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Prison Playtoy

by Kansas©

"You look so good, getting fucked doggy style by your mistress," Carla laughed. "Such a beautiful body... my beautiful... obedient... slavegirl."

"Yes, mistress... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... thank you, mistress... ah... ah... ah... ah..."


"Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..."

"I'm going to fuck you like this every night you're here, my pretty captive... my beautiful playtoy."

"Yes, mistress... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..."

"I love spanking your ass while I'm fucking you."


Yes, mistress... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..."

It continued like this for several minutes. Finally...

"I'm coming, mistress! Ah... ah... ah... ah... AH... AH... AHH... AHHH... AHHH! Oh God... OOOOhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh..."

Carla gave her a couple of powerful thrusts from behind as the younger girl exploded in an orgasm of intense pleasure, her body bucking sharply as the older woman's grip tightened on her hips to hold her in place, her nails digging deep into the sides of the girl's gorgeous rear end, leaving nail marks deeply etched into her tender skin.

"Ahhh... that was so, so good..." she murmured. The older woman agreed.

Carla's hands caressed and patted the girl's bottom as her gyrations slowed... her hands easily sliding along the girl's now glistening, slightly reddened backside.

"You were wonderful," Carla affectionately told the exhausted girl beneath her. The older woman's hands slid forward to again cup the girl's breasts, kneading and gently squeezing them. "Such a sweet, lovely slavegirl," she repeated, breathing slightly hard, before then leaning down to kiss the girl's arched back and run her tongue up the girl's spine. She then lovingly kissed her at the base of her neck.

"Yes, mistress... thank you, mistress."

Carla then eased the girl down onto her stomach before continuing her loving caresses of the girl's beautiful backside.

After a while, she asked the girl, "So tell me, my pretty playtoy, how did you enjoy your first session of lovemaking with another woman?"

"I... I really liked it," the girl responded honestly. "I was afraid at first, but that's because I've never had another woman use me like you did... for her pleasure, I mean. It was nice. I liked it... a lot."

"You're a natural submissive, Missy. That's why you liked it so much. You need a strong woman like myself to be in charge of you... to care for you... to love you."

"Yes, mistress."

"Now get your things together and come with me. We'll take a shower together and then I'm sending you back to bed."

"Yes, mistress."

Both women gathered up their clothing and quietly walked to the shower area. When both were completely nude Carla turned the water on and pulled the younger girl in with her under the hot spray. She soaped Missy's lovely body while directing the girl to do the same for her.

Her hands then lovingly bathed the girl, caressing and fondling every inch of her beautiful form, while at the same time continuing to kiss and nuzzle Missy's slender neck. Her hands repeatedly came to rest on the girl's behind, squeezing the round globes of flesh before sinking her nails into them possessively.

"So far I think I've been doing most of the work in our relationship," she said, smiling at the pretty blonde in her arms. "I think it's time you thanked me properly for all I've done tonight."

Missy looked at her questioningly, but then understood as Carla pushed her down onto her knees here in the shower so that her mouth became aligned with the older woman's wet pussy.

Missy's hands reached up tentatively to caress Carla's thighs as her tongue moved slowly in to nervously lick the opening of the older woman's vagina. She began licking, slowly at first, seeking an opening. Carla then reached down and pulled the girl's face tightly against her vulva. Missy's tongue was immediately forced into contact with her mistress's waiting clit.

Although the younger girl had never done anything like this before, she instinctively knew what to do to bring pleasure to the older woman. She sucked and caressed Carla's clitoris with her mouth and tongue. She could also instinctively tell by the older woman's writhing that her efforts were being met with obvious approval.

She felt Carla's fingernails sinking into the back of her head as the older woman's hands kept her head pressed tightly against her pussy. She could tell by Carla's writhings that what her tongue was doing to the older woman's clit must have been bringing her intense pleasure. She licked and sucked even harder.

"Good girl... oh... that's soooo good! Don't stop, my sweet girl... don't stop! Yeah... oh, that's nice! My pretty girl... oh, that's soooo good! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Eventually, the older woman's rythmic movements slowed, and Missy glanced up to see Carla's eyes smiling down at her. She then felt Carla's nails caressing her wet hair.

"You are such a sweet, sweet slave... my pretty, obedient little playtoy..."

She then pulled the younger girl's head back, leaned down and kissed her on her lips.

"Such a pretty little pussy-licker," she murmured. "And your first time, too! I'm going to have to take especially good care of you!"

Missy smiled up at her mistress. The next two months were going to be much more enjoyable than she thought!

Written by: Kansas

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