecturing me. She took the panties and like a rag rubbed them on her pussy. Her perfectly bare pussy I might add. "A man needs to smell the smell of fresh pussy my son, not day old cunt," she smiled handing me her panties.

She surveyed the porn magazines on the floor.

"You just hang on just a second while I make a phone call." She walked over to the telephone by the bed wearing only a bra and sandals. She dialed her sister and told her not to worry but she was staying here with me that something important had come up and she wanted to take care of it personally. When she hung up, she took off the bra. She had unbelievable tits with long nipples. "I know I'm your mother and I'm quite a bit older than you but do you think for the next three days we can forget that."

I smiled. "So who do you want me to pretend you are," I asked.

"Well, I can tell from the way you've got your little friend tied up that you like to explore and you don't mind the wilder side." She grinned. "You just look at me as some cum loving cocksucker that you have for three days... no more mom or momma."

"Okay," I agreed.

"Your momma (ops, I mean your whore) likes it kinda different too." she added squeezing my cock tightly. She walked into her bathroom and returned with a jar of Vaseline, KY jelly and packs of condoms. She picked up the tape I had been using and added another layer over the rubberbands and existing tape.

My cock head stuck out one end and my balls the other. She took a big scoop of Vaseline and covered my cock and balls slathering it on and rubbing it in. she was rough with my dick squeezing it hard and milking it tightly. She took a condom and rolled it over my cock's big head and down my shaft. She smeared more Vaseline and KY jelly on my erection and between her legs. She crammed a large amount into her pussy's folds and licked her lips as she prepared me.

She looked up, our eyes meet, and she winked at me. Then she squeezed my cock, thumped the big head and led me in tow using my wrapped erection as a handle to the living room. She got down on the floor on her hands and knees and jutted her ass up in the air. "Do my cunt first," she suggested.

Her cunt, my mother was asking me to cram my big dick wrapped into layers of tape and rubberbands and a condom into her tiny little shaved pussy. Well I was so turned on I wasn't about to protest. She reached back with fingers spreading her pink elastic folds as I worked the head of my dick in and then I could feel her rocking back on me and suddenly I was all the way in. I don't know how many times I came but we fucked like that well into the night. Her pussy and her ass were tighter than anything I could ever come up with.

As it turned out my mom often wears nipple clamps with weights and she has a huge collection of dildos. The next day she pulled out her Sybian machine. It's like this rubber cock mounted on something similar to an electric riding bull. She rode that thing as I sucked and pinched her nipples.

She insisted on taping and rubberbanding my erection several times over the next few days. Every now and then, she squeezes my big dick or thumps my cock's head like I like it. It was great watching her walk around naked with hose nipple clamps and dangling weights and that pretty smote pussy. I admitted to her that I had always jerked off thinking about her and she admitted wanting me but being afraid of screwing me up by acting on those feelings. She said all the men her age thought she was too kinky but when she came back home to get a bag she's forgotten and saw me standing there in rubberbands and tape, sniffing her panties and thumping my big purple cockhead... well, she knew she was in the right place.

We do a lot of tit and clit bondage and weights on her and cock and ball bondage on me. We masturbate each other in the car traveling and in the movies and other public places. We hike naked and campout a lot. We fuck all the time and I cannot say its ever boring. Now we have a tradition when we go to the movies. We pick loud movies and always sit way at the end where no one can sit on the other side of us. Mom carries a small shawl in case we need a quick cover-up. Before leaving the house we both insert a battery powered butt plug up our ass, she slides on me an electric cock ring that vibrates, and I attach the battery pack to my thigh with tape. I help her strap on belt with a vibrating dido in the harness that goes into her pussy. It's the reverse of a strap-on cause a strap-on points outward, this keeps the electric dido crammed in her pussy and vibrating. She attaches nipple clamps with wights to her breasts and helps strap on several rubberbands to my cock and balls. We wear light loose clothing also.

Once in the theatre and the lights go down I move my pants to my ankles so mom can see my cock at attention. Ever so often she grips it tightly or thumps my cockhead. In return, I tug on her nipple weights and finger tickle her clit. The movie is so loud no one ever hears the vibrators in our ass or the one in her pussy or the vibrating cock ring on my big dick. To make things even more daring when the movie is very full and people are seated next to mom but not next to me (I'm on the end near the wall) I remove the bottom from a popcorn tub and set that in my lap with my erection in the middle of the tub where only mom and see it. She pretends to get popcorn but really just grabs my cock or thumps it.

Sometimes the combination of vibrators and other things brings me to a cum climax and I have a signal for mom when this is about to happen - I give her this look and she knows I'm about to cum and what I want her to do. I have found that just before I shoot my load it is a great time for her to thump my dick head as I squint my eyes a certain way and her timing is fantastic with it too. When I feel that cum rushing from my balls just before it spurts or even better just as it spurts she thumps my big mushroom soundly and I squint again a millisecond later and she thumps a second time as my cum blasts or dribbles out my pee hole. Then she grabs my cock shaft tightly below the head and squeezes it tightly as my body tries to shoot more but she has it in a stranglehold. My big head just gleams in the flickering darkness as she holds me so tightly for several minutes. The pleasure and pain are fantastic.

Always in the back of my head its turn on knowing I am fucking the shit out of my own mother. Every now and then she'll let it slip and say something like "that's it baby, fuck your mommy's pussy, give it to me, oh yeah... you little motherfucker, give it to me good..." and when she says that she always winks at me. That wink just kills me. She knows just what I like.

Written by: RubberbandMan

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