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by Mikelh©

He was watching his mother sleeping gently on his shoulder as the pilot announced that they were about twenty minutes out of San Juan. He inhaled and Maria's sweet scents filled him: the shampoo, the makeup and the smell of her. It was a smell that usually aroused him. He had come to accept of late that almost everything about her aroused him: her full breasts, the shape of her legs, her laugh.

It was also arousing when his mother sampled the wares of their business. It was called "Lingerie Plus" and although they catered to what's known in the trade as 'full figured gals'; she had plenty of the smaller sizes at home. He'd seen his mother's nipples through ever color of nylon and it never failed to stiffen him.

She had started the business with the money her mother left her and when it came time to get rid of the abusive leach she had married, it wasn't a problem. She had the lawyers.

Maria was moving back to her childhood home of Puerto Rico and he was sorry; but he was excited to be a twenty year old taking charge of her businesses in the U.S. and living alone.

She awoke before landing and put her arm through his and it pressed against her breast as she kissed him on the lips. "I'll miss you sweetie but I already have the reservations for you to come every two months for a weekend – as long as you want to"

"I want to mom" he said. She kissed his lips again and his thoughts flashed, "I wish it was your naked body I was kissing." He accepted the thought.

Robert looked off into the distance and smiled. His mother asked, "What are you thinking about Roberto"?

"I was remembering the time your 'sister' Linda came to visit." They both laughed.

Maria had told Robert that a twin sister, separated from her at birth, had tracked her down and was coming to visit. She asked Robert to entertain her until she got home from an important meeting. Maria then came in with a wig and all made up differently. She had him convinced for about fifteen minutes until he saw the small beauty mark on the top of her breast when she took her jacket off. He remembered how she flirted with him and turned him on. They had laughed about it for months.

They landed and picked up their luggage. They were going to meet the new man in Maria's life whom she'd met on the numerous trips to visit her family. They got into a cab that pulled up just as they left the terminal. Before she could tell him the destination, someone got in from the street side and the cab pulled away.

"What the hell…" Before Robert could finish the man showed a gun and told him to shut up.

He obviously knew who they were. "Maria Lucas this is going to be a one hundred thousand dollar cab ride" he said without an accent.

Robert looked at the man and his first thoughts were that he was handsome and didn't fit the stereotype of a criminal; then he remembered Ted Bundy. They rode for about thirty five minutes during which the man explained that if the money would be wired by the next day, he would let them go. They reached the town of Fajardo and the cab pulled into what looked like an expensive beach house.

They were taken through the garage into the downstairs one room apartment that had all the decorations and paintings removed; the cold sparseness was at odds with the beautiful day outside. They tied Robert to a chair and took his mother up to make the call. Maria said, "Don't worry Roberto, I'll get them the money and we'll be all right."

"I told you to shut up bitch" the man said. As they went up the stairs the cabbie spoke in Spanish and called the man Marcos.

In the ten minutes they were up there, Robert worried about his mother but was strangely calm. He thought that he'd had a good life even if it might be short. If he could have one thing more, it would be to have her.

Marcos brought Maria down and tied her to a chair facing Robert. The man looked at Maria and put his hand on her breast, "You're quite big titted whore" he said.

Robert began yelling at him "Leave her alone you …"

The man yelled back, "You shut up or she gets hurt; do you understand?" with that he pinched her nipple and she yelped. "And you, he said to Maria, You don't do what I tell you, he's in for it – you got it?"

Maria nodded and whispered "Yes."

The abductor proceeded to unbutton her blouse and exposed the black lacy bra she wore. "Nice tits huh kid? Hey I asked you a question."

"Yes they're nice" Robert said as he cast his eyes down.

Marcos pulled her bra down and took her tit in his hand allowing the swelling nipple to show. "How'd you like to suck on that?" Robert didn't answer.

Marcos pushed Roberts chair until it touched the other and he said, "Suck it".

Robert leaned over and took his mother's nipple and some of her soft flesh into his mouth. Marcos untied one of Robert's hands and said, "Suck it right".

Robert fondled his mother's big breast and sucked. He heard her moan. "How could she be turned on in this situation"? he thought. "The same way I am" he realized as his cock hardened.

He kept sucking until he thought he tasted a bit of sweet liquid. "How can I be tasting my mother's milk?" he wondered.

