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A Different Roadside Attraction

by Daren©

I dream that I am driving on the interstate highway outside of town, in the early a.m. hours. In the center of the back seat of the car is my lover. On her right is seated a man, on her left another. In the front seat with me is a woman, who had previously been in the company of the two men who now sandwich my lover in the backseat between them. Although the dream does not reveal how we all came to be in the car together, in my mind that isn't a problem. I seem to know, and it apparently has something to do with a "debt" of some kind which is owed to this group by me. The "payment", of course, is going to be sexual.

The talk in the backseat is of a frank nature, with the two guys speaking in murmured tones about what they intend to do with their fellow passenger. She raises no voice in protest of their salacious designs. There's a lot of shuffling and groping and other indistinct sounds coming from the backseat, but I can only take momentary glimpses in the rearview mirror of what's going on back there, as I have to keep my eyes (mainly) on the road ahead. However, the woman in the front seat with me turns her head around frequently, keeping her eyes glued on the back seat occupants. Seemingly oblivious to me, her hands roam between her legs, rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her clothes.

At one point as we cruise down the highway, a passing trucker flashes his truck lights in appreciation of the eyeful he must be getting when he passes us on the right. He slows down for awhile, revving his diesel engine and blasting his airhorn into the night like a horndog coyote! The woman beside me laughs, blows him a kiss, and then says, "slow down to let this clown pass us, before he loses control of his rig and causes an accident." She unbuttons her blouse and flashes her tits at him as I shift into a lower gear, forcing him to race ahead. We drive onward, leaving the town far behind.

Adjusting the rear view mirror, I now see a pair of pants on the back dash of the car. Both of the men appear to be fully clothed, their arms brazenly fondling and groping their fellow passenger. I surmise that the pants don't belong to them...

We stop at a roadside rest. It is dark outside but a circle of soft, pale light from a lamppost illuminates the immediate area of our car. After I switch off the engine, the back door swings open and the two men get out, holding their captive firmly between them. She is still wearing her dark leather jacket, but somehow her blouse and bra are missing and, most surprising, her pants have been removed. She appears almost delirious, unsteady on her feet, and the two men lead her away, holding onto both her arms. My feelings are conflicted as I watch them pulling at her. I am jealous as hell...but also strangely aroused.

Although she appears hesitant, she doesn't struggle with the two men. They lead her to a nearby set of picnic tables in a darkened area of the deserted roadside rest. Sitting her up on the edge of the closest table, one man seats himself beside her and the other one stands between her legs. Jealousy takes over and I start to leave the car, but the woman beside me runs her hand up my pantleg until it rests on my crotch.

She purrs, "Stay where you are.... There's nothing you can do. She won't be harmed. In fact she is going to enjoy this more than she may want to admit. Besides, I'm going to stay here with you and make it worth your while." She gives my cock a squeeze and then slides her panties down to her knees. The nightlight splashes on her smooth thighs. Reason and arousal triumph over jealousy....

The two men are admiring the object of their desire. One stands between her legs and then spreads them so he can move in closer. The other man bends her head back while he gropes and fondles her exposed breasts, planting forceful kisses on her face, her lips and her neck. She leans back to accommodate him. Another flush of anger and jealousy courses through me, but the woman in the front seat dampens it with her fingers by unzipping my pants. "Let's see what you've got in here," she says. Then she tickles my cock and balls. "Your lover doesn't seem to be resisting their caresses. Does that upset you?" she asks, impishly. I growl something unintelligible. She pulls down the waistband of my underwear, exposing an undeniable erection. "Why should you be angry? You don't seem to mind what I'm doing just now," she continues to taunt. She releases the front clasp of her bra. Her tits are lovely. I'm a contorted mess.

She slides across the front seat of the car and unbuttons my pants. "Lift up your hips so I can slide these down." I do just that. Now we're both sitting there together with our pants down to our knees. She is rubbing her gleaming cunt with one hand and stroking my dick with the other. I look outside and see one man going down on my lover, while the other manhandles her body from behind. While standing above and behind her, he squeezes her breasts and pinches her nipples. She leans back while the one guy continues munching on her cunt. His rigid cock is in one hand, as he strokes its entire length. Her legs are resting on his shoulders.

The other man pushes her head and shoulders down, until her face is level with his crotch. Then he orders her to unzip his pants for him. She reaches up, unzips his pants, and pulls out his bone-hard cock. He tells her to stroke it for him. She whimpers but complies, as the other man laps at her creamy pussy. The man standing above her body is making nasty remarks: "Oh Yeah, Baby... That's the way I like it.... Your hands on my balls, and stroking my cock.... I bet your boyfriend wishes it was his cock you were fondling.... You like it too, don't you Baby? You like having your pussy licked while you stroke that manmeat, don't you?"

