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Caught Spying on a Friend

by Toolmo©

It was early in the fall, and the leaves had just stated to turn. During the day the air was warm and dry, but at night you could feel the dampness in the air. Shari had told me she was house sitting for a few weeks for a family friend and would be staying at the house, just so I would not worry about her. We had gotten close to each other over the last nine months, and I really felt something for her. Aside from the great sex, see touched me inside, deep with in my soul.

Either I called her, or she called me everyday and we would talk for hours. I think she missed me. I know I missed her! She had hinted around for me to come up to see her but never came out and asked. When I mentioned coming to see her, she acted as if that would be a bad idea. The owners were very strict with their rules. It was the mixed signals that got me thinking.

On Thursday I decided to drive up and have a look. Along the drive up my mind raced as to why she did not want me to come up. Was she just needing time away from me? That did not seem to be the reason. Why would she call me everyday and talk for hours? I got angry. Was she with another man? I shook my head. She loved me and would not do that to me! The thought haunted me for the rest of the trip.

By the time I reached the house, it was late. I thought I would call her to surprise her but decided to just have a look around first. Parking away from the house as to not be seen, I slowly walked up to the house just off the side of the drive. As I neared the front I could see no lights but for a flickering glow from one room off the front porch. I slowly made my way up the steps and could hear music playing rather loudly. My breath could be seen in the cool air as I made my way.

I neared the window from where I had seen the glowing light and slowly looked in, what I saw shocked me at first. I could not believe what I was seeing, but the more I watched I realized how turned on I had gotten.

There in a large room were two naked woman lit by the light of the fireplace lying on a large white fuzzy rug, having sex! They were kissing and fondling each other with great passion. I could not believe my eyes, or my hard on! As I moved to get a better look I bumped into a planter on the porch and I saw the girls look up. I quickly ducked out of site. It was then I heard giggles, my curiosity got the better of me so I peered in slowly. It was then I got the biggest shock of my life.

As I slowly peeked around to look through the window, I saw Shari! She was completely naked except for a large flesh colored dildo strapped on her waist sticking out as if she had a hard on! I could not hear what she was saying but the girls giggled and then crawled to her taking the (cock) into their lips in turn. As shocked as I was, I could not take my eyes off the blatant sexual display before me. I was glued to the window. Watching the girls suck the cock in turn had me hard as a rock. I could not believe Shari was into women. Then I got a bigger shock. One of the girls quickly turned around on all fours and stuck her ass high toward Shari. Shari knelt behind her and pushed the cock into the girls pussy. She must have been real wet for the ease Shari slid the dildo in and out of her. The second girl crawled in front of the one Shari was pumping and spread her legs wide so she could lick and finger her pussy. I could hear them all screaming with enjoyment and sexual bliss. As the two girls screamed that they were cumming, it happened. Shari looked straight out the window into my eyes! I was so shocked I could not move. The girls looked up and giggled, then the one that was getting her pussy licked crawled to Shari and sucked the strap on cock clean. I did not even see the other one leave the room.

The next thing I knew the girl that was getting fucked was standing next to me. I was so stunned at the sight of what was going on in the room, I did not even hear her walk up. When she touched my arm I jumped startling her also. She had a robe loosely draped over her shoulders and my eyes went right to her tits. They were large and firm with hard erect nipples. As I gazed lower I could see she was clean shaven and shining with wetness. Reaching out, she took my hand and led me into the house to the room where Shari and the other girl were waiting.

There I stood in a room with three naked woman. The one that escorted me in had dropped her robe and walked over next to the other girl. Shari walked toward me, she had removed the strap on, but did not say a word, just placed a hand on my cheek and kissed me softly at first then deeper with more tongue. Her other hand rubbed my cock through my pants and I thought I would cum right there. As she backed off, Shari smiled.

"I am glad you came up to find me, I was not sure if you would." Shari stated.

"I want you to meet my friends," she went on, " this is Peggy," pointing to the redhead, "and this is Beth." Pointing to the blonde that walked me in. "Girls," Shari went on, "this is Mike."

Peggy walked up close to me and said, "so this is the one that keeps you happy when we are not there." All along circling me rubbing one hand over my body. "Is he as good as you say he is?" she went on. My eyes went wide and with that, Shari took my hand and turned to leave the room. As we did she turned back to the girls and says,

"You two have fun. We will be back later!"

Shari took me up the stairs to one of the bedrooms, closing the door behind us. She still had not said a word. She slowly stripped my clothes off and sat me on the bed. All the time caressing me and touching my body. My cock was so hard and she knew it, that was what she had intended. She pushed me back on the bed, licking and kissing me all over. Brushing her tits across my chest and cock. I reached out to touch them and she stopped my hand. Sliding down she licked my throbbing cock, making it bounce toward her lips. Then she took me, swallowed me in one gulp to the balls. I wanted to cum now, but she stopped me by raking her teeth on the way pulling out. She looked at me and smiled, knowing I was enjoying this. She caught her breath then went back down on me, slowly this time, working my cock with her lips and tongue. She was such a great cock sucker and knew just how to work it. She brought me to the edge again, then stopped. She was toying with me. I thought that two can play this game and tried to flip her over so I could suck on her sweet pussy. It was if she had read my mind, and blocked me before I could move her. Looking into my eyes, she just shook a finger at me and shook her head no.