Maria Knew how; she could feel it. It had happened a few times before. Since giving birth, once in a while in her cycle she would lactate. Now it felt good to have her son drawing her milk again. When he stopped sucking, a droplet sat on the end of her nipple and Marcos took it on his finger and put it to her lips. She licked it off and closed her eyes.

Their captor laughed and said, "Hey Don Juan, you ever eat pussy"?

Robert saw the man take his mother's tit in his hand and knew she would pay if he didn't answer. He said "Yes".

"Good" Marcos said, "Now you'll show your mother how much you've learned".

Robert watched as the man pushed Maria's skirt up and pulled her panties down around her ankles. He untied Robert, showed the gun and said, "Go to it boy".

Robert got on his knees and looked at his mother's pussy. He could see droplets of her juices on the ends of the fine flat hair. "This is crazy he thought", she wants this – and so do I."

He pushed his face between her thighs and heard his mother say, "Roberto take off my panties. He took the filmy black nylon off her ankles. She wanted to give her son full access; and she did. He took his mother's pussy into his mouth and began licking and sucking as if she had taught him how to find her most sensitive spots. When he began pleasuring her clit, it sent paroxysms of electricity through her body. He heard her importuning with closed eyes, "Oh God…Oh my God ...don't stop Roberto, don't stop."

He sucked his mother to orgasm. She shuddered as she came and called his name over and over inflaming him. She sighed and slumped contentedly in the chair. "Bravo" Marcos said as he clapped and laughed. He looked at Maria and said, "Turnabout is fair play isn't it"?

He tied Robert and untied Maria. "Do him" he ordered.

Maria unzipped her son's pants and exposed the almost rigid cock. The man sneered at her, "Do you like his cock Maria? Tell him. Tell him what you want him to do with his cock. TELL HIM."

"Yes I like his cock. It's beautiful…my son has a beautiful big cock…a cock I want in my mouth…the cock I've always wanted inside me".

With that she took her son's stiff meat and filled her mouth with it. She hungrily sucked and moaned as Robert tried to process what he was hearing and what he was feeling. Maria sucked her son into frenzy. Her tongue licked out the pre-cum as she licked the big spongy head. She felt her son tremble when he reached the back of his mother's throat. Suddenly Maria stopped and turned to their captor, "That's it; basta, no more. Marcos please go upstairs and leave us for a while".

Robert was dazed, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Oh Roberto she laughed, you're going to kill me. Marcos is my boyfriend…I set this up. I know how you feel about me. I've seen you hard for me for months now and I wanted to give you an experience you wouldn't forget. It was sort of a going away present – for both of us. There was a lot more to come in the plan but I started having second thoughts: maybe you'd think it was unfair or…"

"Mom you really are a crazy bitch" he laughed.

I'm sorry" she said "I don't know what I was thinking; I thought it would be fun."

"Mom this was the most exciting that ever happened to me. I sucked the pussy I've always wanted and I'm looking at the most beautiful sight I've ever seen." She stood there with only her skirt around her waist, exposed to her son.

In a moment their lips and bodies met. "I want you in my pussy Roberto, I want you."

He led his mother to the bed and they shed the rest of their clothes. He rubbed her sopping cunt with his palm. Maria then guided her son's straight steel pole past her engorged folds. It felt excruciatingly good to both of them. Her channel held the wide shaft and it felt like a hand to him as she flexed and he pushed deeper into her. They spoke as they found their rhythm of thrusts and grinds.

"Roberto, I've wanted to be with you like this…oh sweet Roberto it's wonderful to have you filling my pussy. You drove me crazy with your mouth…tell momma you want it too."

"Momma the only woman I ever wanted as much was Linda." Her laugh felt good on his cock as she moved.

Her laugh slowly melted into moans as her son pushed deeper into a place she could not remember another man being. The end of his cock touching that spot set an ecstatic charge off in her. The charge exploded into orgasm.

His mother's arching back and thrashings sent Robert's streams of cum into her belly. They both felt the hot jets that now coated his cock and lined her channel. Her grasping cunt drained every drop. They took the first of many rests they would need that night. Maria said, "I hope you're going to use those tickets I bought and come see me often".

"Mom, as long as I have you here, I'll keep coming and coming." And he did.

Written by: Mikelh

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