Then he asks his cohort, "Hey Man, is that some sweet creamy cooz, or what?"

The other guy raises his bobbing head up long enough to flash a guilty grin and answers, "Hot Damn, YES! This is some juicy pussy. This bitch loves what I'm doing to her right now, don't you Honey?"

Before she can answer, the other guy flops his prick over her lips. "Of course she loves it!!! She sounds so wet!!!! This horny bitch loves it, Don't you Woman!?" She glances back at the car and my heart races. She can see that something is going on between me and the woman in the front seat, and just then my companion shoves the car door open.

All is revealed, as my front seat companion runs her deft fingers ostentatiously over my tool. Now unconcerned about any possible jealousy I might be harboring, she looks up at her captor and smiles wickedly. The guy standing up at the picnic table barks out more orders, telling his prisoner to open her mouth and suck his dick.

He says it in a blunt, forceful tone: "C'mon, Baby.... I wanna feel your lips on it. Lick me. That's it.... Lick me good.... That's it... Your tongue feels so damn good on my cock.... This is nasty, ain't it?" There she is, with a man's mouth on her dripping cunt, and her mouth on some other guy's johnson. I've never seen her look so ravishingly wanton and sexy. I can tell she is excited, despite whatever fears she may have had initially, because the wet, sloppy sounds of sex are clearly audible from the car where I sit watching, captivated by what my eyes are witnessing....

The woman in the front seat grabs my hand and, keeping her own eyes on the raunchy action at the picnic table, places it between her legs. She is soaking wet too, and the fragrance of her arousal fills the car. She pulls my hand to her lips and licks them naughtily. "Mmmmm...." she smirks, before offering my own fingers to me, "Wanna taste?"

Of course I do. She continues her monologue, while I remain speechless and enthralled. "Look" she motions with a nod of her head, "They're really having their way with her, aren't they?" Indeed they are, and they're putting on quite a lewd display as well (even if it is after midnight and there's nobody around). My lover is bent over the picnic table now, giving a sloppy blow job to one man who he sits with his legs spread in front of her, while the other guy rams his beefstick into her from the rear. Her asscheeks ripple with his forceful thrusts, and her drooling mouth slobbers all over the other guy's turgid cock. "Damn, you are one fine fucking honey, Babe!" the standing bone daddy proclaims.

"You got that right... this is one cock hungry bitch!" his partner chimes in, then he looks down at her upturned smiling eyes and adds, "You look so sexy with my dick in your mouth...."

His buddy isn't about to be left out, and he adds, "...and MY hard cock fucking her sexy cunt too!" She is now truly delirious.... moaning and gurgling with abandon.... bent over the picnic table, one guy standing between her legs and banging her royally, one guy feeding her face a bone. She looks the perfect slut, and she's diggin' it to the Max!!!

The woman beside me is writhing in the carseat, jacking my cock and twiddling her clit at the same time.... Suddenly, she grabs my hair and pulls my head down into her lap. "EAT ME.... You son-of-a-bitch.... Eat me Good... RIGHT NOW!!!!" she commands. My tongue flickers across her pearly clit and her hips thrust up on the carseat to confront my ravenous licks. She holds my head like a bowling ball, and together we establish a rhythm to meet her needs. She is about to orgasm, but before she does I hear her exclaim, "Oh my god, they're both using your trampy lover like the cocksucking, ball busting slutqueen she is!!!! They're both coming right now, and she's diggin' it..... Come up here and watch with me."

I raise up to peer out the car window. My sweet lover is moaning and groaning and talking nasty like a true slut. "Fuck me.... Gimme all the cock you can.... I want it all.... come inside me.... come on my face..... give it up for me, boys.... gimme all you got!!!" She contracts in spasms of pleasure as they both lunge into her. One man clamps his hands on her round ass, while the other pumps her face like a piston. She's being used like a tramp, and she's almost over the edge with pleasure. My front seat colleague is lost in a reverie of self-abuse... and I join her.

As the three nihilists on the picnic table collapse in a heap of orgiastic frenzy, she and I jerk off together, until her legs clamp around her hands and my cock splashes white ropes of jizz all over both of us..... She slowly relaxes and reaches over to tenderly fondle my balls. I pull her head towards mine and kiss her hair. The trio outside is huddling and caressing, as their breathing slows down. It has been the first orgasm for all of us. There will me many more that evening...

Written by: Daren

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