I was ready to scream, and she knew she had me all worked up. Shari then stood up on the bed, and rubbing her tits as if dancing. She slipped a hand to her pussy, sinking a finger in. She was so wet I could hear the squish of her wetness. She fingered herself to the brink of orgasm then dropped to her knees, stuffing her fingers into my mouth. Her lips caught my throbbing penis and she sucked hard.

I erupted deep and hard down her throat. She took it all and did not stop sucking till I had emptied all for her. It was then she sat up and smiled. I was breathing heavily, but could see the glow she had. I loved this girl!

Shari looked at me and smiled, as I sat up in bed propping myself up with pillows. When I started to speak, Shari stopped me. It was then she told me everything.

The three girls had been friends for several years and had done everything together, including going to the same college. One night Beth was house sitting for friends but did not want to stay alone, so she had Shari and Peggy come stay the night also. They ended up having a great weekend.

Shari looked at me as if I had lost her, but her smile and kiss proved me wrong. She looked into my eyes and kissed me . She was so passionate when she kissed that it stirred my blood. Feeling my cock stir, she said, "I think you are ready."

She could see the look in my eyes, ready for what I thought? Shari took me by the hand and led me from the bed. She handed me a robe to cover myself. She wore nothing as she led me down the stairs. As we descended the stairs I could see the fires glow from the room I first viewed, but heard nothing. As we entered the room I saw the girls on the divan cuddling and drinking wine.

Shari sat me in a chair. It was an old English style I think, complete with arm rests. Beth and Peggy arose from the divan. Peggy fueled the fire and Beth poured more wine. Then all three girls were around me, kissing and groping me. Then they stopped. It was then I realized they had tied my hands to the arms of the chair. Then Shari came to me, kissed me and held a glass of wine for me to drink. She tipped it till I emptied the glass. Then Shari licked the rest from my lips.

As she pulled away, I saw Peggy and Beth in front of me kissing. Shari went to pour more wine then returned to me. Before letting me drink, she leaned close and said, " you are our slave and will do what you are told!"

I was stunned. What was going on? Then she looked into my eyes and smiled, kissing me softly. Then she fed me the wine, making me drink it all down. She untied the robe and opened it, exposing me to all of them. Peggy and Beth eyed me and smiled. Shari stepped back as Peggy and Beth walked toward me. They both had a look in their eye that told me I was in for something I have never dreamed of. They both started to touch me and kiss me all over, exploring my body, yet never touching my lips or cock. One would be kissing my ears while the other would be kissing my thighs. They circled around my body and did not miss a spot. My cock had hardened very early in the process. Yet they never touched it. Then they backed off.

Peggy brought me more wine and as she fed it to me, she caressed her tits. I downed the glass, having no choice since she was holding it up to my lips. Since they had my hands bound to the arms of the chair around the wrists and elbows, it was just enough to keep me in their control.

I looked around but could not see Shari. It was then that Beth walked up. No, she strolled up! It was like in slow motion as she neared me. She had a small plate with fruit on it and proceeded to feed me. Taking a small piece of watermelon, she rubbed her nipple with it then fed it to me. The cold wet juice made her nipple harden. She giggled as I ate the melon, letting me lick her fingers clean. She fed me more fruit while playing and teasing me. Then taking a strawberry, she looked at my cock, causing me to look also. A large drop of precum was sitting on the tip. She waved the berry at me snaking it to my cock. She took the tip of the strawberry and swirled it in the dew on my tip. She then took it to her lips and sucked it clean biting half of the berry. Slowly she fed me the rest. I was so mesmerized on Beth, I didn't even know what was going on around me. Beth then stood and kissed me, deep and hard. I pressed back to take her kiss as best I could . "Dam!" I thought to myself, my hands are tied and I couldn't touch her.

As Beth walked away I could see Peggy and Shari on the rug by the fire place eating each others pussy. When Beth saw the look on my face, she laughed out so loud that it caused Shari and Peggy to look up at me and they both smiled. Looking back at one another they grinned and jumped up, rushing to me. They both started kissing me and rubbing their pussy soaked faces all over me. I thought I would shoot a load right then.

They backed off and all three stood in front of me. I looked at Shari and as I started to speak, she quickly snapped at me, " Silence!"

It took me by surprise. I did not know what to think, then I saw the grin. I had begun to catch onto the game, but where was it to lead and just how far would it go?

The three girls gathered near the fireplace to talk between themselves. I could not hear what they were saying but I could hear them giggle now and then as they would look over at me at times.

The fire back lit them as I sat there gazing upon all three while they plotted, their naked bodies were aglow in the firelight. I marveled at their differences and similarities. No doubt they were all hot as hell.

They all were about the same in size, with just a bit of difference. All three had the same hair length and wore it natural and loose. But they were all three different colors. Beth was sandy blonde, Shari was brunette, and Peggy was a dark redhead. They were all close to the same in height and weight from what I could tell also. All three had their pussies shaven clean. As for their tits, well, that was where the difference showed! All three had nice tits. Shari and Beth looked to be the same size with perky nipples, but Shari's areola were larger. Peggy had much larger tits.

They turned toward me and Shari walked up to me then slapped my face! Saying, "You asshole, you just came here to fuck my friends!"

I was shocked that she slapped me. It was not that it was hard, but it caught me unaware and I got pissed. As I went to move I realized again I was still tied and could not react. Then she stormed out of the room. I was in a state of confusion to say the least.

Peggy and Beth were both standing there with a look of disbelief on their faces. I looked at the girls and said, "Untie me!" They both walked toward me, slow and cat like, not saying a word. As they neared me they both started to glide their hands over me. I could feel the heat from their face as well as their breath on me. They slowly moved over my body with their hands. As they did my cock grew hard and they saw it. They both made their way toward it, positioning themselves between my legs.

They took turns licking my balls and up my shaft, teasing me. One would lick my head while the other would suck my balls. Neither one would take my cock into their mouth fully, and it was driving me crazy. It was then they turned and kissed each other while rubbing my cock and balls. They both turned to me and kissed the base of my cock. Standing up, they walked away as if nothing happened. As they did I tried to speak, but Beth put her finger to my lips while shaking her head as if I were not to speak.

Peggy came back with more wine. She fed me a drink, (not the whole glass) and a treat. She held her tit up to me to suck, and suck I did. She had large tits and hard nipples. What was I to do? I was being "forced." I sucked her tit and she fed me wine, then I sucked her other tit and she fed me wine. Am I in Rome?

Beth had come back, and dropped to her knees taking my cock deep into her mouth, sucking a few strokes then pulled off. Peggy took the moment to kiss me, driving her tongue in my mouth hard. They both toyed with me for several minutes. I wanted to cum so bad I hurt. It was then they both backed off leaving me there, in sexual discomfort.

It was then Shari walked into the room. She was completely naked but for one thing, she was wearing a large strap-on dildo. The girls took attention. They both swarmed to her like she was the queen bee. Dropping to their knees, the girls sucked and played with the cock as if it were real. They were in an sexual frenzy.

I sat there tied to the chair watching the girls as they kissed and played with the cock Shari was sporting. Peggy stood and bent over spreading herself open. Shari got behind her and eased the cock into her. She was wet and it went in easy. Shari started to pump her pussy and I could hear the squish of her pussy. Shari fucked her hard and fast. Beth sat under her helping to support Peggy and reaching under she toyed with her clit. It did not take long till Peggy was moaning and the moans turned to screams till her whole body shook in a shattering orgasm. Her knees got weak and Beth held her as Shari pulled the rubber cock out of her. Peggy dropped to the floor and Beth scrambled toward Shari to suck the cock clean of Peggy's cream.

Peggy gathered herself and walked to me. Standing right in front of me she stuffing her fingers deep into her wet pussy then slowly pulled them out. They were soaked with her cum. She brought her hand to my lips stuffing her fingers in my mouth. I did not resist, and I sucked them clean. She then returned to join Shari and Beth who by now were fucking. Shari was Beth bent over and was fucking her as hard as she had Peggy. If I could have touched my cock, I would have exploded right away. Peggy toyed with Beth as she had done her and soon she was cumming also. At this point, all three dropped to the floor and kissed with hands going everywhere. Both Beth and Peggy worked on Shari, removing the strap on and they took turns sucking her pussy right in front of me. Then they used the dildo to fuck her. They had her screaming and thrashing about hard as she orgasmed.

I need to cum so bad! Not even realizing it, I let out a whimper. This caught their attention. All three looked at me and had evil grins on their faces. They all three crawled to me and gathering between my legs, they started to caress my legs, working higher till they were so close to my balls and cock. Shari stood up to one side letting Beth and Peggy to move close to me. Shari gripped my cock and stroked it pointing it at the other two girls. Her grip was firm as she stroked with a steady rhythm. She knew I was close and aimed my cock at their faces as I shot my load. Several spurts erupted from me till by balls ached. Shari squeezed the last from me then licked it from her hand as I watched Beth and Peggy lick each other clean.

Shari kissed me deeply and then motioned to the girls. They both took turns sucking me till I was empty. Then they untied me and led me to the plush rug by the fire. All three pampered me and fed me wine and snacks with lots of kissing all around. Shari liked sharing me with them, and I was not going to say no!

Written by: Toolmo

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